New poll: Alaska ‘sucks’

A Thursday poll of Alaskans found them rating the 49th state the worst place in America to live.

The nonscientific telephone survey of Alaska residents ran 180-degrees counter to an earlier nonscientific telephone survey of residents across the country conducted by Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index.

The Gallup-Healthways nonscientific telephone survey, as reported Friday by the Associated Press and the Chicago Tribune, concluded that Alaska ranks just behind Hawaii as the best place in the country to live.

The nonscientific telephone survey by Gallup-Healthway poll asked random Americans five revealing questions like this:

— Do you like what you do each day?

— Do you have loving relationships?

— Do you like where you live?

— Are you managing your economic life to reduce stress?

— How’s your health and energy?

News stories about the nonscientific telephone survey by Gallup-Healthway did not reveal how many people were contacted.

The nonscientific telephone survey conducted Thursday by reached 10 Nordic skiers at random in Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city. They were polled on one question:

“What do you think; does Alaska suck at this moment?”

All 10 answered, yes, although two actually said “hell, yes,” and three more used other forms of profanity in front of their “yes,” answer.

The official pollster at cautioned that at the time the poll was taken it was raining moose and polar bears in Anchorage, an unusual event in Alaska in January. That, he said, might have led Alaskans to shed the incredible happiness for which they are generally known worldwide.

He also cautioned that the 180-degree difference between the two polls has a margin of error of 22.5 to 337.5 degrees.

“It’s stopped raining in Anchorage now” he added on Friday, “and the sun is peaking out; so we might get another result. And, you know, if we were to get a snowstorm next week Alasksans could be all happy-happy again in a blink.”


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  1. Better update your poll: AK sucks: 1. Military people who hold houses outside alaska and dont care about AK. 2. Republican idiots suck oil c!!!. 3. Fishing is mismanaged –might as well buy it in the store. 4. Flunkies in government are here to serve bog business and screw civilians. 5. There are plenty of places better than AK- Why do you think so many have homes somewhere else or vacation to cope wotj this pihole? 6. Number one on alkys thanks to oil and military. 7. Number one in killing and rape thanks to oil and military. I can go on but choose to move to another state instead.

  2. Craig, Who were the 10 Anchorage whiners that you interviewed? Alaska XC skiing is great 2 hrs north of Anchorage. Skiers that whine and won’t leave Anchorage to ski should sell their souls and become fat bikers!

  3. “Suck” may be a bit harsh, but after nearly 38 years of living in Anchorage we have found there are alternatives….we love Boise; low taxes, low cost of living, great art scene, plenty of bike and hiking trails, river rafting, it is clean, no graffiti, no mosquitos, 4 distinct seasons (real summers!)….oh yea, we were talking about Anchorage….vibrant coffee culture, great micro-brew scene, Mooses Tooth, Kincaid Park…what else?

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