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See no news…

  Commentary   So when it comes to media perception in the U.S. today, which sin is worse: Fake news, slanted news, unreported news or badly inaccurate news never corrected? The latter […]

False narratives

  Scientists Fredrik Jutfelt and Josefin Sundin, discovered the hard way the power of the false narrative.¬†False narratives once established have a bad habit of taking on a life of their own. […]

Who to trust

Commentary Add “stealth editing” to the credibility problems facing journalism in these days of fake news, false news, slanted news, biased news and all the other variations on “news” that leave many […]

Just fake enough

Commentary Enough with all this fretting about “fake news.” Let’s talk about what’s really irritating as a news consumer: Click baiting. It’s everywhere, and it’s almost enough make you stop reading news […]