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Everyone in Alaska knew this was coming sooner or later didn’t they?

Half-term former Gov. Sarah Palin has told a British newspaper she’s going to do the Gold Rush thing and take her riches south.

“…Even the state’s most famous resident admits the cold weather in The Last Frontier can get a little too much,” writes Jesse Palmer at the Daily Mail. A middle-market, British tabloid, the newspaper sent Palmer, a host at Daily Mail TV, to Wasilla for an end-of-summer interview with Sarah and hubby Todd.

The subsequent Daily Mail “Exclusive” focused on her moose chili and belief that Trump might get caught out by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but most other media picked up on the revelation the Palins are leaving Alaska.

“Sarah Palin plans to leave Alaska” was the simple headline in The Hill on Friday. 

Arizona, New Mexico?

What exactly the plan isn’t clear in the Daily Mail story.

On the one hand, Palin disses her longtime hometown of Wasilla, the ever-growing suburb north of Anchorage.

“‘We’re not going to be holed up in Wasilla, Alaska the rest of our life,” she told Palmer.

On the other hand, she suggests she’ll always be a resident even if she doesn’t really live in Alaska anymore.

“This is always our home, but we’re ready to bust out and do a lot more even than what we’re doing now especially with the kids getting older, and things are getting easier in terms of travel and logistics,” she told Palmer.

Maybe she plans to try the strategy of former Board of Fisheries member Roland Maw and live in two states, although that didn’t work out too well. Maw is now scheduled to go to trial in November on multiple charges of defrauding the Permanent Fund.

A well-intentioned Palin is unlikely to stumble into that kind of trouble.

“I want to do something that will influence our culture,” she told Palmer. “To really remind people how important a work ethic is and to try to erase a lot of this idea that people have that government owes them anything. Or that anybody owes them anything.

“I want to be in some positions here to get that message out there, how important it is to be independent, get out there and work for yourself.”

Maybe Palin herself will get a job? Palmer’s story does captures the enigma that is the former governor.

“Now Sarah tries to turn cable news off and watches more scripted shows. Perhaps unsurprisingly, her favorite is Veep,” he writes.

“‘It’s flipping hilarious,’ she said. ‘Probably I shouldn’t admit it because maybe my mom would say, “Sarah, they’ve got so many bad words in it!” But we lived that!'”

But while she’s busy watching comedy TV and turning off the news, she “has always been fascinated by politics,” he adds.

There is no mention of what she is reading, a touchy subject with Palin. It was the reading issue that got her in so much trouble when she was running for vice-president in 2008.

Mama Grizzly emerges

At the time, she accused then CBS Evening  News anchor Katie Couric of trying to trip her up with a “gotcha question” about “what newspapers and magazines did you regularly read…?”

Palin fumbled the answer; Couric pushed with a demand Palin name something she read; and Palin lost her temper:

“I have a vast variety of sources where we get our news. Alaska isn’t a foreign country, where it’s kinda suggested, it seems like, ‘Wow, how could you keep in touch with the rest of Washington D.C. may be thinking and doing when you live up in Alaska?'”

Years later, Palin admitted to TV Newser that she simply blew the interview.

“I had a crappy answer. But it was a fair question,” she told reporter Mark Joyella in 2015.

The Couric-Palin interview did serious damage to the campaign of Republican Presidential candidate John McCain, but might well have helped Palin later launch a new career as a pol-ebrity.

Her pushback against the ruling media elite of the East Coast resonated in Middle America, and once Palin bailed out as governor of Alaska she rode a wave of popularity that built to the point it once had a good segment of the U.S. media chasing her family’s motorhome vacation in the Lower 48 thinking it was a harbinger to a run for president.

The tour came complete with a perfect Palinism about Paul Revere riding into Lexington, Mass. to warn “the British that they weren’t going to be taking away our arms, by ringing those bells and making sure, as he is riding his horse through town, to send those warning shots and bells, that we were going to be secure and we were going to be free.”

The statement was woefully inaccurate, but had enough truth to it that Palin supporters and Palin critics could argue for days over what she said as they did when she declared the Affordable Health Care Act (ie. Obamacare) contained a provision for government “death panels.”

Arguing over Palinism’s was an American sport until Donald Trump stole her mojo and got himself elected president using a Palin model. She almost never gets the credit she deserves for showing him the path to the White House, which might well go down in history as her greatest success given a string of other failures.

Hello Trump, goodbye Palin

An early and active Trump supporter, Palin was rumored to be in line for a Cabinet post after his election, but that never materialized. Her other jobs did not last long.

An off-and-on gig with Fox News, which started with her on TV regularly but then less and less so, ended completely after five years.

Sarah Palin’s Alaska lasted only nine episodes. Amazing America with Sarah Palin did better; it had a 16 episode run that ended in February 2015. She has not had a TV show since, though there were reports of plans for 2016 Judge Judy-style show on which Palin would preside over the “Court of Common Sense” – common sense being Palin’s answer to solving most of the world’s problems.

“The team behind it hoped it would be picked up by networks after the pilot phase but audiences’ reactions to its star stopped the production in its tracks,” the Daily Mail reported last year as Palin faded from sight.

“Where in the world is Sarah Palin? Her political star is fading,” USA Today was moved to headline in February of last year. 

Maybe she was just resting. It now appears Palin is ready to get back in the game.

She praised Trump in the Daily Mail interview in Wasilla, told Palmer “she still speaks regularly to the man in the Oval Office,” and said the time has come to start playing offense, which is what she does best.

Where she and Todd plan to move was not reported, but Todd did tell Palmer this:

“If you see sea planes flying around Arizona or New Mexico you’ll know who it is.”

A licensed pilot, Todd flies a single-engine, Cessna 206 on amphibious floats.



















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  1. They haven’t lived in Alaska for at least 5 or 6 years. You people are just now catching on to this? She only comes up when someone wants to interview or film her. This just means she’s growing tired of the façade.

    • Paul quit the propaganda. Spread your garbage somewhere else . I’ve seen her in three bears by Palmer pretty often she wears sunglasses and clothes to try and hide identity. I’ve seen Todd in Carr’s shopping.

      • Up until a month ago they had a 2 plus million dollar home in Scottsdale, that was updated over the 7 years they lived in it, spending a good portion of summers in Wasilla but living most of the year in Arizona. I’m betting they’re looking or have already bought a home somewhere else in the SW, and wouldn’t be surprised if they sell the Wasilla home.

  2. Who actually cares where she is going?
    I voted for her, because she came to Cordova, with tons of charisma.
    Later she did a disservice to Alaska and the Presidential campaign of J. McCain. She was a deer in the headlights.
    Drill baby Drill! How’s that working for you now!

      • Yes, a distinction without a difference, particularly when coupled with steadily expanding estimates of both conventionally and innovative recovery accessible domestic reserves. If the idiot hippies would quit mistaking The China Syndrome for a documentary, cost effective almost limitless power is in our technological reach.

      • Nothing short term Monk. We have at least 200 more years of oil if I rememner correctly. Who cares if we “fracked” for it?

  3. Sarah and Todd were representive of Alaskans as . A truly diverse group of People, driven ,ingenious opinionated creative and resourceful. Sarah definitely brought some color to Alaska . Todd will probably be bored to tears in the states . Good luck to them !

  4. I hope the gate hits her and him in the ass as they leave. They do NOT represent Alaska in any way other than being run-of-the-mill valley religious kooks.

  5. Alaska should be proud of Sarah. From P.T.A mom to govenor, to a run as V.P.. She is nothing to be ashamed of. She received the same treatment that President Trump is receiving now. God Speed Sarah in whatever you do. You are a proud American and it shows. Todd may have to trade his snowmachine for a UTV but, we wish you the best in your future endeavors. But, I can tell you AZ or NM aren’t even close when it comes to the beauty of Alaska.

    • Sure their beauty is tlcomparable to AK. Just different. What AK has in unparalleled abundance is trackless wilderness, which shouldn’t be the only measuring stick of geographical grandeur. With that said, I shiver to think of living in Wasilla. Definitely not what I have in mind for the Alaskan experience.

    • Monk, it is a lot of pressure on the young when the leftist, Democrat, violent mob pounces like they always do. Take Kavanaugh for example.

  6. Please, don’t bring yourself and your brood to the lower 48. Keep your damage constrained to Alaska.

  7. Craig, Another great piece.
    And so closes another chapter of AK reality show.
    I think they have the right idea though, never thought Id come to say that.
    Alaska is slowly devolving into a place that I love less than when I came here in 1977 as a high school kid.
    The State has given me incredible opportunities that would be nearly impossible to duplicate again for a young adult.

  8. Palin’s Star has probably set. With her stumbling VP run, her incoherent exit as governor, and her less than stellar TV career, she has left her mark on the underpants of history.

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