Sold on fear


Knik Lake cyclists/Craig Medred photo

Propaganda works.

That reality hit home on Saturday as a string of fat bikes properly social distanced rolled down a glacial moraine onto the sun-washed surface of Knik Lake, and the thought came to mind “that this is just like those folks who rush out onto the vast, new tide flats to dig clams just before a tsunami comes rolling in to kill them.”

Only this was nothing at all like that. There was no physical danger here.

The ice on the lake was still feet thick. The Knik Glacier, relatively inactive to begin with, was a mile away to the east. The weather was friendly. The temperature in the 20s and warming with not a hint of hypothermic winds.

By the norms for Alaska wilderness travel, this was about as safe as it gets.

But in a world dominated by a drumbeat of warnings to stay in the house to shelter against a potentially deadly, pandemic coronavirus, it felt oddly uncomfortable to be enjoying an Alaska wilderness adventure no matter how benign and ordinary so far from the safety of home.

This is what happens to your brain in the Age of Information. The gray matter is captured and carried along by the unstoppable power of a tide. Turn on the TV or the radio, and the programming starts to program you.

Turn off the news

“Take breaks from watching, reading, or listening to news stories, including social media,” advises the Centers for Disease Control. “Hearing about the pandemic repeatedly can be upsetting.”

Except it is impossible to avoid hearing about the pandemic. In the midst of watching the cooking show “Chopped” tonight, up pops a public-service announcement from a local TV station warning one should “wear a mask; save a life.”

A mask is appropriate in some situations, but wearing one in your own home or in areas free of other people is pointless. The mask is for when you’re spraying spittle that could descend on those in pursuit.

“New study shows that following in the slipstream of another runner puts you most at risk of catching COVID-19,” Runner’s World reported. That wasn’t quite what the study said, but it was close enough in a world where you can’t even read esoteric sporting news without pandemic panic creeping in.

And, of course, if you look at the mainstream media you’ll simply be bombarded.

More than 10,000 are now dead in New York. An estimated 3 billion people are under lockdown and economies are teetering. Being overweight has been found to make you a target for the disease. Some who suffer from the virus may never fully recover. Children and teenagers and mothers and a“perfectly healthy, 44-year-old father of six” are dead along with the tens of thousands of old people around the globe.

Little of this news offers any context. Whether the people dying in New York today are in addition to or part of the 145 people per day, more than 1,000 per week, more than 4,000 per month city records indicate were dying before COVID-19 is unknown.

That doctors have been warning about the health dangers of obesity and the leisure lifestyle since not long after the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute began the Framingham Heart Study in Massachusetts in 1948 goes unmentioned.

“Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle during adulthood not only prevents cardiovascular disease independently of other risk factors but also substantially expands the total life expectancy and the cardiovascular disease-free life expectancy for men and women,” researchers who crunched the Framingham data warned 15 years ago. “This effect is already seen at moderate levels of physical activity, and the gains in cardiovascular disease-free life expectancy are twice as large at higher activity levels.”

That an infectious disease can be expected to hit hardest at the physically most vulnerable is not explained. Nor is the fact that for some, health problems always bring long-term complications.

One should not, however, judge the nature of anything from the outliers. All that will do is make you fearful.

Psychiatrists writing in the Journal of the American Medical Associaton last week praised “unprecedented efforts to institute the practice of physical distancing (called in most cases ‘social distancing) in countries all over the world,” but warned that “while these steps may be critical to mitigate the spread of this disease, they will undoubtedly have consequences for mental health and well-being in both the short and long term.”

Comparing the mental trauma to that of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center or mass shootings, they warned of “substantial increases in anxiety and depression, substance use, loneliness, and domestic violence; and with schools closed, there is a very real possibility of an epidemic of child abuse.” 

Pushed over the edge?

“Suicide Mortality and Coronavirus Disease 2019—A Perfect Storm?” researchers Mark Reger, Ian Stanley and Thomas Joiner asked in a separate JAMA Viewpoint.

Social distancing can be “expected to reduce the rate of new infections,” they wrote, “(but) the potential for adverse outcomes on suicide risk is high. Actions could be taken to mitigate potential unintended consequences on suicide prevention efforts, which also represent a national public health priority.

“There are fears that the combination of canceled public events, closed businesses, and shelter-in-place strategies will lead to a recession. Economic downturns are usually associated with higher suicide rates compared with periods of relative prosperity. Since the COVID-19 crisis, businesses have faced adversity and laying off employees. Schools have been closed for indeterminable periods, forcing some parents and guardians to take time off work. The stock market has experienced historic drops, resulting in significant changes in retirement funds. Existing research suggests that sustained economic stress could be associated with higher US suicide rates in the future.”

And that was just the beginning of their list of warnings of what is destined to go wrong if the lockdown continues much longer.

Maybe it’s time for Americans to take a deep breath and recognize that though COVID-19 is a great risk to some, it’s not a great risk to everybody. Then figure out how to get on with life.

Iceland – a hub for airline travel between the U.S. and Europe and thus a potential coronavirus hotspot – has now randomly tested 9.7 percent of the island’s population of 364,000. Just over 1,700 of the tests (4.8 percent) came back positive, but about half of those infected suffered no symptoms.

Of the 1,711 confirmed as infected, 933 (54 percent) have recovered; 770 (45 percent) remain in isolation; 49 (2.9 percent) have been hospitalized, 9 of them in intensive care; and eight (0.46 percent) are dead.

In the big picture, eight of the 35,488 people randomly sampled as of this report (0.02 percent) have died. That’s a death rate about twice that of the flu.

Iceland is somewhat unique in that it is a sparsely populated country – something like Alaska as a state – and not dense-packed New York City. It has also been extremely aggressive in identifying COVID-19 infections and then tracking down all those who had contact with an infected individual.

More than 2,700 Icelanders who encountered someone with COVID-19 are at this moment in quarantine waiting to find out if they have the disease. Almost six times as many have, however, been released from quarantine as healthy.

COVID-19, like other infectious diseases, doesn’t infect everyone, and some people – for reasons unknown – are much better than others at organizing an anti-body response to fight off the disease.

The risk of COVID-19 and the precautions that can be taken to prevent infection are matters of which everyone should be aware, but the disease shouldn’t terrify any of us.

This isn’t like smallpox which raged in the U.S. colonies for more than 100 years.

“Visualize, if you can, what the death of 250,000 of the 2,000,000 people in Metropolitan Boston of one disease in one year would mean to us, and you picture what our ancestors endured during those twelve months with what courage they might,” Dr. Samuel Bayard Woodward told the Massachusetts Medical Society in 1932.

He offered a history of smallpox in the colonies, the 1697 epidemic being but the worst of many battles with the disease, as part of call for vaccination of children in private and parochial schools.

“The (smallpox) death rate is at present in most countries low, but its virulence may at any time increase as it has repeatedly done in recent outbreaks in the middle west,” he warned at the time. “Forty-eight thousand died of smallpox in India in 1930, nobody knows how many in China, and while virulent exists anywhere in the world smallpox in an unvaccinated community is always a danger.”

Smallpox was eventually eliminated, but we are again an unvaccinated community in danger thanks to COVID-19. Maybe instead of being fearful, we should be thankful this virus isn’t nearly as deadly as some that have come before.

Unfortunately, it seems the more comfortable our lives become the easier it is for the unknown and unexpected set fire to our fears. At some point, we’re probably going to have to rise above them to avoid being consumed by them.

Correction: This is an updated version of an earlier story. It was edited to clarify the risks of spittle.






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  1. This is Genius Craig
    This is also a test
    By the powers that be !
    And If Patrick Henry
    Was here
    He would shake your hand
    And Be proud to know
    That the freedom of expression
    And the will to carry it out
    Stills exits .
    Title: 20/20 vision

  2. For years, I have heard RINOS across this state speak of “limiting government overreach” yet currently there is barely a peep heard as big brother grows larger and larger each day?
    Whatever happened to the Last Frontier where Americans could live free from burdensome restrictions placed on them by an overreaching government bureaucracy?
    Luckily as Alaskans submit to stay at home guidelines and are threatened with arrest from police some Americans are getting out and protesting the draconian attack on our Constitution.
    Ohio and North Carolina held protests today and Michigan has one scheduled for tomorrow.
    If this country does get opened back up soon, it will be because of everyone who stood up for liberty and the freedom to make our own choices.
    “More than 100 protesters rallied in downtown Raleigh to reopen North Carolina on Tuesday, describing Gov. Roy Cooper’s stay-home order as an unconstitutional overreach that will kill the state’s small businesses…”
    “At least one protester, Monica Faith Ussery, 51, of Holly Springs, was charged with violating the executive order…”
    “I have a right to peacefully assemble,” she said as officers led her away, her hands bound with a zip tie. “God bless America.”

    • Steve,

      Which rights are you being deprived of, how are they being violated, and how are you going to get the rights you believe you were deprived of restored? Do you even know what your constitutional rights are?

      You are an opportunist feeding at the trough while trying to spread fear, and you are horrible at it.

    • On Tuesday, police in North Carolina’s capital city arrested at least one protester who had joined a peaceful protest outside the state’s General Assembly building to call on the governor to “reopen” the state. In explanation of why the protest was broken up and at least one demonstrator arrested, the Raleigh Police Department explained on Twitter that “protesting is a non-essential activity.”

      Nearly every state in the country is now under stay-at-home orders, which bar activities state governors deem to be “non-essential.” In the stunning sequence of events on Tuesday in Raleigh, North Carolina residents were told that exercising the First Amendment-protected rights “peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress ” are among the activities deemed “non-essential” by state authorities.

      • Bryan,

        You offer no context or link to the information you provided. I don’t know anything about what measures have been put in place in North Carolina. At this point I very much doubt that anything you read in the media is truthful anyways. This is just another stage in the leftist play look, incite rage…Steve S is playing his part. There are a few places where unconstitutional measures have been taken but for the most part all of these statewide and local measures are completely within the bounds of the constitution.

        We should all stand up against unconstitutional measures, but crying wolf will only help sow fear and chaos…that’s why Steve S is now all about freedom and liberty. Ask yourself, when was he ever for freedom and liberty before now.

      • “Rep. Sarah Vance, R-Homer, said she’s noticed people getting increasingly agitated over the shelter-in-place order, and that agitation spiked within the past week.
        Vance said people are at a breaking point, and are threatening to violate the mandate…
        People are saying, ‘When are we going to get back to work? Enough’s enough,’ Vance said.
        Alaska needs to restart the economy while protecting vulnerable populations, Vance said.
        If public health officials say that’s not possible, “I would say they weren’t thinking creatively enough,” Vance said.

        Why is Sarah Vance the only Republican who gets the current situation?

        Why have 8 Republican states never issued “stay at home” mandates…because they knew asking healthy people to quarantine is unconstitutional and always has been.

        “Apparently, We Are All China Now”

      • Steve Stine, the Republicans Republican! Never a bad word to say about the lock’em down dems like the highest profile Democrat in the state mayor Berkowitz.

      • Steve O,
        You should check your temperature…
        My comment was in support of Sarah Vance not against her.
        She is the one & only Republican legislator in Alaska who “gets it”.
        But why are NO other Republicans in Alaska speaking up to support small business?
        Where are all the “limit our government” guys who speak that “Alaska is open for business”?
        Driving through Wasilla it is clear that the town is mostly shuttered and NOT OPEN for business.
        “As of Monday afternoon, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa and Arkansas have no mandatory shelter-in-place directives at the city or state level.”
        These are the last real conservative states left in the union.

      • Steve,

        If I thought that you were somehow honest in your newfound regard for the conservative cause I might entertain your conversion. You have no idea what being a conservative is, you have no idea that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are two different documents, you quote from one as if it is the other. When you start calling out Berkowitz or our liberal legislature for their nonsense, or liberal states for their nonsense I might start to think you have had a change of heart. I’m not saying you haven’t had a sudden and drastic change of heart, just that your history has shown that you are full of shit so you need to prove you aren’t before I believe you. Best way to do that it get to work proving it, not telling me you aren’t pissing on my back while you stand there with your manhood in your hand pissing on my back.

      • Steve O, again, I agree with you. I feel that the states and Feds have taken, for the most part, collective steps in the best interest of the people. inconvenient yes, unconsitutional, not generally. We have seen similar during our past wars. But, with that said I feel the Ddmocrats will leverage as much discomfort and pain oit of the people for their twisted political gain and their TDS. Their “never let a good crisis go to waste” couldn’t be more true today. Everything bad benefits the Democrats and they know it, riots, discontent, panic, destroyed economy, pork lined stimulous, ballot harvesting, etc..
        Do I feel as a whole my rights have been snatched, no, not really. I come and go as I please and generally haven’t been restricted other than sitting down and having a meal and beer. I have said from the begining that things do not add-up with this whole virus. The deaths, the infectious rate, the response, etc.. If this virus was as bio-weapon and the powers to be either know or suspect it, then the response is justified. It could have been a HORRIBLE situation. If they truely believe this was your “typical bat jump to human” virus then I feel things are getting a bit extreme with shutting down the economy for months and with that comes corruption, power amd abuse.

    • S.s
      The Last Frontier mostly died in the mid to late ‘90’s.
      Not sure how or why,but my state was usurped by people who wanted more of everything.
      More boundaries,more rules,more challenges by groups who feel they are entitled.

    • Steve O, all you have to do is talk to any Democrat…. haha.
      “Democratic California Rep. Maxine Waters said Tuesday that President Donald Trump “is slow walking America to dictatorship,” providing what she considers to be examples of that claim.

      “People beware!” the congresswoman tweeted. “Trump is slow walking America to dictatorship. Press attacks, owns AG [William] Barr, controlling our courts including Supreme Court, firing inspector generals, complimenting [Russian President Vladimir] Putin & [North Korean dictator] Kim Jong Un, now trying to defund US Postal Service, & opposing vote by mail!”

      Oh, here is a link to an earlier post..sorry.

      • Bryan,

        Democrats should just be honest and say Trump is doing what we are unable to do so we are going to complain about any and everything we can, this global pandemic is just the excuse we will use to hide our contempt in a noble cause. In other words, Democrats are doing what Democrats do any and every time a Republican is in office.

  3. craig does a great job reporting the facts . Pulling in the data from trustable sources . Hopefully young people / future reporters see the difference . Heres a debate question. Stimulus checks are coming. Where would a logical person stand on their arrival? How will it effect those who accept them ? Does it train us to be government dependents? To think the government is needed? To have the false concept that the money is free and didnt come from someones blood sweat and tears – maybe our neighbor? To think we can set back on our laurals and be cared for ? To become innoculated against concern for government debt ? Do we own our governments mistakes when we take the money? Or are we just good capitalists to grab whats there ? Someone’s going to pay for that money. What are the ethics? To a certain degree each dollar the feds present to the public free of charge degrades the value of the existing money in circulation. So as that check is cashed is tge remaining money less valuable? Whats the effects on inflation? Are setting the future up for a fall ? Both ethically and financially? Or is it just payback from the government for being such a thorn in our side ?

    • DPR,
      That has went through my mind a bit. How many people are enjoying the life style of a mandated paid vacation right now. Me personally the price for this scares the heck out of me, because you know one way or another they will bleed it back out of us.

      Thankfully, I am in a position to ride this out, everything is paid for. I can’t even imagine the people that live closer to a paycheck to paycheck scenario, because that not so free money isn’t here yet. I don’t even know how rental property people, vehicle loan, and other businesses that require payments for their needed services are going to get back online and survive after this. Maybe there’s some more of that free money for that as well.

      A sick thought ran through my mind that this is the governments way to get a hand into peoples own private businesses, like a public private partnership, then I remembered they were already doing that stuff prior to all this.

      • Zip,

        When you said “this is the governments way to get a hand into peoples own private businesses, like a public private partnership” I found it interesting since the Small Business Administration loans are called the PPP paycheck protection program…sounds like a public private partnership to me.

    • The way this ‘handout’ is actually being handled is as a tax credit, there were some issues about this because you don’t actually have to pay taxes to be eligible for a tax credit. So if the government is going to give me my money back, damn straight I am going to take it…especially when by giving me my money back and giving a tax credit to the 45-49% of the people who pay no federal income tax will be receiving the credit will devalue the currency I have in my pocket. By receiving this tax credit I am doing nothing more than inflation proofing my own money. The feds are devaluing the money I have today by printing money to pay those who paid no income tax.

      There is nothing ethical in printing money to no end. By cashing the check that is a tax credit I am claiming my own money as mine…for those who didn’t pay taxes there should be a moral conundrum.

      • Steve o, you have a good point. Money back where it belongs. In the hands of the people. It could be considered a start . Albeit a very very small one . You got yours . How about the next generation? What would George Washington say as he wintered with his freezing dying troops ? Mine mine mine ? Or would he say something like ( your sacrifices are not in vain lets do this together as one for the future of mankind) ? Obviously i know not what he would say but I truly doubt during a time of duress it would be “ im claiming my own money as mine” as he cashed his government check . For myself i feel the sufferings of my fellow man and the injustices done to them both economicly and injustice to their rights and the pride and function of being self sufficient . To be strong as a republic we need each citizen to be wealthy as a king and with the pride and honor of a knight. To take any of that awAy from our citizens reduces our strength. The peoples strength. The republics strength. The indignity of being threatened by law enforcement when putting step onto their own property or country doing constitutionally protected activities. I ask you is it nessasary for the kings men to be at your own door before you take address ? Is it not effectively the same when they treat a country man unjustly? Is it not a fallacy of logic to ask – what rights of your own have been trampled on ? As a nation an injustice to one is an injustice to all . Where we go one we go all its been said . Give them not one inch in your heart. Stand together. Btw steve o , I welcome a constitutional debate with you if you wish such. Im adequately knowledgeable to defend my position . Though I suspect it would not be a debate as you are a wise man talented in research who would quickly recognize right from wrong ,given valid information. Im sure you would soon be teaching me . When a government shows tyranny and usurps rights not given they must be called out . Whether its state or feds . Weve been pushed a long way especially on freedom of press , right to bear arms, right of privacy or right to be secure in persons houses pspers and effects , among other. Now we are having our freedom to peacefully assemble and freedom of religion infringed. Its time to start voting to protect our rights. Throw off the destructive idea of political parties and join together as Americans to vote out any one who tramples the constitution. Vote fir posterity not fir party . From state level to federal level. Steve O , what you need ti research is how strongly the intent of admenment 9 was . Perhaps tge most important amendment in the constitution as it gives meaning to every word written by our founders. A show of intent for freedom of citizens to function and point of clarity on who holds the power in the constitutional contract. “ the description in the constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or desparage others retained by the the people” is a strong statement. It rules all rights not described herin are retained by the people. ( The people are the ones who alow government to govern within the outline of constitutional law and not beyond) The concept I describe is backed by the federalist letters from our founders. Its not fear mongering to recognize such trespass as we’ve seen growing larger and larger,even if was by an unusual source. ( a mr. stine ) Facts are facts irregardless of source. Facts are pure . You have shown steve s for who he is . Now don’t tarnish your own honor by fighting on the wrong side . Dont forget you are brothers when push comes to shove. Our nation was founded by men of many stripes. The constitution is founded on freedom . Our nation was forged by men of diversity and foresight. When the freedom of the press was infringed and the right to bare arms was infringed we should have stood up more strongly. Now is tge the time to make every vote count, especially at state levels. House and senate particularly. Vote for people who will understand and protect the constitution. Vote for people who can recognize true heroes. The ones of our generation who make sacrifices for mankind.

      • DPR,

        There’s quite a bit to digest there. First let me say that you give me far too much credit, I am no constitutional scholar nor am I any more intellectual than the next guy. I read things and I make observations on those things. As far as asking other what rights they feel have been trampled, how am I or anyone else to know unless those who feel their rights have been trampled tell us what they are? There are Several Supreme Court rulings, including the landmark 1905 Jacobson v. Massachusetts decision that said constitutional rights can be lawfully restricted when emergency public health measures are in place.
        The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals recently held up a temporary halt to abortions citing the Jacobson decision. In the recent ruling the majority wrote ”That settled rule allows the state to restrict, for example, one’s right to peaceably assemble, to publicly worship, to travel, and even to leave one’s home,” most of what some people are claiming to be unconstitutional has already been gone over and through the court system (due process) and ruled to be constitutional.

        I sincerely hope that people will inform themselves and gain a better understanding of our founding documents, if covid is the catalyst for this then so be it. If people like Steve S are actually gaining an understanding of how our country works and the laws that guide it, then great…unfortunately I see many who are taking advantage of the situation for their own political purposes.

      • Steve o , your points are taken. Here is another important aspect to consider. The courts are failible. Politics have influenced many of their decisions. Also they just plain make poor decisions at times. Perhaps even the decision you point to how our rights can be lawfully restrictived when public health demands it is an example of a bad decision that violates constitutional law . It was a shortcut to address potential health emergency. A Supreme Court decision cannot change the constitution without a constitutional amendment ratified by congress. Congress makes laws not tge courts . Thus frankly its null and void. It needs challenged . ( I believe tge abortion industry may attempt thst ) The constitution says this Supreme Court decision is incorrect. The court cannot circumvent the process. Congress would have to make an amendment to allow the decision you speak of to become lawfully enforceable. ( basically there’s nothing in the constitution that says rights can be suspended for public health) debateble if there should be but st this time there is not . Therefore it is not technically due process. Something you mentioned. Due process is when a person has a legal fair trial and his constitutional rights are met . A broad statement by tge Supreme Court is not due process especially if its not enforceable under the constitution and is an attempt to create law where there is none . Other than that I understand what you say. No one should utilize this situation for political gain. Especially if its party based .

      • DRP,

        No doubt the courts err, look no further than the oft cited Dred Scott case. As the ultimate court in the land the SCOTUS decisions, good or bad, are the law of the land until overturned or new legislation is enacted. You or I can say something is unconstitutional, it is afterall our right, but just because we say it does not make it so. And fortunately or unfortunately our Constitution says that what the SCOTUS says makes it so. Can or should Jacobson be challenged and overturned, sure I can see the reasons why but it has stood as the law of the land for 115 years, that alone is a high hurdle to get over.

        These are good discussions, and needed. Thanks for taking part in them.

      • DPR,

        I posted this on the previous article, but thought it worthwhile to post here.

        Article 3 section 2 says in part:
        “The judicial Power shall extend to all Cases, in Law and Equity, arising under this Constitution, the Laws of the United States, and Treaties made, or which shall be made, under their Authority”

        It’s worth considering whether the constitution backs the Jacobson decision or not.

      • Steve o , please see details in comments of prior article. I posted after your post in depth . Simplified version is article 3 section 2 only gives the court the right to make a decision. It doesn’t make that decision law . So no there is nothing in constitution to back the 1905 decision except that Supreme Court had the right of responsibility to make a decision of some kind . ( that doesn’t make that decision the the law of the land . ) the constitution is the law of the land and congress makes the laws . The Supreme Court only gets to make the attempt of clarifying or interpretation of the laws . Court decisions are not law of land. Congress makes the laws and they have made no constitutional law that allows suspending of rights. ( Details are in other post ) all the current lower laws built on 1905 decision are in violation of constitution and are therefore illegal and null and void. Again Court interprets law for better or worse but does not make law so therefor these illegal laws are not law of land and are in violation of constitution. I believe your interpretation of article 3 is out of context. See other post. Thanks!

      • DPR,

        I responded more in detail on the other article as well, but states also make laws this is granted by the constitution, and the SCOTUS rules on those laws as well, Article 3 section 2 allows this.
        When SCOTUS rules on laws they become the law of the land since there is no higher court.

    • I’m a net tax payer. The “stimulus check” is simply my money being returned to me. (tongue firmly in cheek) If “taxation is theft,” then for those of us who actually pay taxes this is just restitution. 😉

  4. Craig,
    Thanks for your continued analysis on this current situation facing our culture.
    I agree with you that many people may be “Pushed over the edge”.
    We are seeing this already as 3 soldiers in Alaska were found dead in their homes with no apparent evidence of homicide this month???
    “Three soldiers stationed at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska, have been found dead in separate incidents over the last month…
    All three deaths are currently being investigated by Army Criminal Investigation Division, per Army Times.
    None of them appear related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).”
    In a state like AK where D.V. and Suicide were already a grave concern, these “shelter at home” madates and fear propaganda from chosen leaders like Dr. Zink do not help.
    I just read the other day that Dr. Zink claims 11,000 could have died in AK without the unconstitutional “lockdown” imposed by authoritarian bureaucrats?
    With a state that has a population density of 1 person per square mile, I highly (extremely) doubt we could have gone from a half dozen dead Alaskans up to 11,000.
    Her speculations are just that…purely speculation…not scientific fact.
    I just can’t help feeling this whole ordeal is a great big “Beta Test” from NWO leaders like Henry Kissinger trying to see how much of our liberties we are willing to give up without a fight?
    People like Kissinger, Gates, Fauci are pushing for mandatory testing, longer lockdowns, mandatory vaccination and increased periods of social distancing…all of which violates our constitutional rights?
    At some point Americans need to get off their asses and protest outside (with a mask on if you prefer).
    Sitting at home and eating take out and drinking Alcohol in front of the T.V. will kill more Americans in years to come than this new (potentially) engineered virus ever could.
    We should all thank our brothers and sisters in Michigan for getting the ball rolling with their organized protest today.
    Use your right to petition the government for redress…it is needed now just as much as it was needed it way back in the 18th century!

    • …dont drag dead soldiers into it.

      …and no.
      we, the general populace are not, in your words: “pushed over the edge”.

  5. Over 80,000 died of “regular” flu in the US during the winter of 2017-2018 and nobody panicked. Smallpox is a real worldwide pandemic danger as every country has some of the virus in their labs and people are no longer vaccinated against smallpox. One terrorist could easily open Pandora’s box………

  6. Craig, I really respect your work, even if I often don’t agree with all of your findings, opinions and points. But your work on stories connecting the pandemic to both Alaska and people’s daily lives over the last few days has stood awfully tall in sea of chaos, disinformation and outright fear mongering from the national and global media. I suspect that you’re helping more people process this stuff in a mentally healthy way than you realize. Keep doing what you do, man. Proud to say I keep up with Craig Medred.

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