Chinook roulette

    The Alaska Department of Fish and Game spun the cylinder on the Copper River commercial salmon fishery on Saturday hoping against hope the hammer falls on an empty cylinder. The […]

Golden fish

Update: This story was updated on May 21, 2017 to include new prices.   In economic crisis, there is often opportunity. Commercial fishermen in Cordova, Alaska are at the moment worrying mightily […]

Three bears & more

An Alaska brown/grizzly bear/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service photoAn Alaska brown/grizzly bear/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service photo

Bears, bears, bears have jammed up plans for new mountain bike trails in Anchorage’s Far North Bicentennial Park despite widespread public acceptance. Single Track Advocates, a cycle-trail building group, was doing well […]

New fish war

    THIS STORY WAS UPDATED AT MIDNIGHT, MAY 17, 2017 In an unprecedented move, the Alaska Board of Fisheries has decided that subsistence fishermen can be forced to share the burden […]

Cooler warming?

  Giant larvaceans and a strange interaction between high-north methane and carbon dioxide are now underlining the complexities of trying to predict climate change.   “Good news about climate change is especially […]