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No fix

These are tough times for American journalism. A Pew Research survey out at the start of the month found the citizenry ranking “made-up news” one of the countries greatest problems, and they […]

Sea change?

News analysis Could what Alaskans often view as the big, bad, faraway federal government be poised to lead northern fisheries management back to where the founders of the 49th state wanted to […]


The recalcitrant black bear brought to an end a day when too much time was wasted on Facebook engaged in discussions about bears. They focused mainly on protection: bells, air horns, flares, […]


The Russians are not to blame for this country’s fake news problem. It’s the damn old folks. “On average, users over 65 shared nearly seven times as many articles from fake news […]

Bad drivers

Instead of just arguing over who the worst scofflaws – motorists or cyclists – the Danes have taken a novel approach and actually studied road traffic. The results? The bad behavior of […]

Fish Econ 101

News analysis Inefficiency is the bane of business and the boom of local economies. Alaskans in territorial days understood. As Bob Bartlett, the Territory of Alaska’s delegate to the U.S. Senate, observed […]

Golden north

FAIRBANKS – A lot has changed in this northern frontier city of nine lives since the black gold started flowing south from Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay more than 40 years ago. As with […]