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No whales now

Twenty-nine-years ago, Utqiaġvik was Barrow, Alaska, and winter ice was forming fast on this day. Words cannot really describe how different conditions now. On Friday, you could have surfed the Arctic Ocean off […]

Global stew

An ocean circulation phenomenon known as La Nina is brewing in the tropics west of Central America, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) suspects it might, maybe, kinda, could bring Alaska […]

Polar bear bull

Little did wildlife biologist James Wilder understand the hype surrounding bear attacks and climate change when he agreed to serve as lead author on a scientific paper examining polar bear attacks on […]

Killer Tweets

Commentary With the national media and President Donald J. Trump engaged in World Twitter War I (WTW I), with the Alaska media being led around by media releases, and with social media […]

Cooler warming?

  Giant larvaceans and a strange interaction between high-north methane and carbon dioxide are now underlining the complexities of trying to predict climate change.   “Good news about climate change is especially […]