Big walleye!

johnny horton north to minnesota

With thanks to the late Johnny Horton and the still kicking Rick Rydell of Alaska, the Philadelphia Eagles now have a Superbowl theme song:

Punch the link and feel free to sing along:

Big Nick left old Philly  in the year of oh-eighteen
With Zach Ertz his tight and brother Billy too
They crossed the Ohio River and they found the bonanza corn
Below the famous mega-mall
Just a little northeast of the Dome
Nick crossed the tiny hillocks to the valleys feet below
He talked to his team of huskies
As he mushed on through the snow
With the Vikings gone from the scene
In the land of the iron ore
Yes Nick Folk-aye was a mighty man

In the year of oh-eighteen
Where the river is windin’, big walleye they’re findin’
North to Minn-e-sota, go north the rush is on
North to Minn-e-sota, go north the rush is on
If Alaska Gov. Bill Walker doesn’t care about Minnesota stealing the “North” brand, why should anyone else?
“Bold North.” “Cold North.” “Old North.” “Mold North.” “Rolled North.” “Sold North.”
Let Minnesota have them all. As young Alaskan Hannah Frost has observed, it might be time for Alaska to rebrand itself anyway. She suggests dumping “North to the Future” in favor of “North to 1918.”
Forget all that economic development nonsense. Stop fretting the state’s deepening recession.
Let the state shrink back to a half-million people or less, and just live off the tourism economy as America’s biggest national park, and whatever can be made off the highliner fishermen who voyage north from their Lower 48 homes every summer to catch salmon to be shipped to China to be processed by Korean slave labor.
Let Minnesotans have “North” if they wants it so bad, and just call this region of the U.S. “Alaskaland” where, by God, “we don’t care how they do it Outside even if it’s working way better than anything here!”





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