Pay for view

Denali National Park and Preserve: See it this summer and save 50 percent. The National Park Service has announced plans to jack the entry fee from $10 to $15 next year.¬† The […]

Training day

  Only in Alaska will an April shopper find the cases of bear spray stacked five high a dozens aisles before the broccoli, butter and blueberries in the local Costco Wholesale warehouse. […]


The greatest threat to democracy in the United States today isn’t delusive Donald Trump, the sitting president of the United States who either can’t tell fact from fiction or doesn’t care. The […]

Organic dangers

Fashionable organic food may be contaminating consumers with microplastics due to microplastic-filled compost polluting organic farms,¬†according to a study published Wednesday in Science Advances. German scientists studying organic fertilizer found it contained […]