Just when you think the news on COVID-19 can’t get much crazier, there comes this from the Chinese media:

Great clue! Suspicious US seafood received at Huanan Seafood Market before the outbreak.”

Forget the bats, the pangolins or the possible lab leak. Forget China for that matter and turn your attention far, far, far to the east and the waters of the state of Maine.

“In mid-November 2019, a batch of seafood from Maine, USA was shipped to Wuhan South China Seafood Market through the cold chain,” reports Sina, a Chinese government news site. “In just a few weeks, employees of many merchants in the South China Seafood Market experienced symptoms of pneumonia of unknown origin one after another, and they were infected with new coronary pneumonia.”

Correlation, as all scientists know, is not causation, but it is certainly grounds for speculation and theorization. The global warming theory is built on the correlation between the staggering increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide since the start of the Industrial Revolution and the corresponding increase in the average temperature on a planet that has been both far hotter and far colder than it is today.

So the Chinese have as much right to as anyone to speculate on the origins of the pandemic SARS-CoV-2 virus, and boy, do they speculate, complete with a very detailed timeline:

On November 11, 2019, at 4:4(0) in the morning, China Eastern Airlines Flight MU298 landed at Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

“A batch of American cold chain cargo carried on board was unloaded from the cabin of the North Airport Cargo Terminal and transported to the international cargo arrival area to wait for entry. Among them are 55 boxes of 823.4 kilograms (1,815 pounds) of chilled American Boston lobsters.

“The goods arrived quickly because of air freight. Only 3 days have passed since the time when Wang, an employee of company X, placed an order on the fresh food cross-border trading platform. But they have to act quickly and send the goods to Shanghai, Hubei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Henan and other places as soon as possible. Twenty-six customers have ordered this batch of lobsters with a total value of $1,6483.5.

Before shipping, they will open the box and inspect the goods as usual, then pack them in the original packaging, ice packs and water and temperature control sponges, and ship them to subscribers everywhere.

Zheng is also one of the subscribers of this batch of lobsters. He is the owner of merchant A of Wuhan South China Seafood Market. On November 11 and 12, 2019, he placed an order for a total of 140.08 kilograms (310 pounds) of lobster on the X company network platform. In recent years, Zheng has a group of regular hotel customers, and he also provides aquatic products to other merchants in the South China Seafood Market.

“‘I am afraid it was this batch of American lobsters that opened the Pandora’s box of the epidemic in the South China Seafood Market,” the report says.

Suspicious cases

It goes on to link COVID-19 infections to various employees of merchants who marketed the lobster with added claims that “environmental positive sample was also collected on the ground of the merchant.

“Not only that, the employees of merchants C and D of the South China Seafood Market, Ming, Cai, Xu, Hu, etc., after borrowing the packaging materials of American cold chain products purchased by merchant A, also appeared in the earliest infected persons in Wuhan in the list.

It can be seen more clearly from the stall map around merchant A. There are many infected persons and positive environmental samples in nearby businesses. Among the 13 merchants and employees in the surrounding area, seven merchants were found to have positive seroantibodies, and one of the merchants also detected positive environmental samples.”

U.S. and Maine officials are denying any responsibility.

A Maine spokesman for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) scoffed at the idea, the Portland Press Herald reported. 

Tom Adams, the president of Maine Coast Shellfish, also told the newspaper  that “he doesn’t know why his company was singled out, but suggested it could be an attempt to ‘deflect some of the bad publicity’ from China for being the first place the virus was reported.”

That’s also likely true, but one should not forget the “Spanish flu,” the globe’s last great pandemic, wasn’t tracked back to a likely origin in Haskell County, Kansas, USA for almost a decade. 

And the globe was far less interconnected in the early 20th century than it is in the early 21st century. Potentially contaminated lobster from Maine, or potentially contaminated Mainiacs flying to China with it, can now be in China within hours.

SARS-CoV-2 has been reported to be able to survive on plastic, in which shipments of food are often wrapped, for up to three days. 

Far-fetched but not impossible

So while the Chinese speculation is crazy, the idea the virus was born in Maine is not impossible given that its birthplace remains unknown.

“There is no scientific evidence to support these nonsensical claims,” Robert Long, a spokesman for the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, told the Press Herald, although the lack of evidence and “nonsensical claims” are not synonymous.

Pythagoras claimed the earth was round in 530 BC, but no evidence emerged until Aristotle observed the round shadow of the planet on the moon during a lunar eclipse a couple of hundred years later, and the idea wasn’t really “proven” until Christopher Columbus sailed into the Bahamas in 1492, instead of sailing off the end of the earth, and returned to Spain to talk about it.

He was later given credit for discovering the New World, though he would go to his grave claiming he had discovered the edge of the Far East to which the financiers of his voyage had sought a shorter sailing route. 

And later still, Colombus would be vilified as the man who origianted pestilence, war and death on an idyllic American continent although the history of his voyage reflects that the 39 crewmen he left behind in paradise were massacred and their village – “La Navidad” – burned to the ground.

The world – even what we now call the “Western World” – was a very different place in the 1400 and 1500s than it is today.

And in some ways not.

Anchorage Dr. Benjamin Westley, trained in infectious diseases, gambled on visiting a restaurant in August and caught COVID-19 despite being vaccinated,  and now he mainly blames others for not wearing masks, although how one is supposed to eat through a mask is unclear. 

The evidence says masks might help a little, but staying away from others and staying out enclosed spaces full of others will help a lot.

Despite these realities, it would appear Alaskans are back to focusing their emotions on masks – pro or con – and against that backdrop, it’s difficult to be too hard on the Chinese for their self-serving speculation:

“Whether the early epidemic in the South China seafood market was imported through the cold chain of these U.S. seafood products has become the biggest doubt. The traceability results of the epidemic in Xinfadi in Beijing in June 2020, Dalian in Liaoning in July, and Qingdao in Shandong in October all point to imported cold chain products. 

“Therefore, it is entirely possible for the virus to attach to the cold chain packaging of this batch of seafood products in the United States and enter the South China seafood market.

“This possibility is also supported by the ‘China-WHO Joint Research Report on the Traceability of the New Coronavirus’ released by the WHO in March this year. The report states:
‘Research shows that the new coronavirus can survive for a long time under the conditions of frozen food, packaging and cold chain products. The index cases in the recent epidemic in China are related to the cold chain; in some other cold chain products provided to China the virus was found on the country’s packaging and products, indicating that it can be spread over long distances through cold chain products.'”

And there you have it. SARS-CoV-2 jumped from someone infected in Maine (there is no evidence of the virus ever being found in lobsters) to the packaging on Maine seafood to the seafood market in Wuhan.

Is it possible?

The evidence to date would indicate this is unlikely, hugely unlikely. But given that the origin of SARS-CoV-2 has yet to be firmly established, it is not impossible.

So put the Chinese claim in the context of an observations by a young, Alaska journalist questioned about a nebulous claim in a story she wrote years ago:

“It might not be the truth, but it’s her truth.”

All of which pretty much sums the epicenter of the COVID-19 debate in Alaska today whether you’re a believer or a non-believer, a masker or an anti-masker, a vaxer or an anti-vaxer.

For the record, the author can claim to be all of the above.

COVID-1`9 is very real, but the threat to fundamentally healthy people is limited and especially to those who have the sense to avoid others when infection rates are high, as they are now in Alaska, and stay out of enclosed spaces full of people.

The vaccines are proving themselves amazingly effective, and the side effects and risks – at least as concern adults – appear small. I got vaxed early.

Despite that, it’s only common courtesy to wear a mask in places where it makes others feel more comfortable even if they might be fooling themselves.

The Bangledesh study suggests a decrease in infections of less than 10 percent for masking; a University of Vermont study suggested the opposite.

It found that masking increased close contacts and as a result infections increased nstead of decreased. There is no doubt the best way to avoid infection is to stay the hell away from others.

One cannot help but wonder if Westley might have avoided the restaurant where he believes he became infected with SARS-CoV-2 if there had been an Anchorage mandate banning masks.

The public policy issues surrouding the pandemic are complicated. A lockdown now, for instance, would make far more sense than it did in early 2020 based solely on the rates of infection, but public’s attitudes are much different now than they were then.

For many, COVID fatigue has replace COVID fear. For others, the idea that “if we can only save one life” has become tantamount. And the tribes on both sides are thus warring.

Only history will tell if this do

worse than the disease, but the tribalism that has been brewing in the U.S. for at least a decade seems now to push Americans farther apart day by day.


















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  1. Ah yes, “Global Warming”, the same Covid cultist liars:
    “Antarctica has posted its coldest winter since records began in 1957 with average temperatures of -61.1 ° C. The previous record was -60.6°C in 1976.”

  2. Yet when BLM & Antifa did a Billion Dollars worth of damage to public and private property, the liberals and governments(local, state, & federal) did not consider them dangerous or terrorists…

    The National School Boards Association (NSBA) has written a letter to President Joe Biden, requesting “federal law enforcement and other assistance” to cope with angry parents concerned about their children wearing masks in school all day and learning concepts of Critical Race Theory (CRT).

    The NSBA “respectfully asks for federal law enforcement and other assistance to deal with the growing number of threats of violence and acts of intimidation occurring across the nation,” the letter reads, and continues:

    NSBA believes immediate assistance is required to protect our students, school board members, and educators who are susceptible to acts of violence affecting interstate commerce because of threats to their districts, families, and personal safety … Coupled with attacks against school board members and educators for approving policies for masks to protect the health and safety of students and school employees, many public school officials are also facing physical threats because of propaganda purporting the false inclusion of critical race theory within classroom instruction and curricula.

    • Marlin, and let us not forget the 10’s of cops murdered, the thousands of cops injured, the extortion, and promotion of Marxism by endorsing the Democrats “Summer of Love”. Hell, Harris setup bail funds to get those losers out of jail.

  3. If you have a couple hours, this in depth discussion with 2 scientists, who have been in the middle of vaccine technology and evaluation is worth your time. They have some informed and interesting observations about the plusses and minuses of mass vaccinations against these types of COVID viruses.

    • Here is a short article about a new study that appears to support some of the concerns expressed in the video above.
      The argument isn’t that we should not have vaccines, but that they should be targeted on the individuals who’s age and medical conditions put them at risk. The concern is that mass vaccination of those with very small risk suppresses the original virus providing more human resources for the variants to multiply.

      When an unvaccinated person is infected with the original virus and variants, both reproduce and the body develops antibodies against all of them. When this person sheds virus, the percentage of variants is roughly the same as in the viral load that infected them.

      When a vaccinated person is infected with the same load of the viruses, the antibodies created by the vaccine attack the original virus, but not the variants. The variants are able to reproduce more rapidly without the competition from the original virus. When the vaccinated person sheds virus, the percentage of variants will be much higher.

      This has the unfortunate effect of increasing the percentage of the variants in the viral loads being shed all around us by asymptomatic vaccinated people.

  4. I just want to throw this out there early to dispell any “Global Warming” hysteria:

    “According to NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), La Niña climate patterns have stronger trade winds, pushing warm water toward Asia and upwelling increases off the West Coast, bringing cold and nutrient-rich water to the surface of the Pacific Ocean.

    The cold Pacific waters push the jet stream – narrow bands of strong wind that generally blow from west to east across the globe, including two polar jet streams and two subtropical jet streams – northward, which tends to lead to drought in the southern U.S. and heavy rains and flooding in the Pacific Northwest.

    During a La Niña year, winter temperatures are warmer than normal in the south and cooler than normal in the north, the agency notes.”

  5. Apparently you missed the congressional hearings where Rand Paul confronted Dr Fauci with FOIA documents that prove the CDC/ NIH funded the “gain of function” program at the Wuhan lab.
    None of that seems to matter anymore since the problem at hand is much more severe than a synthetic flu protein that attacks mostly obese people.
    We are currently seeing a modern Apartheid state developing in western nations starting in UK, Canada & Australia.
    Wonder why Canada & Australia have the Queen of England on their money??
    For Craig to act like this is “crazy” only distracts from the underlying operation that has been planned in Event 201 & is methodically being rolled out in our once free nation.
    Mandatory mRNA jabs for all children in California now even through this age group was NEVER at risk from this virus?
    The lines are drawn and either you drank the kool-aid like Medred or you see the fascism spreading through your country….either way we are seeing a great divide in our once united nation…a divide that started under Trump (who could have fired Fauci but chose to let him roll out the disaster that he did).
    Good luck staying “normal” as the elected leaders continue to pump out Big Pharma’s agenda one step at a time….while bringing back the masks, social distancing & mandatory jabs.

    • Steve , I agree with your pretense. I think it’s actually far worse than you present. Im very glad you see life as it is and you are not afraid to say something and push back . The dangers are immense.
      That said I really think you misunderstand Mr medreds message or article. He is not blind and sees everything you speak of and probably far more . His message presents several points. Im certain I missed several but here are a few. 1 – we are not 100% certain it was released in a lab despite all evidence pointing towards that so there are still other theories ( he was kind of debunking them) . ( what he could discuss is how America funded the lab in question and the weird ethical questions surrounding the situation) #2 we are acting overly tribal and that reduces thought capacity and is an immense danger to society. #3 his statement common courtesy by wearing a mask in public regardless of our own opinions and is an immensely important concept. One our society used to revere . Courtesy. It kept us from stepping on toes and hurting others feelings which in society is beyond important to a degree. At less if you want civilization to continue as we know it . Im an extreme anti masker yet I understand what he means. I haven’t been good at courtesy. He’s right. #4 it’s important to try and see all sides especially in reporting. For accuracy and to keep people engaged so they dont just say hes full of bs and on the other side .
      Fools loose their ability to think as soon as they perceive you are against them . Education is very slow and must sort of come from within ( i choose to accept or change) reporting in as non dramatic fashion as possible keeps people thinking. Imo ( I could be wrong because obviously drama gets people’s attention but then they feed at the trough of confirmation bias) in short I think Mr medred does a great job as a reporter even if he isn’t beating the war drums like i want him to 😉. Someone must stay rational in this society/ discussion. Personally im ready to re arm the Australian civilians. Give their government a taste of their own medicine 🏹 just kidding- or am i? Y’all can correct me if im wrong. Have a great day.

      • DPR: “Steve, I agree with your pretense”

        Your use of the term pretense is either incredibly apt or hilariously ironic. Either way, it made me smile.

      • Pete , perhaps you read more into it than I intended. Still , if it made you laugh, I will stick with it . Nothing more valuable than a laugh these days!! Glad im useful for someone!

      • Pete , Webster’s third new world dictionary ( large paper version) is apt for my basic intent .
        1st definition of pretense: a claim made or implied (theory which has made the greatest ~ of having a scientific foundation) Especially indicated outwardly but not supported by fact.
        That kind of sums up most peoples positions these days.
        My intent was : claim made or implied. Its up to the future to proove or disprove steves theories.
        Sadly most people look up a words meaning from the internet and the internet rarely gives an accurate analysis of meanings. For whatever reason the internet focused on the negative connotations definitions of pretense such as equates with pretend . Not a full understanding of the usage.
        In writing I think of pretense as what the author suggesting. Not necessarily in a negative way but his intent without supporting facts being present.
        If you laughed though we will stick with your original thought because i to think it’s funny!! A little fitting for all of us .
        I know you hate my long form . My wife does to . I tell her – “ hey life isn’t abbreviated!”

      • Pete,
        Good catch, hilarious indeed.

        Just to be clear you are going with a definition that does not exist and that you just made up, is that correct? Didn’t you just say “Words have meanings” yesterday?

      • Steve o, and you are going with a full of shi— statement ? or are you just a liar? . I didn’t make it up . Like I said its the first definition of pretense in websters third new international dictionary page 1797 first definition on the page . Its a big page with fine print. You might need glasses. Look it up snuffy . Get off your computer go to a library and find a real dictionary.
        “ made it up you say” i say you should apologize.

      • “In writing I think of pretense as what the author suggesting. Not necessarily in a negative way but his intent without supporting facts being present.” Your definition don’t cotton to the actual definition, hence my comment. Where your definition is “without supporting facts being present” the actual definition is “not supported by fact”, words have meanings remember? I await your apology for your uncalled for name calling.

      • Steve o , you stated i made up definition. Not dpr made up interpretation . I didn’t make up definition. Its there to read in dictionary. Like i said steve o words matter and you need to learn how to read. Also I didn’t call you a liar . I asked if you were one or if you were going with a sh— statement. Reading comprehension matters steve o . You could just say you didn’t understand what you meant . That’s adequate apology for me 😉

      • “ couldn’t understand what dpr meant” ( apologies for hitting wrong key there)

      • Pete , I really appreciate your ability to be succinct. I need to develop that skill. As to smile or laugh- i read your implication wrong. Hopefully it was an entertaining smile 😊. Might i ask where you learned your ability to say a lot with few words? Self taught or did you have a good teacher?

      • DPR,
        Oh how quickly we forget the lessons we just learned…
        “#2 we are acting overly tribal and that reduces thought capacity and is an immense danger to society. #3 his statement common courtesy by wearing a mask in public regardless of our own opinions and is an immensely important concept. One our society used to revere . Courtesy. It kept us from stepping on toes and hurting others feelings which in society is beyond important to a degree. At less if you want civilization to continue as we know it . Im an extreme anti masker yet I understand what he means. I haven’t been good at courtesy. He’s right. #4 it’s important to try and see all sides especially in reporting. For accuracy and to keep people engaged so they dont just say hes full of bs and on the other side .”

        Here’s the deal, you cited a definition which is good for understanding what words mean. The problem came when you discarded that definition an substituted it for your own made up definition. That’s not how definitions work, words have meaning and you can’t just make up your own definition as you go to serve your chosen beliefs…it’s kinda why they are called definitions.

        All of the rest of your emotional name calling and personal attacks are to be expected at this point, it’s what you do when you are incapable of proving your point and you know you are wrong. It’s sad that you can’t get past that crutch.

      • Steve o , I think what you are missing in understanding a word and a writters meaning ,is context. To have full reading comprehension you need to understand the context. The context sheds light on a words meaning. As a word also helps with meaning of content. You have a tendency to grasp on a word and apply your version of the meaning and that distorts and pulls away from the meaning of content. ( your version is valid but the combination of multiple meanings in English language and uses of words combined with context is what shapes the words intended meaning) that sheds light on the meaning of content. The first definition of context is the weaving together of words in a language. #2 the part or parts of a written or spoken passage preceding or following a particular “word” or group of words that is so intimately associated with them as to throw light on their meaning.
        You have a tendency to grasp a word without understanding the context. The context can be of equally or greater importance to understanding meaning. ( unless the word is just plain mistake word then the context becomes imperative and even more important) so its a bit questionable to become overly concerned with a given word when in fact context may hold greater meaning of intent of subject.
        That’s one of the biggest key to reading comprehension. Imo reading comprehension is important to understand and converse in a functional manner. Generally the goal of reading is to understand what someone means. Or garner usable information. If you just look at a word without adequate context you can create misunderstandings. Similar to what pete smiled about. He thought i was saying steve s was false because pretense is often thought of as directly false . But its not always especially when paired with context. The context was with words like “present” and “misunderstanding” ect . False was not included. In legal situations false pretense is punishable at times. Pretense is not punishable . Pretense in itself does not guarantee falsehood. Thats why to guarantee false hood you need to pair the two . False pretense. I think it indicates intended prooven falsehood. If that was not the case then false pretense would be a double negative and redundant. ( now i do agree a common current usage of pretense associates it with falsehood. You need context though to determine meaning. Have you ever heard the term “ on what pretense do you come to my door?” This term Doesn’t specifically say you are there on false pretenses. It says why are you at my door? ( state your meaning/ pretense/ objective/ reasons for being at my door? ) . “The pretentious daring of the green mountain boys crossing the lake” ( per Webster’s dictionary) doesn’t state they were fraudulent or misrepresenting themselves. Wheras usually pretentious associates with over exaggerating self or acting pompous beyond your skill. The green mountain boys were not prone to such to my knowledge.”laboring to keep some pretense of order in san antinio” doesn’t mean the order was false ,it means it was on shaky or minimal ground. Context gives meaning. Thus a person could say pretense equaled no facts present. That would be “something believed on slight grounds” . Per Webster’s dictionary.
        Now what im missing is understanding of how to appropriately use punctuation ect . So do fill me in when you get the chance. Thanks!

      • steve o , you are distinctly mistaken. I don’t know im wrong and the items you mistook for personal attacks are just accurate description of how i see your your inability to understand whats said . Snuffy was the only name I called you and i just made that up and it’s silly and means nothing. ( i dont have any meaning for it anyway) If you thought me saying you have reading comprehension problems was an attack then you are mistaken. I actually thought perhaps you have reading comprehension problems. Thats why i just detailed what might help you communicate and understand other people. Not an attack. A factual gift from my point of view . Im not sure how you want a gift but i did the best I could for haveing no pretense on my teaching skills whatsoever.

      • Steve o, i just looked up the word snuffy on urban dictionary . I don’t remember ever hearing it before but it means all kinds of bad stuff ( quite interesting stuff actually) I didn’t intend to label you with. I meant it more as term of familiarity. Not an insult. Apologies if you took it as such.

      • DPR,
        Have you taken too much meth? If so, I will gladly do what I can to help you because holy shit man, you’ve done way too much meth.

      • Steve o , best laugh ive had for awhile. Good one . I cant beat that 😉

    • DRP Covid was 100% generated in a lab to do exactly what I outlined here in Jan/Feb 2020. It has performed exactly as it’s handlers designed. Killing off the weak by the millions. Is there some collateral damage? Sure.. but, all-in-all Covid is saving governments billions of dollars. Follow the money always. The powers to be know Covid doesn’t affect in-shape kids but..they insist on profits at the expense of our kids.
      Those scumbag politicians should be hung like Nuremberg.

    • I had to check, but yep this is still and not stevercrazyconspiracytheories.nutz

      It hilarious that you’re demanding Craig write article about your conspiracy theories and bemoaning the fact that he’s not sharing your ideas, while you share your ideas on his site…hilarious, a little lacking in self awareness, but hilarious nonetheless.

      • Steve o, the rand paul fauci exchange steve s spoke of was true per documents. We are funding the whuhan lab and its gain of function. As well as worse ideas per grant request paperwork. Most of the rest of what steve said is also true . Australia is really treating its citizens very disrespectfully. To say the least. As Mr Medred made a great point though, its not prooven where the virus began it’s journey in the wild. Imo timelines are a bit fuzzy. I caught the virus in the November before it was identified in the us ( i nearly died) . Blood bank donation records now suggest the virus was endemic throughout the midwest in December 2019 . Wouldn’t it be crazy if it originated in America? Or some other country? I personally doubt it because satellite data on China hospitals near whuhan indicate a massive up tick in traffic fall of 2019 pre identified covid era . Yet just because China found the virus doesn’t mean it was there first . Maybe they were just on the ball with identifying. ( still – imo all evidence points to whuhan) have a good afternoon

      • DPR,
        The problem with the boy who cried wolf is no one believes him when the wolf actually shows up. That’s my problem with conspiracy theorists and as you said about most of the rest of what Steve S posted. He has posted so much false and faulty information over the years, but mixes it in with some real information to keep all the bunk he posts marginally acceptable to some people. To me all the verified bullshit taints any actual real information, of course I do my own research and would never trust someone who constantly posts misinformation the way Steve S does…but you do you.

      • Steve o , you have a point. Discernment is important.
        Yet the boy who cried wolf has a cousin called “ostrich head in sand” 😉 a person needs to balance the two.
        His other cousin is “rooster who thinks he knows” an entertaining trio .

      • The best part is when “the boy who cried wolf” is also the “ostrich [with it’s] head in [the] sand” and the “rooster who thinks he knows”. There’s a term for that out there somewhere, I’ve used it here before but can’t recall it off the top of my mind…

  6. Article source implies a retail price of less than slightly $1/lb,for lobsters.Meaning lobstermen on eastern seaboard are fishing for much less than that.
    I doubt that VERY much…..

  7. If the government can force you to get a “jab” to work. You are not free. You are a slave. Covid 19 has at least a 99.4% survival rate for the general population according to the state of alaska. See the state of Alaskas covid infections vs fatalities.

    The CDC changed the definition of a vaccine from something that gives immunity to something that gives protection in September 2021. Its defintion contradicted what a covid jab does.

    The evidence for Covid 19 being artificially created is very strong. Craig could write an entire article on it. Jon Stewart looked at the evidence and told Colbert he thought it came from the wuhan lab. Jon Stewart is no right wing conspiracy theorist

    We live in a clown world

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