A thank you

On this most joyous holiday of the season in these still United States struggling with partisan differences that color too much, it is time to give thanks.

So thanks to all who come here to read. Thanks to all who contribute to keep this experiment in independent journalism alive. Special thanks to the advertisers who’ve seen value in spending precious promotional dollars at

Thanks to the many and a special, special thank you to a few (you know who you are) who’ve embraced the power of the cloud to assist the editing. The only good thing that can be said about typos and misused words is this:

For some jobs, technology will never replace good, old human knowledge. So thank you, and thank you, and thank you again.

Thanks, too, to those who take the time to comment on stories whether to agree, which is always nice, but even more so to disagree. Democracy, like science, moves forward on informed discussion and debate.

Paste this quote from Gen. George S. Patton on your wall: “If everyone is thinking alike, someone is not thinking.”

So thanks to those who challenge conventional wisdom.

Thanks, too, to the many who have messaged with suggestions on stories needing more reporting in Alaska, and my apologies for all of the suggestions unpursued or not yet reported.

Journalism is a time-consuming business. I give personal thanks for the physical and mental health to be able to keep plugging away at it.

Now lift a glass and join me in giving thanks that we can shout and scream and disagree, and lob “fake news” at each other or endure bad news (whatever we determine bad to be), and wish our duly elected leader crowned king or impeached (take your pick) without a war erupting.

Whether you think these the worst hours of American democracy or the best, let us all be thankful that democracy – a historically rare and passing form of government – survives.

This country is by no means perfect, but there are reasons immigrants from around the globe still flock to join the American experiment. We are either lucky or blessed, depending somewhat on your theocratic view, or maybe both.

For that let us all give thanks.

Merry Christmas.






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  1. Thank YOU, Craig, for keeping the spotlight on high and focusing your beam in so many dark corners. Keep up the great work, and come see us some time….

  2. Thanks Craig, for your tolerance of free speech and your persistence in covering stories of interest to Alaskans…
    A special shout out to all Fire and EMS Personnel who are covering shifts today on this holiday, your commitment and dedication is most valuable to our community!

  3. Cheers! And a Merry Christmas to you. I look forward to your reporting and perspective in 2019. All the best to you and yours!


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