Cabela’s sold


A long-rumored takeover of outdoor retailer Cabela’s by Bass Pro was announced Monday. It could send ripples across the outdoor equipment retail market in Anchorage.

Anchorage is just one of several cities where Cabela’s and Bass Pro now have competing superstores.

What Bass Pro will do with the Cabela’s stores in the wake of the $4.5 billion purchase is unclear.

The sale was reported to be causing significant concerns in Nebraska, where Bass Pro has already revealed plans to combine operations. Most of the residents of the Nebraska town of Sidney work for Cabela’s.

A press release said Bass Pro was looking forward to continue to “grow the Cabela’s brand,” but offered no insight into what will happen in communities with competing Bass Pro and Cabela’s outlets.

Both Cabela’s and Bass Pro are focused on the hunting, fishing and boating markets which thrive in Alaska over the busy summer, but shrink dramatically in the winter. It has always been unclear as to whether the city had the retail traffic to support year round the Cabela’s in South Anchorage and the Bass Pro only about 10 miles away near Merrill Field.








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  1. Possible upside – few years down the road maybe some old school shops will open, you know the ones that used to exist that sold stuff not from a shipping container from China.

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