AK hard men

Neither fans nor ceremony greeted Jay Cable and Tom Moran when they crossed the finish line of Alaska’s most formidable race earlier this month. There was only the deep satisfaction of mission […]

What you wish for

Conservative Alaskans seemingly gleeful about the demise of local news media perceived as leaning left appear dangerously unaware of the handout-driven landscape of journalism in these times. AsĀ  reporting power across the […]

Trust lost

Leave it to the venerable Associated Press to arrive late to one of the most disturbing trends of these times – the deconstruction and reshaping of the business of news – and […]

Queen of Chutzpah

In the spirit of the election season, it’s time to celebrate Democrat Carol “Kitty” Hafner, the former flight attendant, National Education Association member and self-proclaimed ‘biotechnology industry professional” now hoping to win […]