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Lost your job?

Tired of the hate from all the haters you’ve inspired?

What ya gonna do?

Road trip!

And where better for a road trip than Alaska where you can load up on guns, drive to the Matanuska-Susitna valley, and engage in a whole bunch of semi-automatic fun to demonstrate your belief in the Second Amendment.

Welcome to the 49th state, Milo Yiannopoulos. 

Video of Yiannopoulos trolling Alaska popped up on Facebook today. He visited the Anchorage Cabela’s and shot (video style, not firepower style) guns, guns, guns. Then he got in a crew cab pickup with his posse and headed for The Valley where they shot (firepower style, not video style) guns, guns, guns.

Safe zone

So far, there have been no reports of riots or protests.

Why would there be? This is Alaska, where the only thing that truly offends anyone is a cut to their Permanent Fund Dividend.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. People might feign offense at other things, but Alaskans have had four decades of Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska, and they keep sending him back to Washington, D.C. where he has an even bigger pool of people to offend than in his home state.


As over-sensitive grandpa Michael Carey of the Alaska Dispatch News once wrote so eloquently, “it seemed like Don was auditioning for ‘Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa.'”

And yet Alaskans love the Congressmen for All Alaska, an alt-righter before anyone coined the phrase alt-right, whatever it means. And Young has now been joined in the nation’s capital by the President for All America even if most Americans didn’t vote for him.

In the age of Trump, it’s a little amazing anyone can still be appalled by anything, but stay tuned.  Yiannopoulos has a gift. Controversy seems to follow him like a welcome plague.

Across the sea

Even when he is Milo PINO (Present In Name Only), the sensitive gather to lament the professional provocateur coming to a city, university campus, shopping mall, park, Costco bathroom, or anything near them.

Only weeks ago, students in Glasgow, Scotland took to the streets to rally against the possibility Yiannopoulos might become a rector at Glasgow University. Granted, he had, as usual, inspired the protest.

Yiannopoulos suggested that if LGBT groups at the university campus wanted to feel safe maybe the first thing they should do is ban Muslims.

British Muslims are largely opposed to homosexuality. Actually more than just opposed.

A poll last year at this time found more than half thought homosexuality should be made illegal, as in arrest people and throw them in jail, CNN reported. The news network added that “the results have sparked debate about the integration of the Britain’s largest religious minority.”

Islam has been a frequent target of Yiannopoulos, but he’s something of an equal opportunity offender. The former Breitbart editor sometimes identified as a “British journalist” (which says a lot about the cesspool journalism has become) has gone after feminists, leftists, Black Lives Matter activists, female comics, transgender people, political correctness (especially on college campuses) and, of course, “the media.”

The latter came after an interview in which Yiannopoulos appeared to condone pedophilia. That is what led to his leaving his job at Breitbart.

“Yiannopoulos’s views on pedophilia apparently went too far even for Breitbart,” the Washington Post reported. “The site was under pressure to take action against Yiannopoulos, 32, from its own staff, which had threatened to revolt if he wasn’t fired or disciplined, according to people familiar with the discussions.”

Or so said the “people familiar with discussions.”

A new home?

Armed with a semi-automatic weapon hard to obtain in Great Britain, Yiannopoulos looked right at home – not to mention happy – in the video shot in The Valley. The semi-auto appeared to be an AK-47 in 7.62mm, or what Americans would call a .308 caliber.

How the author of this article knows such things can only be attributed to “people familiar with discussions.”

The boys were having fun shooting up a hillside (kudos for picking a safe backstop) not far from the home of well-known, semi-auto fan Sarah Palin, the former governor, former vice-presidential candidate and pol-ebrity, a first in Alaska history.

The Brit seemed at least as comfortable with high-power weaponry as Palin. 

Maybe Yiannopoulos can team up with Palin and move north. With the Alaska economy in the tank, the state can use whatever, or whoever, it can get that might generate a buck.

And in the tubes, where it’s all about attention, Yiannopoulos has shown a skill for generating a buck. His Facebook video was Monday piling up the hits.

No word yet from Palin, but obviously the two need to get together. They share a strong belief in the First Amendment until someone takes advantage of it to call them names.

Efforts to reach Yiannopoulos for comment were unsuccessful. But, hey Milo: call or message us.

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  1. So now the Brits are sending us a homo with Mauve lipstick to tell us how to think…What makes him “Conservative”…Is it that he chose gloss over lipstick or the fact that he is connected with the Globalists?

    • thanks, Dude; good catch. i love crowd-source editing. it’s a given every writer can use an editor and an army of them beats the lone gunman. it’s fixed.

  2. Glad he had some fun, he likes the 1st and 2ed amendments, rule of law, I have no argument with that.

  3. “Tired of the hate from all the haters you’ve inspired?”

    The only people who hate Milo Yiannopoulos are the ignorant liberal freaks for speaking the truth. Which shows all the viewers of this article precisely where you stand. I realize that coming out of the closet as a hate-filled ignorant liberal freak wasn’t easy, but it was well past time since everyone already knew what you were anyway.

    • ok, Tom; you’ve just agreed i stated a fact: ie, Yiannopoulos inspires a bunch of haters. a fact makes me a “hate-filled ignorant liberal freak” exactly how? and while we are talking about ignorance, the rules of grammar (yes, there are rules) stipulate commas in those adjectives before “freak.” the proper form would be “hate-filled, ignorant, liberal freak.” now get a sense of humor.

    • The fact that you think Milo’s statements are “hate” inspired demonstrates that you are an ignorant liberal freak. As I previously pointed out, Milo speaks the truth. That is something that ignorant liberal freaks cannot abide – a contrary opinion. Your own hate-filled rant against him apply demonstrates that you also cannot cope with reality. A common trait among the ignorant liberal freaks. Obviously you can’t refute anything I’ve posted, all you have are grammar lessons.

      • Tom, you need to go back and read again, because your summary of what the commentary says is simply wrong. there is no reference to whether Yiannopoulos’s statements are “hate inspired” or not. it says he says things that inspire some people to hate him. people can argue all they way want as to whether he is bluntly speaking the truth, stirring the pot for attention, just trying to piss people off or whatever. his reasons for saying what he does could be all of those things and more or none of them, which is why i didn’t bother to get into it. you can’t see inside a man’s heart. so i’m not even going to try. what you can observe are the outward reactions to the man. Yiannopoulos says things that encourage some people to hate him. simple fact. as for the rest of it, you need to go back and read. “hate-filled rant?” i’m confident Yiannopoulos himself would laugh at that conclusion. it’s the kind of nonsense that would be muttered by some over-sensitive, over-protected, safe-space student in an American university today. now go find yourself a safe space where you don’t have to be exposed to differing opinions because if you can’t handle a humorous commentary about Yiannopoulos without your blood pressure spiking, you’re in trouble bud.

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