The feds arrive

  Both economically and biologically, the commercial fisheries of Alaska’s Cook Inlet are imprecise and archaic. And now come federal regulators to try to apply Information Age precision to this chaos of  […]

AK Connection?

This is a developing story Despite widespread reports that the shooter in a horrific Las Vegas massacre that has left up to 58 people dead “had a hunting  license from Alaska,” authorities here […]

No whales now

Twenty-nine-years ago, Utqiaġvik was Barrow, Alaska, and winter ice was forming fast on this day. Words cannot really describe how different conditions now. On Friday, you could have surfed the Arctic Ocean off […]

Global stew

An ocean circulation phenomenon known as La Nina is brewing in the tropics west of Central America, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) suspects it might, maybe, kinda, could bring Alaska […]

AK’s got gas

Alaska’s sputtering and stalling natural gas pipeline project appears to roaring forward again no matter what the media might be reporting. Just weeks after Alaska Gov. Bill Walker told the Alaska Resource […]