The nightmare after Xmas

Helgi Halldórsson/Wikimedia Commons

Twas the day after Christmas,
and across all the lands;
the omicron variant
was stalking holiday bands.

The gifting all over,
the eating well done;
The good Dr. Fauci
warned of the end of the fun.

Blessed with the foresight
of science’s high priest,
he had a clear view
of the dangerous, tiny beast.

Many, many will be infected,
he said was his hunch,
before offering some hope,
omicron might pack a less deadly punch.

No mention was made
of the co-epidemics long underway,
though it is clear they compound
the Covid most every day.

One expert predicting
how it will go
cited “the general health”
of the Average Joe.

Two years on from a slide
into a pandemic pit,
the message still missing
was the need to get fit.

Vaccinations are helpful,
there’s no denying that,
but it is obvious the danger
of being too fat.

is the big word that spells out,
why the old and unfit
have been dying all about.

But with a new year coming,
there’s a chance to fight back
in the same way as Aaron Rodgers,
the lying Green Packers Bay quarterback.

Rodgers, in his defense,
made an informed pick
as to what was best for him,
and then he got sick.

That he recovered,
well and quickly,
can be attributed to the fact,
he was  young and unsickly.

Not all can get young,
no matter the wish they could,
but many can get more fittly,
if only we would.

And with that it can be said,
a Happy New Year to all,
and to all a good night.

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  1. Bravo!!! The hospitals were full before COVID largely with preventable illnesses – heart disease, lung cancer, trauma. COVID just tipped them over. Two years into the pandemic there is the constant media drum beat of vaccine, isolate, mask – vaccinate, isolate, mask but hardly a peep about exercise, eat healthy, don’t smoke. Don’t want to blame the victim they say, but we are all victims if every bed in the hospital is full, and if burnt out nurses and docs retire early, and if our health care expenditures continue to take a huge slice of the public pie.

    • well, there are those who love him. consider this from a former Alaska news reporter:

      “Dr. Fauci is my hero. He goes to work every day trying to make sure we all stay safe from this pandemic. Then he has to suffer the never-ending, repetitive, often-ridiculous questions from national reporters. You know he’s not a magician, right journalists?”

      i think we can all agree Fauci is NOT a magician. he’s not even a very good prognosticator. but imagine the indignity of the smartest scientist in the world being required to answer questions from reporters.

    • Ray,
      What about that lying Trump,still fleecing the clueless.Wheres the accountability.
      Get out,do something.Challange yourself.
      See something, make the world better, or at least try

      • Dave
        That was a weak case of deflection. Just weak dave . Fauci is a proven liar. He was expected to be better. Hes not worthy of his position but hey he gets a 350 k a year retirement for screwing everything up regarding covid from its creation to our reaction policy. Talk about fleecing.
        Biden has one upped trump. Nearly everything Brandon says is inaccurate or a lie . Except when he told us the democrats had created the most extensive voter fraud organization in history. We should have listened when he warned us .
        I gotta ask why do you obsess and deflect regarding trump? Who cares ? Yah think biden isnts fleecing us all as well ? Donate to the creator of mandates and bidenflation . Hes just gross and another politician who doesn’t deserve the time of day . Yah reap what you sow and he created a dishonest crackhead . Millions of brainwashed voted for a failed parent . Real wise folks .
        Small minds obsess over people. Big minds develop ideas. Why confuse the issues with politicians? Deflection- you nailed that .
        Fauci lied people died .

      • DPR,
        Ughm…So..Why do you care?
        Nevermind,heres a few quotes for you,because you seem to be a pretty good consumer of the written word.Something that I hope is not losing the battle for the thirst for knowledge.
        “Never judge a man till you’ve walked a mile in his moccasins”-ancient Native American proverb.
        And one from the Big JC” Either how canst thou say to thy brother, Brother, let me pull out the mote that is in thine eye, when thou thyself beholdest not the beam that is in thine own eye?”

        Get out,do something,Challange yourself.
        See something, make the world better, or at least try…

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