False narratives

  Scientists Fredrik Jutfelt and Josefin Sundin, discovered the hard way the power of the false narrative. False narratives once established have a bad habit of taking on a life of their own. […]

Slap talks

Alaska Sen. David Wilson says he has met with the reporter he allegedly slapped earlier this week, and they have patched things up. After the Thursday meeting in his Juneau office, Wilson […]

The slap

Commentary As a working journalist, it’s hard to avoid feeling sorry for Alaska Dispatch News reporter Nat Herz, and the box into which he has now fallen. Herz is the reporter who […]

Capital bubbles

Commentary The gridlocked Alaska Legislature has a problem, but it’s not what most Alaskans think, although then again in a way it is sort of what most Alaskans think. The Legislature’s problem […]

Hatchery plan stalls

A Homer, Alaska area salmon hatchery caught operating without a federal Clean Water Act permit won’t be moving its operations to Kachemak Bay anytime soon.   The private, non-profit Cook Inlet Aquaculture […]