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Plugging in

News analysis Hard though this might be to believe in Alaska – where the single-engine Super Cub aircraft that ended production almost a quarter century ago remains a cherished form of transportation […]

No whales now

Twenty-nine-years ago, Utqiaġvik was Barrow, Alaska, and winter ice was forming fast on this day. Words cannot really describe how different conditions now. On Friday, you could have surfed the Arctic Ocean off […]

Road trip!

can  SEWARD HIGHWAY – Not much can beat a road trip across the nation’s wildest state to lift the spirits.  Where Alaska rates on the overall scenery-scale is debatable, but it’s  certainly […]

Oil’s upside

News analysis On the 40th anniversary of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS), it might be time to consider the full implications of a study documenting huge increases in the lifespans of northern […]