What truth?

george orwell

The late author George Orwell/Wikimedia Commons

In these post-truth times, it is interesting to ponder what would happen if these tenuously United States managed to create a society wherein truth wholly ceased to matter. What would be shape of the social structure? Could democracy survive?


Or would the Orwellian world of the novel “1984” become a necessity just to provide enough order to make it possible for everyone to get through the day?

Because some sort of order is necessary to prevent chaos.

Forget the big things and consider the mundane. What happens when person after person pulls into a McDonald’s drive thru, and places an order for a quarter-pounder and cheese with fries only to be handed from the window whatever is nearest the server:

“This isn’t what I ordered.”

“I’m sorry, sir. It’s exactly what you ordered.”

“I ordered a quarter-pounder and fries, and this is a fish filet and a chocolate shake.”

“Yes sir, that is exactly what you ordered.”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Yes, you did. It is exactly as you ordered. We never make a mistake here at McDonald’s. Move along.”

Could a world like that somehow function? Because it’s where we seem headed in these times of a dying appreciation for facts.

Good old days

Remember when liars could be counted on to confess their sins, throw themselves on the mercy of the public and trundle off to rehab to resolve their issue, whatever the issue might be?

Where and when did that begin to end?

Was it with President Bill Clinton? He of the now famous address to the American people: “I want you to listen to me. I’m going to say this again.  I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky.”

Or the later disingenuous defense when asked to explain the reality of sexual relations “with that woman:” “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”

Couldn’t he just have admitted sex addiction and gone into therapy as actor David Duchovny did a decade later in 2008?

Then again, given that Duchovny did what he did and that others did similarly a decade after Clinton, maybe that former president can be let off the hook for where we are today.

Maybe he left the seed of the future approach to controversy – don’t apologize, just reload – buried deep enough that it would take a barracuda to find it. Maybe that little gopher Sarah Palin had to dig up the Clinton seedling and come up with those “death panels” of 2009. 

Once she hung the death panels around the neck of former President Barack Obama and learned folks on the right rushed to back her for political reasons, truth started disappearing fast in the rearview mirror of public policy. It was something to behold the convoluted defense posited by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich to support a claim of something that simply didn’t exist.

The late Charles Krauthammer, a conservative advocate for truth, was moved to set the record straight: “There are no ‘death panels’ in the Democratic health care bills, and to say that there are is to debase the debate.”

Deteriorating discourse

Few listened. The debate was debased.

Almost a decade on there were those still arguing the Affordable Care Act sorta, kinda, mighta contain “death panel” provisions. Parts of the Act, as the The Weekly Standard put it, “could, one day, be weaponized to implement invidious medical discrimination mandates—e.g., health-care rationing.”

So apparently the conservative Standard believed the U.S. could become the first country in the world able to afford to keep people alive (if you can call it that) on ventilators and feeding tubes forever to avoid anyone making the decision to turn off the technology and let nature take its course.

All of which pretty much sums Krauthammer’s argument about debasing the debate. The reality is that life is a death sentence, and it’s going to end of for all of us sometime, as it did for Krauthammer.

“My doctors tell me their best estimate is that I have only a few weeks left to live,” he wrote in his final column less than a year ago. “This is the final verdict. My fight is over.

“I am grateful to have played a small role in the conversations that have helped guide this extraordinary nation’s destiny.”

What he would think of “this extraordinary nation” as truth slips ever farther away as a national standard is hard to say.

Led by a president who cares little for the truth and an opposition that increasingly seems to have decided that, “hey, if it works for him…,” the perfidious posturing of today makes the death-panel charge of yesterday seem rather small potatoes.

Look at what Jussie Smollett did. He managed to convince much of the country that anti-gay, white supremacists have been so emboldened by the election of Trump that they would hunt down and assault a gay, black celebrity in an upscale part of Chicago on his way home from a Subway in the wee hours of the morning.

Chicago Police spent days looking for those “white” assailants and eventually found them. They turned out to be two African-American acquaintances of Smollett, who when questioned said Smollett paid them to stage the assault.

Smollett denied it all and stuck to his story. Why wouldn’t he? It’s the new way things work. Chicago prosecutors didn’t seem to have much of a problem with it either. They rolled Smollett’s $10,000 bail into city coffers; credited him for volunteering 16 hours to talk to young people at Rainbow Push, an NGO; promised to seal the records of his case; and told him he was good to go.

Lacking a trial and a jury to sort things out, everyone could claim their own truth afterward. It was the perfect resolution for these times.

Personal truths

“I have been truthful and consistent on every single level since day one,” Smollett said. “I would not be my mother’s son if I was capable of one drop of what I’ve been accused of. This has been an incredibly difficult time — honestly one of the worst of my entire life.”

 “Based on the facts and the evidence that was presented in the charging decision that was made by this office,” said Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, “this office believed that they could prove him guilty.”

Pick a side. Believe who you want to believe.

If you believe, gay-bashing, white supremacists in Make America Great Again (MAGA) hats are running wild in the streets, you have the Smollett version of reality. If you believe black people go around staging crimes to defame white people, you can embrace the reality of prosecutors, police and Chicago’s mayor.

The facts? Who needs those?

Theoretically, we all do. Facts provide a certain structure to life. In architecture, they would be the engineering. A talented architect can spin all sorts of designs around the engineering, but the engineering is vital.

Get that wrong, and the building – no matter how pretty – falls down.

As an old-school journalist, and more so as someone primarily trained in the sciences at university, I admit to being prejudice toward facts. They are, or at least once were supposed to be, the foundation of journalism, and they are the essence of science.

The are also losing their value day by day on both the right and the left.

“Ocasio-Cortez says the world will end in 12 years,” headlines The Washington Post. “She is absolutely right.”

Admittedly, the headline appears on the “Opinion” page, and below it editorial cartoonist Tom Toles opines that “apparently all anyone has any strength or enthusiasm for is applying a literalism test on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.)’s all-too-accurate warnings….I know, let’s feign alarm that she has exaggerated instead of having genuine alarm about the genuine problem she is raising the red flags over.”

He then proceeds to defend the falsehood with the claim that climate change skeptics have made even more inaccurate statements.

“‘It’s cold today, so climate science is wrong,’ he writes. ‘Yes, there’s a problem but hardly a crisis.’ That last position is where the Washington consensus currently resides (President Sir Lies-a-Lot notwithstanding), and it is that position that is dangerously wrong, and what AOC is (correctly) fighting against.”

What is this? This is a defense of a younger Palin with different glasses wrapped in a Democrat cloak. The world isn’t going to end in 12 years anymore than the Affordable Care Act contained death panels.

The world isn’t even going to become uninhabitable for humans in 12 years.

“The global temperature increase could indeed reach 4-5 degrees by 2100, if humans don’t do anything to our emissions, and beyond this patches of uninhabitable areas (for humans) could start to open up in the tropics, due to heat stress limits imposed by the evaporative limits of our body,” notes Christopher Colose, a postdoctoral research fellow at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

“…The world also does not end in 2100….the near future climatic fate of New York probably looks more like the climate of South Carolina or Georgia than something from a Mad Max movie. This is still an important basis for concern given that the socio-political infrastructure that exists around the world is biased toward the modern climate.

“(But) many of the nightmare scenarios… such as no more food, unbreathable air, poisoned oceans, perpetual warfare, etc. are simply ridiculous, although food security is indeed an issue at stake. A  ‘business-as-usual’ climate in 1-2 centuries still looks markedly different than the current one, but there’s no reason yet to think much of the world will become uninhabitable or look like a science-fiction novel.”

And yet, some people believe Ocasio-Cortez’s nonsense, because they want to, just as others believe Trump’s claim that “we’ve accomplished an economic turnaround of historic proportions” because they want to.

The economy has indeed done well under Trump. It has steadily tracked upward since his election, but there was nothing to “turnaround” when he assumed office. The economy was in pretty good shape and already ticking upward.

Trump hyped the claim, as he does so many things, and as does Ocasio-Cortez and a long list of others. They do it because  they can. They do it despite all the media “fact checking” because facts don’t matter.

They have been devalued.

And the problem has become universal. It plagues politics, the media, business, sometimes now even science.

Bill Templin, the chief fishery scientist for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, told the Alaska Board of Fisheries in March that it should be careful which salmon science it trusts because a lot of it can’t be trusted.

Basically, it was a pitch to the regulatory body for state fisheries that it shouldn’t trust anyone but him or his agency. The presentation was a little self-serving, but the inadequacy of science and scientific peer-review – the process designed to catch mistakes in scientific papers – has become the focus of much discussion among scientists in recent years after a paper in Nature concluded peer-review often failed. 

Scientific studies sometimes suffer due to simple sloppiness, but scientists are only human, like the rest of us, and they suffer from an all-too-common human frailty: we believe what we want to believe.

Unfortunately, the internet that provides so much information is also overrun with people who play to that human weakness. There are reasons Trump and Ocasio-Cortez and others are so active in social media. They’re busy pedaling their truth.

Some of it might even be true. But with each step away from fact in favor of fiction, the truth erodes a little more.

























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  1. This is an interesting article that requires way more thought and analysis than I or most people have . I can not do it service. A rough summary. : The miss truths in politics have something to do with ailinsky tactics as well as power corrupts. As well as the way our education system begins training children to remember rote information versus verifiable facts and use of functional logic . That creates the ground work for alternative reality as well as acceptance of inaccuracies in knowledge. It’s not a simple loss of truth . It’s sloppy educating combined with vicious politics power struggles. Public education separates children from their parents for most of the day creating the potential for lack of parental contributions to the child – degradation of ethics , family ties and exposure to more immature people and fewer people with skin in the game to assure the child receives all the knowledge to become a solid adult. Thus groundwork for future immature thought and poor ability to analyze fact from fiction and repercussions of such . It’s a self feeding generational degradation compounded by less and less hands on labor within our society. Hands on labor is very direct and teaches important life lessons about facts and their repercussions. IMO As to when and how facts became irrelevant I am unsure . Clinton advertised them and media and the Democratic Party and rhinos perfected the art of casual deception proving the pen is mightier than the sword. Our education system doesn’t prepare children to decipher fact from misleading information. Trump recognized this and realized to win he has to use to his advantage which is sad because if a leader with bad motives comes along and tops his abilities in misdirection and showmanship our nation would be in danger . Currently I am certain trumps motives are good so there is little danger but his and AOC / Democratic Party actions scream our education systems weaknesses. Thankfully in this case most of these people have good intentions though often disfunctional ideas . Here is an interesting thing about reality I have spent time thinking about and is apparent if you follow peoples thoughts and internet comments. It appears there are truly multiple realities. How people veiwed their experiences and their personal situation their abilities their angle of veiw directly effects how their brains catalogue the incoming information which makes it true and undeniable for them and to some degree factual and viable thought even when their neighbor has a different view which may be just as accurate due to their different angle and life experiences. They are both legitimate and demand some degree of respect as “alternative fact” strange concept to some degree backed by current science . Scrodringers cat concept and quantum physics theory . Researchers have proven certain particles are efected by the angle they are veiwed from . Viewing effects where they go . Other studies show particles can somehow be in multiple places at once depending on the viewpoint. Thus obviously effecting the viewers opinion. Pretty strange and I’m inadequately versed . That strange phenomena does demand a person respects another persons concept of reality and carefully attempt to understand before dismissal.

      • Did I say I have concerns with AOC ? (If it was thought I was concerned with her specifically)I thought I said she has good intentions but disfunctional ideas . I cataloged her with trump for better or worse . Though I do consider her ideas exceptionally disfunctional and her lack of life experience blaring. Probably the latter causing the former . I will read your link.

      • Bill I read your article. It makes me think republicans may be using her as extremist example to stear people on the fence away from democrats. Focusing on the fact she’s not mainstream. Form of fear mongering ? By the way I threw her name in just for fun and entertainment as rest of writing was kind of bland .

      • Well they (Republicans) certainly seem to have their work cut out for them. Heheh!
        I have a friend who considered her stupid and similar to Sarah Palin (just a pretty face with nothing behind it) but he has, so far, been shown wrong. And your thinking her ideas are “disfunctional” are probably not based on fact IMO.

      • Bill I would like to clarify. AOC ideas are not currently functional. Perhaps future would be different. With adequate documentation there is proof they don’t fit for this moment in Time financially or culturally.

      • I think you are trying to say you don’t like her ideas, Opinion. Heheh!
        They have certainly struck a nerve and some are spooked IMO.

      • Thanks, Bill. But I don’t need your help putting words in my mouth. I’m perfectly capable of doing that myself.

        I have concerns with politicians, journalists, scientists and long list of others who make shit up. They all devalue “best available data/science” as the standard around which public policy discussions should revolve.

        AOC is Trump with better hair. Trump is AOC in a suit. My concerns are the same with both of them. Any thinking person would share those concerns.

      • Strangely Bill actually I like some of her ideas . Don’t tell anybody ; ) I just find her ideas not applicable at moment.

      • Of course you do for some of the same reasons you sometimes agree with Trump. She, like him, is an opportunist willing to grab whatever appears to be marketable and run with it. It’s the Art of the Sale.

        That some of her ideas appeal to you as do some of Trump’s would indicate you’re something of a centrist. Just because people are partisan doesn’t mean all of their ideas are bad or even unreasonable.

        It just means there ideas are aimed at a very specific constituency. The historical great thing about American democracy was that from the two sides it could usually find the workable instead of letting the perfect get in the way.

        And the perfect, in the human realm of things, never quite turns out so perfect. The Inquisition was the church’s attempt at the perfect.

      • Craig, your “AOC is Trump with better hair. Trump is AOC in a suit.” is pure horsechit. And I don’t recall putting words in your mouth-maybe you object to the word “unnecessary?”

      • Pick one, Bill. You “don’t recall” putting words in my mouth, and then you suggest you did.

        And recall isn’t really needed. You can actually scroll up and reread.

      • Bill, AOC is as dumb as a bag of rocks. As stupid as a day is long. She will only do well with the “freebie” crowd. Same with Uncle Bernie. Real piece of work he is as well. Another hypocrite. It is not the concern of AOC but, the thrill of pointing out how stupid she is. A loud mouth, hypocrite, know-nothing freshman. But, “what differemce does it make”? “We are all going to die in 12 years”. See how stupid she is? Promise the worthless free chit, they’ll vote for her.

      • AOC, President Trump merely different sides of the same coin? No, I think not. If AOC were in charge and attempting to implement the Green New Deal as a for instance, this country would be well on it’s way to becoming North Venezuela. Meanwhile, under the Trump Presidency my Federal tax bill went down by a little over 46% from previous years. And having my own business, that amounts to an astonishing amount of money spent on taxes, and now a massive savings. Under Trump, the economy is booming and tax burdens are easing, while under an AOC (think Bernie Sanders) the slide down into a Venezuelan bread line is the most likely outcome.

        I understand the temptation to compare them as the Yin to the others Yang, but it just doesn’t hold water; AOC policies such as helping to destroy the Amazon HQ deal in New York sharply underscore a financial illiteracy that borders on lunacy.

      • > AOC policies such as helping to destroy the Amazon HQ deal in New York

        Having Amazon in your neighborhood is not so clear-cut. When rents go up 500%, I guess it depends whether you’re the landlord or the tenant.

    • How fast a person thinks an object is moving can be effected by how fast and what direction that person is moving thus affecting that persons concept of reality. That rough perspective can be carried into how people veiw any particular experience. Which in turn effects their idea of truth

    • Opinion,

      Quantum physics is a whole different realm of reality, or what might be reality, or is both reality and not reality at the same time. I won’t try to pretend I understand it, as even the big brains who thunk it up don’t understand it.

      The fact that facts mean so little to so many is troublesome, some don’t care to even try to find the truth. Some will say one thing and then turn around and say they didn’t say what they just said…even if it’s in writing. Words have meanings and when words are grouped together they also mean something. We (human kind) developed words for a reason, probably because sitting around a fire grunting got old after awhile. Now some have grown tired of words and their meanings so they want to destroy the very thing that once upon a time brought us together.

      • Steve-O, here is an appropriate quote from Derrida: “No one gets angry at a mathematician or a physicist whom he or she doesn’t understand, or at someone who speaks a foreign language, but rather at someone who tampers with your own language.”

        By the way, did you see my post to you from this morning below?

      • I agree with most of what you said except I don’t think they have grown tired of the words and meanings, I think they just aren’t educated adequately to understand their meaning and or they have specific agendas good or bad they want to inflict on the other people as well as some folks just approach things from such a different angle their veiw of truth / reality is different. When you tap in enough different variables of experience truth can take on a diverse meaning. So it appears. Let’s consider an easy example a dry log or rock appears solid to a layman . To a scienctist it’s not true . They are both empty space on a sub molecular level . Both people are right . Though the dry log is filled with air .

      • Steve i understand properties/ definition of solids . I was referring more to density. In example. They both appear dense on first inspection but in reality are mostly empty . I also understand your concept that to be a functioning society we need to be able to converse as if facts were static so we can communicate effectively. I also see the danger to disrupting that balance. A fractured society that is divided and can’t communicate adequately enough to get along. That may not be a realistic possibility that’s where respect for opposing or different veiw points come in . As they probably each hold their own degree of truth when inspected carefully enough.

      • Great quote Bill, very apropos.


        All matter, as we know it, is almost nonexistent. Don’t get me started on anti-matter. The various forces of nature electrical, magnetic, and gravity (or micro-gravity), among others are how we interact with our world. Everything we know of is made up of almost completely empty space, it is the forces of nature that repel and attract. A simple atom has a nucleus made up of a proton and neutron with and electron spinning around that, blown up on to a grand scale take a football stadium and put a golfball at the 50 yard line that’s the nucleus, the period at the end of this sentence would be the electron…the rest is essentially empty space. I say this to you, with the knowledge that you understand it. The point I am making is that some people can be more dense than others, and I’m not calling you dense. Mathematics has been referred to as the universal language, that’s because 1+1=2 and ¶ is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Anyways, I guess I get you point facts are facts, unless they aren’t under certain circumstances. For general discourse and society as a whole I still think that facts should remain facts and BS should remain BS.

  2. With the current WH administration, we are close to G.O,’s “1984”.
    Close the border, put everyone under surveillance, and take women’s rights away. That about sums up the last two years and 4 months.
    I ask you, who is going to pick all the grapefruit this summer in Florida?
    I read a story, couple that you years ago, where a Caucasian male reporter answered an add for 300 pickers in Forlida.
    10 white makes showed up & 150 Hispanics. The white reporter was the only Caucasian worker who made it through the first day of picking. You were given a ladder, a tree and shoulder bag (that could hold 100 lbs of grapefruit), the reporter was able to pick 1/4 of what his fellow Latin workers picked. Granted he was not seasoned. The other white workers quit halfway through first day. The reporter lasted 2 days, cause he was writing a story. So, get rid of all the undocumented workers, see how that works for you.
    Both sets of my Norwegian and English ancestors immigrated to the US. My farther was a 1st generation Norwegian/American and proud of it. Immigration is what makes this country strong. Trump has it wrong! Close the borders, we will all pay more in the end!

    • I apologize for my grammatical errors. Thank goodness I am not perfect, just trying to be the best I can be! Not easy in 2019!

    • “Close the border, put everyone under surveillance, and take women’s rights away. That about sums up the last two years and 4 months.” Sure James. Started under Trump? TDS has really gotten you down. Let’s just get rid of our borders all together and become Globalist slaves. Sound about right James? Wasn’t it the Democrats who denied a woman the right to vote? Ttump has hired more women then any other Admin. Oh you mean denying a late term abortion or actually killing her baby outside the womb? Good for Trump. Also, Hispanic and black uneomployment are at record lows and a mafia FBI and corrupt Democrat Party/media just tried a coup against a sitting president amd the American people. Talk about “1984”. You got that right.

  3. We just had a year long FBI investigation and a two year long special counsel investigation. If there’s one thing we know for sure, its that Trump is not a Russian secret agent and there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. Just today Barr announced an internal FBI investigation to determine how this silliness all started. Was it the Clinton-financed Steele report that the Obama administration was so eager to believe….or was it something even stupider. CHEERS!

  4. British Citizen Mick Jagger chose to come to the US for his open heart surgery. Why? Because he’d likely die waiting for approval in England. So, no Death Panels by name but certainly by ends.

    • Agree Burt.. Government Single Payer healthcare is ran like a sleezy business. What is more profitable? A heart bypass for a 42yo who will pay 20+ more yrs in taxes or an 82yo who might die during surgery or 2 months later without contributing to the hundreds of thousands of dollars for his surgery? So you see, the “system” gains nothing by treating the 82yo. Didnt the Germans do something like that at the train stations?

    • Steve-O, if you remember a couple of weeks ago you were concerned about some temperature data disappearing from a website you had previously used to access it?
      Anyway, I was perusing an adult magazine last night and ran across an article “The Green Scare” by Ciara O’Rourke that made a comment that made me think of your concern. The magazine is Playboy, vol. 66 no. 2 Spring, 2019 and there are some lovely pictures, to boot. The comment is by an anonymous scientist who supports military scientific research in the Arctic and he was concerned when he had heard that Trump’s administration was stripping data from public websites. “When a guerrilla science movement emerged to preserve that information on independent sites, (this guy) shared the locations of some data sets sith the organizers to save that information.”

      • Bill,

        They have article in those magazines, who knew? I guess I will have to do some research into the subject and get back to you later.

  5. I was scratching my head at the phrase “tenuously United States” then I saw what you did there
    I would have phrased it “tenuously united United States”.

  6. Nothing more ridiculous than a Man can be a Woman, or a Woman can become a Man. And then there’s the psychotic science denying idea that there a more than 2 sexes. Perhaps killing a baby isn’t killing at all, and is in fact a protected right for the mother to kill its offspring so the parts can be sold to science. There is also the post-truth belief that a Nation can exist without borders. I quote the serpent: “Yea, Hath God said?”

    • Blurt, why not give us your take on Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution? And weave some of your “psychotic science” in there.

    • “Hath God Said?” is indeed at the core of it! Without a God who is the Alpha and the Omega, the creator and finisher, man believes they can indeed create whatever reality they wish. Without God what really limits their sinful, evil hearts? That is why all the Demoncrats will cry Holy Hell whenever the God of the Bible is even mentioned. They try to substitute science for God, but when the science is inconvenient its “Hath science said”? But in the end every knee will bend and every tongue will confess what and who the true author of reality really is………….Jesus is King of Kings, Lord of Lords!

      • Mongo, in between bouts of religious insanity, perhaps you would want to expound on Darwin and his theory of evolution?? We’d love your take on it. Heheh!

      • Why would I debate a THEORY when I have the truth of Jesus? But thank you for proving my point made above: Hath Science Said?

      • Mongo, you’ve gotten yourself on the wrong blog-this is for thinkers. Heheh!

      • Well at 75 years old you’d must be thinking about death and what will happen to you. What hath science said?

      • Mongo, it is only acceptable if you phrase God using the word “Allah”. But, I am with you, we all will have our “Great get’n-up morning”. Only a fool will not beg for forgiveness.

      • The Theory of Evolution isn’t in the weeds; but the Facts of Death are in the weeds?

      • OK Mongo, go ahead and give us the “Facts of Death.” And show your work. Heheh!

  7. Jack, the GOP sucks as well but, the Democrats are just criminal. Hillary and her deletion of 33,000 emails, Uranium 1, phone smashing parties on the weekend, running classified information off an unsecure server in a bathroom while enabling Russian and Chinese hacking of said Classified data. Obama using the FBI, CIA, and IRS to go after his enemies. Hillary, the DNC, and Democrat Fusion GPS fabricating a phone Russian-Collusion story, then drum-up FISA warrants from a made-up story to create a soft coup to go after a sitting President of the United States. Seriously Jack? Do you even understand what just happened the last 10 years? Did you even watch the Kavenaugh charade? Have been following the Jussie Smollett charade?

    • Hey Bryan,

      Yup, saw the above listed charades. That’s just crappy news organizations for you. I don’t see how it involves the dems or the repubs though. It just seems like ding dong news producers producing what they produce best – crap that gets people riled up so they can sell more prescriptions to older people (like me!). After all, if you are getting your news from the TV – what did you expect? Just like if you are trying to get an actual result from a political party – what are you expecting? You should be expecting to be disappointed. And yes, I saw what happened during the past 10 years – I’ve been making fun of it non-stop! My favorite part of the past 10 years is watching the repubs go from hating the sitting president and saying things like ‘not my president’, etc and then having the ultra libs do the EXACT same thing with this joker in office. You guys are all the same in my book – sheep. You just have different shepherds leading you around. It’s cute.

      As far as our current joker in chief goes – Here’s my latest question to my dad who is trying to justify the ’emergency’ order to stop the boarder INVASION – Me – ‘So….Dad – what do you think will happen when there’s a Dem Pres and a Dem Congress and then some jackass shoots up a school?’ Dad – ‘What does this have to do with presidents overstepping the constitutional authority?’ Me – ‘Nothing at all until they use an emergency order to take away your guns.’ Dad – ‘Well…… they can’t do that!’ Me – ‘Right……’

      Pick your battles kids. Have fun!


  8. Well, first off it was the media that pushed the Jussie Smollett lying agenda, along with the phony Kavenaugh lies. Most of us sane people knew it was all lies from the start. One word DEMOCRATS. All out of their Saul Alinskey “Rules for Radicals” playbook. Tell a lie long enough and the morons will believe it.
    Love this one – “Todays GOP are yesterdays racist Democrats”. I mean, good Lord. I think most of us all know the history of the Democrat Party. Well, at least those out of college and over 40. But, as Hillary would say under sniper fire “what difference does it make”?

      • As far as your Russian Collusion comment goes…. Do you think that they indicted (and jailed many of) these people because they were innocent?:
        George Papadopoulos
        Paul Manafort
        Rick Gates
        Michael Flynn
        Richard Pinedo
        Alex van der Zwaan
        Konstantin Kilimnik
        Michael Cohen
        Roger Stone
        Sam Patten

        So… quit doing the Fox spin and acting like these people were acting in the country’s best interest – they weren’t. They were trying to F with the election process between 2 horrible people. And guess what – they succeeded. Just because Trump has enough legal sense to distance himself from these people doesn’t mean that there was no Russian meddling with the election or collusion. Just like with the Smollet case, lawyers work the system to their clients best interest – in this case – Trump’s.

        I’ve got to go to work and wonder what you radicals on the right are going to do when you meet all of the radicals on the left and have a lie off – ‘Merican Idol style!


    • Wow Bryan,
      Are you seriously saying that the repubs aren’t just as, or, even more full of shit than the dems? Pull your head out, besides the ‘death panels’ listed above, and the daily lies being vomited out of ‘our’ presidents mouth, turn on Fox ‘News’ at anytime and listen to that crap (and don’t start throwing out MSNBC and CNN blah, blah – we all know that they are just as full of shit). It’s a non-stop, lie fest out there, my friend… The best thing that we can do is recognize the lies and not participate in the propagation of them. Let’s just say that I’m not stocking up on ammo to defend myself against all of the blood-thirsty illegals just yet – I’m more worried about my fellow Americans listening to the before mentioned ‘news’ organizations.

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