Two Americas

The U.S. vote map today/ABC News

Americans awoke today to a nation every bit as divided, maybe more so, than before a Tuesday national election billed as monumental.

The “basket of deplorables” – as failed, 2016 Democrat candidate Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton called them in 2016 – this evening remain confident their man will win re-election.

Not so their intellectual betters carrying the banner of the Progressives who 100 years ago delivered the nation Prohibition to save their fellow citizens from demon rum.

The latter appear assured they have purged the nation of one Donald J. Trump, the carnival-barker businessman who seemingly ran for the nation’s highest office as a publicity stunt in 2016 only to shock the pollsters (and possibly himself) by winning.

Then came the “resistance” and the accusations Trump was an agent of the Russian government.

What else could he be given that the political and journalistic glitterati on the nation’s coasts were unable to figure out any other way a man with bad hair and an inability to properly pronounce the word “huge” could have bested the candidate chosen to become the country’s first woman president in the wake of the election and re-election of the nation’s first black president?

And from there the nation began a descent into the bowels of an ever more bitter and divisive culture war fueled in significant part by the angry man in the White House whose feeble, early effort to make peace with his critics failed.

With Russiagate subsequently gathering steam, Trump dragged the social weapon of mass destruction – Twitter – out of his arsenal, picked up the “Don’t retreat, reload” banner of fallen polebrity Sarah Palin, and charged onto a battlefield that soon stretched coast to coast.

Possibly the best description of what ensued was written not by a journalist but by an endocrinologist two years ago.

“The temperature of the electorate has officially reached a boiling point on both sides of the aisle,” observed Dr. Robert Lustig at Medpage Today. “Biological relatives can’t even make it through Thanksgiving or the Fourth of July without exhibiting some level of vitriol related to politics.

“In an essay titled “This is Your Brain on Trump,” he went on to describe what was already being called “Trump Derangement Syndrome” as a bonafide physiologic phenomenon driven by the hormones that fuel fear and greed.

Many have remarked that Trump operates out of his “lizard brain,”   Lustig wrote. “I would argue that Trump has turned our brains reptilian.”

“…Many of us have now become Trump,” he warned. “The more dopamine and cortisol, the more we lose our ability to discern truth from post-truth, the more irritable we become, and the more we abandon our cognitive control and with little regard for the consequences.”

Lizard brains

The 2020 election shows no indication that it will cure this reptilian thinking no matter who wins.

Democrat candidate Joe Biden has shown himself as volatile as Trump as witnessed by the keep-Joe-out-of-sight campaign waged after he told the African-American host of a radio show that “if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

It would now appear that a significant number of African-American males may qualify as “ain’t black.” NBC News today reported polls showing that a sizable minority of black men shifted their vote to Trump.

“Over half of black men (52 percent) who identified as ideologically conservative cast their vote for the president, and one in three black men living in the Midwest also voted for him,” the network reported. 

That so many of them were living in the Midwest should come as no surprise to anyone looking at the red versus blue maps of the country. A country that couldn’t settle its differences over the crime of slavery and found itself regionally divided as it stumbled toward the bloodiest war in American history in the 1800s, now finds itself badly divided along regional lines once again.

The CNN map of election results today is largely painted in bands of Democrat blue down the West and much of the East coast, and solid Republican red through the heart of the country.

A closer look would reveal there is more to it than that, however, as Oregon well illustrates. The state went strongly for Biden, but the detailed election results show his support focused tightly around the Portland and Eugene urban areas. 

The rural hinterlands east of Bend are painted red in Politico’s election map, and from there all the way across the country is pretty much red outside of other major urban areas.

Minnesota, a Midwest state that went for Biden, is painted blue around three major metro areas – Minneapolis, Rochester and Duluth – and red nearly everywhere else. 

What the country has today is a problem with which Alaskans are long familiar – a good, ole, rural-urban divide.

The people who live in the country and work with their hands by and large voted for Trump. The people who work in the cities and ride desks, or depend for their income on providing services for those who ride desks, went heavily for Biden.

Nowhere was this more obvious than in the nation’s capital. Ninety-three-point-four percent of the voters in Washington, D.C., cast a ballot against the man who arrived there proclaiming his intent to “drain the swamp.”

Trump’s drain-the-swamp pitch obviously didn’t play well in the District or in the District’s bedroom states – Maryland and Virginia. Virginia heavily favored Biden, Maryland overwhelmingly so.

It was the opposite in rural America, and the country’s mainstream media on the coasts is already pondering what to do about these hicks from the sticks who failed to get with the program.

Boston Globe columnist Yvonne Abraham was smart enough to recognize that “we aren’t really one America, but two” before observing that “about half of the voters in this country lived through these last four ugly, miserable, destructive years and said, ‘Yes please, give me more of that.'”

Her column was titled “How do we fix this?”

Whether anyone at the Globe recognized the irony between the headline and column is impossible to know. But “we” don’t fix “this” by declaring nearly half the voters in the country voted for Trump for no other reason than they wanted another “four ugly, miserable, destructive years.”

Right and wrong

Politics in this country has over the past decade turned a field of gray all too black and white as if there is a right and wrong to everything Americans do. This pigeonholing of values driven by those on both left and right has fallen to the point where the arguments sometimes actually obscure rights and wrongs on which all Americans should agree.

If you followed much social media in the leadup to this election, you likely saw people arguing over stolen political yard signs in Anchorage with Biden backers sometimes suggesting they could understand the theft of Trump signs and Trump supporters doing the opposite.

One woman commenting on the Nextdoor site admitted to thinking about stealing a sign, but added that she didn’t because it would be the wrong thing to do. Instead of being thanked for her good judgment, she was lambasted for supporting the opposing candidate.

Trump supporters then proceeded to accuse Biden supporters of stealing Trump signs while Biden supporters accused Trump supporters of stealing Biden signs instead of everyone agreeing on that which all Americans should agree:

It’s wrong to steal shit out of your neighbor’s yard.

Trump and his Twitter account are certainly responsible for some of this partisan craziness. As the leader of the most powerful nation in the world, one would hope for him to show at least a little self-restraint.

But he is not the only rat living in the sewer that is Twitter. There are a lot of others in there including a lot of former journalists who seem to revel in the smell of sewage.

Worse yet, they have followers who seem to feast on it, who seem sometimes dangerously obsessed by it. I have friends (actually more acquaintances; journalists who truly do the job journalists do don’t acquire many real friends) whose blood almost boils at the mention of Trump’s name.

You can sometimes actually watch their faces go red as the blood percolates up.

And I admit to no fondness for the sitting president. As someone who grew up in a family of modest means, if not borderline poor, I never had any love for spoiled rich boys, and I was raised to detest liars.

Trump lied his way to success as some successful businessmen do. Biden, on the other hand, weaseled his way to success the way some politicians do. They are in this way far more alike than different.

The evidence would indicate Trump built his family fortune on questionable business deals. The evidence would also suggest Biden lifted his family fortunes through legalized corruption.

Tweedle-dee meet Tweedle-dum.

The pair of them make me glad I don’t vote. I don’t think journalists should. The psychological studies make it clear that once people pick a candidate, they pull on blinders. Journalists who think they are above this are only fooling themselves.

There were a lot of those folks backing Biden. Many were so deeply invested in the idea that Trump-must-go that they were willing to overlook the indications that Biden might have peddled influence with foreign nations to benefit the family fortune as journalist Glenn Greenwald, one of the founders of The Intercept pointed out. 

Hopefully if Biden ends up the man elected president this will change because for all the things on which Trump has wrong, he has been right on China. It is an existential threat to the U.S. and to global democracy.

As the Europeans have increasingly come to recognize, China views business as a tool to extend its global power. Economics are to the country just another weapon to be used to spread its world view, which is definitely not an American world view.

“For years, many European countries, and above all Germany, did their best for commercial reasons to look the other way as China violated human rights, took advantage of Europe’s open markets and bullied some of its Asian neighbors,” Andreas Kluth wrote at Bloomberg Opinion in September. “Those times appear to be over.”

Say what you will about Trump, he was one of the first leaders of a democratic nation to stand up to China’s theft of intellectual property and flooding of open markets with cheap goods.

“While few Trump critics would agree with his March 2018 tweet that ‘trade wars are good, and easy to win,’ many are willing to give him credit for moving the needle on China, including forcing electoral opponent Joe Biden to adopt similar economic decoupling policies,” the Hong Kong-based, South China Morning Post observed in October. 

Many in the nation’s heartland – despite sometimes suffering because of the economic wounds inflicted on agriculture by the U.S.-China trade war – seemed to understand this better than some Americans on the coast mainly interested in maintaining the supply of cheap goods from China.

It is thus possible these red-state voters went to the polls thinking about more than another “four ugly, miserable, destructive years.”

Or maybe they were just bitter and still clinging, as President Barack Obama once said, “to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

Obama was roundly criticized for that remark, but it was true enough. Hunting has a rich tradition in the Midwest and the West, and the people there do cling to their guns. There are many who are religious, as well.

I’m most decidedly not, but I can understand the people who turn to God for help. In the midst of a global pandemic, I can understand it more than ever. There is nothing wrong with clinging to the best elements of religion.

But that’s all sort of irrelevant because in the arguments that followed Obama’s observation on guns, religion and antipathy everyone pretty much overlooked the most important word: frustration.

Trump didn’t get elected in 2016 because of the Russians. He got elected because the people in the Heartland were frustrated. You could feel it in the air in Michigan in December 2015.

A state that twice supported Obama swung red for Republicans the next November. The Michigan vote is now projected as a victory for Biden, but there is a lot of that frustration left in The Great Lakes State and elsewhere in the Heartland.

It’s not going to magically disappear. The ruling elites on the coasts are going to have to deal with it sensibly and fairly or a Biden victory will mean little more than another “four ugly, miserable, destructive years.”

The country now is nearing the point it was in 1858 when Abraham Lincoln, then a candidate for president, observed “a house divided against itself cannot stand.”

The issue then was simple:

“Either the opponents of slavery will arrest the further spread of it, and place it where the public mind shall rest in the belief that it is in the course of ultimate extinction,” Lincoln said, “or its advocates will push it forward, till it shall become lawful in all the States, old as well as new — North as well as South.”

Fortunately, the right-minded prevailed. Slavery was a black and white issue. Slavery was a fundamentally evil practice that had gone on around the world for thousands of years.

That white Americans rose up to unshackle black Americans is one of the highlights of this country’s history.

If only the issue were so simple today. It’s not.

The country is split between economic winners and economic losers, riven by conflicts over social values, troubled by arguments over just how one defines equality, and struggling with how and how much governments should intervene when differing definitions of equality collide.

Trump did nothing to close the divide. Joe – “I’m not working for you” – Biden isn’t showing any indications of proving much better as a “uniter, not a divider” as Texas Gov. George W. Bush once defined his political philosophy. 

U.S. Today might argue that Biden’s comment to the Detroit auto worker the candidate considered a “horse’s ass” was “missing context,” but many of the measures suggested in “The Biden Plan to End Our Gun Violence Epidemic” are out of touch with the views of many of those in areas of the Midwest and West where guns are still considered tools, not weapons.

Biden’s plan for “incentives to set up gun licensing programs” in the states, requirements “that 100 percent of firearms sold in the U.S. are smart guns,” mandates that “firearm owners…store weapons safely in their homes,” and more are sure to do nothing but generate huge amounts of controversy in many red states if he becomes president.

Not everyone can justify the expense of a gun safe, and they aren’t always necessary or sensible. And there are a host of reliability problems surrounding so-called “smart guns” that seek to ensure they can be fired only by their owner or someone wearing the device that unlocks the gun.

Just imagine what might have happened if the hunting partner of Senate candidate Dr. Al Gross had been forced to find the secret decoder ring to unlock the trigger on his rifle while the good doctor was being charged by a grizzly bear. 

One can hope that whoever wins here recognizes the value of compromise and doesn’t get preoccupied with onerous gun control or finishing the job of getting that border “wall” built, but given the way things have been going, it would appear foolish to truly expect that.

It’s possible the ugliness, the misery and the destruction will just keep coming although for the true believers of tomorrow it likely won’t be ugliness, misery or destruction any more than it was for the true believers of yesterday.











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  1. As has been said . For evil to triumph all it takes is for good men to do nothing. When bad men combine, good men must associate or they will fall one by one . As has been happening since Lincolns assassination, Mlk , JFk , and now the demonization and censorship of anyone with non mainstream ideas. . The Democrat party and the never trumpers are an association of bad men. They include the Bushes , obamas and Clinton’s – war mongers and corrupt . Intent on their own enrichment. Wether by intent of purpose or by accident is unknown. The result is the same . Americas impoverishment in finces and morals. They are the party Lincoln fought . the party of slavery and killing of the unborn. They embrace the concepts and methods of Stalin , lenin and hitler. Indoctrination and use of fear with big government control. Destruction of our currency and elimination of our right to bear arms . In stalins words – one member with a rifle can control a hundred without. You are all herby warned the pretense of taking our arms for our own safety is newspeak to a way to gaurentee control for your future masters . A wolf in sheeps cloth. This uni party is once again preparing to take leadership of what was once a country of liberty. They welcome communism to our white house not for good will upon constituents or brain washed masses but as lennin and Stalin did . To consolidate power. To enslave the masses as has been their method in history. It was lenin who said let me educate a child for 4 years and he will be a be a bolshevik forever. They understand education and print as a weapon. Families of strength and mind must learn about the enemy. Study its history. Know thine enemy. He understands the power of print . He has purchased our press and uses it against us. America stands to loose its roots . When we loose , humanity looses for we have been the bridge to liberty. Our fathers chose not to stand strongly against the creeping corruption of our nation. It is now up to us to join all Americans together and fight the Marxist brainwashing propagated by leninist tactics. Blame not your fellow American for being a backer of democrats ( Marxism) but take a page from their book and unite in a timeless fashion to fight their propaganda and eventual tyranny. Its time for Americans to remember we are all brothers with an important goal. Life liberty and pursuit of happiness. Stand together and help gently educate your fellow man to the benefits of american ideals and the historical dangers of socialism.

    • DPr,
      Viva La Resistance,
      heck I don’t think we could afford another 4 yrs of republicrat control.Im still making payments for the invasion of Iraq,you know WMD’s/regime change/democracy to the M.E., flavor of the day, take your pick.
      Among other things, this last 4 yrs cost me $7 Trillion on the national debt!this last guy makes Obama & company look like a miser.
      Somewheres between $2+ to 8 million was payed to Trump for govt privilege to use his personal properties(S.S,staffing etc), what a deal that was.Can you imagine if we payed retail?
      Heck,how bout staycation like the rest of us.
      Im all for that small govt thing, you know,Homeland Security,Patriots act,ICE,hell if you give enough $’s to the right peeps, shoot you can run the USPS,or several other 3 or 4 cap letter institutions,How cool is that?!
      A work colleague of mine is going down to AZ for the winter to work for Keiwit building “The Wall”.$34/hr, 50-60hrs/week.Sweet!
      But hey we cut the budget for the CDC finally, and removed the seat from the National security council.Boy what a Debbie downer that guy was at the meetings.Oh wait, then there was that Covid thing..
      Good thing 11/3 is come and gone, now that democrat virus hoax will just disappear….
      I just ran into an old high school mate of mine,fairly recently moved to the valley.He was telling me how electric cars will never take off (here in AK),because of the battery/cold issues.And that part is true, but batts are getting better and better,I repied.
      Technology gets better and better(unless your Ford),and he told me how the electrical grid couldn’t take the load of a completely electric society as it stands now.Which is true, but incremental investments and tech changes over time will bring initial costs down(along the lines of Moores law).And make no doubt, change will come, a perfect example is the rise of a utility Next Era Energy vs the fall of Exxon(take your pick of any legacy integrated/exploration energy company.)
      Point being DPR,do you want to stay where you are, or move forward, whatever that might mean.
      The only constant in life is change….
      Us vs Them,thats so 20th century

      • Dave mc , the Democrats who have proceeded to involve us in every war imagined ? Who choose not to pull us out of quagmires? Yep those democrats. Quit your dumbass gas lighting. You and i both know republicans and democrats are in the party together to make money for themselves. There’s roughly about 10 republicans and 1 democrat maybe a lfew more , who are actually there for public service . The rest are self service. Low end morals rampant . Keep fooling yourself. The trump movement is about liberty and rebuilding from the last 4 freeloading presidents . Who gave us a surveillance state and a weakened economy and broken industry infrastructure . Dave mc – you think you are safe and above that right? Well they might be coming for you next . So get your head in the game and join the libertarian movement. Have you noticed it takes 4 + hours of labor now to make the dollar value you did in 1973 ? Gaslighting Dave . You are good at it . Keep it up . Lots of indoctrinated readers out there and it’s easy to bs them . Go Dave ! You got this . Or you can use your critical thinking skills and ask – what happened in Russia to the peasants without weapons? Or to the urygers in china ? How do you feel dave to think you support a party that endorses sucking near birth little babies up with a vacuum ? Thems the uncomfortable facts Dave no bs . You are a part of that . Think about it . There is still time for you to relize others deserve life and liberty to . Just the uncomfortable facts . Embrace it . Your choice dave , support liberty or support theft and murder. Pretty simple.

      • DPR,put the bong down, theres lots of other forums for your FaceBook style rants

      • Um Dave, Obama doubled the National Debt from $9.5 ttillion to over $20 trillion just on social programs to reward his worthless, freeloading base. You seem to have missed that..As for Trump, one of the best presidents ever, stock market at record highs, lowest black. Hispanic, female unemployment rates ever. Obama oversaw one of the slowest economic recoveries in our history. Not to mention he couldn’t get the unemployment numbers over 200k. What a worthless, community agitating anti-American turd he was. See you on the golf course right Dave?

      • Dave mc , was that the democrat fascist control power hungry tendencies coming out in you ? Liberty for you to post as you wish but telling me to post elsewhere? Nice . True colors. Thanks for sharing. Democrat protocol when you got nothing – first deflect then -direct then- smear . Repeat as needed. Lenin and Stalin believed liberty was precious. One of em said It should only be doled out in small amounts. Birds of a feather Dave ?

      • Dave plays the part of socialist/ facist propagandist – by making a lame attempt to direct and censor DPR off forum when he hears something that makes dave or others think and therefore uncomfortable. Dave says “lots of other forums for your Facebook style rant” dave then Compounds with slander and lie to muddy the water “put your bong down” a lame attempt to demean the information he was presented with. DPR says “Dave – bad try no cigar. Try harder.” Socialist mode of operation-( control the news or information flow and tell a lie until it becomes what appears as fact . ) Thanks for demonstrating for us dave. . Nothing personal I would recommend you look into the history of your party . Its your choice though to become more knowledgeable about the destruction to life and liberty democrats platform presents. Theres still time dave .

      • DPR,
        Dave truly doesn’t care what you think, nor does he care what DPR thinks Dave thinks.
        To tie this back into Craigs commentary on “The Two Americas”, heres something I heard or saw posted quite often for the first two yrs of the last admin, “Get over it, your side lost.”

      • Dave, how old are you ? “you lost” This isn’t about who or what lost . It was an election. Which is about choices not sides. The “loss” changes every 4 years . Trump made himself a target and a certain percentage of people dislike him because hes not good at social image creation. Very little to do with sides . Everything to do with a popularity contest. Which is a distortion of our government function which should be based on ideas and public service and not “sides” you bought into a destructive narrative. Im so sorry for you . You forgot that its public service and not a game or sport. Its about people. Im glad if biden wins beCouse over 50% of America’s will at least be temporarily happy. ( short term as it is) Btw i have no idea what you think and I wouldn’t try to suppose . As only you know your thoughts. I do know what you promote ,a distorted socialism or at a minimum you promote the democrat platform which is disfunctional long term due to its roots in communism, facism , slavery and all number of provable social ills. Im not a party man . Don’t believe they serve any good purpose. Party blinds you to right and wrong because now you have to have loyalty to a side . No longer are you impartial and able to be objective in your determination of whats best . Thats what happened to you . Party ruined your humanity- apparently. I abhor parties . You missed again dave , try harder . I have no side other than american people and humanity in general. If biden does good we all won . If not we all lost. Think on it Dave . Currently my opinion the republican party has a higher percentage of honorable humans that think beyond their own enrichment or beyond their personal goals . They are true public servants. ( as are a rare few democrats) get it dave . Ive no party and cant loose . Pay another 25 cents and try later .

      • The guy with whom you’re arguing thinks that fascism – a far-right system of governance – and socialism – a system of far-left economics – are the same thing.

        And he called Covid-19 “a Democrat virus hoax” which he said would end on November 4th. Well, here we are a year later and his pitifully dumb predictions fell flat.

        This guy doesn’t deserve your time.

    • Next time, just say that you don’t understand the topic…

      MLK was a socialist. Hitler hated Stalin and communism. Liberal Democrats are scumbag capitalists. It’s one of their greatest flaws.

      Going to even a community college or taking an online course from Skillshare could’ve cleared up all of this for you.

      • Are there still liberal democrats? I thought most of them had gone “progressive,” and one should not confuse the two.

        The latter have more in common with Hitler and Stalin, who were totalitarians more than anything. Political philosophy is a circle. If you go far enough round, both left and right meet on the dark side.

  2. It is not just a few bad, corrupt, chesting Democrat apples. There are millions of them. Amazing watching a party so ingrained in fraud.

  3. Sorry, Craig. I appreciate your independence and your willingness to cut the baby in half but this election wasn’t Carter vs. Ford, or Obama vs. McCain, or Pepsi vs. Coke. This election was a choice between decency and dishonor, between sense and senselessness, between reason and reaction, between a handshake and the middle finger. Besides his atrocious personal behavior, the windbag and buffoon in the White House has proved himself the classic arsonist-firefighter, setting the country ablaze for the opportunity to claim he put out the fire. He’s the provocateur-in-chief, the ultimate imbecilic juvenile, the rich kid with the wise mouth who never in his life got his hands dirty or got punched when he deserved to be for mouthing off. Sure, Trump is right about China (see the accuracy of a stopped clock) — but which party deliberately started waging war on labor unions in this country more than 40 years ago? Trump was smart enough to outflank Hillary and knock on blue-collar doors in 2016, but the abandonment of working people started and continues with the GOP. That’s irrefutable. It’s nice in your ivory tower to declaim the polarization of the electorate but the truth is there is no political middle without an economic middle class. Starting in the 1970s, Richard Mellon Scaife, the Kochs and their minions have waged war on the US middle class because, to paraphrase bank robber Willie Sutton, that’s where the money was. Donald Barlett and James Steele, legendary reporters for the Philadelphia Inquirer, laid this out in a series of books documented with facts, starting in the 1990s. Also, I’m not buying this trope that salt-of-the-earth rural folk who work with their hands are right-thinking Trump supporters. I’ve recently spent months in Philadelphia where two salt-of-the-earth blue-collar workers (a lifetime restaurant cook and a lifetime construction contractor) each told me they’d take a shot at Trump, given the opportunity. These guys aren’t wack jobs. They’re take-action guys, like your blue-collar guys out on the farm. This is what Trump has done to this nation. He has taken a bad situation and made it worse. He has taken the Republican agenda to its logical extreme, and you know about extremes. This election is about whether the USA can be redeemed.

    • You are totally making Craigs point. There are a vast number of Americans that love Trump. You hate him. What is the path forward? Can you respect and get along with people that love Trump?

      • As my commentary reflects, I do not respect Trump. Respect is not awarded. It is earned. Whom has Trump ever shown respect for? Women? Minorities? John McCain? Any other GOP presidential candidate? Military veterans? Generals? He has disrespected American heroes, American institutions, American allies, American laws and American traditions. Do I hate Trump? Trump is not worthy of hate as hate requires effort and Trump has not proved himself worthy of the effort of hating. The path forward is to elect presidents and other representatives who show respect for the American people and for the office to which they were elected. My question for people that love Trump is: Exactly what part of his character is worthy of love? Is it how he treats others? Is it his embrace of tyrants around the world in Russia, N. Korea and Saudi Arabia? Is it his willful denial of science and medicine? Is it his reckless behavior in exposing his own supporters and staff to a deadly disease? Or perhaps it’s his mismanagement of a disease that’s now killed about five times the number of Americans who died in Vietnam? What is anyone’s rationale for loving Donald Trump? Before I show respect for or make an attempt to “get along with people that love Trump,” I want them to explain their love, and with facts.

    • Orange man bad. And you and your friends have nicely tapped into your hate, hardly a positive lifestyle choice, though Emperor Palpatine would nod approvingly.

      Your tag line: This election is about whether the USA can be redeemed.

      Redemption is in the eye of the Almightly, and not the eye of a political partisan. Biden gets around 80 million votes, Trump not that many behind. And Biden’s total includes millions of fraudulent ballots. Somewhere along the line, the rest of us are not going to go along with the notion of your side stealing elections fair and square any more. What do you plan to do then? Cheers –

      • Sorry I don’t subscribe to your idea of a magical sky friend who brokers in redemption, or other fantasies. The US Department of Homeland Security, that works for president Trump, reported that this election was secure. Of course, I imagine Homeland Security also a nest of Biden-ballot stuffers, in your opinion. Millions of fraudulent ballots? I guess if you start out believing in a magical sky friend, you can believe anything.

    • Thomas, are you joking? Have you already forgotten about Obama corrupting the FBI, CIA, and IRS to use against his political enemies? Have you forgotten the corrupt Clinton’s? Have you forgotten the years of lies about a bogus Russian and Ukrainian collusion hoax which 10’s of million of dollars was wasted on that Democrat lie..All the while Biden was doing it all himself. Have you forgotten about all the racism from Joe Biden and corruption from this family?
      I mean, sheesh, the Democrat Party and rioting BLM and ANTIFA are the “handshake” huh? Hahaha.
      “This election was a choice between decency and dishonor, between sense and senselessness, between reason and reaction, between a handshake and the middle finger. Besides his atrocious personal behavior, “

      • Did the Democratic Party endorse rioting? Not in the least. By this own statements, Trump certainly warmed up to the Proud Boys and to the thugs in Charlottesville who ran over and killed an innocent woman. The FBI and CIA have confirmed that Russia interfered in the 2016 election, waging a disinformation and propaganda war that helped Trump get elected. How many times was it proved that Trump lied in office? 20,000+? Don’t be a tool. Hitler had tools. They were called the Brown Shirts. They were thugs. Once Hitler no longer needed the Brown Shirts, he had 150+ of their leaders executed. Trump would do the same to you, as soon as you weren’t of use to him. Save yourself.

  4. Anderson Cooper: “That is the president of the United States. That is the most powerful person in the world. We see him like an obese turtle on his back flailing in the hot sun, realizing his time is over.”—-the very definition of word craft

  5. The Blue Wave! Blue Jell-O perhaps. The Leftists had it all – Impeachment before inauguration, Russia collusion, worst pandemic in 100 years, financial catastrophe and an Orwellian press. They lost house seats, didn’t take the senate but through fraud will get the WH. Trump bludgeoned the Left with a 6-3 SCOTUS. The Republicans will move further forward in 2022 and recapture the WH in 2024 – TRUMP 2024!!

    Trump’s foreign policy accomplishments are exceptional. The definition of Deplorables is people who don’t support the military industrial complex or the Swamp. As if that’s a bad thing.

    But Wait, There’s More! The Ginsu knives…The Left will turn on Biden in short order. They never liked him. They just wanted to be rid of Trump. Once that happens, he is of no use and a woman of color is too compelling for the Identity Police. Democrats have always been warring tribes convened in anticipation of common plunder.

  6. I have been saying for years that the oil cartel / GOP is trying to turn Alaska into Afghanistan.
    Now with 120,000 ballots still uncounted out of roughly (350,000) people who voted in the last election…we are told there was a “RED WAVE” across the state???
    How can our state be the only state in the country waiting a full 7 days to count ALL the mail in ballots?
    Do Alaskans realize that their votes will not decide the president this election?
    What does the future of Democracy hold if we are now in the category with 3rd world countries like Afghanistan that do not know election results for weeks after election day.

    • Alaskans voices might actually have the last say Steve, they might be the loudest voices of them all. It’s all about the math and the electoral college, there is a strong possibility that whoever gets to 270 will need every last electoral vote to get there.

      As far as waiting seven days to count all the mail in ballots, that’s the way the law is written at least we are following our laws, some states have simply abandoned theirs and have done whatever a judge decided…oh wait we did that too. Our laws say an absentee ballot or mail in ballot must be witnessed and the witness must sign the ballot that they’ve witnessed the person sealing the ballot is who they say they are…well one judge decided that law doesn’t matter and witnesses aren’t needed.

      Comparing Alaska to Afghanistan is sheer ignorance. Either you want legal and correct elections or you want them now because facebook and twitter demand immediate results and the attention span of the American populace is so short that, was that a butterfly…

      • Steve-O,
        Maybe Im thinking wrong, but all Biden needs is NV,he CAN lose the rest @ 714pm local

      • Dave,

        He needs 270 electoral college votes, Nevada might be involved in that but until the elections are certified all the “calls” by the various media outlets don’t really mean as much as they think they do…the media “calls” do not elect a president in this country.

      • Steve-O,
        The problem with surrounding yourself with only like minded people,is that you run the risk of losing perspective, big picture focus.Trump was done last February,undone by the virus, by his ego that was assured it overcame 1000 yrs of science.To me it was clear by April/May,what media/politico types,the populace and power brokers couldn’t do the genetically simple virus did.
        Apparently you can continually lie to peoples face and thats Ok somehow.Even to the religious right, that cloaked there support in unbelievable scriptural hypocrisy.
        Trumps approach to the outbreak is something that will be in the history books like Attila the Hun.And something that most likely has more past drama to play out as coolaiddrinkers inside the admin look to save there skins.
        The difference between science and Trump is, science admits its wrong, like life, its continually learning.Or in a maritime function,”corrects its course”.
        Once the perceived cloak of Pres immunity is removed, the lawsuits will build like water pressure.Id sure hate to be Rudy or will Barr among others….
        For Potus the Ignorant,four more yrs of Dept Justice running a screen might have allowed him to practically die in office a free man.
        Now a VERY new future and unknown faces the greatest con man in our lifetime.
        The blood of 200k+ dead civilians is on his shoulders

      • Dave Mc:
        “The difference between science and Trump is, science admits its wrong, like life, its continually learning.”

        Oh, come off it with the Majesty of Science. Today, science is as corrupt as politics.

    • Steve,

      You might be interested in reading this:
      “The law in 21 U.S. states permits mail-in votes received after Election Day to be counted toward the final tally…ballots are counted 10 days after the election in Alaska, seven days after in Nevada, nine days in North Carolina and three days in Pennsylvania…In each of the 21 states that allow late counting, absentee ballots must be postmarked by Election Day, except for in Iowa, where the ballots must be postmarked by the day before Election Day. California has the longest timeframe for vote eligibility at 17 days after Election Day…It is possible ballots could be counted after Election Day in Utah…which varies by county but may be as late as Nov. 17.”

      If you didn’t know that we have only 3 electoral college votes and that we are at the end of the day compared to the rest of the states, then you haven’t been paying attention…but welcome to the club of those who do pay attention, I only wish there were more of us.

      • Dave Mc, I suggest you do a little research into the chicanery of the Clinton’s, Obama, Biden’s, Pelosi, Shiff, etc.. then get back with me on Trump’s corruption and that phony, psychotic lib narrative “Trump has the blood of 200k on his hands”. Isnt it funny most of the dead came from Democrat CONTROLLED states which Trump had NO control?

  7. The people who cast the votes don’t decide an election, the people who count the votes do.

    Joseph Stalin

  8. We were less divided as a country in 2012
    when Obama got 332 electoral votes?
    Or Obama 2008 365 electoral votes?

    Bush 2004
    286 electoral votes-more divided?

    In the end Biden likely will get more electoral votes
    and for sure more popular votes than Bush or Obama-

    just saying

    • Trump 2016?

      304 electoral votes

      so by the math we are not less divided since 2004
      and Obama is one of our countries most popular presidents-and Biden is (based on the popular vote)

      But division sells and distracts from
      facts like we have more people in prison than any other country (over 2 million)
      (mostly for non-violent offenses)

      look a baby wolf

      • Trump is now beating Obama’s 2008 popular vote totals. And how much of Bidens vote is the anti Trump vote?

    • Um, Obama weaponized the IRS, CIA, and and FBI to use against his political opponents. Scumbag move. Obama set race relations back 60yrs. Obama started the “war on the police”.. More scumbag moves. Not to mention Biden’s Ukranian and Chinese connections.
      Let’s hear for Obama/Biden – yah!!!

      • You are fully missing my point-No where did I say any of these people are good people. The article is about division.
        The math does not support the premise.

        I am pro-voting,
        but have no choices

        because we essentially have a single party system-both
        parties supporting mass incarnation for example. Or
        drone warfare as you point out.

  9. Blows my mind that Biden, on video tape, could admit bribing the Ukrainian government with a billion dollars of taxpayer money to fire a prosecutor and not be in prison…………

    But hey man, Joe, brother Jim, Hunter, and Joe’s sister didn’t profit from Chinese or Ukranian “deals”….

  10. Are you kidding me? Biden is the most corrupt and biggest liar there is. His whole career has been built on lies. He’ll, he even went to a black college didnt he?? Haha Biden corrupt legal troubles are just beginning with the laptops. Once Team Obama gets back in they will see that Biden is removed because of the laptops and replaced by Harris and another pliable VP radical.
    Democrats have been pushing for corrupt Mail-in ballots/voting long before Trump came along. Mighty coincidental that we have a perfected virus released before the election. All one big conspiracy? Probably.
    Trump lied his way to success? Come on, just lib talking points. Remember the whole Democrat Russian/Ukrainian Collusion “impeachment” lie Pelosi? Pelosi, Shifty, Mueller, and all the other LIARS?

    “Trump lied his way to success as some successful businessmen do. Biden, on the other hand, weaseled his way to success the way some politicians do. They are in this way far more alike than different.

    The evidence would indicate Trump built his family fortune on questionable business deals. The evidence would also suggest Biden lifted his family fortunes through legalized corruption.”

      • Bryan,
        When u finish up waving goodbye to Family Grifters,better start counting the W.H silverware drawer

    • Yes, and, just as the Gays like to position themselves near our children, the Left likes to position themselves near the ballots. Hello, civil war, howya doon.

    • If Joe pulls this off and when he is removed from office for being senile or corrupt and Kamala takes the reigns the Speaker of the House is the next in line, right now that means VP Pelosi. The same Nancy Pelosi who was pushing to form a committee on the 25th Ammendment and said “This is not about President Trump,” she continued “He will face the judgment of the voters. But he shows the need for us to create a process for future presidents.” Seems like a conflict of interests to me, but what do I know? Pushing a bill that would set her up to be VP, if I were Kamala right now I know I’d vote against that bill!!

      • Nevermind, it’s early.

        Section 2 of the 25th Ammendment says “Whenever there is a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, the President shall nominate a Vice President who shall take office upon confirmation by a majority vote of both Houses of Congress.”

        In the event the 25th Ammendment is employed it does not follow the regular lines of succession.

  11. Vastly different views on function and tole of government. Been with us since our country even started. Survival will be about the best we can do. We now have armed groups demonstrating in the streets. Expect them to start shooting st each other in the open at any time. Urban violence continues go grow as policing decreases in areas of violence. The true believers want to go in opposite directions, both lead to equally bad results. Different but just as bad.

  12. Well folks,
    Biden said the term “Dark Winter” several times in his last debate and he does not have the “keep the economy” open vibe like Trump.
    Looking at the riots tonight in NYC, I would say Americans should familiarize themselves with the true meaning of term “dark winter”.
    “On June 22, 2001, a group of well-known U.S. officials and a handful of senior policymakers gathered at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland for a senior-level exercise that simulated a biological weapons attack—an outbreak of deadly smallpox—on the United States.
    Designed by the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies (now called the Center for Health Security) and the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the day-and-a-half-long “Dark Winter” simulation was conducted to gauge how senior leaders would respond to such an attack…”

  13. “a Biden victory will mean little more than another “four ugly, miserable, destructive years.”

    Tops on Medred’s wish list.

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