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Apocalypse not

Sockeye salmon came flooding into Alaska’s fabled Russian River in such unprecedented numbers this week that only a day after the fishing season opened the minimum spawning goal had been met and […]

Sea change?

News analysis Could what Alaskans often view as the big, bad, faraway federal government be poised to lead northern fisheries management back to where the founders of the 49th state wanted to […]

Fading kings

The Alaska fishing season has only just begun, but early indications are the Cook Inlet king salmon collapse is developing just about as forecast by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. […]

Double whammy

Global warming and hatcheries pumping billions of salmon into the North Pacific Ocean are combining to change the very nature of Alaska sockeye salmon, according to a peer-reviewed study published in Nature […]

Deadly crash

This story has been updated A highly experienced Alaska small-plane pilot and former Alaska State Trooper now working for the Alaska Region of the National Park Service died Monday along with the […]

Cash cows

Almost 3 million people visited Alaska’s national parks and preserves last year, and if a new study out from the National Park Service can be believed, they were worth $678.02 per head […]

The fun begins

After dismal, back-to-back starts to Alaska’s season of the salmon in 2017 and 2018, there appear to be 2019 reasons for 49th state fishermen to be optimistic. Or should that be 25,523 […]

Northern fitness

Despite being dragged down by Anchorage’s lack of sidewalks and its disconnected network of multi-use/bike trails, Alaska’s largest city scores big in the American Fitness Index just released by American College of […]

Danger land

Once again the dangerous tourist season in the north is underway with six people dead in a floatplane collision at the southern end of the Alaska Panhandle and an injured snowboarder rescued […]