Wink-wink, Fairbanks

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Hang onto your muskrat-skin hats Alaska. The word from the web today is that Lady Gaga is about to move to the cold, dark heart of the north. rattled the tubes with a report the pop superstar is abandoning Los Angeles for Fairbanks, the“Golden Heart City.” Or is that the “Cold-in Heart City”?

Whatever. It’s a community sans pretense, a rare thing in these days.

“I’m just tired of the L.A. lifestyle and I feel like, at this point in my life, I’d rather just live in a place full of real, genuine people,” Gaga reportedly told the website “I’ve been to Fairbanks, Alaska a couple of times over the years and the people there are real… they’re genuine, and yeah every community has its problems but the people there are good, decent people and they care about their community. Those are the things I find most important in deciding where to live.

“I’m not retiring, I’m just looking for a change in life and I think I’ve found that in Fairbanks.”

The website then went trolling for online traffic with a request for readers to “let us know what you think in the comments section especially if you’re a resident of the Fairbanks, Alaska area and click the share button below to share with friends.”

The story was quickly shared around the web by thousands. How many Fairbanks residents fell sucker remains to be seen. There is one small problem with the story. It is  hidden behind the “About” button on the KM8News home page:

(Spoiler alert! Stop here if you really want to belive Lady Gaga would move to Fairbanks.)

“KM8 News is a fantasy news website,” About explains. “Most articles on are satire or pure fantasy.”

This leaves only question that must be asked: The disclaimer makes KM8 different from some other news sites exactly how?

At least KM8 makes some attempt to warn readers. So if news of Lady Gaga moving to Fairbanks shows up on your Facebook page, be forwarned. And if you’re from Fairbanks, hey, feel free to comment here. has long been interested in the report that Elvis is living in a dry cabin in Ester.

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  1. Elvis is actually a preacher named Jon Cotner. Although fake we don’t want any more of her pedophile types here, we trying to run them the hell out now…. many of them in government… pure evil.

  2. Fairbanks and its environs is home to many people who do not fit into societies mold and I think she would fit right in. In fact I recently moved and she could probably take over my cabin… of course it is probably not much larger than one of the closets in her LA home!

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