Peace on earth


Lars and Hobbs making nice/Craig Medred photo

Almost as if cued by Irving Berlin and Bing Crosby, temperatures plummetted and snow arrived on Christmas Eve in Alaska’s largest city to ensure a very White Christmas.

The same was true in a broad arc around Alaska’s urban core with a winter storm watch posted for the Kenai Peninsula and Prince William Sound where 35 mph winds were forecast to stir 4 to 8 inches of new snow into a blizzard.

It was a good day to be inside around a warm table with family and friends celebrating the biggest day of the year on the Christian calendar.

Here’s hoping you happily enjoyed yours free from any of the political bickering that has these days come to color the unUnited States of America where – as unbelievable as this might seem at times – our shared beliefs still greatly outweigh our differences.

With that, a Merry Christmas.




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  1. Christmas is such a wonderful tradition. You can really feel the love. The day starts out so well. Watching the kids tear into the presents let’s you know that we have done well in nurturing their greed glands. Then later in the day things get really fun. Mix some family disfunctions ( all families have them) with some guilt feelings. Then stir in some political differences with some alcoholic Christmas cheer and bingo, you have the ingredients of another Merry Christmas.

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