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Alaska difference

An iced over Scott Hoberg after winning the Tuscobia Winter Ultra in Wisconsin in 2017 Interior Alaska-normal settled on an endurance race in northern Minnesota last week and almost overnight “Bold North,” […]

Yukon manhunt

Aboard a makeshift, homemade raft, the suspect in a string of summer arsons along the Yukon River slipped past the village of Anvik after a brief, Thursday encounter with locals who told […]

Yukon madman

  With the ruins of yet more cabins along the Yukon River still smoldering, some among the 178 residents of the tiny, riverside village of Grayling¬†are reported to be standing guard as […]

The tough guy

After the beat down the frozen Iditarod Trail put on Pennsylvanian Tim Hewitt last year, a lesser man would have taken his swollen, frostbit fingers and his red, puffed-up-like-potato feet home, plopped […]