Personal truths

Blasey Ford

Christine Blasey Ford/C-Span

In this the age of personal-truth, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has become the perfect focal point for America’s divisive partisanship. What better to argue over than something about which no one will ever know the truth because the truth will never be known?

This is a subject on which I never wanted to write, but I have some old notes from a story never written that offer insight into the fallability of memory. Whether they reflect on Kavanaugh’s claimed lack of memory or Christine Blasey Ford’s stated clarity of memory is left to the reader to decide.

No records, as we now know,  exist to document the behaviors of Kavanaugh or Ford at a long-ago, high school party where she says he attacked. No records put him at the scene or elsewhere. All that exists are memories – hers and his, his and hers – and memories are sadly, tragically,  horribly fallible, most especially the memories of youth.

As a journalist, you almost inevitably discover this human frailty. When you go back to confirm memories of what was, you often find that what you remember happening didn’t happen or didn’t happen the way you remember it or when you remember it or how you remember it.

Memories evolve over time. They shift and change. Bits and pieces rearrange themselves. Personal truths replace facts.

Consider the following two, detailed, published accounts of how news of the Exxon Valdez hitting Bligh Reef in 1989 first reached an Alaska newspaper columnist. The incompetent seasmanship and the massive oil spill that followed this shipwreck traumatized many Alaskans.

On the 20th anniversary of the oil spill, one of them wrote this personal account of wrestling with the disaster:

“On the morning of March 24th (1989), the galley of the (M/V) Westward was full of fishermen. We were docked in Sitka and picked up the local news feed on our television normally reserved for Mel Gibson videos or the Lonesome Dove series. Coffee, cigarette smoke, fishy raingear and a frantic need to know charged the wheel house.

“We had just enjoyed a herring opening that promised a money season. Panic set in and with it, paranoia. A man named Rex was convinced it was a plot to bring oil platforms into Prince William Sound. The Goddamn environmentalists were blocking the burning of the oil…how much was there? Where was it going to go? There was a storm coming from the North. Where the hell were the containment booms? Where were the emergency response teams? Why were we still sitting in the harbor? Hundreds of boats, days before racing to the herring grounds, now fueled up to do something. None of us sure what that would be, but willing to do anything to protect our livelihood. You see, being a fisherman isn’t what you do; it’s who you are.”

By the 25th anniversary of the disaster five years late, however, the story had changed considerably. Here is that account:

Vivid memories

“That year we waited more than a week to fish. Fish and Game kept testing the herring to see if they were ripe yet. ‘Standby to standby’ became the joke. There’s something about waiting for fish to get horny enough to spawn (and you have to catch them before they do that) which makes for a loaded atmosphere.

“But did we catch them. Hundreds of thousands of tons. Prices high and spirits higher.

“A redheaded fisherman named Rex boarded our boat in the Sitka harbor after midnight. He was undone. We thought he was drunk. When we realized he wasn’t — we wished we all were.

“The Exxon Valdez had ‘fetched up’ and was spilling oil in our next herring fishing grounds.

“The grassy knoll.

“At the time I didn’t know that the Raycus Radar hadn’t been repaired and that was part of the off coarse (sic) problem. I also didn’t know that the only emergency clean up crew had been laid off and the barge with all the clean up equipment was iced into dry dock in Valdez and had been sitting there for almost two years. None of us did.

“We all crowded in the wheelhouse and listened to the marine radio.

“They have to burn it now. They need to ignite it with a bomb — there are fighters sitting at Elmendorf. What is the hold up? Burn it already!

“Then the weather forecast.

“A North Eastern (sic) storm was blowing in.

“‘Jesus, it’s going to blow it all the way to Kodiak… that’s more than three hundred miles.”

There is no evidence to indicate the author of these differing stories meant to do anything other than to tell the truth as best remembered. There is every reason to believe each of these differing accounts is, in fact, a true memory. The problem is that  memories are not facts.

And in this case – unlike in the case of Ford and Kavanaugh – there are some facts that can be checked. They only add to the above stories’ disagreements as to how the news was delivered and when, and what happened after.

Evidence versus memory

Alaska Department of Fish and Game records indicate the Sitka Sound herring harvest in 1989 was 11,714 tons, not “hundreds of thousands.” The largest harvest on record is 19,490 tons in 2011. 

The fishery was put on a 2-hour notice of opening on March 23, 1989. The first opening, however, didn’t come until March 31, according to state records. The Exxon Valdez had then been on the rocks for a week.

As for the grounding itself, what is documented is that the Exxon Valdez hit Blight Reef at 12:04 a.m. on the 24th, but was not immediately reported to be aground.

Capt. Joe Hazelwood spent the next 15 minutes trying to power the ship off the reef. When that didn’t work, according to the official report, he radioed the Coast Guard in Valdez at 12:26 a.m. to say, “We’ve fetched up, ah, hard aground, north of Goose Island, off Bligh Reef and, ah, evidently leaking some oil and we’re gonna be here for a while and, ah, if you want, ah, so you’re notified.”

No one at that time knew the extent of the spill, and the communication between the ship and the Coast Guard was for hours afterward sporadic and limited.

According to a detailed timeline of the accident compiled by the state of Alaska, the Coast Guard didn’t actually know much about oil until 3:19 a.m. when it radioed the Exxon Valdez to ask this: “Have you had a chance to detect whether or not any noticeable amount of oil has dropped out of any tanks and, if so, which tanks are they?”

If someone in Sitka, 800 miles to the south of Valdez, had heard about the grounding after midnight and turned on the marine radio – if someone in Sitka could hear radio chatter coming from so far away – there wouldn’t have been much to hear, according to the state timeline and National Transportation Safety Board reports on the accident. 

From the time the Exxon Valdez hit the rocks until almost 2 a.m., the limited reports from the ship to the Coast Guard were mainly about its trying to manuever off the reef. The Coast Guard didn’t arrive on the scene to start assessing the situation until 3:35 a.m.

Associated Press reporter Dean Fosdick was the first member of the media to be tipped to the fact the ship was aground. That happened at about 5:30 a.m., according to an AP history. The size of the oil spill was then unclear.

About an hour later, according to the state timeline, the U.S. Coast Guard made its first official report of a spill of about 150,000 barrels. The news was on the radio by drive time in Anchorage, but when then-Gov. Steve Cowper was interviewed by a Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reporter at 8 a.m., Cowper had not yet heard of or been told of the spill.

The initial belief was the spill could be cleaned up. The winds did not come up until three days after the spill.

“Various fishing and environmental groups say Exxon wasted precious cleanup time in two days of good weather over the weekend and now must wait for the winds to calm before they can make progress on the rapidly expanding spill, ” the New York Times reported on March 28. 

At that time, no one had any idea the oil would be able to escape Prince William Sound and spread across the Gulf of Alaska as far as Kodiak. The oil didn’t start to move out of the Sound until March 29 – five days after the spill, according to a National Park Service history, which says the federal agency that manages Kenai Fiords National Park just north of the Sound, didn’t consider the possibility park beaches might be oiled until March 27 – three days after the spill.

A fisherman in Sitka would have to be incredibly prescient to be aware of the wind before it started blowing and know an oil slick with which no one had any experience could escape the Sound as easily as it did.

When the differing stories of differing memories above are matched to the documented evidence, about all one can conclude is that the author of the stories was in Sitka before the oil spill, and there was probably someone named Rex there as well.

The rest of it makes for anyone’s guess as to what actually happened.

The news might have come via the TV or by word of mouth. It might have been after midnight or in the morning. Everyone might have wondered where the oil was going to go, or someone might have known it was headed for Kodiak. The galley might have been full of fishermen, or the ship’s crew might have clustered around the radio in the wheelhouse.

The frailty of memory

Unfortunately, this is the way memory works.

“…What gets remembered is reconstructed from the remnants of what was originally stored; that is, what we remember is constructed from whatever remains in memory following any forgetting or interference from new experiences that may have occurred across the interval between storing and retrieving a particular experience,” Mark Howe and Lauren Knott wrote in a 2015 paper published in Memory, a peer-reviewed British journal focused on memory research.

“Because the contents of our memories for experiences involve the active manipulation (during encoding), integration with pre-existing information (during consolidation), and reconstruction (during retrieval) of that information, memory is, by definition, fallible at best and unreliable at worst.”

Ford says she is today living with a nightmarish, 35-year-old memory of an assault by Kavanaugh. You have to feel for her because no matter what happened, the memory is surely real.

Watching Ford’s testimony before the Senate on Thursday, it was impossible to believe anything other than that she was testifying honestly about her personal truth. That Ford is reported to have passed a lie-detector test only underlines that she believes what she is saying, but just because she believes it doesn’t make it true.

Were Kavanaugh strapped to a machine to repeat his claim he can’t remember an encounter anything like Ford recounts, the lie detector might well judge him to be telling the truth, too, because lie detectors don’t detect the truth.

They only detect whether the individual hooked to the machine believes she or he is telling the truth. And memories can be truer than true even when they are not.

Kavanaugh says he has no memory of any assault, and that might well be his reality.

If you have doubts about this, go read the excellent commentary by rape-survivor Deborah Copaken in The Atlantic. She contacted her attacker 30 years later and listened to his bullshit story about how he had no memory of raping her. He begged her forgiveness. She forgave him.

She’s a better person than I am; or one more easily convinced of the badly overused “I was drunk and blacked out excuse;” or both. I’ve never bought the idea booze, no matter how much you drink, leads you to rape or murder anyone. People who do these sorts of things have bigger behavioral problems than drinking too much.

Which brings us back to Kavanaugh, who may or may not have groped Ford. From what Copaken writes, there was a shocking amount of groping going on in the Georgetown community in the 1980s. She describes a world in which “most of us thought getting our bodies groped at a high-school party—or anywhere—was the unfortunate price we paid for having them” and writes of a friend “having her skirt ripped off her body in the middle of a bar mitzvah dance floor.”

If this was a sociocultural norm for Georgetown at the time, there should be more than Kavanaugh on trial. But he’s the guy in the hot seat, and he could be lying about his lack of recollection of any encounter with Ford.

Then again, Ford’s memory could be a construct of bits and pieces of multiple gropings (if that world was as Copaken describes) and multiple boys that somehow came to focus on Kavanaugh. But there is no way of knowing because it is a memory, not a fact.

It is even possible Ford and Kavanaugh have totally different memories (or non-memories) of a meeting in the context of their own, personal truths: Kavanaugh has honestly forgotten rolling onto a bed with another teenager he thought might be sexually receptive, and Ford has judged his groping not as a bad effort at misguided teenage foreplay but an attempt at rape.

In the world of teenage boys, sad to say, an incident like this wherein no one’s clothes came off might well be forgotten quickly.  That’s only more likely if Georgetown in the ’80s was some sort of American grope town. And the odds that Kavanaugh did something inappropriate sometime, somewhere 35 years ago have to be high because most high-school jocks do something inappropriate at some point in their high-school lives.

That he might grow up to repress those memories is entirely possible, too. Times have changed. Attitudes toward what the former prosecutor questioning Kavanaugh called “horesplay” have changed even more.

Just ask former Sen. Al Franken. Sad to say,  many young men are lusty, young versions of a breast-fondling, ass-grabbing Franken. Most of them, thankfully, grow out of it, unlike Franken. Franken’s adult behavior, at least some of it, is known because there is documentation. Kavanaugh, if one believes the women with whom he has associated as an adult, has not been groping women.

Thirty-five years ago, who knows? And that is the giant problem in the Kavanaugh case. The truth of what happened long ago is simply unobtainable. The Federal Bureau of Investigation could spend years investigating an attempted assault in an undisclosed location on an unknown date witnessed by people who don’t remember anything.

Personally, Ford convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt that she believes Kavanaugh attempted to sexually assault her. I’m equally convinced President Donald Trump firmly believes many of the false statements he makes.

Beliefs, to repeat, are not facts. Facts are bits of information that can be independently verified. In this case, there are no bits of information that can be verified. Kavanaugh, who appears a little anal about his personal record keeping, might actually be able to clear his name with something as simple as the date of the alleged assault.

His old calendar might put him somewhere other than Georgetown, but there is no date.

Where does this leave the country? Facing a mess with no obvious solution.

To wholly believe either Kavanaugh or Ford solely on the basis of their memories you must suspend knowledge of how the mind amplifies, diminishes and twists recollections. Or ignore this reality to embrace partisan politics and join those rushing to insist one or the other of these people are lying and the other telling the truth because the politics matter more than anything.

Having denied the accusation, Kavanaugh can’t bow out now because it would convince one group of partisans he is admitting guilt, and his character would be forever smeared. Having been publicly attached to the accusation, Ford can’t retreat because it would convince the opposing group of partisans she lied, and her character would be forever smeared.

Both are now-successful adults trapped in a story about whatever it was that happened when their paths somehow crossed in high school – that being one of the few agreed upon facts. The other is that no rape took place, which makes the incident both better and worse.

To many a man who as a boy groped a girl (and apparenlty to Copaken), it says these are things that happen as awful as that might sound. To many a woman who as a girl was groped, it underlines that all men are potential rapists, and Ford is lucky she didn’t become another victim among the far too many victims of rape.

And on this we build our own truths to decide who is lying and who is telling the truth, and the political partisans of the day – political partisanship at the moment being about as ugly as it has ever been in this country – play us every way they can.















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  1. “Should Democrats win the House majority, as now appears likely, there will be a major push among some members to impeach both Kavanaugh from the high court and Trump from the presidency, all as special counsel Robert S. Mueller III is expected to finish parts of his work on the federal probe into Russian interference in the 2016 campaign.”

    • Steve, like little whiney school children that they are. I’d be emabrrassed Steve to show allegience with those Democrat, anti-American assholes.

      • Bryan,
        You are sounding more and more like Joseph Goebbels every day.
        Hitler and Goebbels used many of the same tactics as we are seeing currently with Trumpism.
        Attack the other political parties as “communists and socialists” while scarring all property owners to the right.
        You see this type of “hyper nationalism” has been seen before…
        Sell folks on mythology that America was once “great”.
        Every American should be really cautious as our commander and chief attacks minorities and alternative political views.
        This country was not built on a one party system, and George Washington warned of future leaders who may attempt to spread “false patriotism” to build a strong “National State”…that is exactly what we are seeing today.

      • Sure Steve, sure.. The Nazi’s calling those they oppose Nazi’s. Listen, I am not even going to school you again on history and how much your Democrat Party aligns with the worst of mankind. Steve, if you can’t see how Democrats are now the party of Communism/Socialism/Marxism and to a large degree, Palestinian, Jew hating (some would say Nazi) party, then you are wasted breath.

      • Bryan,
        I have told you numerous times that I am not a registered Democrat…just countless signs that you listen to nothing that alternative opinions have to offer and yes, you sound very fascist to me in your hateful comments.

  2. “Trump called her vote “disgraceful” and added that he appreciated West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin crossing the aisle and becoming the only Democrat to support Kavanaugh’s nomination.

    “The people of Alaska — I had tremendous success in Alaska,” Trump said.

    He added that he worked with Alaskan lawmakers to approve natural resources drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge or ANWR.

    ‘I’ve got More Indian Blood’ Than ‘Pocahontas’: Trump Rips Dems’ 2020 Hopefuls, ‘Da Nang Dick’ Blumenthal’

    “I’ve done so much for Alaska, I’m shocked to see her vote,” he said. “[It’s] a very sad day, I think, for [Murkowski].”

    • Trump is living in past numbers of support during the election process….
      It is obvious that less Alaskans support his smash mouth politics today.
      The narrow margin that allowed Brett to the S.C. has not been seen since 1845 in the U.S…..right as we polarized towards our Civil War in U.S. history…
      Many are scarred this divide that was created cannot be healed.
      Especially not by more arguments or disgracing those who disagree with your opinions.

      • Thank the Obama Admin and Democrats fornthat divide Steve, just like 157 years ago.

      • Bryan,
        I thought you said the Democratic Party of today is nothing like the Democratic Party of Thomas Jefferson and early politicians in America?
        Which is it?
        All it takes are a few days of your comments and you are so tongue tied that that propaganda is all you can repeat.
        Do you have any original ideas to offer this group?

      • Steve, you are correct, yesterdays older, Democrat Party is the party of racism, slavery, Jim Crow, lynchings, anti-civil rights, standing in school house doors, anti-womens rights, etc.. and todays Democrat Party is far left, racists, Progressives, Marxists, Communists, and Socialists amd becoming Nazi’s to some degree.
        Little clearer now? If you’re not a Democrat Steve what are you?

  3. All rise!!!! JUSTICE KAVANAUGH!!
    What a sweet sound. One thing liberals forget is that facts get in the way. Morons!

    • When Don Trump publicly mocked Dr. Ford in a malicious manner, we reached a new low in smash mouth politics in Amerika’…let us hope some narrow faith holds the door open for the modern Democratic Process as we once knew it to be.

      • Well Steve, when Democrats haul out a liar and sleezy porn lawyer it is ok huh? Trump is a wonderful breath of fresh air to counter those evil, lying, and at times criminals. Stop calling that lying hussie a “Dr.” It is embarrassing. Ford is a fraud. Want to see what a real doctor looks like Google Ben Carson.

  4. Jason, we are still waiting for you to produce those posts where I accused you of supporting a “gang rapist” or worse.
    I don’t expect you to admit that you made another “blunder” here but keep on looking through all previous posts-note the one where you, falsely, called me a “democrat.” Heheh!

    • Scroll down to the exchange between us on on September 29, 2018 at 7:51 am, and remember that words do matter, Bill.

      And for the record, I haven’t made a blunder yet that I’ve noticed. I’ve called it pretty accurately so far, by my reckoning: been saying for a week now that Kavanaugh would be cleared of the bogus sexual misconduct allegations which have basically all but dissipated and on late Saturday afternoon/early evening would ascend to the bench.

      • Go ahead and post the words that you feel where I’ve accused you (or anyone else) of supporting a “gang rapist” or worse, Jason.
        I’ve read the exchange and nowhere have I done anything like you have accused me. Like I said, please post the actual wording you speak of. Otherwise just quit with the bullshit.
        Go ahead and show us where you are not making another “blunder” here!
        Please proceed!

    • Post Bill , please read Jason thread starting at sept 29 2018 8:10 am ending with yours at September 29 – 8-24 am . If you read even moderately carefully you will see he was correct. What’s with your usage of crass language and accusations against anyone you disagree with? Don’t you see we are all on same team . We want freedom justice and ability to live our life happily . Let’s politely work together. When you argue to argue or blindly refuse to acknowledge new information it doesn’t further any discussion. Even when you are right . Which if you look deep enough there is a possibility you are correct about kavanaugh . Time will tell . You have not carefully broke down his judicial decisions in an clear way so as to proove kavanaugh is dangerous to American future. You proceed to try to resurrect the dead horse about his unverifiable social past . Worse yet no one steps forward to stand behind ford and she has ties to disgruntled people fbi – cia and a dishonest past . This presents the specter of possible ulterior motives . Steve’s mention of kavanugh judicial decisions is a truly viable concern . One I have completely inadequately and not looked into. This article Craig wrote is not about kavanughs judicial fitness for the sc bench . It was about memory and perhaps reality . You do owe Jason an apology. You just don’t realize it . Look deeper bill . We are on same team . If we were storming beaches of Normandy I would want a bull dog like you at my shoulder .

      • Rayme, this is not about crass language, and Jason has made a specific accusation of me. He won’t do it so perhaps you can point out where I accused him (or anyone else) of supporting a “gang rapist” or worse.
        As soon as you or Jason can point out said accusation (by me) I will be happy to extend an apology-however you cannot post said accusation because it never happened. Nowhere have I even suggested Kavanaugh was a “gang rapist”, on this thread or on any other comments I’ve made anywhere, because I’ve never believed it. Simple as that.
        Go ahead and attempt it, nothing to do with being on any team. Please proceed!
        It’s not there and you know it. Otherwise you would have just posted it.

      • Actually Post Bill I didn’t post it because I’m one step off computer illiterate . I read and comprehend well but I have only recently paid any attention to are welcome to scroll down yourself and carefully go over it . It was a thread of multiple posts between you and him . Something about you saying it’s partisan and conservatives supporting kavanughs alleged behavior. Which you tied to Jason as you and him were in conversation. It really doesn’t matter at all . It is just an example of personal truths ,as well as the epidemic of poor analysis of information and reading comprehension that has come into our culture. No worries!

      • Yessir Rayme, I’ve accused Jason of being partisan on this issue. That’s not what I’ve been accused of, however, and there is nothing on this thread suggesting anything I need to apologize for let alone that I’ve accuse anyone (including Jason) of supporting Kavanaugh because he is a “gang racist”. Now Jason has also said “or worse” but nobody has even suggested what that could be.
        Again, you or Jason, please proceed and point out the posts where I said what I’m accused of.

    • So it turns out that Craig’s original premise was applicable to the comments section, too haha.

      Btw, congratulations to Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh for courage under fire. Not only has the fight to confirm him been victorious, the entire experience will serve to strengthen Republicans in November.

      And with that, I’m dropping the mic. Boom!

      • My compliments Jason. The spoils go to the victor. Your views were spot on. Oh, and let me add that Dems are batchit crazy.

    • “I believe Kavanaugh is a good man.” What a powerful statement from a woman who has been in a position to closely study the facts. People who were so eager to villify the man should probably take a moment to let that sink in.

      I actually do think he’s the right man for the job so I disagree with her political calculation, but I do respect her for speaking her mind.

      • Jason, you are certainly entitled to your opinion but just remember it doesn’t fly with more than 2400 Law Professors (who’ve opposed Kavanaugh confirmation), as well as former SC justice Stevens and Alan Dershowitz. And my guess is that a good majority of them would also suggest Kavanaugh a “good man.”
        Also my guess here, is that all those above attorneys have based their opinions on Kavanaugh’s performance during his recent hearing. Like you Jason, Kavanaugh has shown himself to be extremely partisan in his views and that is something wrong for SC IMO.

      • Like I said before, I’m no trump supporter, Bill. So not partisan in the sense you imply. My views tend towards conservatism, but I’m no Republican. And regarding everyones opinions, at the end of the day all that matters is how the vote in the Senate comes out tomorrow, which I predict will echo today’s cloture vote. My prediction is Kavanaugh ascends to the bench, despite the Democratic party’s best efforts to palm off all the sexual misconduct allegations which we see now were false all along.

      • Jason, you’ve still not given us an objective reason that you think Kavanaugh is right for the job. We all know his position that Don Trump can pardon himself (most likely why he was selected by Trump), and he has a lot of other baggage-Go ahead and give us your take on why he is right for the job!

      • I don’t have time to write you a book at the present moment, Bill. Just tune into senator Collins taking it home on the Senate floor right now:)

      • Bill, the fact that Democrats had to lie, cheat and steal and then use Soro’s paid supporters is enough for me to know Kavanaugh is more than qualified for the job.

    • Thank you Lisa for leading in the Senate and truthfully calling it an “Integrity” issue.
      Dan Sullivan of course will never veer off course from the GOP’s agenda, no matter what the public outcry from his voters is…Who does Dan represent? Corporate and Federal interests.
      Now…I heard the Montana Senator is at his daughter’s wedding tomorrow and would not be around to vote, so if the Maine Senator follows Lisa’s lead in a final NO…then Brett K. would not have the votes for confirmation.

      • Steve, you heard of Sen. BLEUMENTHAL? Obviously Lisa doesnt recognize “integrity” since it smacked her in the face.

      • Bryan,
        More delusional thoughts from your handle…
        Lisa Won her last election and is leading many descions “objected” by Congress.
        The truth is moderate R’s like Lisa and loosing terf to guys like Dan S. who have Koch brothers injecting millions into super PAC’s (like our upcoming Nov election for governor).

    • Bill:
      Democrats lied, slandered and whipped said looney protesters into a frenzy = Fact
      Protestors are/were paid by Soros = Fact

      Which part do you disagree with?

      • Bryan,
        Truth is that this is so much larger than two party banter.
        Both GW Bush and John Kerry were “skull and bones” from Yale.
        How do you explain that.
        Democrat and Republican both members of a secret society…
        I think Bill Clinton was one as well?
        Just like many federal Judges are skull and bones.
        Is Brett K. Skull and Bones as well?
        Well no one has asked him that valuable question and conveniently since 1982…
        Yale no longer lists members of this Ultra Elite “Neo Con” group of over privileged white males.
        But the pathway protected for Judge K. leaves little room for doubt, since as the MOB says “These are made men and no one messes with our family”.

      • Bryan, not that these protesters had a single thing to do with voting, but if you had a single fact here you would link to it. Please proceed!

      • There you go Steve with your racist underpinnings – “over privileged white males.” First off both Kerry and Bush suck. Cut from the same cloth. 2nd’ly, who cares if they are “over privileged white males”? Certainly none of your racist business. You soumd jealous and like a underachieving Millennial.
        What we saw with Kavanaugh was your racist pals trying to destroy a man with zero evidence against him – ZERO, and go against everything this country was founded upon. Yet you are cool with digesting the usual Democrat lies to further your racist, anti-white man agenda. No blacks go to Yale or Harvard? If Obama isn’t an over privileged black male, I don’t know what is. How about Clarence Thomas or the real Dr. Ben Carson? You and your peoples racist colors always shine through. You guys just can’t help yourselves. ALWAYS!!!

      • Stay in the liberal closet Bill. Cheers. R U telling me those protestors were not paid by Soros? You cannot be that naive are you?

      • Bryan as always, U are the chronic “Repeater”….same bullshit, different story…
        White man calling white man “white” is not racist, nor would it be racist to point out if a majority of an organization were minority.
        U have problems with all facts, this is the delusion.
        I attempt to show how both Liberals and Conservatives belong to Skull and Bones at Yale and yes, up until women came late in the history of club…it was ALL rich young men. (Many rising to top federal judges, VP and President….coincidence? I think not…they refer to “getting the tap”.
        Did Brett K. get the tap while at Yale’s Fraternity Row?
        No one has asked?
        But U have no interest in facts, just banter for whoever puts wind in your sail.
        Is that a super pac out there Bryan, funding your rants?

      • Bryan, you’re the one calling something a fact without any proof and now you are suggesting that I refute that bullshit? You (or I) have no idea if those protesters were paid by anyone, let alone Soros. Why push such a horseshit idea without proof??

      • Bill, I provided proof, you just didnt like it and in true Democrat fashion “saying it isn’t so, doesnt male it so”. The eyes Bill, the eyes – open them!

      • Bryan: Here’s how your proof flies
        You want facts, Bryan: The plain facts are that 1) Kavanaugh showed himself to not be SC material at his hearing according to over 2000 law professors, etc. 2) Anyone facing an accuser such as Ford, who felt innocent, would have insisted on an FBI investigation to clear his name (not Kavanaugh, however) and 3) said FBI investigation didn’t do a thorough investigation, due to WH marching orders, that would certainly have given Kavanaugh a chance to his own polygraph (Kavanaugh doesn’t offer a polygraph because of its increased risk).

      • I take it you feel comfortable calling Senator Murkowski a liar in essence, Bill? Because it’s pretty clear that while she doesn’t want to vote Kavanaugh in, she’s good with the investigation, the seven (!) FBI background checks and the man’s basic decency? Heck, she’s going to vote “present” today on behalf of Senator Daines to make sure Kavanaugh ascends, hardly the action of someone who takes your viewpoint.

        At the end of the day Kavanaugh is going to be confirmed to the bench, liberal special interest group tactics will come up short (the good guys win, in other words) and the cherry on top will be the fact that all of my predictions over the last week will prove to have been spot on. Fixing to be a tough day for you my friend:)

      • Jason, while I’m disappointed with the outcome and you indeed did call the outcome. However you still haven’t given a single objective reason for your support of Kavanaugh (you didn’t have time to write a book).
        The FBI investigation was controlled by the WH (Don McGahn) and the rest is history. Murkowski was a no because of the Native objections to Kavanaugh and she, no doubt, caved to the pressure on her vote by those who elected her. She didn’t need much IMO and she is certainly no liar. Kavanaugh couldn’t have survived an investigation of himself and he was given a pass.

      • By the way Jason, Lisa is voting present today to allow her colleague to be able to attend his daughter’s wedding (not to make sure he attends, as that appears to be a done deal).
        You just feel the need to muddy the water, Jason. Why??

      • Lets get something very straight: I don’t owe you an explanation of why I consider Kavanaugh a good fit for the bench. Setting aside that his record is impeccable, his values closely align with my own and that his track record is flawless, you have to roll back the clock about a week earlier in this thread and read the posts where you accused people like myself of being willing to put a “gang rapist” on the bench just because of our severe partisanship and blind loyalty. Never-mind that I strongly denied that, you continued the heinous assertion that Kavanaugh supporters such as myself are essentially either rape apologists or worse. Until I get an apology for that action, something based on some humility and a touch of basic decency, this mode of discourse is all your entitled to. In fact, given your attitude over the last week, I’d say that I darn near qualified for sainthood for the tolerance I’ve shown you.

      • Jason, at no time have I accused you (or anyone else on here) of supporting a gang rapist! My accusations are that most on here are partisans (including you) and you will not get an apology from me for that without your showing me that you are something other than partisan in this matter. You have insisted you are not but you won’t give a single reason why.
        OK you can keep silent but I will keep on with the you are full of shit, then.
        And you can start by showing where I accused you (or anyone like you) of supporting a “gang rapist.” Please proceed!

  5. The following article squares pretty well with a point I made a few days ago about Republican voters being angered by the Democratic party’s dirty tactics and politics of “search and destroy” heading to the voting booth in November

    Not only is it very likely that Kavanaugh will be confirmed to the bench over the weekend, but Democrats will be paying a steep price in the coming weeks as the people have their say.

    • Jason, on what basis do you say?: “Not only is it very likely that Kavanaugh will be confirmed to the bench over the weekend…” Very likely is a term that needs some clarification for it to be nothing more than your opinion.
      I think you are on to something about “voters being angered” but hardly the reasonings you state. This is nothing more than another partisan issue that tends to bring out “anger,” etc., and Kavanaugh showed himself to be nothing more than an extreme partisan in his hearing testimony. We’ll get to see whether/not he is confirmed but I’m not of your opinion about his being “very likely” confirmed.
      Is your half-time time out over?

      • Steve, and what does Steven’s have to say about the Democrats performance and public lynching of Kavanaugh. I say good for Kavanaugh, tell those Democrats to go screw themselves. They deserve it and more..

      • @Bill the basis of my opinion, of course. Though, that’s formulated from studying the facts of the case as well as headlines from leading national news outlets such as CNN over the day, all wrapped up in my own analytical ability. Not claiming to have a crystal ball, but the facts are starting to paint a clear picture. I’m going to call it right now: Kavanaugh elevated to the bench as early as Saturday, no later than Sunday.

        @Steve, given the fact that Stevens ruled as a liberal, that news is basically what’s known as “preaching to the choir.” And for the record, anybody who thinks that Kavanaugh’s performance in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee where he had to defend himself against everything from being a slobbering drunk to a person who drugged women and participated in gang rapes somehow disqualifies him as not having the correct temperament is a fool. He had every right to explode at those allegations, allegations that were so heinous and untrue that I won’t be surprised if all involved in bringing them are successfully sued for defamation of character and more. As for his temperament, all anyone has to do is look back at his nearly thirty years of excellent performance, performance that was unquestioned until the Democratic party decided to dredge up a bunch of false stories in order to destroy him.

        This embarrassment to our nation is almost over. And when it is, when the smoke clears and the dust settles down, I’m confident that sanity, the rule of law and basic human dignity will carry the day.

      • Jason, you haven’t given us any “facts” that you say points to his confirmation!
        And, most recently Kavanaugh pens an apology in an op-ed to Wall Street Journal that is, I’m sure you will agree, because he is so confident of his confirmation. Heheh!

      • Jason, well written and well anylized . I think you are dealing with people who like to argue for sake of argument. Publicly known Evidence is on your side . Due to prevalence and readily available public information ,A request for you to compile and show each point means your detractors are not reading all available news sources .Anyone who can’t see the blaring information at this point isn’t making a good faith effort to open their mind. You could lay it all out on a blanket and they would close their eyes and say nope , can’t see it . Good job Jason on keeping your wits about you .

      • Oh Jason…
        U are good for many talking points…
        Good Republican Parrot (like Bryan, and Rayme too)
        But the truth normally lies somewhere in the middle on these issues.
        As for Brett’s history.
        This is not only about Alcohol Dependency (of which he made it clear “I still like beer”… 30 Bromo Beer Buddies on his sports bus recently)…
        Maybe I thought his path was cool at 21, but not at 41 by any means.
        As for the real history, well Brett has influenced everything from G bay Torture Protocols to Bill Clinton’s disaster hearings from Monica Lewinsky…and lots in between.
        We are just seeing what made the man before us….
        Friends like “Donkey Dan” in H.S. and frat boy parties at Yale.
        The baseline is true, forget the details and look at his real records as state attorney and judge.

      • Steve you finally might have brought up an arguable point . Is kavanaughs track record who we want on Supreme Court? What you completely missed is that’s not what Craig’s article is about. Nor is it really debatable. As he was nominated and now senate gets to choose . This article was about if and how two people can have different truths of same moment. You dishonestly smeared the people discussing this column saying they only repeat Republican talking points . You are to smart not to recognize this so don’t deny it . You know very well it’s more complicated than Republican talking points. If you want to proove your point that kavanaugh is who ford and democrats say he is please dig up a reputable witness . Then you will certainly have a leg to stand on . To this point there has only been no facts and disputed memories . Now I will give you benefit of doubt and say you are probably right as to kavanaughs suitability for Supreme Court is lacking . I’m extremely not impressed to this point. Question is who is the better alternative and how to legally and ethically get them onto court . But don’t bother low blow smearing the honorable people involved in this discussion. It’s beneath your upper level intellect.

      • Jason, excellent post. You can tell the hollier-than-thou liberals here. They talk about you “talking points”. Haha, is that a joke? Those poor saps believe anything the lying leftist rags – Wash Post or NYT tells them or worse yet CNN. What really is saf is they don’t even know when they are being lied to and when you school them on it, they call you a liar..It really is entertaining. What rubes!!! One really has to laugh. Sadly it is at all our expense. “W
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        WASHINGTON – In an era when the Democratic Party is rapidly lurching leftward, an acclaimed psychiatrist has made the case that the ideology motivating them is actually a mental disorder.

        “Based on strikingly irrational beliefs and emotions, modern liberals relentlessly undermine the most important principles on which our freedoms were founded,” says Dr. Lyle Rossiter, author of the acclaimed book, “The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness.” “Like spoiled, angry children, they rebel against the normal responsibilities of adulthood and demand that a parental government meet their needs from cradle to grave.”

        While political activists on the other side of the spectrum have made similar observations, Rossiter boasts professional credentials and a life virtually free of activism and links to “the vast right-wing conspiracy.”

      • Basically Steve and Bill, if you need to pay protestors to make your point, than something is terribly wrong.
        Wow Steve! The poor terrorists tortured nonsense. You do realize that scum is assigned 2 lawyers each compliments of you?

      • Actually Bryan,
        Only someone like U would think Brett’s work as White House Council under Bush (working to make torture leagal and suspending “Habeas Corpus”) is good for our elected Republic….
        If Thomas Jefferson were alive today, he would call up Ethan Allen and demand a call to arms to protect our dying Democratic Process.
        Killing forgein nationals (with seal teams, bombs and drone warfare) without International Trials is not what our forefathers had in mind when they took their first stand in Boston against British Autocrats….
        This “Democracy” has come full cycle where we are back to power hungry ignorant drunks looking to take our most powerful seats in the Nation.
        Liberal my ass, this is an Ethics and Morals and Integrity Issue…
        Lying is not OK under oath or in Judicial Hearings.
        No matter what party one claims preference too!

      • Steve, what are your thoughts on Obama, the only President to ever kill multiple Americans without due process.

        Oh, and you think Kagan is more qualified than Kavanaugh? Ethan Allen would have hung Clinton, Bish, and Obama wbich would have been ok with me. Personally I say kill that Gitmo Islamic scum. They arent deserving of Rights or Due Process.

      • We’re just here to help, Bryan. Heheh!
        Just attempting to get at why McConnell left his post. My take is Kavanaugh is dropping out.

      • Say Bryan, why don’t you give us a rundown on the holes in that Twitter Feed.
        This guy (Angry WH Staffer) has a considerable number of followers (nearly 100k) and clearly been around for some time. I’m assuming his “sources who are usually credible” means something, at least to his followers.
        You sound like you don’t agree that it was a good idea that he “pass it on anyway.”

    • Post bill , keep working on that horse . Linking wh house staffer makes you look very credible. Guessing it’s your odd sense of humor. Got me laughing!

      • Post , are you trying to torture me ? I think you know why it’s funny. You must be trying to draw parallels with inaccurate information. Obviously. Your White House Twitter link starts out will “ a rumor “ -“ usually credible sources” “appears to provide” finished by “ haven’t been able to independently corroborate” = no witness . You are the master spoofer post ! Therefore humor. If it wasn’t humor don’t stop because it’s hilarious anyway! I think you are messing with Bryan just for entertainment. Let’s wait and see what really happens. So far both parties haven’t done well . I’m not sure what to think of all that money they spent on “education!

      • Rayme, are you saying I made up that twitter post?
        Just so you know, I am not on Twitter nor would have any idea about how one would go about doing such. Also, I posted it with no connection to Bryan, you or anyone else on here.
        Bryan felt that there were a number of “holes” to it but he has been quite silent on what said “holes” might be (and I’ve asked).
        Are you suggesting this twitter post, that lays out a rumor attributed to usually credible sources, is something you think is funny? This, of course, plays right into the fact that the FBI spent two days interviewing Mark Judge. You think it might take two days to determine that Judge agrees with Kavanaugh?
        Still think its funny??

      • Post – of course I don’t think you made it up . I do think it’s very probable it was a hit piece by a Twitter user . I don’t twitter either so I can’t verify . You can’t proove me wrong though due to public acceptance of deceptive information.I think both you and I can agree this is a mess – both sides . Not sure but I think both you and I would prefer a more mature Supreme Court justice . We get what we get though becouse it’s hard to find someone in this era or perhaps any era that’s constitutionalist , mature , honest, fearless and beyond reproach. Let’s back off and see what our corrupted career politicians decide to do . Even if it’s painful for you ,that we are on similar sides : )

      • Rayme, you must think we are low-watt bulbs by thinking this is a hit piece by a twitter user with nearly 100k followers. You don’t get that many followers by bullshitting.
        We have a few bullshitters on here and they tend to have the usual subjects (2 or 3) parrot their bullshit but you’ll notice that their following does not increase.
        Anyway, you don’t start out a hit piece by calling it a rumor. And someone with that many followers doesn’t play practical jokes on his/her followers IMO.

      • Post , I will take what you said into consideration. I sure as heck don’t think you or any others here are low watt bulbs . Even a bright bulb can be shielded . I wish I was as trusting as you and able to say becouse 100k Twitter followers back it up its true . I tend to think look at how many people follow the Kardashian’s or I hate to say it even trump . You could be right though, perhaps number of twitter followers indicates accuracy. I personally doubt there is any correlation. But perhaps this is an exception.

      • Don’t take my word for it, Rayme-just follow the poster back as far as you want.
        The person is into politics and has a large number of followers that wouldn’t be there if the person was a bullshitter IMO. That said, the post in question is a rumor attributed to “usually credible sources.” Anyway, nothing like a celebrity poster IMO.

    • Bill, who cares if he has 100k followers. Hell, my kids ABC Youtube videos have over a million. 100K batchit looney leftists is nothing. You post 2 sentances and we get this nonsense? “There’s rumor from sources who are usually credible” and “appears to have provided” and this NY Times/Wash. Post garbage “Haven’t been able to independently corroborate, but thought I’d pass it on anyway.”
      Come on Bill, there is way too much stuff out there like the lies from Kavanaugh’s accusers then to be posting crap from a guy who goes by “Angry WH Staffer”.

    • Brian looks like Jason and you were probably right . Fords credibility is gone . She was acting. It looks like it wasn’t differences in memory.She just did women , men and our country a disservice. ( or maybe as Jason says actually a service) completely separate from kavanaughs suitability for a justice,as time will tell on that ) Maybe this will help open democrats eyes to the dirty tricks their elected representatives are using and how they have lost their ethical path . I’m not holding my breath though. Even Waco didn’t open their eyes. Where Clinton and holders government used tanks to destroy , kill and burn to death unconvicted women and children. I hope our populace pulls off the blinders . Starts looking with a critical eye . There needs to be massive reform on how big money is allowed to effect our politicians and advertising. IMO

      • Amen Opinion, but, let me add that I feel Soro’s and his son should both ne hing from the neck until dead, dead, dead. Their dirty handa are all over this. As for the Dems, well, “the ends justtifies the means”. Trump is right, they are evil people.

      • I agree Bryan . Soros a self admitted unabashed nazi war collaborator (basically his words – if he didn’t didn’t rat out his own people someone else would have ) is stirring up dissent and trying to undermine our nation. Even his own country refuses him citizenship. He is a plague on humanity and our nation will be rife with strife unless him and his connections are removed. That’s not an opinion. That’s just a glaring observation of current facts . Soros money is behind most of America’s dramatic turmoil at the moment. Anyone who wants can follow the money trail . In soros own words he said yeah I give them ( violent protestors and politicians)money and support them but I don’t tell them how to use it . Anyone want to buy a bridge?

  6. Just sit back and think/look at the poor, misguided saps who believed this liar. The whole group should be sued. I hope Kabanaigh gets rich off that lying vermon..

    “A man who dated Brett Kavanaugh’s primary accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, for six years claims she had no fear of flying, no fear of small spaces or rooms with single exits, and once used her psychology training to prepare a friend for a polygraph examination, according to a Tuesday Fox News report.

    In a sworn statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee dated Tuesday, the California man claims to have met the then-Christine Blasey “in 1989 or 1990,” then had been romantically involved with her for about six years from 1992 to 1998. In that time, he claims to have witnessed Ford, then studying psychology, coach a close friend as she prepared for government administered polygraph exams. Fox News’s Shannon Bream posted a redacted version of the letter on Twitter.
    The man’s claims appear to contradict Ford’s testimony under oath before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, where she told outside counsel Rachel Mitchell that she “never” gave “tips or advice to somebody looking to take a polygraph test.”

    The alleged ex-boyfriend also claims that Ford frequently flew, including in small propeller aircraft, without complaint over the course of their relationship and had no fear of small spaces or rooms with only one exit. Ford’s claims that phobias of these things have plagued her since the early 1980s as a result of a 17-year-old Kavanaugh attacking her have been central elements of her story.

    Further, the man claims Ford never mentioned being a victim of sexual assault in the eight years they knew each other and never once mentioned Kavanaugh’s name. Finally, he claims their relationship ended amid infidelity and credit card fraud on her part. He does, however, claim that he “finds Ford believable” and did not “want to become involved” with the investigatory process.

      • Oh if only the media mess of today had such a Trumpian simplicity to it, James.

        Fox is at the moment no more and no less fake (ok maybe a little less) than MSNBC, and I know people who believe one or the other religiously.

      • Nice opinion there Craig!
        Care to back up that statement: “Fox is at the moment no more and no less fake (ok maybe a little less) than MSNBC…”

      • well, that’s easy enough: Lyin’ Brian. no reputable news organization should hire someone who makes up war stories to promote himself.

        but i’d suggest you just go watch them. there’s a lot of rantin’ and ravin’ on both of them and a shortage of straight news, but in what little straight news i’ve watched, there seemsa little less of a tendency of the Fox reporters to lean than the MSNBC reporters to lean.

        but go watch and form your own opinion. it’s all a shit show.

        what i expected to happen with the FBI investigation is now happening. “witnesses” are coming out of the woodwork all over the place to say other witnesses “lied.” and they’re probably all telling the truth because lying is pretty much human nature.

      • Honestly James? After these last few weeks watching CNN , MSDNC, NBC, etc. you still say such silly nonsense? Why would you openly embrace the liars? Oh, I know, you have your marching orders “Foxnews os Fake News”. Come back to thw real world.

      • Maybe Senator Blumenthal can land a job at MSNBC if the senator gig doesn’t work out. I hear they have a thing for stolen valor guys over there:)

      • Nothing wrong with the act of drinking (at least if of legal age)…
        If U listen to the podcast, the problem that Brett’s Ivy League peers have is that they feel he LIED under Oath…
        That is a big problem for a Judge who has worked on critical issues like our country’s “Torture Protocols” and wants to over turn Roe vs. Wade…
        What is seen now, is that all the angry white males are his only supporters left, so stand tall with your side.

      • So Steve, you’re a racist huh? Was rapist Bill Clinton an “angry white male” you are refering to?

      • Steve, just think of all the things those “angry white males” created – planes, trains, automobiles, electricity, putting a man on the moon, the Atomic Bomb, modern medicine, etc.. you may go on with your racist, silliness. Answer me this, why are you leftists, liberals, Democrats always racists? You guys just can’t help yourselves, everything is “race, class, or gender”. Funny to watch. Glad I am not a worthless “victim” in life.

      • Well Bryan,
        It honestly sounds like you have Schizophrenia to me…
        Have you ever been tested?The symptoms are:
        1.Delusions. These are false beliefs that are not based in reality…
        2.Hallucinations. These usually involve seeing or hearing things that don’t exist…
        3.Disorganized thinking (speech). …Extremely disorganized or abnormal motor behavior…
        4.Negative symptoms.


      • Bill, have you noticed that the sexual misconduct allegations have slowly but surely faded away and now all you guys have left are defining how much alcohol it was okay to drink in ones’ teen & college years as a means to disqualify him? Because there was never any truth to the allegations in the first place as the Democrats on the judiciary committee and everyone else knew from the get go, and the plan all along was to figure out a way to get Kavanaugh to impeach himself on a technicality (which is a slim hope, and one that probably won’t pan out in the end).

        Given that, we’re back to the democratic party and people like you (even if you don’t consider yourself as one), being totally ok with literally destroying not only a man’s life, but that of his family, in order to fulfill a political agenda. I called it from the start of this conversation, and all that’s happened since is a strengthening of that conviction.

        Democrats will pay dearly for this nasty piece of work at the voting booths in November I think.

      • Jason, typical horseshit from you again with nothing but assumptions!
        And you still can’t answer the question after you bring up a ridiculous statement that has nothing to do with anything. Kavanaugh lied his way through his hearings and if once a liar under oath, that disqualifies the man for the job IMO.
        You think otherwise but that doesn’t mean that the accusations were untrue. And its fairly obvious that Kavanaugh has (by his own lies under oath) destroyed his own life. The only political agenda here is in your own mind.
        Like Hilary Clinton recently noted that she must have layed that trap about 36 years ago just knowing it would come in handy. Heheh!

      • Your constant assertions that anyone whom you cannot stand up to in a debate are “full of shit” are somewhat tedious, Bill. Between your constantly referring to excrement in almost every post you make and repeating the word “boofing” at every opportunity (except they are not opportunities but rather uncomfortable non-sequiturs), I’m starting to wonder if maybe psychologist could help you deal with some Freudian issues you aren’t aware of but that are becoming painfully obvious to everyone else.

        Funny you should bring up Hillary: how about some of that faux outrage directed at a REAL abuser of women, her husband Bill? But when you go down that road, Hillary isn’t looking so clean, either, is she? More like someone who worked really hard to run cover for her husband.

      • So we’re back to boofing now. Damn son, you just don’t let up on the weird stuff, do you?

        To answer your ridiculous question: I’m pretty sure that the average person in America could have their teens and early twenties, if put under the microscope, torn apart, ripped to shreds, misconstrued and used to embarrass them if subjected to a search and destroy mission such as Kavanaugh has. Ghandi himself couldn’t withstand such scrutiny. Additionally, I’m not seeing the lie, either. He copped to being both a kid and drinking, sometimes more than he should. Construing that as perjury is a stretch, and ultimately I don’t think it will work. Who didn’t drink when they were a kid? If we’re going to use that as a bar, nobody would ever hold a powerful position in this country.

        I get it man, you guys are running out of time. The investigation is winding down and all three sexual misconduct claims are running on fumes, the Senate is going to move forward by Wednesday or Thursday and probably have him sworn in by Saturday. The Democratic party took it’s best shot, and it appears to be falling short. I mean, just look at how powerful the conservative majority is going to be on the Supreme Court. Liberals everywhere are doing exactly what you are right now: freaking out.

      • We aren’t back to anything Jason-that was the question I originally posted that you had ignored. And you are still ignoring it. It was posted in reply to your ridiculous statement about students drink alcohol and go to parties.
        Go ahead and call it ridiculous but just for once, try and answer it! We don’t need all the other “song and dance” IMO.

      • Seems Jason has been right all along. Ford is a liar. Should be thrown into jail for perjury and sued until her last dime. Then there is Julie Swetnick who likes sex with multiple men at a time, whose own parents said she is insane, and her ex Democrat running for Congress boyfriend who said she is a LIAR. Jason, congrats on spotting numerous liars. To the rest of you, let this be a lesson.

  7. I’ve been pretty diligent in my opining on this thread, but I’m calling a break for half time–I’m going to now save my efforts for the end of the one week FBI probe when all hell breaks loose that the probe wasn’t broad enough in scope, or wasn’t long enough in duration. I predict some serious discussions to be had on the topic. In the meantime, peace.

    • Weren’t Matt Damon along with Casey & Ben Afleck part of Harvey Weinstein’s earliest group of defenders once the first #metoo allegations started rolling in against the producer? Matt was totally in Weinsteins inner cadre…makes a guy wonder, doesn’t it?

  8. By any standard of truth, fairness, classical liberalism, evidence, and facts, Dr. Ford is not only not credible, she is nothing close to credible.

    Let me count the ways…

    She has aligned herself with the far-left.
    She straight-up lied about being afraid to fly.
    She said she wanted anonymity but continually reached out to the far-left Washington Post.
    Her polygraph is a farce.
    Her story has been carefully weaved into a Kafka-esque nightmare no man (even with detailed calendars) can ever escape from.
    Every single one of her witnesses refutes her story — has no memory of the gathering in question or says it doesn’t happen, and this includes a lifelong friend.
    Her team was so desperate to have The Woman Who Wants Anonymity to testify publicly, they turned down the opportunity to have her questioned in private at her home in California — and then lied about it.
    Ford’s therapist’s notes from 2012 also refute here tale, even as the media and Democrats try to gaslight us into believing the opposite. Ford originally claimed four boys tried to rape her when she was in her late teens in the mid-eighties. Now she says it was one rapist and one bystander when she was 15 in the early eighties.
    Ford refused to give her therapist’s notes to the Senate Judiciary Committee.
    In the statement she wrote out in her farce of a polygraph test, Ford crossed out “early 80’s” so it would only read “80’s.”
    Ford told the Committee the “primary impact” of the event occurred during the “four years after” it happened. She goes on to say, “I struggled academically. I struggled very much in Chapel Hill and in College. When I was 17 I went off to college, I had a very hard time.” Note how she skips over two whole years, her junior and senior years in high school; the two school years directly after the attack (unless it did indeed happen in her late teens).
    To later confirm the event did in fact happen in 1982, Ford told the Committee she was able to pin it down to 1982 because she remembered she did not yet have her drivers’ license. But… she also says she doesn’t remember how she got to or from the house party, so how does she know she didn’t drive herself?
    Ford also used Mark Judge’s Safeway job to confirm the 1982 timeline. She testified she saw him working there 6-8 weeks after the attack. She could not yet drive, so her mother drove her there, but for some bizarre reason Ford and her mother entered the Safeway using different doors. (And now mom can’t confirm this happened!)
    Five times during her testimony she mentioned Safeway to verify the date. How could she know such a thing unless it really happened? Well, in his memoir (which began circulating online among Kavanaugh critics in the week before Ford’s testimony) Judge helpfully reveals he was working at the “local supermarket” during the “summer before senior year.”
    In summation: On top of all four of her own witnesses refuting her allegations against Kavanaugh, so too do the notes taken by her own therapist. (Margot Cleveland’s tweet thread was indispensable for much of this — you will want to read it all.)

    Dr. Ford’s allegations are not only not credible — they are ludicrous, a joke…

    Even what she does remember is so full of holes you could bounce Brian Stelter through it:

    She didn’t hear two very drunk and belligerent boys sneak up on her?
    Why was music already on in a room no one was using?
    Wouldn’t blasting music ensure someone came upstairs to see what was going on, especially whoever’s house it was? This is completely counter-intuitive to criminal behavior.
    After she locked herself in the bathroom, her rapists didn’t try to get at her? Didn’t jiggle the doorknob? Didn’t try to claim they were kidding? All tuned up for a rape, they just gave up and went downstairs laughing like nothing happened?
    She remember how many beers she had (only one), but has been wildly inconsistent on the number of people who attended this small gathering, the number of people who were in the room where the assault allegedly happened, and by extension the number of boys who tried to rape her.
    She left without telling her best friend?
    She left without WARNING her best friend there were two rapists in the house?
    No one asked why she was leaving or found it strange enough to ask her the following day why she just vanished from the party?
    She can remember how many beers she had (one) but not whose house she was in, how she got home, the date, the place, how many people were there (sometimes it’s 4, or 5 or 6), or anything solid?
    She will show the Washington Post her therapist’s note but not the Senate, which represents We the People?

  9. ‘Bill, the lone voice of reason”……
    nuna nuna nuna “you have now entered the twilight zone” nuna nuna nuna

    BTW: Proof that sex does sell, and others sell out.

  10. I knew Bill Yankee in HS, he used to grope girls left and right. I just now remembered this as a surpressed memory that came out during couples therapy. I dare him to prove me wrong.

    • I’ll take that as a compliment Bernice and will add that said groping was consensual-the “left and right” is clearly over-the-top, however.
      Why would I need to prove you wrong??

      • Being that you’re from the party that turns a blind eye towards people such as Corey Booker and Hillary/Bill Clinton and only summons the faux outrage when the accusations are leveled at someone from the “other side,” I’m not really surprised that you would take it as a compliment, Bill:)

      • For Pete’s sake Jason, this is nothing more than a “joke” from a person (Bernice), who neither identifies herself nor specifies anything other than I “grope girls left and right.”
        And, by the way, I have no skeletons in my HS relationships with other HS girls but must admit not knowing any Bernice from those years. Perhaps she felt left out from my escapades, although I encourage her to keep up with her therapy. Heheh!

      • And Jason: I belong to no party, either.
        You have been full of shit over this entire comment section and we shouldn’t expect you to do otherwise, now (even jokingly).

      • Bill, you should go back through this thread and count how many times you’ve accused people whom you disagree with of being “full of shit.” I didn’t get an exact count, but it’s a lot!

      • Jason, I just proved you being “full of shit”, relative to your false statement about my belonging to some party. You, then, respond with a song and dance about my other accusations that you’ve not gotten an exact count.
        Try to stay on point here, Jason. Give us your best take on why you are not “full of shit!”

      • So bill are you innocent just like Kavanaugh ? Will you take a lie detector test? To proove your innocence and honor against these baseless accusations? If you fail the test will you accept guilt . Pay restitution and jail time ? Being as your accuser has not presented provable facts against you other than what you just admitted on a public forum . I’m sure you will soon request an fbi investigation on yourself to look for additional victims. As you admitted there are many . You see my point of course, right bill . The glaring lack of justice. I’m just being humorous with you . I know you are good man at heart . I also know what ford and Democrats have done to kavanaugh family is not justice . It’s a perversion of the honorable system we have . If ford experienced what she says it’s also not justice to her . It’s just a mess . Mostly thanks to irresponsible democratic leaders. I think you should apologize to Jason for your disrespectful and hardheaded way of communication. Or not . Just a thought. IMO . I’m not saying you are wrong about kavanaugh I’m to uniformed to say what’s true ,so don’t bother arguing. Just showing a couple points to consider as to how off track our system is getting.

      • Rayme, I’ve not been accused of anything approaching something I should be ashamed of (the “left and right” bit I’ve already said is an exaggeration), let alone needs proving otherwise. And, I’ve just proven Jason Barron to be “full of shit” on one occasion and that alone is a good precursor that he takes other liberties with the truth.
        Why would you think I need to apologize for calling a spade a fucking shovel? Jason is a liar and you saying my saying he is “full of shit” is needing my apology is plain hilarious IMO.

      • Bill I dub thee “post bill” Jason is not lying you just don’t understand him. Let’s all move on and drop this nonsense and reflect and learn . We are on the same team . You just don’t know it . Trust me it’s the dang politics and big money that create this nasty divisiveness. Someday I want to hear hear your commercial fishing stories Post Bill ; )

      • OK Rayme, here is Jason: “Being that you’re from the party that turns a blind eye towards people such as Corey Booker and Hillary/Bill Clinton and only summons the faux outrage when the accusations are leveled at someone from the “other side,” I’m not really surprised that you would take it as a compliment, Bill”
        Now I belong to no party, let alone one as described by Jason Barron. If you can’t take my word for it, do whatever else you need to.
        Jason is lying here and there is no other way to put it (it has nothing to do with anyone needing to understand him). The guy is full of shit!

      • Bill, you are the gift that keeps on giving. Posters like you are what keep the conversation interesting and worthwhile. I require no apology my friend:)

      • Glad I can keep things interesting for the “readers and thinkers” here.
        And how about a shout-out for Bernice’s success with her therapy!?

  11. Everyone please:

    This was a story about weaknesses of memory. Is there someone who doubts that memories can be badly blurred, even false?

    I hope not.

    The FBI is now doing resuming the investigation. Hopefully, they can identify the house where the alleged assault took place. One would have to believe Ford can get them there, and that would provide a starting point to at least attempt to sort out the rest of it.

    If the FBI finds a house and sets a date and Kavanugh’s calendar puts him there or in the area, then it probably would be time for a polygraph as to whether he remembers or not.


    I’m skeptical. I’d think the first thing Ford would have revealed is either whose house the party was at (if she got there by walking) or who drove her (if she got a ride), which should have led committee staff to the house and home owners days ago. But who knows.

    • I am skeptical as well. She seemed to positively identify Kavanaugh. This is after not identifying him to her therapist, so her memory must not be to bad after all those years.

      • Craig, I don’t think this is a case about anyone’s memory. It’s really very simple. I don’t believe the Professor or the Judge. I believe the evidence. In this case there is NO evidence to support either of the parties. With no evidence this complaint would not even get a hearing in any court. Without evidence I have to conclude that this is a political stunt timed to do just what it has done. Obstruct the appointment of the Judge.

      • yeah, great journalism, Joe. it’s always good to open a story by using a term with no definition but varying definitions.

        thanks for wasting my time. the story is a nice demonstration of how Kavanaugh’s memory of his high school years is as a through-the-looking glass as the rest of us.

        it’s the inherent the problem with memory. we pick and chose and reconstruct. i’m sure if you dig hard enough you can probably also find him claiming to have slept with dozens of women by age 18 though he now claims he was a virgin.

        most of the guys on my football team had slept with half the girls in town, or so they would have had you believe.

        still, i have no doubt Kavanaugh is shading the truth just as the author of your article shades the truth (or lies, take your pick) when he says “I don’t want to draw actual conspiracy-diagrams,” before he draws conspiracy-diagrams, and says “this may seem like hair-splitting,” before he splits hairs.

        there ain’t no “may seem.”

        if one is going to split hairs, why not just be honest about and say the hair splitting is important?

        i don’t think Kavanaugh should be a member of SCOTUS because a.) he was a preppy; and b.) he was an Ivy Leaguer. he’s another member of the ruling elite, and if i was a U.S. senator i’d vote against him for those simple reasons.

        but since he’s now accused of far more significant charges, he deserves a fair hearing. and Ford’s story has problems similar to Kavanaugh’s. i’ve been through a couple traumatic events (thought i was dead after one), and i remember where all of them happened.

        i can even remember the locations of semi-traumatic events of the kind that left me thinking, “well that was close. you could have killed yourself there, asshole.”

        i’m confident that if something awful happened to me in a house in Bethesda, i could go back and find the house. i’m pretty confident i can go back and come pretty close to finding the place where a grizzly bear grabbed me by the leg, and it’s a lot harder to find locations in the woods than in the city.

  12. 1 Timothy 2: 1I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; 2For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.


    • Laura, your post is full of so much dribble I don’t know where to begin. Actually, let’s begin with Bill Clinton and your silence there. How about Corey Booker and your silence there? How about Kieth Ellison and your silence there? Just to name a few. Because, their sexual assaults have all been documented while their accusers met the same Democrat lynch mob kavanaugh met. Ford is a liar plain and was a promiscuous 15yo. I actually hope my sons grow-up in a world of kindler, gentler women.

  13. I find it disingenuous, and borderline offensive, to compare memories and recollections of an event of national significance (like the Exxon Valdez disaster) to that of an attempted rape. Memories of being assaulted and/or placed in imminent danger are embedded into our brains in different ways.

    I recall a male classmate doing a similar thing to me at a house party during my freshman or sophomore year in highschool. Albiet far less traumatic, to the extent I never really never gave it much thought before last week, I vividly remember the minutes during which the incident transpired, the guy’s name and face, the cold concrete floor of the garage where he had me pinned, and his very angry response when I kneed him in the dick and managed to get away.

    I don’t remember much else about where I was, how I got there, how I got home, etc. And I don’t remember telling anyone about it either, for fear of being viewed as a prude or a slut, depending on the judge. By contrast, I remember in great detail from my earlier childhood the Loma Prieta earthquake, and watching the Challenger explode, and as an adult, the morning of 9/11. Those memories of national significance are easily reconstructed as they are shared with multiple people, documented in the media, and repeated (and perhaps altered) over and over again through the years.

    But I certainly remember enough about my experience in highschool that were the FBI to investigate, they could find the guy, track down his friends, and confirm to some extent he was known for treating girls like shit. And if said offender was heading toward the Supreme Court, perhaps I too would feel inclined to share that assessment of his character with the nation, although the benefits of doing so quite obviously far outweigh the costs.

    Kavanaugh doesn’t want an FBI investigation because it will reveal, if nothing more, that he was an over privileged, drunken frat boy that surely some of his classmates recall having “passed out” from drinking to excess, and who very well could have assaulted someone in such a state of inebriation. Which, regardless of his guilt in the matter 30 some years ago, will pretty much qualify him as a LIAR today, which to say the least is pretty unbecoming of a judge.

    Partisanship should have nothing to do with determining anyone’s fitness for appointment to the nation’s highest court, which is supposed to be comprised of the most unbiased, objective people in the world. Sadly the elected officials of this country on both sides of the aisle have taken this confirmation hearing to new lows, as too have the commenters on this story (sans Bill, seemingly the lone voice of reason here). May your daughters be lucky enough to grow up in a world of kinder men.

    • Thanks for your vote of confidence, Laura and I agree that partisanship should not be involved. However, our politics has almost demanded it since our SC elected GWB.
      And we need to que up the violins for this cadre of partisans, on here, who seem to love preaching to their own choir IMO. Good thing I’ve returned from moose hunting to keep them on their toes. Heheh!

    • Laura: Good on you. That’s the way all young women should handle the situation.

      That said, that LAT story is pile of garbage. Some memories are imprinted more vividly than others, but all memories are affected over time. They are reinforced, diminished, reconstructed, degraded, improved.

      All sorts of shit happens. It’s why eye-witness accounts are so often wrong.

      If this boy was a classmate of yours and you saw him almost every day, for instance, I would expect you to have a better memory of “who” was involved than if you saw the boy only occasionally or a few times or if he was a stranger:

      But even then memories of our youth are also especially vulnerable to distortion not only by others (say a therapist), but by us.

      We have a bad habitat of recreating what we wanted to be, or what reinforces our opinion of what was, and it isn’t necessarily what truly was. From what others have said about Georgetown at the time (all of which sounds disgusting), Ford could well have been groped by various boys if she was sneaking off to parties as she suggests.

      Kavanaugh could certainly have been among them, or he could have become the focus for others for who knows what reasons. The polygraph indicates she honestly believes Kavanaugh assaulted her, but it doesn’t reveal any more than that.

      She believes.

      And she clearly believes so strongly that she injected herself into this discussion. The question one has to ask in that context is this:

      Would she believe so strongly if Kavanaugh perfectly mirrored her political views? If he was a registered Democrat who’d loudly proclaimed his support of Roe v. Wade nominated by someone other than Donald Trump, would she have been as confident of these memories?

      Would she have come forward, or would what is now an “attempted rape” have become one of those things all the goddamn boys tried to do when you were a girl growing up in Georgetown at the time with Georgetown sounding like hell on earth for young women?

      • Go ahead here, Craig and explain how she (Ford) could have passed her polygraph with her having such political leanings!
        Then give us your take on the odds that Kavanaugh even takes a polygraph. Heheh!

  14. Now you see where this was all heading? Liberal, Communist, Democrat stronghold of Maryland..
    “Authorities in Maryland on Friday said they were prepared to conduct a state-level criminal investigation into sexual assault allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh — provided that a victim comes forward.”

    • I read that, too. Clearly this was never something to be taken seriously enough to be an actual criminal investigation, but rather an effort to tap into the faux outrage of the highly politicized (unfortunately) Metoo movement long enough to shred a man’s reputation in a political chess move

  15. Regardless of what happened years ago, I think he failed the job interview. When’s the last time you got the job after crying, yelling at the interviewer and telling them how much you love beer, and not remembering stuff because you were blacked out drunk?

    • When was the last time you went for a job interview and they said you lied on your application, stole their inventory, raped an employee and called you a liar to your face and then expected you to just sit there?

      • Well put Bryan, accept what they did to him was worse. I thought he showed almost super human restraint in front of both the baseless accusations as well as the political onslaught by those who are determined to quite literally destroy he and his family’s life.

      • Jason, that is what Democrats do “seek and destroy” based on “race, class, gender”. Doesn’t matter if any of it is true or not, the do not care. “The ends justifies the means”!

      • Well said Brian . Who could stand up to that pressure on national film being attacked by rabid crazy politicians. ? In a room where if you accidentally said the wrong thing your life time career is destroyed. Kavanughs life and family are under threat . Anyone that’s sane would be sentive and stressed under those circumstances. Doug would piss himself if he were in kavanaugh shoes . This wasn’t a job interview it was an inquisition. He was being considered for a public post . Not a job . Doug knew that and is purposely trying to confuse citizens and turn public opinion regardless of kavanaughs stellar judicial history. Doug appears to be dishonest. Doug knows that the only thing that matters is how kavanaugh can make reliable constitutional law judgments while he is on a court. He will never have to make decisions in an open inquisition arena . Doug has made an attempt to mislead.

      • > Doug knows that the only thing that matters is how kavanaugh can make reliable constitutional law judgments while he is on a court.

        No, that is not the only thing that matters. There is also this (borrowed from a blog, but from the Code of Conduct for United States Judges):
        “A judge should respect and comply with the law and should act at all times in a manner that promotes public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary.”

        Like I said, he failed the job interview. Accusations real or false, are no excuse.

      • That’s nice of you to make excuses for him, but no, he knew what he was in for and should have been prepared. He cracked in what, a few minutes? He does not belong on the SC.

      • Hey all, nice try projecting your own character weaknesses onto me, but the question isn’t whether or not I’m the one fit for the SC. This man clearly isn’t.

  16. Craig-We will soon know why Kavanaugh was opposed to this FBI investigation (along with you and several others posting here)! I would be SHOCKED if he were not offered his own chance at a polygraph that may show whether/not he believes his own words.
    Will you be taking bets on whether/not Kavanaugh refuses said polygraph?
    I’ve got $10 says he refuses and not long after Trump and McConnell replace him.

    • Nobody here is defending Kavanaugh because they think he’s guilty and want it covered up. We’re defending him because cheap, baseless claims without facts or evidence are being used to destroy his life, his family’s life and his candidacy to the Supreme Court. If he were found to be guilty of these crimes he’s accused of, I’d be the first to call for his head on a plate. I don’t think he is, though, therefore I view the attempts that are being against him as an attack on his and his family’s very existence.

      • Oh horseshit Jason, practically everyone on here is partisan and wants this conservative on the SC, regardless of his indiscretions in high school.
        Are you taking any bets on whether/not Kavanaugh takes that polygraph?

      • Are you serious? Are you really saying that I’m willing to put a gang rapist on the Supreme Court? Or anywhere else besides prison, for that matter? Because that’s flat out crazy.

      • I can’t speak for everyone, obviously, but my standpoint is that Kavanaugh has already been checked by the FBI from birth through present day 6 times and found to be clean. The FBI has already said they were not interested in pursuing this matter. The accuser is not credible, and has been given ample opportunity to become so. The democratic party is simply using the extra time to give people like Avanetti more time to come up with additional false smear stories (such as the gang rape allegations) until the candidate either resigns or the president withdraws him, in the hopes of keeping the seat open until a Democrat can fill it. The politics of the situation are perfectly obvious. If Ford felt that strongly about her case, she would be working with the Maryland Police to open a criminal investigation.

        With that said, there IS an FBI investigation going on; if it yields facts that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Kavanaugh was running amok in his High school and College years gang raping women, drugging and assaulting girls etc then as I said before I’ll be first in line to demand his head (and balls) on a plate. I say this as a man who didn’t (and still doesn’t) support the Trump presidency because I believe him to be a misogynist.

      • Yessir Jason, go ahead and muddy the water to make this about something other than what it is. Your generalizations have nothing to do with what’s going on.
        This candidate has been pushed by GOP to get him confirmed before the upcoming elections (where Dems may control the Senate and make any conservative jurist impossible to confirm). The FBI has been asked to investigate Kavanaugh and (I believe) he will refuse to take upcoming polygraph. Again, will you be taking bets on whether/not Kavanaugh takes that polygraph?

      • I’m sure that it seems very muddy indeed to you, Bill. Perhaps you could see better if you took your ideological blinders off? How about this for a bet instead: will Ford go to the Maryland Police and open a criminal investigation?

      • Pretty clear Jason that Ford has had no intention of prosecuting Kavanaugh-otherwise it most likely would have been done by now. I believe her intentions are solely to let everyone know who (in her opinion) Kavanaugh was in HS. She has done that, in spades, and it was enough to get this investigation (opposed by GOP and Kavanaugh) started.
        Nobody (including Ford) is talking any prosecution of Kavanaugh-why would you want to take bets on something that doesn’t have a chance of happening?
        Again, what are your thoughts on Kavanaugh taking said polygraph?

      • Bill . You are the one muddying waters by using a broad brush and calling people on this forum partisans . You frankly have no facts to back up that accusation and when a false accusation is used in this way to diminish another persons statement it’s distinctly mudding the waters . Another persons statement is either true ,false ,inaccurate, or accurate regardless of their political orientation. I believe what you are confused about is that the confirmation process in Washington is a partisan issue partially. Not here on this forum . Many people lean one way or other but you of all people should know current and past Alaskans are so diverse politically that that your statement is nonsense. You know our state history so don’t bother trying to bluster your way through. A mature thing might be to apologize to Jason. Or not . It’s a way to keep the conversation rational. You could just tell him a qoate from my grandfather. Arguing with me is like arguing with a post . Nothing personal.

      • Rayme, Jason chose to single himself out as I didn’t initially refer to him. As I also didn’t include you.
        However, that being said, many on here (Craig included) pushed the horseshit story of why an FBI investigation was impossible, costs too much, etc., etc. You also got aboard this bandwagon and my opinion is that your (and others) only reason is that you are partisan.
        This entire process has been to shove this candidate through before upcoming elections, regardless of any truth about Kavanaugh. I’ve already stated why, but nobody on here has minutely given any reason for why said FBI investigation should not occur. In fact, many have insisted that it couldn’t be done and such bullshit as FBI doesn’t want to do it.
        You know where you fit in here and either put up or shut up on it IMO. Maybe you want to get in on the bets as to whether/not Kavanaugh takes that polygraph!??

      • So Bill I assume you are talking to the handle opinion. First Bill you didn’t read my past posts carefully. I said investigate away . I say that even stronger now after all the national partisan grandstanding. You are wrong to accuse people here of partisanship without facts . I can certainly speak for myself. What I want is a truly independent minded constitutionalist honorable Supreme Court judge . To do that and get Americans full respect we now need an investigation becourse our fn politicians turned this confirmation into a political grandstanding bs drama documentary. As to myself I never once considered Party when voting or when considering anything. If I lean towards something it’s towards Alaskan old indipendence Party . Sure not the new one . Those are facts . So you are 100% wrong in your assumptions. Now as to polygraph I will bite on that to be polite. First polygraphs are scientifically proven to be unusable in federal court due to unreliable results. So why waste time with something that’s unreliable. That said if you carefully watch kavanaugh testimony he said he will do whatever the committee recommends . So yes he would most likely take a polygraph test . But it’s useless to debate what another person will or won’t do . So my opinion is that if committe recommends he take it he will . If the don’t he won’t . But how the heck would I know bill . ? So when you try and force people into corner about this it’s foolish as no one can predict future. Unless there is current fact to back it up . Now I will give you interesting tidbit to chew on . I dislike kavanaugh sincerly and think he is unsuitable as Supreme Court justice. He cared to much to follow his script , appeared to lack strong self confidence and control . He was afraid to stand on his own two feet look political accusers in the eye and tell them strongly . Back off . I will do this job better than anybody you ever saw becouse it’s the most important appointment in our nation. I saw lack of independent minded strength inside him . He was to careful in following his lifetime of courtroom experience. He was slimy . That’s just personal opinion. Nothing to do with his amazing history of stability and honorable judge work.
        Time may prove me wrong as to his suitability. So you see I’m against his confirmation but for a different reason than Ford . Fords accusation is partisanship . I give you this -inside self -info bill in the hopes you will open your mind and realize it’s not a norrow box . So you can then converse and add to the thoughts with people in a less confrontational inaccurate manner . Your choice.

      • Rayme, thanks for speaking only for yourself.
        You are the expert on your opinion and entitled to it but I disagree with your “Fords accusation is partisanship.” How could you possibly know? Pretty clear you don’t know but opine away.
        And Kavanaugh responded about whatever the committee wants before any such FBI investigation was in the picture-do you think the committee is running this investigation?
        Like I said above, I would be SHOCKED if he were not given the opportunity to take said polygraph. And we are not debating what Kavanaugh will do, just taking bets. Heheh!

      • Ok bill . Would you prefer the new handle post or rock ? As to bets . Just for entertainment I will bet with you . I say he doesn’t take polygraph. Boring. I know you love drama . Sorry. Bill it’s to bad they only alow one moose hunt a year . You obviously need another!

      • I also don’t believe Kavanaugh takes the polygraph-Craig in this essay speculates that were one (polygraph) administered to Kavanaugh he could also be shown to believe his own stuff, but what’s more important is that a polygraph could also show just the opposite. Too much risk, IMO.
        Frankly I’m finding it difficult to grasp you and I agreeing on anything. Crazy.

  17. Scary – DiGenova said, “What you saw on display by the Democrats on that committee was the raw political power that they will wield against people of goodwill, and all you have to do to know that is what’s going to happen is look at what the IRS did to conservative groups under Lois Lerner and John Koskinen.”

    DiGenova continued, “This is the future of our country if the Democrats get control of the House and Senate. They are vile people. There is nothing good anymore to be said about the Democratic Party. They have eschewed all integrity [and] honesty in pursuit of power. They are an ugly people, and they need to be beaten down politically and defeated.”

    • That’s quite a personal truth. I used to feel similarly, but one day came to the sad realization that the labels of Republican or Democrat were far to general to sum up all the many people contained within. I leaned heavily towards conservatism in many/most issues, social/cultural/economic, and still do, but I came to realize that the conservative party had it’s own brand of ugliness that I wanted no truck with. It’s why I didn’t and don’t support the Trump presidency, which I believe is primarily built on a foundation of societal mean spirited-ness as its core value. My personal, core conservative values are based on work ethic, excellence and fairness.

      With that said, I do believe that this particular chain of events has revealed a deep nastiness within the Democratic party, and watching a man and his family’s life be destroyed for purely political power gain, it is very hard not to denounce the entire party and its constituency.

      • What Conservative “ugliness” are you refering to? I am curious because Trump has been ounched in the face numerous times as a candidate by the media, Dems, and GOP for years now. Just like Kavananugh, Dems are saying “he was angry” as he should be. He should actually serve the Democrat, media, and some GOP the big middle-finger. I say Trump is what this country needed badly after Clinton, Bush’s, and especially racist Obama. I hope Trump punches em all in the face by the time his term is up.

  18. All he did yesterday was whine and play himself as the victim. She on the other hand identified him and his buddies years before his nomination to her counseler. She is 100% positive it was him. He kept a calendar with their names on it. She knew all 4 by full name years ago to her husband and close pals.

    And he seemed to drink lots of beer during weekdays in HS while being a typical jock and talking to different girls more than boys. Actually he sound like he had drinking issue as a teen. He talked about his love of beer and then was all defensive if pushed on his drinking habits. He admitted to recently paying for a beer bus for 30 if his men friends to a game at Fenway. We all knew a jerk like this in HS, all goody-two -shoed and rich enough not to need a summer job, which is missing from his calender. He was too drunk to remember this assault. Her description was not a clumsy teenage groping perhaps like many teen boys and girls experiences. He assaulted her and it appears there maybe more. This not a partisan issue.

    • None of that is true. She identified no one by name to her therapist, nor to her husband, until this year.

      In fact, that trained, professional therapist recorded in the session notes a different number of people at the party then Ford’s current version. Ford’s explanation? The therapist “made a mistake.” Think on that, Ford’s claim is a trained, professional therapist, recording a story about an intense trauma for the patient, in notes which would be referred to in future sessions when the discrepancy could be caught, “made a mistake.”

      Ford has presented no corroborating witnesses with personal knowledge.

      • We will wait for fbi. One thing Kavanaugh did confirm from his testimony was his weekly, not just one night a week, that’s he liked his beer. If any of us knew a HS teen that drank that often it would be a red flag. He admitted to drinking beer with buds after working out like it was normal. That’s not. He started drinking when he was a sophomore. It’s was a problem then and is now. He’s begging and whining like the spoiled child he is and the joke that nominated him.

      • Seeing as how Ford is the one having trouble with remembering even the most basic details of the event, I’ve been wondering how much alcohol she was consuming herself. It’s a pretty safe bet that it was more than one beer. If you want to talk red flags, kids that lie to their parents about going to drunken parties that they don’t even know how they’re going to return home from is a pretty good one to start with.

    • Ford can’t remember when the party was, where it was, how she got there, how she got back from it, how many people were allegedly there in the room, and a number of other rather important details helping us establish the truth or lack thereof of the scenario.

      Your rush to judgment is clearly based on hating Kavanaugh’s “type” which we supposedly all knew one of from back when we were kids, which is simply another form of unreasoning prejudice. A little bit of my own life experience from back when I was a kid: the guys who were chronic drunks who got falling down stupid intoxicated went on to be losers as adults, too, not men who’ve held a number of the highest posts in the land, conducted their adult lives for decades under intense scrutiny while performing their jobs with honesty, dignity and respect to the point where we haven’t found one single person in their adult lives who would lay any claims such as the ones aimed at his high-school and college years.

    • Matt Kinney . You sound like a paid fake trying to muddy the waters . Let’s hear something from you based on reality.

  19. The FBI has some partisan issues of there own they need to address before they investigate anyone they need to be investigated themselves.The money these clowns waste on BS investigations should come out of their pay and pensions.The millions they have pissed away on the Russian Collusion Investigation alone is atrocious.They can’t see that the DNC and the Clintons/Obama were the ones colluding with the Russians.Who in their right minds wants to trust these clowns to run an investigation on an event that never happened?The testimony proves there is nothing to investigate but we can probably piss away a few more millions of the taxpayers money…Trump won, Kavanaugh needs to be confirmed and the Swamp needs draining.
    I put up with 8 years of President Coward T. Golfcart bowing at the feet of other countries leaders and negotiating from his knees like the weenie that he is. I never tore up anyones property or acted like a heinous jackass like these left wing loonies do…We need to bring back the water cannons and the dogs to combat these uncivilzed loonies…

    • Wolfass – you are damn right..100%.

      Matt Kiney – Coincidence? The parents of the woman who is accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct have a connection to the Supreme Court nominee through his mother, a Maryland state judge, online court records show.

      Martha Kavanaugh granted a motion dismissing a 1996 foreclosure action against Ralph and Paula Blasey, according to the records.

  20. Very thought provoking article Craig. But I would prefer we not use the term “Personal Truth”. There is only “The Truth”. In this case I doubt we will ever know “The Truth”. But if we can all agree that Ms. Ford really believes the Judge assaulted her why doesn’t she file a criminal complaint? It has been stated numerous times that there is no statute of limitations in Maryland for this type of crime. So why keep asking for an FBI investigation rather than go for an actual police investigation from the jurisdiction where the crime occurred?

  21. This is soooo annoying, this is the new fad of this time.
    20, 30, 50, hell 60 years later he attacked or raped me, what the hell, this is some stupid $hit. Truly is annoying and I call BS every time.

    You’ve got actors crying years later that they were taking advantage of in return for their stardom. Then you have politicians in the mix. All conveniently years and years after the fact, so that there’s no way of having any fresh evidence, and it’s a his word verses her word situation.

    Funny how it was such a dramatic experience that they had to wait for the accused person to become someone, before they could recall and press charges. All this does is make it harder for real victims.

      • Point ?
        Geeze Bill, I hope you’d have the same response if they were going after a Democrat.
        I know my above response would be the same.

        Nothing but a bunch of political drama here and no way to disprove or prove after so many years.
        What are you all thinking an FBI investigation is going to find, his secret diary under his mattress that tells all.

        My point is, if you were so traumatized that 35 years of therapy still hasn’t helped your a$$, why didn’t you do something about it in its present time. And please tell me I’m not the only one that sees what’s going on here, with the 20 plus year ago “of what Someone did to me” media fad.

      • Well Zip, I think you’ve answered your own question-namely someone so traumatized would not be well equipped to “do something about it in its present time.” But don’t take my word for it and look up the history of why sexual victims don’t report their attacks.

      • Raise your hand if you still blame mommy and daddy for the way your life turned out. We’re going to dive into a whole different subject if we go there Mr Bill. Some people enjoy being a victim, some even thrive on it.

        I guess some don’t get my sarcasm. I’ll just say it, “I don’t believe her” don’t put me on the jury. I don’t believe a lot of the media frenzy stirring people. What I do believe is that real victims are being mocked here. If this lady couldn’t come forward for what little happened to her before 35 years she’s got way bigger issues or an agenda.

      • So………………………………Zip, we finally get what your point was! Namely you say you don’t believe her but I’ve not read a single person who agrees with you (other than on this blog). And the only reason this investigation is going forward is because Ford convinced enough Rs to throw the confirmation process in the toilet.
        You, of course, are entitled to your opinion but that’s all-like assholes, everyone has one. We won’t put you on the jury or investigative team. I’ll recon that few get your sarcasm.

      • Well…. this truly hurts my feelings that I don’t think like a bunch of politicians.
        (note: sarcasm ^^^^)

        Yes Bill let’s get that high dollar FBI investigation show on the road. Hopefully they get just as much out of it as they did on those damn Russians. (Meanwhile our CIA “shhhhhh” isn’t doing anything in other countries and ours)

      • Bill, I don’t believe her. She is a liar. I don’t believe Kavanaugh was even there. The fact that she said she doesn’t remember “when, where, or whom” and then says in front of Congress “It was Kavanaugh, no mistaking, he is imprinted in my memory”. This is all Democrat, Banana Republic garbage. Ford’s a fraud like the rest that have come out against and accused Kavanaugh. Now you want to talk about Bill Clinton amd his actual rapes, or Corey Booker, or Keith Ellison, or…. the list goes on.

  22. It sure is hard to find anything positive in this divisive political cesspool. But good can come from it. Just read the ADN opinion pieces. They are telling. This turmoil brings out the local nutcase people that can’t control themselves when they have an opportunity to get attention and spew their ignorance in ADN opinion pieces. Shills like Wohlforth, Moore, Holly Brooks and many others. Thanks to this political turmoil and the ADN we know who around us has the big “L”s tatooed to their foreheads. And there is good in knowing that.

  23. Corey “the molestor” Booker (D) walks out and calls it a “dark day” in history. Is this guy for real? Of all the people.

    • Corey Booker clearly has many screws loose . His video truly shows this . Time for Senate to start requiring medical leave for crazy people. They have starting age requirements . How about mental health requirements.

  24. What really is troubling is that you have a phoney, lying “Vietnam” vet, Sen. Blumenthal questioning Kavanaugh about integrity.

    • Why? What sexual assault took place? Just because somebody at tue last minute is paid to make-up a sexual assault doesn’t make it true. What about all the other fraudsters that claimed to be gangraped by Kavanaugh? They turned out to have as much evidence as Ford.

    • I just “remembered”! 5 years ago I was in a crowded elevator with Lisa Murkowski. She backed into me and her hand touched me below my belt. It was a sexual assault! She groped me! That is what I believe, so it is true! She should be banned from her job until the FBI can investigate my claims!

      • James the difference is you wouldn’t even have to be in the same building, on the same day, or even have met her to claim sexual harrassment. Let alone have to prove it. All you need to do is just say it and the burden of innocence falls on you.

  25. I enjoyed the article, this hearing in the public did nothing to change anyone’s mind, it never was going to, all it did was to try and smear someone reputation. This is what’s wrong with the nation, we have ceased to be “one nation”.
    Instead of trying to build up the country after the election we are tearing down because our guy didn’t win

  26. Leaving ‘memory’ completely out of the picture, I’m always amazed how people like Bryan can make shit up and actually believe it.

    I don’t know how many words comprise this essay, but too many were spent in a lame attempt to conflate. The only interest in anything alaskan I have in this matter is how Lisa is gonna vote.

    I believe it likely, years from now, more Moira Smiths will come forward.

    • Bryan is making stuff up. Probably copy pasting from Brietbart or similar site, but not making stuff up and clearly heart felt.

      As to Senator Murkowski, I’m betting she’s voting “yes.”

    • Felonious, yes Moira smith and her kind are true heroes. Conflation I don’t agree with. Murkowski is to easily pushed by her associates. I hope she votes off her true conscience. There is a massive out of state push to jam her phone lines with anti kavanaugh messages . Also anti trump . Out of state numbers are pressuring Alaska’s to pressure murkowski

      • Opinion, by conflation I meant Medred trying to tie ‘memories’ during the spill with memories of the principles in his essay. Lame, and who cares? I was there and have my memories, too. So what? I remember picking a lot of dead animals. Do I remember the all of it? No. But I DO remember the gist.

    • Really, Monk? You need to get out of your bubble, too.

      People make shit up and believe it all the time. They create memories, as outlined in that story, and they rationalize facts into fictions. I’ve witnessed both.

      I agree with you that it is probable new witnesses will come forward in future years to offer some recollection of Kavanaugh engaging in some sort of misbehavior because the seed of suspicion has now been planted and such seeds often sprout.

      If you know you’re American history, you are surely familiar with the Salem Witch Trails which began with the beliefs of some children that they had been possessed by the devil, progressed to trials of those identified as witches, and ended with 18 people hanged to death, dead in prison from poor health, or in the case of poor, old Giles Corey pressed to death by stones.

      Humans can conjure up all kinds of things, and we are in another sort of Salem Witch Trial’s period in this country. Many people seem unsatisfied with what can be documented and what can’t. They’d rather just, as it is said, “go with their gut.”

      Sadly, what comes out of the gut is a lot of shit.

  27. The real issue is whether/not an FBI investigation is conducted. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand why Kavanaugh was unwilling to call for one (as well as his not wanting Judge to testify).
    The situation, as it is, allows a large number of people with their own biases to speculate on whether/not Ford was assaulted-not holding an FBI investigation is along the lines of keeping the results of a rape kit from being known. Can anyone on this blog suggest any reason for not investigating, other than it may result in Kavanaugh dropping out?

    • It’s a very good point you bring bill . I guess a reasonable person might think an investigation unnecessary with the provable facts we are shown. Especially an unreliable accuser . Combined with kavanaugh have years and years of back ground checks by law enforcement. Perhaps kavanaugh and others know how messy and costly such an investigation is . It’s probable conclusion is ford and her backers would get in trouble which would be a mess . Also very painful for families and who are involved. Also it would make anyone afraid to accuse or try to get a public position to be harassed on on viable accusations from 30 years ago . That said I say investigate away and show ford for the unreliable accuser she is . Uncover her unethical handlers .

      • Rayme, you do know that it was Ford who originally called for such an investigation and it is Kavanaugh who is opposed to it (at least in yesterday’s hearing). Pretty clear that Ford is not worried about her own situation and we can’t say that about Kavanaugh.

      • Bill,

        She doesn’t “fear” an investigation because she has been careful to not make any impeachable statements. There is nothing substantive to investigate, so an investigation cannot achieve any “truth” goals, and she knows it, which means she is not after truth.

        Her presumptive motive is thus what it has always been, delaying Kavanaugh’s nomination process until he withdraws or is withdrawn by the President, or enough Republican Senators decide to not support him. And/or delaying the process long enough to, a) make it impossible to have either Kavanaugh or a replacement nominee be able to complete the appointment process prior to her and her fellow Democrats desired taking of the Senate from the Republicans.

      • Do you have an actual argument to make? What, exactly, did I say that is false, or even arguable, about the realities of the utility of an “investigation.” Those aren’t “opinions” per se, I’m making factual claims of practical reality based on my knowledge of how the criminal investigation process actually works. Do you have any factually-based rebuttals?

      • Mathew,You have seen through the smokescreen . I’m impressed. Well written! Wish I had your talent for clean writing.

      • mathewcarberryblog-your gibberish is nothing but your opinions of her intent.
        And of course we now see the American Bar Association calling for an FBI investigation, as well as Senator Flake before the whole Senate votes on Kavanaugh. Dean of Yale Law (Kavanaugh’s alma mater) also is calling for FBI investigation, but you still insist on your horseshit.

      • That one, or a hundred, people call for something nonsensical in practice, particularly when most have obvious political motivations, doesn’t change its futility, any more than 100 Flat Earther’s have any more credibility in their claim than one does.

        Do you have any actual refutations of any of my educated statements about the futility of “investigating” an inconsistent claim with no hard evidence, no corroborating witnesses, and, per the claim itself, no possibility of any such being found?

        Or do you just have vulgar, factless, retorts to offer?

      • matthewcarberryblog-we are now seeing that Senator Flake is calling for FBI investigation and Murkowski is also on board with it. Looking like the full Senate vote will be delayed.
        You, of course, think it unnecessary because of your own bullshit opinions. Well, I guess you can take it up with Sen. Murkowski as she clearly thinks it may clear up some issues.

      • Didn’t ask about her, she’s pandering and/or also unaware of the futility of having the FBI do anything. How do _you_ exactly think an investigation will work? Why don’t you demonstrate why my claims of fact are incorrect?

      • My opinion on how an investigation would work has nothing to do with anything matthewcarberryblog! In fact, I suspect nobody at this time has any idea how such an investigation would work, as Trump would have to authorize it.
        These things get negotiated and it won’t involve you or I, that’s for sure.

      • Jason, sorry I’m just now reading your reply. Anyway, I think you are also full of shit and as we all can see, the Senate has been forced to ask Don Trump to request an FBI investigation of this situation. The partisans on here have been beside themselves and missed the whole picture of that hearing-namely, Ford convinced enough Rs to insist on said investigation or lose their vote for confirmation.
        Like I said in my post, that yours and many others are referring to before Flake made his request, “The real issue is whether/not an FBI investigation is conducted.”
        Kavanaugh lost the confidence of American Bar Association and the Dead of Yale Law School, as well as the Jesuits in his alma mater. These are all folks who know how to spot someone lying their ass off in front of questioners and K made them all uncomfortable. So…………………we will get that investigation and go from there.

    • Bad analogy, Bill. If there is a rape kit, there is a.) evidence; and b.) something to investigate.

      A lot to investigate, in fact. You can these days take a rape kit, extract DNA from semen, and nail the bastard. There is no rape kit in the background here or anything close to it.

      As one who has done some investigating, I can suggest a reason for not conducting another FBI investigation: Barring new evidence, it’s a waste of time and government money. As I wrote in the story, we have an incident that happened in an unknown location at an unknown time in front of potential witnesses who claim to have no memory of any of it.

      An investigation needs a starting point.

      That said, Kavanaugh’s performance before the committee did leave me uncomfortable as to his reasoning. His answer to the repeated FBI question was not well thought out. It should have been simple:

      “That is up to the committee to decide. I do not believe that as a member of the judiciary branch of government I should be advising the executive or legislative branches of government on how to conduct their business one way or the other. It is your responsibility and that of the President to decide how you wish to conduct the process of confirming justices.”

      I’d feel better about the intellect of judge who could frame a logical, defensible answer to a question instead of trying to dodge it.

      • OK Craig, but none of the “witnesses” you refer to have been deposed (under oath) which can often change one’s memory IMO. Also the new evidence is (of course) the two (so far) additional women who are charging Kavanaugh with their own recollections.
        Your argument about waste of time and money is bullshit, too. This FBI investigation “could” shed some truth, where none exists at present, and should be done.
        Again, give me any good reason why one (FBI investigation) should not be done.

      • Further, Craig. My analogy of rape kit is one of a rape kit that may/may not contain semem, etc. These things get lost all the time in accusations of that sort without analyzing-the truth may/may not be divulged with the analysis but at the least an attempt should be made IMO. Just as these accusations against Kavanaugh should be investigated.

    • The FBI are not wizards. Ford has simply not provided any hard evidence to be investigated and she is the only possible source. She has not yet actually filed criminal charges. She has provided 4 named witnesses, all of whom deny her story in sworn testimony to the committee. Even if the FBI were to question them, with what information could they impeach a simple denial? The interview would consist solely of: FBI: “Do you deny the allegation?” Witness/Accused: “Yes, like I told the Committee under pain of perjury, I deny it.” FBI: “Well, since we have exactly zero evidence with which to prove you are lying, thank you for your time. Have a nice day.”

      To believe there are any other witnesses with useful personal knowledge the FBI could find is not rational. Ford says she told no one, so there is no one with personal knowledge from her. Every person she named as being possible on-site witnesses denies the allegation under oath. Contemporaries of both Ford and Kavanaugh state that there was no rumor of such in school. The only person saying there was has retracted her statement.

      To believe there is a unicorn witness out there for the FBI to somehow find (by driving through the MD suburbs with a van and a speaker horn?) is to believe that there is someone who, a) Ford forgot about telling, or forgot was at the alleged party, b) is willing to testify (with no evidence and not even a charge filed there is no legal way to compel testimony), but, c) is simultaneously somehow so unaware of this internationally covered clownshow that they have not yet come forward.

      It’s a ludicrous assertion, and asinine to claim that an FBI investigation of any merit is even possible, much less could generate any additional useful information.

      • I interpret calls for a delay of the confirmation to let the FBI investigate as “Let’s give Avanetti and similar types more time to concoct hideous stories that will eventually do so much damage to Kavanaugh that he will wither away, his reputation damaged beyond repair.” Anyone who’s serious about an investigation should write Senator Feinstein a letter asking why her office sat on the allegations for so long.

      • Jason, the reason Feinstein sat on the information was because Ford asked for it. Ford did not want to be named and asked to remain anonymous-simple as that.
        Feinstein is already on the record as to why she kept Ford’s letter secret-why would I need to write her a letter about it???

    • Yes Craig, I do know a little history, BUT for you to go oingo-boingo with this:

      If you know you’re American history, you are surely familiar with the Salem Witch Trails which began with the beliefs of some children that they had been possessed by the devil, progressed to trials of those identified as witches, and ended with 18 people hanged to death, dead in prison from poor health, or in the case of poor, old Giles Corey pressed to death by stones.

      Which is nothing but idiotic – would you like me to counter with something ‘historic’ that was the complete opposite? Why don’t you just quit with this fake wannabe ‘honest journalism’ shit? Why don’t you just admit you think she’s lying? Why dance behind (GASP!) your false objectivity? You’re playing a silly game here.

  28. That Fossilized Old Hag Diane Feinstein is a perfect example of why we need term limits.She held the info until she could sabotage the entire proceeding to confirm Justice Kavanaugh.What these Assholes have done to Justice Kavanaugh and his family is shameless and Fords testimony was weak at best…We need to get to draining that swamp quickly…If you don’t want to Make America Great Again you should get the F*#! OUt!

    • Well said . Watching her squirm under questioning about info leaks as her staff literally hand fed her lies while being videotaped then she would change her story proves she is not fit to hold a seat at any form of public service. Combine that with employing a Chinese spy every day for years and her husbands heavy Chinese money and buisness ties says, her public calling for violent harassment of senators and public officials plus her very unethical way she handled fords info putting two Americans families lives in danger and risking the fabric of our nation says she should immediately be kicked off investigated then jailed .

      • Like ford I made a memory mistake. Feinstein wasn’t woman who called for violence against public officials. It was another lady who’s name I can’t remember. What was her name ? Maybe I can remember in 30 years .

  29. Excellent piece. Thank you for the perspective. -Kim

    Kimberly H. Collins Professional Transcripts P.O. Box 771871 Eagle River, AK 99577 907-696-7266 office 907-696-7267 fax 907-301-1510 cell


  30. I believe she was groped. I believe him when he says he didn’t do it. Nothing I have heard so far disqualifies him from serving on the Court. His opponents cannot find fault with his record so they resort to a last minute #metoo “gotcha” ploy. Politics suck.

  31. Bryan: you have to get out of that bubble. not all Ds are dicks just because they don’t agree with you. and no witnesses denied Ford’s story. they said they didn’t have any memories of being with her and Kavanaugh. there’s a big difference.

    • You are no doubt correct about Dems as it relates to the average Joe and his/her political affiliation. But when it comes to the Senate judiciary committee and this process, there is absolutely no doubt that this whole matter has been weaponized politically speaking by the Democrats to both obfuscate the truth, drag out the process to give people such as Avanatti more time to hurl mud and personally destroy the candidate. I thought Lindsay Graham summed it up perfectly, actually.

    • At this “party” it was claimed that there were 3 guys and 2 girls, Ford being one of them and Lealand Keyser being the other. This whole lying process has been a disgrace and yes, because of tue Democrats. Corrupt to the core.

      “A woman whom Christine Blasey Ford said was at a party where Ford claimed she was sexually assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh is denying that she knows the Supreme Court nominee.

      In an email to the Senate Judiciary Committee sent Saturday evening and obtained by POLITICO, Leland Keyser said she does not know Kavanaugh or remember being at a party with him.

      Simply put, Ms. Keyser does not know Mr. Kavanaugh and she has no recollection of ever being at a party or gathering where he was present, with, or without, Dr. Ford,” said Howard Walsh, who said he has been “engaged in the limited capacity” of corresponding with the committee on behalf of Keyser. “

      • Yes, going from my recollection of yesterday’s testimony, that seems to be accurate. Plenty of things aren’t adding up about her story. Lots of inconstancies. I found her dissembling about flying to be pretty telling.

  32. “Kavanaugh emphasized that none of the people identified by Ford as attending a party – where Ford claims a drunken Kavanaugh got on top of her on a bed, tried unsuccessfully to take off her clothes and covered her mouth to stifle her screams – corroborate the accusations leveled against him.

    Kavanaugh also firmly denied claims by three other women not at the hearing that he was guilty of sexual misconduct. Like Ford, those women have presented not a shred of corroborating evidence or any other witnesses to back up their claims against the judge. One accusation came from an anonymous person who claimed to be the mother of another woman and is so weak that it can’t even be seriously considered.

    In support of his denial of Ford’s allegations, Kavanaugh offered a meticulous calendar he kept in 1982. It served as a remarkably convincing piece of evidence showing he could not have been the teenage boy who attacked Ford.

    Significantly, the calendar shows that the then-17-year-old Kavanaugh was out of town nearly every weekend of the summer when Ford claims he attacked her at a house party in Maryland, just outside Washington.

    For the two weekends Kavanaugh spent at home, his whereabouts were accounted for. His weekdays were equally accounted for.

    Kavanaugh laid bare the partisan motivations of Democrats for ruining his reputation and destroying his family. He condemned their actions for transforming the Senate confirmation process into “a national disgrace” and “replacing advise and consent with search and destroy.”

    These records clearly reflect that there were no house parties involving the people Ford said were at the party where she was allegedly attacked. While not dispositive evidence, the calendar is highly persuasive. Why would young Kavanaugh have noted all his other activities on the calendar but for some reason left off the party?”

    • So in all fairness the calendar should be thrown out . It was not a legally recorded document at time nor does it appear to be immune to forgery, that said it would be foolish and highly unethical if it was fake . Also as to question why kavanaugh left off the parties . If there even were any parties . That’s obvious. He had parents . Underage drinking is illegal . Kavanaugh could have gotten in big trouble. Of course he would leave them off . That said there are no witnesses to support ford . Their is a high probability she is being dishonest as to how reputable her guarantee it was kavanaugh. That happens to be a form of lie . If you convinced yourself over 30 years something was true and ever had a reason to doubt it and a grown woman who passed college mathematics classes says she is 100 percent sure when in reality she may only be 98 % sure becouse it was a drunken party probably in a dark room then she is clearly a liar . This isn’t an uneducated woman or child being questioned. It’s a grown woman risking the lives and career of a family and man who has an impeccable record with over 60 sighned women witness statements from kavanaugh age 14- on to his present age . If you are not completely truthful in that situation it’s very questionable. Combine that with the fact ford admitted to staying at a drunken party at a tender age of 14 . What reputable girl or boy is doing that ? Her stated facts don’t support an image of being trustworthy. Sure that’s harsh and a broad brush but it does bring up a question as to her reliability and honesty. Did she tell her parents what she was involved in ? Why not ? Was she a practiced liar ? Why does even her best freind deny her story? Ford should have been debunked before it got into public review . It’s clearly a political power struggle and possibly even worse an effort to undermine the respect for the most honorable court in the nation and the world. Doing that damages our democracy strength. I believe everything should be questioned. But using this to publicly embarrass and put a stain on the trust of our nations court goes beyond resonability .

      • I believe Ford believes what she believes 100 percent. Therapy can do that. People go back and take apart their lives to figure out what caused their problems, and then they can bond to their own story – true or not – as if it were the Bible.

        And if she believes the story, she obviously wouldn’t want someone like Kavanaugh serving on the high court. One can can quite logically get to the place where she is at without political bias, which is not to say she is free of that given that it’s hard for any of us to avoid.

        The problem is not with her or with Kavanaugh but with how this was handled. The information should have gone to the FBI back when it was doing background checks and before the situation was contaminated with politics.

        Now, there’s no way to go back. An FBI investigation only drags the process out because there’s nothing to find unless someone comes forward who remembers being at a party with Kavanaugh and Ford and can provide some sort of date and place.

      • She could have gained credibility by actually filing a criminal charge. If she believes it 100%, and wants an investigation of a local crime without a Federal nexus by the actual agency with actual jurisdiction, the local PD has said they would start one.

        Instead, she has, throughout the process and even during her testimony, studiously avoided making any actually disprovable assertion which could result in any legal penalty.

      • Craig, why exactly would this go to the FBI? Everybody that was at this supposed “party” of 5 says it NEVER HAPPENED. NOT that they cannot remember. Also, Ford told her therapist it was 4 guys, then 2 and a girl who denies it ever happened. Ford also never named names even though she was SURE it was Kavanaugh. So, what we have is a teen dry humping a sleezy, drunken 15yo. We have faltuance and a drinking game from his yearbook. Sound like a case for FBI? Ford is nothing more than a political pawn seeking martyrdom in every history book from now on. Not to mention a hero of the Left for saving Roe v Wade.

      • Well stated Craig . Though I don’t believe it’s 100 % honest to state something as fact if your own mind and therapist has helped you come to that point. But that’s my view . Otherwise I completely agree with you . Your ability to dissect a piece of information and gather facts and remove majority of personal bias is always impressive.

  33. Just when you think Democrats cannot stoop any lower they roll out this lying chit show. In typical Dem fashion – “Make-up a lie, feed it to the media, run with it, repeat”. Enough stooges will believe it. “I CANNOT TESTIFY, I AM SCARED TO FLY” to “I LOVE TO FLY WHEN GOING ON VACATION”. 4 out of 5 “witnesses (Ford is one of them) deny her story. How many women came out in supoort of Kavanaugh? WHERE ARE THE FACTS? Nothing but a Democrat led lynch mob that they are so good at. One only has to look at those insane, Soro’s paid protestors to see what is going on here.

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