Dropping out

Copper River bridge

A better place to be/Craig Medred photo

There are reliable reports of salmon in decent numbers at Chitina on the Copper River, and so I am on the road.

Never could the American tradition of road tripping be better utilized than now with pandemic fears weighing heavy on the land and surfing a wave of anxiety in the tubes.

Anxiety never makes things better. It appears, among other things, to weaken your immune system, and in these days, not much could be worse. 

Thus, it’s a good time to disconnect and drop out for a while. I would suggest all reading this to do likewise.

There is no better place to social distance than in the great outdoors of the still-wild 49th state.

If I see you out there, I’ll wave. Don’t bother to come any closer. The space that divides – and the more the better – is still our best protection against the spread of infectious diseases.

As for those who can’t get out, consider turning off the computer and taking some time away from the pandemic news. It is good for your mental health. For those who need someone official to tell them this, here’s the directive from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

“Take breaks from watching, reading, or listening to news stories, including those on social media. Hearing about the pandemic repeatedly can be upsetting.

Another way to look at it is like this:

“The worst (day fishing, hiking, mountain biking, climbing, gardening, posey sniffing, pick your passion) beats the best day pandemic fretting.”


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  1. Dang, nothing for the village idiot to wang on about (not that I read but am impressed by the need). Best post you’ve made in a looong time. Stay safe.

  2. Looks like you’ve been sucked into the tube already. Surfing the tube and dealing with the anxiety of the “pandemic” has already instilled its fear in you of your fellow man; I,e, “Wave if u see me but don’t come close”… By the I haven’t watched tv except the weather in over two months. Can’t stand the crapola. Life is good.

  3. “Drooping Out” is how I view the state Legislature after they handed Dunleavy the key to the state with the “Emergency Powers” that is granted well into November.
    There was a reason our Government was set up with the representation process…each district and county across a given state has different opinions and values.
    I was never worried about the new cold virus, but I am very concerned of the Government’s handling of extended Emergency Powers when there is absolutely no big Emergency at hand.
    Sure numbers are going up with increased rampant testing & people moving about but hospitalizations and deaths are VERY LOW.
    More people have died of suicide in the last three months than Covid…think about that.
    Don’t play into the “new normal” fear campaign.
    This Corona Virus is no more deadly than any of the last Corona Virus we have seen in America.

    • J—-F—-C—-, give it a rest. Craig wants to go fishing, period, to escape the blather. And Craig, the “beach walkers” at O’ Brian Creek were killing it when down river eddy fishing was dismal a few days ago.

      • Sure Eric,
        Let’s forget the only road out of Alaska is closed and our Legislature all walked away from government months ago.
        Let’s also forget the media keeps reporting false positive testing that tests 20 percent of the common cold…which are all types of Coronavirus.
        Let’s keep forgetting that the lower 48 is a mess with weeks of protesting and riots across 100’s of cities.
        Craig, can walk away and go kill a few salmon…that is his choice…I hope he enjoys the “adventure”.
        You can turn off your screen and walk away yourself…go ahead.
        The problem is walking away from the problem does not help it and looking at the state economy and future of the place I chose to call home….I will continue to work on the problem, which always has been started through the spread of lies from partisan hack journalists just like the ones in this state.

    • it’s absolutely hilarious that you think posting on a blog is “working on the problem”. You are the hack sir

  4. N othing better than enjoying the great outdoors.
    We were happy to get down to Homer this weekend. Looking forward e old days, with more Alaskans than tourists. That’s what we found.
    As much as we enjoyed ourselves, I felt for the locals who’s business were either closed down or barely hanging on. But as always the locals we spoke with and shared some covid war stories we’re as gracious and friendly as always.
    Our walks on the beach with our dog, the beautiful
    morning as the sun climbed over the Spit brought back those old days of tent camping and having many a fire with seafood boiling at our campsite on the beach.
    But all good things must come to end so we began our return trip to Anchorage only to find ourselves in another Sunday multi car accident. We decided after more than an hour not moving , to defer our drive and took the off ramp to Girdwood to just stay in the RV camping area in Alyeska. (One of the perks of being retired).
    Now settled into our spot here I’m happy to say we had a relaxing time, walking around and enjoying Girdwood.
    I pray whatever accident happened this evening all survived and those stuck in the traffic found good conversation with their traveling companions, and didn’t forget to look out into the inlet and thank god we live in Alaska.

  5. Well, I was going to go, but I’ve seen a steady stream of dip nets heading east past our house in Glacier View, and this article won’t help! 😉

  6. Craig,

    Glad to hear you are getting out to enjoy the outdoors. Hope you have a great time and find some of those tasty Alaska Salmon. My fishing trips have been more infrequent this year, but very enjoyable — COVID certainly makes more room on the rivers.

    Andy Couch

  7. I have already hiked for 256 miles this year according to my Fitbit talley. I recommend shutting off the TV and shut down the computer as much as possible and go for a hike. Reading a good book works well too. 😊

  8. Good decision. Reminds me of days gone by…my spouse and I use to help smoke fish that my in-laws caught in their fish wheel on the Copper River.

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