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Valuing words

After eight days of sometimes rambling and regularly wandering testimony over the course of two weeks, the $1 million lawsuit former Alaska Dispatch News editor Tony Hopfinger filed against old boss Alice […]

Hidden story

Less than a year after former Alaska Dispatch News owner Alice Rogoff wrote a rather strange column describing her newspaper as being in “investment mode” and about 8 months before she took […]

Lost in weeds

On the outside, all looks fine for Alaska’s largest news organization. The website ADN.com keeps on keeping on. The commenters still gravitate there en masse to call each other names. ¬†The Alaska […]

ADN buys time

The broad smiles flashing on the faces of the family Binkley outside a courtroom in Anchorage on Monday were reminiscent of those brightening the staff of an internet startup called AlaskaDispatch.com only […]

More ADN trouble

Just when you think things can’t get much worse for Alaska’s largest¬†newspaper in these tough times for the news business, things get worse.   Rumors circulating around Anchorage that the Alaska Dispatch […]