Parting ways

todd and sarah palin

Todd and Sarah Palin/Wikimedia Commons

As reported here yesterday, it’s now official: Iron Dog snowmachine champ Todd Palin has filed for divorce from wife Sarah, the former half-term Alaska governor who leveraged a failed national bid for vice president into a gig as a big-time, national polebrity.

Anchorage attorney Kimberlee Colbo has admitted to submitting the papers for 55-year-old Todd and asking the court to keep the case confidential.

How the papers were filed as TMP (Todd M. Palin) versus SLP (Sarah L. Palin) remains something of a mystery.

As several Anchorage attorneys pointed out today, court clerks are supposed to ensure that court filings list the full names of the parties involved and the names and addresses of the attorneys representing them.

As Rule 10 of the Alaska Rules of Civil Procedure spells out, “In the complaint the title of the action shall include the names of all the parties….When identifying parties in the complaint, the plaintiff shall include as much of each party’s full legal name
as is known to the plaintiff.”

Maybe Colbo, who made the list of “super lawyers,” knows a trick or two about Sarah’s old tactic of going rogue.

The case was well played from the start. Filing on a Friday is the absolute best time to submit documents to the court if you want to avoid the media, and getting away with the use of initials was brilliant.

Court documents blame the divorce on the “incompatibility of temperament between the parties such that they find it impossible to live together as husband and wife.”

Friends have long said that the Palins, like many couples, had a rocky, up-and-down relationship, but they always put the best face on their marriage in public and squelched past rumors of thoughts of divorce.

Now that the divorce has become a reality, the story is exploding into the national news.

Here is the full complaint, which indicates it was drafted on Aug. 27, but was not filed until Sept. 6, which just happens to be Todd’s birthday.

complaint one.JPG

complaint 2

complaint 3.JPG





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  1. Wow, Ray. Unusual to find an actual ‘Reader and Thinker’ ’round these parts. Stick around and make the dull men’s club less dull. My trapline of AK issues includes here, and Downing’s site that remind me of an unpublished chapter of Dickey’s “Deliverance” in their respective comments section, not to mention content.

    • Monk you and ray should meet . You would make a great couple . Your mutual adoration shines brightly. Im sure Craig would bless the wedding and write an article about it .

  2. After further analysis it has been determined that Ray is an AI bot launched by the Chinese..Ray’s logic has been proven inferior just as Captain James T, Kirk versus Nomad (space robot originally intended to disinfect planets which crashed with another AI robot creating a Frankenstein AI planet-killing robot. Watch it on Youtube Very instructive.

    • Chris ,I think I agree it could be bot of some kind. Maybe not China though. What you said is very possible as it’s discussion is incoherent and doesn’t change tactics like a human does and seems completely unconcerned about embarrassing itself. A human at least desires to appear to get smarter. Either poor rendition of Ai or a disfunctional college kid .

      • Are you actually that dumb? You are because you can’t grok someone who is more intelligent than you. It is that simple. Yes, yes of course, he and I are bots working in concert to poison young minds, spread discontent and steal your wife. A poor rendition of AI? Your are laughable.

      • Monk your paranoia runs deep . I never thought you were poisoning minds or steeling wives . For sure know you are not a bot . I am surprised you are enamoured with rays gobbledygook writing that means nothing and can’t hold a conversation. To each their own I guess . It’s a lonely world and you have found your life partner. I’m sure he feels your passion. You should reach out to him again. Perhaps your marriage will be blissful like the palins .

  3. I am reminded of a story from Greg Allman’s book entitled: “My Cross to Bear”…
    Greg comes home unexpectedly after a concert was canceled and walked into his house to find all his gold records were off the walls?
    As he puts his coat in the closet he sees them stacked in the corner and wonders why?
    Inquisitive, he quietly walks up the stairs and slowly opens his bedroom door to find his wife in bed with his best friend (his producer)…
    Greg sits down and writes the lyrics to the Allman brothers greatest hit: “The Whipping Post”.

    “My friends tell me, that I’ve been such a fool.
    But I had to stand by and take it baby, all for lovin’ you.
    Drown myself in sorrow as I look at what you’ve done.
    But nothing seemed to change, the bad times stayed the same,
    And I can’t run.”

    • You mean insightful and disgusted with the embarrassing posts by those who lack the intelligence and competence to see themselves as abuses and victimized, as in Dunning Kruger lives here? What are you wishing for, an avoidance of truth? Yes, sorry for you.

      • Ray it’s been said – when you take flack you are over the target . Ray , You can see people on this forum are close to the truth which scares you and your masters that’s why you are throwing all the shit you can just to confuse the issue. Keep up the nonsense talking buddy. It just makes it more and more apparent you have nothing to say and are grasping at straws . You really need to make sure you finish college so you can get a better job than spreading garbage. I think your name should be changed to “factless” it suits you well . After you grow up get a life have some kids , Garner life experience , earned self respect we might be interested in listening.

      • The ideas you raise here are merely attacks on me, and you’ve ignored the key points:
        Summarizing, Todd’s wife is moving on and leaving him the kid who requires lifelong physical and mental attention and resources. Glad to see AK is stuck with that. Or maybe it’s so Trump stupid, there’s no public assistance for circumstances like this. Track is run of the mill white, horridly educated, trash. That’s a gift from Todd and wife to the society. Bristol went from useless to being in the business, and there, not at Todd and Sarah’s, she learned quickly the if she acts responsibly, she can make money. It’s the Palin’s failure with her that led to riches. That’s one in 10 million. The daughter who works? Well, thank god she saw the insanity of her family and siblings and decided to avoid the family. The politics of nearly everyone here so so rural and undereducated, it’s now termed Cult Trump. The mental needs of rural America are so great, the need for Christianity specifically, that facts are yet again obviously unimportant. Sort’a like the Kinder Gentler club you yahoos swung at the rest of America. And in 2016, it was the puerile guzzling of a bally of a narcissist. Sad. Only through a revision of educational standards that are objective and scientifically based can the grandchildren of the pack of posters here ever stand a chance of getting anywhere in life, with a minority of exceptions. (I’m one of those exceptions; neither of my parents had more than a 6th grade education, and that just barely. But I was pushed every damn day to find a way out of that, and I’ll bet 95% of children in similar situations won’t be motivated to do anything dramatic with their minds.)

      • Not insightful. If it were – you wouldn’t need to spice it with hate. By posting it anonymously you confirm that you are a cowardly keyboard warrior.

      • You’re proving your incompetence. Bring out a poster who has depth of thought,. So far, those I’ve seen are plain vanilla. One of classmates lived there and held a high office, but he booked for the Canadian ski slopes and WA State. He was smart. But here, foolishness like your post are like clouds on a breezy day… nuthin there.

      • Pardon me Ray, but when you speak of salvery, aren’t you talking about your own party? You know, slavery, KKK, Jim Crow, lynchings, Segregation, anti-women and black voting, anti-Civil-Rights, Sheriff Bull Connor, Margret Sanger, and “slavery” through entitlement – ALL DEMOCRAT. Oh, I know, one dreery night back in the 60’s the parties switched cards. Meaning today’s GOP are yesterdays Democrat racists. Hmm, do you think both Obama’s and Hillary’s mentor, Klansman Sen. Byrd was just being rebellious or just ignorant remaining a Democrat? Huh!!! Man, it gets confusing for us truth seekers.
        Ray, you are a hoot. The problem is you cannot spin fact. Sucks doesn’t? You can rewrite history though. Oh wait!!!

  4. 31 years is an awful lot of time to throw away. Hopefully their split is amicable and family holidays are still possible; even grown kids still need their parental units.

    I can’t imagine the last eleven years of reality TV, cultural criticism and fame seeking was healthy for them.

    • Any child over the age of 13 has the presumption the Court will listen to their wishes re: custodial parent, and the extent of visitation with the other. This assumes the parents can’t make a deal, and yet again, the child’s wishes will be heard, though not necessarily agreed with by the Court. By 15, the child pretty much sets the rules of residency and visitation, assuming a cooperative custodial parent. Money matters are trickier if there is none. We haven’t seen their balance sheet, or Bristol’s for that matter, though irrelevant, of public interest. IMO, these parents aren’t intelligent enough to understand the issues and then agree on them. Their faulty egos I think are going to be in the way over their youngest 2. The rest are adults and thus count for nothing in a family law court. The obvious issue is their youngest. It will continue to be costly, and the time demands will be exquisitely consumptive of all the free time oxygen. From what we read, Sarah already has a lover, and is out the door to see the world. Todd’s stuck at home, living off of the socialist AK scheme of an annual Fuel Payment. Overall, this is a plain vanilla dissolution with the disabled child being the difficult issue to resolve, I’m assuming they worked out the money arrangements that the court will simply turn in to an order when presented to it.

      • Ray, I’ve been reading your comments and have determined that you’re the human equivalent of a leech, or a hagfish, an unpleasant creature that sustains itself by fastening onto the necks of others and greedily sucking away. In this example instead of getting blood you slurp up pain, misery and personal tragedy. It’s an unfortunate downside of participating in an open discussion forum that we have to come into contact with such ilk. The alternative is that you’re a paid shill. I hope for your sake it’s the latter.

      • Assume I practiced family law. I had a reputation as a mean SOB. The clients got what they wanted. Look at Trump’s attorney Sekulow. What you think matters nothing. What matters is a keen understanding of the relevant facts and the ability to anticipate and plot the outcome being sought. Again, watch Trump’s lawyers. At least one got out of the kitchen as he wasn’t a hagfish. The law is a jealous lover. When the opportunity appeared to be inventive manipulating databases, an early version of Cambridge Analytica, I reclaimed my life. One of my then clients turned what I taught him about database manipulation into a million bucks a month profit and more he says in the near future; he likes this hagfish, about as much as you feel the opposite. I still work diligently executing the same strategy…SWOT.
        Sharks and hagfish are needed to clean up the messes people get themselves into.
        If I had that Palin case, she’d be paying him big bucks alimony for the rest of her life.

      • You’re going to have to decode that for me, Ray. It seemed like it was meant to be menacing, but I’m not sure. Please elaborate on your point.

      • Decode what? Watch Sekulow. He’s the toughest lawyer I’ve seen in decades. 2 years ago, when I spotted him, I remarked to myself as I don’t waste my time with anyone else when it comes to understanding the players that he was the most dangerous lawyer I’ve seen, and he’s working for Trump. I wanted to see him busted, inculcated, smeared, whatever, so he’d back away. Nobody on the Dem side took up that challenge; so Sekulow sits there plotting and calculating how to screw the other side. That is a great lawyer. I don’t believe he goes to court. He drafts documents. He is even more than I was when I needed the money and played lawyer. He’s a 10. In my field, I was a 10 at creating documents, but I hated appearing in trials. Like Sekulow, I knew the field cold; so doing what he does is easy for him, and that’s what I saw and see as so dangerous to his opponents. He’s a heartless, cold piece of work. Not caring about what happens to the other side was just the way the game is played, when it’s played to leave none standing but the client. I still think Sekulow should be attacked in every legal way possible. But at the moment, the Dems are Caspar Milquetoast. Decode what? Guys who are expert in their field, like Sekulow and in the past me, don’t fear the other side; they know everything and it’s their playground.

        I said in my last post that if I were Todds lawyer, I’d hang a lifelong albatross of spousal support on Sarah. In fact, I’d compel her to take out and pay, with proof to Todd, a large life insurance policy. And I’d structure the deal to extend that spousal support to every asset after her untimely and premature death, as in prior to Todd kicking off, and to do that, I’d use estate planning lawyers to structure that so the adult kids can’t get access without Todd’s prior agreement. That’s just part of the way the game is played. Sekulow is doing the same against Trump’s opposition. They’re too indulgent of that man; he want’s to kill them, and he won’t stop until the court orders him to stop, and then he’s gonna take that order up on appeal, buying time and buffaloing the competition. Decode what?

      • Pardon me Ray, but when you speak of salvery, aren’t you talking about your own party? You know, slavery, KKK, Jim Crow, lynchings, Segregation, anti-women and black voting, anti-Civil-Rights, Sheriff Bull Connor, Margret Sanger, and “slavery” through entitlement – ALL DEMOCRAT. Oh, I know, one dreery night back in the 60’s the parties switched cards. Meaning today’s GOP are yesterdays Democrat racists. Hmm, do you think both Obama’s and Hillary’s mentor, Klansman Sen. Byrd was just being rebellious or just ignorant remaining a Democrat? Huh!!! Man, it gets confusing for us truth seekers.
        Ray, you are a hoot. The problem is you cannot spin fact. Sucks doesn’t? You can rewrite history though. Oh wait!!!

  5. Craig, A picture of sarah and todd at the concert aug 30 should be in your FB other folder or messages. With my opinion and verified accounts.

  6. BTW for those obsessing over lawyer choices, Colbo was who Bristol’s husband used BRIEFLY to establish visitation, then they married when she took him back.

    Bristol then used Colbo to sanction her son’s father when he was telling abusive lies in 2016.

    And the divorce was not expected. People who massively renovate their familial home a year prior do not anticipate divorcing. People who spend a lot of time together do not plan to divorce.

    But regardless of legal paperwork, a family doesn’t sever and the Palins are an exceptional family. Sorry to those who refuse to accept this.

  7. I was a rare outsider who had an eye on AK news as Sarah Palin roughed up the AK game on some appointed oil commission thing, then parlayed her notoriety into a run on the damaged Gov. Frank Murkowski … and won.

    She lacked experience in dealing with the media, after McCain picked her up; she was too confident in an institutional jungle she disdained, but for which she was inadequately prepared. Still, a few bruises & scars never prevented anyone from going anywhere.

    Where Sarah blew it, fatally, was in resigning as Governor. So the lawyers were going to clean up at the state’s expense. So what. All she had to do was stand there and take the rough weather in the face … no skill, no experience necessary. Just guts … which it seemed she’s previously demonstrated, she had.

    Resigning was some kind of self-inflicted internal failure, collapse. And the fallout from quitting, the knowledge that she blinked when the world was her oyster … in conjunction with whatever induced her to resign, became a toxin that continues to take a toll.

    Success breeds success. And failure breeds failure.

    • Sarah’s not a failure, and she does have amazing driven kids. There is a lot to admire about her IF YOU KNOW HER.

      • I appreciate your defense of Sarah. I admire her too … even though I’m not one of the few who can actually know her.

        Most of us have some successes, and most of us have some failures. We often notice both tend to run in strings. Success breeds success, failure breeds failure.

        Also seen as: Nothing Succeeds Like Success.

        I think all the Palins are great people, fine Alaskans. The family is awesome.

        Just because one has attained success, even great success, does not mean it is time to kick back and rest on the laurels. Likewise, failure can be replaced with success. It can be tough, when we’re down, but it’s doable.

        That’s why we love a good comeback story, even a bit unreasonably. 😉

      • Clearly, you exist to offset Obama’s IQ and accomplishments. It’s heartbreaking.

        I had great hopes for Obama. Because he was raised in Indonesia for a good part of his earlier life, the values he holds are more pancasila instead of American values. He feels comfortable as a team participant and leader. He doesn’t raise his voice as it’s rude and leads to a loss of face. He thinks about what he thinks is best for the nation, not himself alone. Trump has failed at every attempt to punish Obama for his biting remarks at the National Press Club Dinner. Trump has rarely experienced being punked. And we have watched 3 years of rather irrational attempts to get back at Obama, including 2 years of refusal to attend the NPC dinners. You’re just ignorant. It’s ok that you got C’s and D’s in high school. Trump is a lifetime mentally damaged person, as a narcissist who can’t escape the wounding… like today, effectively and abruptly terminating OUR National Security Advisor, not HIS, but OUR, advisor. That thin skin for Trump is because he was damaged at ages 2 and 34. But that thin skin for you I’ll guess is from a lower than normal IQ, and non-existent family support of learning and rational thinking.

      • Hahaha Nice try Ray. “Thinks what is best for the nation”. Um, what Nation would that be? Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, etc.. That bafoon was an utter embarrassment who illegally killed American citizens without due process and who illegally abused the CIA, FBI, IRS, and FISA courts to go after his political enemies. He was as anti-American as you can get, not to mention a thin skinned, racist baby.
        I mean, the genious wasn’t even a professor.. His grandparents were commies, his mentor Frank Marshall Davis was on the FBI Commie Watch List, His mother hated America and his dad was a anti-Colonialist. The media lied about ole Barry and white America with all their self-loathing voted for the fraud. How Commie Van Jones, Commie Brennen, or that racist Holder? How about Anita Dunn and her mentor Mao? Little Barry took the National Debt from $9.5 frillion to TWENTY TRILLION IN 8YRS. Obama!!!! Good lord!!! What a joke. Ray, tell me tou didnt vote for that stooge. A man who created nothing in his life. What? Cash for Clunkers or Solondra? How about $150 billion on pallets of non-traceable bills onboard a blacked out jet ssnt to Tehran? I know “Orange Man bad”. Gotcha. Haha

      • Bryan, take your eyes out of the right wing trash. Before it’s over, you give yourself a gift of the big adventure of independent inquiry. There’s so much wrong with your posts that the focus should be on your mental strength, which I think is nonexistent.
        Do you remember, Bryan, a guy named George W Bush? Do you remember the state of the economy in 2006, 7 and 8? So, instead of my teaching you a single thing, I ask you, what happened? Who was Cox? What did he do? Who was Henry Paulson? Here’s some help, as you gotta get to square one to understand what happened. I despise incompetence. You seem to be in pursuit of truth, though your sources are ineptly off.,28804,1877351_1877350_1877341,00.html
        When you post a description of the economy in 2007 and 8, and explain why the numbers you wave in your post exist, then, if you are rational and responsible to being an honest purveyor of information, I’ll reply.

        As a throw away aside, I was so eager to see the entire thing collapse, to bankrupt the top 1%, that I was willing to witness mass suffering among the middle and lower classes. But then along came Geithner, a nice Republican boy, who said, “While we don’t like it, for us to save the nation, we will not prosecute those financial heads because we need the institutions to remain in existence.” What he was really saying is that the US Gov needed the financial organizations to broker the Federal paper. If they failed, the entire nation would fail. So, even before that, I built a precious metals portfolio, and thus was insulated. But my parents come from poverty, and I felt that I owed mercy to those who were stupid, ignorant, incompetent. So, after Geithner spoke, I joined with him, and swallowed the bitter pill, and watched the flood of debt pour out, watching Shovel Ready, the same as John Maynard Keynes 80-90 years earlier. You probably had a stinking job and were one of those stupid, incompetent, work flunkies who Obama, Geithner, and Ben Bernanke rescued from total financial destruction. And I cared about you then, too. Now, you are an ignorant ingrate, incompetent stupid flunky, and I still care about you. Show who you really are. Step up. If you do, I’ll indulge you with replies to other of your ignorant rants.

      • Ray get mental help while you still can . You filled your mind with angry falsehoods and filth . I can see you are about to fall off the edge of sanity . Please get help.

      • Ray, typical deflection while protecting your progressive god. It is past old.
        On a side note, ever heard of Bill Clinton’s and the Democrats Community Reinvestment Act? Huh? You know, high risk loans to people who didnt deserve them. I know, owning a house is a Right right? Come again…oh, that is right, it is always Bush’s fault. Man, talk blinder to the “party” at all costs. Sheesh. Feel free to dispute anything I said about Obama. Love to hear where you disagree. Let me guess Ray, you’re a Democrat college professor but, I repeat myeslf.

      • Ray first define clearly ( you misused the word and provided no backing) then define Obama’s iQ of which you probably know little,then define your definition of his accomplishments . In my humble opinion you tarnish the word accomplishment unless you mean devolution of America’s strength and freedom. Provide even a couple items that can broadly be considered accomplishements. Also clarify why Obama being raised in Indonesia would give you hope . Have you forgotten what it means to be American ? Define What makes American ideas good if you can . I see by your writing you despise the working class. Do they offend you , because their life situation is better under trump as he fights for them ? Does the common man scare you ? Is that why you spoke so violently towards them ? Are you paid to smear Trump and Palin ? What’s your game ? No one can be as heartless and misguided as you unless it’s for money.

      • Haha. Incompetent is incompetent. Obama was not only Law Review, he was the editor, at Harvard. Nothing you wish to be true, as in Oh please tell me, is appropriate as you’re an ignorant lout, in the face of that feat. As you know nothing of law schools, but oh gee shucks, I happen to have suffered 3 years at one of the top schools, it’s not an BS honorary position. Law Review Editor is one among hundreds, and those hundreds are among the smartest in the world. Sad that you are so dang ignorant. As Editor, he consulted with most of the faculty in search of topics of high currency. And then he assigned them to other members of LR including to himself. You downplay this as you are an ignoramus. Everyone who knows stands in awe at the few who can carry that responsibility, in addition to attending classes. Foolish people think they can talk smack and thus save their own egos from obvious damage. You owe Obama, me and the readers here an apology. It won’t be coming. Therapy is a waste of time on folks like you unless you experience an epiphany before jumping in. I’d say it’s a waste of time. Your incompetence keeps flashing it’s big ass at me and I’m not here to serve you one whit.

      • Ray, Ray, Ray, it was Trump who saved me from Obama’s terrible policies. I guess to usher in Socialism you need to destroy Capitalism first, huh Ray?..Remember Obama’s “the good times are behind us”. How about “under my energy policy prices will necessarially skyrocket”. What a bafoon. Trumps record black and Hispanic unemployment. No thanks to Obama. Trump’s record low on Food Stamps. No thanks to Obama. I mean, comparing Trump to Obama, a guest lecturer is a joke right? Ah, go jump off a bridge Ray. “Educated” but dumb as a rock.

      • Ray ,when you stoop to personal insults instead of answering questions or backing your nonsensical statements with viable information it shows your lack of interest in accuracy as well as blares the fact you can’t back up your foolish statements . You are showing signs of unhinged lunacy . Please get immediate mental help. You are very angry and unstable. I’m hoping you find help.

      • Your projections are those of a person with limited understanding. Your thought process is the depth of the shallow end of swimming pool. You wish to teach me? It’s laughable.

      • Ray , since you had no proof of Obama’s accomplishments you turned to playing high and mighty in an attempt to distract from the fact you support non American values and promote evil feelings towards people enduring hardships ( palins ) . You tout your own greatness similar to how insecure disfunctional people that never were able to accomplish anything of value. I feel sad for you that you must put down others and pretend greatness. Bryan made the mistake of labeling you a professor . I’m not so naive. To me you sound like a failed ex college student who wants to enter politics . If you would like to have a viable discussion that expands knowledge feel free to let me know . Other wise please find a counselor.

      • As you’ve chosen to reject repeatedly hard information passed on to you, the therapeutic issue is yours. As I wrote, I won’t offer you a whit. You received valuable insight; but you want to represent you are judge and an empty vessel. Take a hike.

      • Ray , proove your case , present the hard information and enlightenment that I’m dismissing. I tend to listen quite well and as of yet I’ve seen no proof of your outrageous claims. It’s very apparent you are off your meds or need a prescription. As to your assertion that Bolton’s dismissal was a horrible action by trump , I beg to differ. Bolton was a war hawk who helped create the quagmire in Iraq and is constantly pushing for violence against others . You appear to be aligning yourself with Bolton who fights against peace at every turn .

      • What are you smoking or drinking or swallowing? None of this was written by me. “As to your assertion that Bolton’s dismissal was a horrible action by trump , I beg to differ. Bolton was a war hawk who helped create the quagmire in Iraq and is constantly pushing for violence against others . You appear to be aligning yourself with Bolton who fights against peace at every turn .”

        Reach out to someone else, please. Consider me dead to you.

        Or if you insist make me laugh. Reply to the article about Track’s violence which I posted. Or reply to my comments on the failure of the Republicans to expansively direct the economy. (Don’t refer to the economy which was growing to its zenith that Trump walked into and then jacked slightly by giving a trillion bucks to the richest individuals and companies in the USA; I want no fraud and no incompetence in my life.) Or reply to my posting re Obama’s intelligence and political competence as deduced from his being Editor of Harvard Law Law Review.

      • Ray , ok as to your assertion that Obama brought the economy to great heights- that’s an in arguable preposition as neither you nor I have the education to fully determine its accuracy. Very few would be qualified to make a determination on that . It’s highly probable that Obama pushed forth a buble in the recovery that will eventually pop. Creating financial disaster. He did this in multiple ways -1 using bail outs and not fully prosecuting those at fault -2 He furthered reliance on cheap labor from China to raise profits for corporations that creates another buble as it helped destroyAmericans infrastructure and manufacturing and weakening our hold on information based technology this weakened Americans job base therefore weakened the financial status of people who purchase products which long term creates a buble that pops when middle class no longer has money to buy products . Obama’s acceptance of nafta was dangerous for America. Now trump has put his money where his mouth is working to renegotiate all trade deals which eventually will help Americans but in short term puts his odds of reelection lower . It’s yet to be seen how it works out. Now as to your assertion that Obama’s being editor of Harvard law review says Obama has high iQ that’s a fallacy in logic . You presented no proof of his iQ numbers nor proof of his high proficiency. That = a zero for you . Obama may have been a great editor- does that Mean he was a great president or even qualified to enter the job ? No it does not . Obama had very little life experience that proved his proficiency at anything except talking which he was amazing at . Do we want a talker or a stalwart American to represent and direct our nation? I pick the prooven American. Obama was marginally prooven to be American. Now if you had tried to pontificate on Obama’s intelligence, perhaps I would agree . I know you are blowing smoke about iQ as obama has no public tests to my knowledge and if he does present them . Proove you are not a bullshitter . IQ does not correlate to ability as president as there are innumerable high iQ people unqualified to be able to deal with presidential job qualifications. I know your iQ and intelligence is low or you wouldn’t have presented iQ as meaning anything worthwhile of mention . Yes a certain iQ is nessasary as president but what’s important is can the potential person represent the American people and fight tooth and nail and leave our country better than he found it . Does the person have integrity, selflessness and ability to make decisions that are not popular? IQ is only marginally nessasary . Why don’t you present what you consider Obama’s successful accomplishments that left this nation in a guaranteed provable better place . Your turn.

      • My ugrad degree is PBK in econ. You again don’t know what you’re talking about. My interest is in protection of the jerks like you, because the society needs everybody participating as they can. Here’s an example of a Harvard Law student, who just started classes this week. He is a National Merit Scholar, meaning he’s in the top 1%. He got a free ride at Berkeley where he was among the smartest. You want to play games about IQ; I’ll bet a donation to any cause of $100 that yours is under 107, max. Tragically, you think you know what you’re talking about. There’s a term for it. Dunning Kruger Effect. And you are another posterboy. At least my uneducated dad told me he couldn’t discuss what I was learning as he didn’t have the skills. You, like 80% of those who think they’re protecting the country, don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground, but think you can figure your way to the winning position which you think you hold. You don’t. You can’t. And you believe you have too much invested to move even an inch from what you believe. Thus, you voted for Geo Bush, among the lower 25% of men who were president. Bite your tongue. Go read independently. Dump Fox opinion, and listen to Fox news. Trump is a narcissist. There is nothing to say beyond that. He’s dangerous to everyone but those he sees in the mirror, and possibly his 2 adult children, excluding the dolt, As I said before, I’m not gonna teach you jack. You’re the albatross around this nation’s neck. The youth will blow you out no longer than 10 years into the future. The death rate of people like you is a steep curve over the next 10 years, and after that, you’re gonna be politically irrelevant. Instead of thinking wisely and inclusively, what’s happening by you and most in rural areas is factless conjecture promoted as truth. For a nonprofit I’m engaged with, I’ve been in the ag areas throughout sections of the economy. For a business I’m involved in, I visit the South about 1 month out of the year, as in non-major-urban areas. So, I see the Trump voters and know why they are as they are. Most are clinging to a delusion that the past was better for them than the present. There’s a reason for that. When you get over 107, you may be able to get in touch with it. I ain’t teaching you jack. All I’ve done is shown you truth and thrown mud in your face as your political choices detest me. And if you are religious, you’re the epitome of hypocritical as Trump and his ilk, Falwell, Jr., are liars, whoring deceivers, encountering not one person who would stand up to condemn them. The problem is narcissism, and the magnetic glow it has for people under IQ 107. Don’t even mention Sarah. She is a continuing political joke. Next, we’ll see her shacking up with a very wealthy man, and Todd and the entire family, and all the Alaskans, sucking off the socialist Fuel payment teat. Alaskans are socialists first, and when the check arrives, they shout out their freedom from reliance on anyone. Stupid hypocrites.

      • Ray ,Thanks for proving my point, you have zero proof of Obama’s iQ . You were just blowing smoke . I will at least admit to being unaware of his tested intelligence . You also appear unable to name Obama’s prooveably positive accomplishments. You rant on and on how great you are without proof . You even were presumptions enough to pretend you know my IQ . Low iQ people guess ray . High iQ people have proof. You also said I voted for bush . Wrong again. Keep guessing and assuming make an ass out of yourself. When you are done growing up and no longer insecure about your accomplishments please present us with your wisdom. By the way you best get to your job at McDonald’s in the morning so you can make enough money to donate that 100$ to a cause of my choice which is your therapist . Oh my bad you currently have no job . I’ll take a rain check on your donation .

      • You want me to establish Obama’s IQ? What for? To prove nothing. You still ignore the most important thing Obama and his Admin did, bipartisanly, and that’s stop the depression. Not since FDR has any US leader needed to do that. But you BS me with a claim that there is no sufficient documentation in your meaningless hands to prove what I say. The fact you argue that way indicates incompetence. See y’a. Say hi to Trump’s economic collapse. As I stated, I’ve set my ship so well directed, that I can’t but come out fine, no matter which way it goes. Nobody in their right mind would even mention McDonalds. What a foolish poster, needful for a win. I’ve shared and you ask for more, you lazy mentally inhibited waste you call an American. That you didn’t vote for Bush is a surprise to me, but still of zero value here, if you’re telling the truth. I’m sadly obligated to work at this late hour as I’ve partied feeding the vultures and observing the hawks as they seek prey on the ground, much of the day today. 95% and more of the American society would give a kidney to live as do I. But I’m a stinkin socialist liberal, self made, and always looking to add more, as long as it’s not by ripping off the American people. My gift to you is that I’ve pointed out what a shallow thinker you in fact are, and that you’re a Dunning Kruger exemplar writ large. Fortunately, time will cleanse the society in the way called progressive, now, and “normal” in the future. It always does and will. Trump’s tragic old white men, and white men in general are just another layer on the refuse heap of history. I won’t be dealing in that detritus; so we will never meet.

      • Um Ray boy, can provide ONE piece Obama wrote for the Harvard Law Review? Just one. I mean as Joe Biden would say surely you can find one piece from the “clean, well sponen black man”. I guess you call ole Barry the messiah. We are waiting for the “light”.

      • What a narcissist. Look it up yourself. Slaves and stupids tolerate your mendacity. The world’s full of them. Meanwhile, you’ve outed yourself. The slang for you is “user”.

    • Thanks John McCain. When you could have kept that family together, you offered Sarah her first taste of the world’s limelight. Sarah hasn’t stopped yet. Buh bye Todd; here’s the resource needy kid. Sarah’s going out to see the world.

  8. Guys and Gals, just remember you cannot believe anything fromnthe media. So, take this soap opera with a grain of salt. Especially when it comes to the Palin’s.

    “The Central Intelligence Agency on Monday evening slammed what it called CNN’s “misguided” and “simply false” reporting, after the cable channel’s chief national security correspondent authored a hole-filled piece claiming that the CIA had pulled a high-level spy out of Russia because President Trump had “repeatedly mishandled classified intelligence and could contribute to exposing the covert source as a spy.”

    The extraordinary CIA rebuke came as The New York Times published a bombshell piece late in the evening, which largely contradicted CNN’s reporting. According to the Times, CIA officials “made the arduous decision in late 2016 to offer to extract the source from Russia” — weeks before Trump even took office.”

    • Right after the Palins mutually drew up their legal doc, they attended a WI concert together. Let’s let them legally part ways, and just continue raising their amazing, happy family. Lies are abundant on the web. Sarah is THE most slandered person.

  9. I know Sarah lives in AK and the PFD is a standard issue. But I do think a BIG reason for recent discord is Sarah’s desire to “do good” and make positive change in the country. Even though Todd clearly enjoyed having residence in Arizona, he does seen MORE likely to WANT to remain in AK most of the time. His father does however live in CA most of the year. They have a lot in common. But when you marry that young (meet that young) and one of you is a pretty different person (Sarah was shy and Todd once said he liked that quality), these later in life differences are common.

    I admire them and their family a great deal. They’re been through a ton of sh** from the terrible media and psychotic liberals. MOST support her or don’t follow her so probably won’t even know about this.

    Blessings to you Sarah. YOU did what Obama is doing with netflix FIRST.

  10. The Palin Family is typical trailer trash. John McCain made her famous, and picking her doomed his campaign. What a success LOL.

  11. I’m thinking the distubed son attacking Todd has something to do with this.
    The fake lib news and lib Democrat attacks to the family members didn’t help much either.
    They were pretty much the all Alaskan family before Sarah was mayor of Wasilla etc. 😕

    • I do agree that dealing with a child with adult onset issues that you never foresaw could change something. Though Todd is the one who publicly stands by his son. But the home reno took place literally right before that blew up. I don’t even know. They are a great family that has weathered a lot of media abuse. They’re still close and chill people. I do think it is mutual because they both looked happy on aug 30 in WI and that was after papers were filed/served. They have a lot to be proud of though. 5 great kids. I feel sad because Todd even said himself the two of them were looking forward to having just the one minor child so they could leave Alaska more to experience things together. That was literally year ago. Who knows. They’re good people with good morals.

      • The son’s outburst is not out of the blue. If you think it’s some magical adult onset thing that we just don’t exactly understand, you’ve spent too much time with your head in a dumpster. This is an easy psychiatric outcome. That boy has had no parenting from Sarah, and has watched the nightmare of the disabled daughter come onto the scene, and his sister, who may now be in a real business, selling real estate, go way off the reservation as an early teen. So, you need to do some homework. You need to learn how to analyze in detail and in a broad picture. You need to keep your Christianity and the reasons you cling to it out of this analysis.

      • Ray, you’re an IDIOT. No offense, but the way you easily slander people is sad. All Sarah’s kids were good students and bright. None had adolescent problems, though Sarah was in politics so people lie for $$. I personally know who sold lies, as do many.

        Her family is close, kind, humble, doesn’t act famous, and has normal lives. They don’t like nor have drama and even the younger ones understand who messed up media and liberals are in their obsession with slandering Sarah et al.

    • You get the dolt prize of the day, for your reference to a rock skipper concept, fake news. It’s comical. You hold up a bag of wind and say, look, this is real. You are being played like a fiddle.

  12. Drill Baby Drill! What a mantra! Still true today!
    The only way out of AK’s financial mess, is to find new revenue sources or 250K residents need to leave Alaska. The world is awash in oil, our state budget is geared towards $75-100 per barrel of ANS, not going to happen, anytime soon!
    Open up ANWR, permit the Pebble mine and redirect the PFD, those are your choices. Also, a state income and sales tax would help.
    What is the difference between a current Alaskan resident and a puppy?
    The puppy quits whining after 6 months.

    Get over it people, balance the budget, as stated by the constitution and move forward.

    The Palins are old news and not worthy of our time and energy. I voted for her in the
    gubernatorial election, have regretted it ever since!

  13. What’s your deal, Ray? Do you find pleasure in other people’s misery? Does this help you in some way? I’m no fan of the Palin shit show, but I’m not going to dance on the grave of any family. Does mocking the Palin’s life choices make you a better person? I’m pretty sure that anybody’s life can be dissected and all faults pointed out – we’ve all made poor decisions in our lives that we would be ashamed of having brought out for everyone to admire… unless you’re different.

    • Nobody gets a free ride among the stupid, or the ignorant, no matter what walk of life. I know better than any here about dissolutions of marriage. For decades I was an expert. Hence, the insight that the Fuel Fund will go to Todd who will parent the child. That child should not have been birthed. We now have Sarah ducking responsibility as she did from the day it was born. Remember her at the convention with the baby, as in 15 minutes with the baby and the rest of the day for her. Rotten values. No free pass for that lifestyle. The posters here are confusing their Christianity with hard facts and incompetent parenting. Where was the Church intervention bny the parishioners? HaHa. Didn’t happen. Bristol screwing a small pile of local guys, and Sarah meanwhile claiming herself to be Christian. Shows Homer to be joke. The Christians of Homer are busy defending turning the other cheek, until they get the chance to use Christian wrath against others, but not Sarah. Maybe they forget who she really is. Watch the endorsement speech of Trump. She is petty, mean, unable to think rationally. She’s the worst of America; but the defenders think theirs is the way. Shame on them.

      • So… You’re one of those Christian’s who like to watch others get their ass kicked because they deserve it, eh? I bet your God just loves that… I’m pretty sure there might be a verse or 2 in that almighty Bible of yours that you might be missing right now… Didn’t Jesus say, he with the biggest rock, throw it 1st? Something like that… Oh well, I don’t need to watch this celebrity train wreck anymore. I just hope they find peace and happiness.

      • Religion is an anchor.
        Here’s what Trump was supposed to have delivered on:
        Peter Wehner….”I think the main requirement for president of the United States … is temperament, and disposition … whether you have wisdom and judgment and prudence.” Wehner, if I’m not mistaken, was the editor of the Rolling Stone.

      • Ray, I am curious what your thoughts are on “Slick Willie’s” and Barry’s “temperament, and disposition”? Are you talking about Obama’s “Disposition Matrix” or kill list? You know, when O’Dumbo killed Americans without Due Process.
        Or are you talking about Obama’s “temperament” using the CIA, FBI, IRS, and FISA courts to go after his political opponents?
        As Jack would say “cheers”. I know, I know, the Palin’s and “Orange” man bad…

    • You call raising successful kids a shitshow? you call raising kids who’ve endured and survived incessant and illogical media abuse and slander a shitshow? LIBERALS are a shitshow.

      But yes, this is a surprise when you think of a number of facts, namely how sarah and todd are always together in private.

      • Bristol is a tramp. She was exploited and she exploited the media. Stop your misrepresentation. If you can’t think, stay out of the discussion. Their son, whatever his name is, Big Pistol. That person is successful? So you gained little when you were in high school. You have your opinion. It sounds like Trump’s thought process; fractured, nothing proven out, just opinion. The lifetime mentally handicapped kid? You think that one’s a success? Gimme a break. The best is that they can do a limited range of activities, themselves. And I can hope that Todd will live a long time to carry the responsibilities. And the 4th kid I know nothing of. You repeatedly fall back to protecting the perceived injured. It’s funny. It’s Christian, like half so. It’s so dangerous to defer to this position.

      • Ray, let us face it, Sarah has had successful and proud professional careers. One cannot argue that. One cannot also argue the attack dogs in the media showed little to no restraint when it came to her family. We witness the same media crap daily when it comes to Trump. The beauty about Trump though, is HE IS A MEGA-SUCCESSFUL BILLIONAIRE who is in a postion to tell the Democrats and media to go f@%# themselves. It is a wonderful thing to watch. Trump has been in the pit slugging it out New York style for 45+yrs now, unlike Sarah and her kids.
        As for Trump’s thought process, can I assume you are a lefty making such a stupid comment? Ray next time you are in DC or NY go in the Trump Tower. You will realize how little and worthless your thought process is.

      • Bristol has NEVER EVER been a tramp. And she’s NEVER EVER considered herself a celeb and she’s always had a normal job. She does like 3 mil volume a month in real estate and is WIDELY respected by everyone who knows her.

    • Jack I Again totally agree with you and respect you for sticking up for them especially when they aren’t your favorite people. Even more commendable. Hopefully Ray can get mental help unless he’s a paid troll . Nasty all the same . Let him without sin throw the first stone .

  14. No mention of the son firing his pistol into the family home, seeking to kill Todd and avoid a messy divorce? Where’s their son, now? Jail? Skid Row? Being a serial baby daddy? IMHO, the sooner these folks all leave the life stage, the better it will be for Alaska and America.

    • Leave them alone. They are the most media-abused and slandered people and they’re the strongest. YOU would not survive what they’ve endured from abusive liberals. You have no idea. They’re all amazing people.

      • Since you’re incompetent, here’s a little help. Get someone to read this article for you. That was Track’s 3rd time arrested for violence. As one poster here writes, Sarah’s family is just so very idyllic. Either wake up to the ugly truth, or pledge to be a Trump follower until your dying day.

        The rest of them are ever so little better as human beings, not all, but enough to be shocked and as an Alaskan, deeply embarrassed. I know, reason and objectivity never made it across the Canadian border.

      • Ray, I am sorry you feel the need to lie about good people.

        1. None of her kids had big high school problems. I am comparing them to colony middle circa 2012 when Willow was DISGUSTED that 3 girls got into a MMA fight and everyone around cheered them on instead of stopping it. Sarah’s kids did well in school and none are addicts. Were they normal teens? Sure. I was particularly rebellious and they pale in comparison to me as a teen.
        2. All her kids are readers and all have always worked since graduating.
        3. They all have morals.
        4. The ONE kid who developed a bigger issue is famous for hating attention, and thus was protected and shielded from media abusers as much as possible. NO ONE can deny this family has been heavily abused by media and it’s remarkable they’re stlll a good solid unit.

      • Stop this BS. Track is a massive problem. Stop lying to us. I posted a link on Track’s violence. You want us to believe a word you write! Joke and penalty box for being a liar.
        The daughter got pregnant before getting married. That’s called a slut. Ask any high schooler.
        The cosmetologist is just that. She knows little, but that’s fine. Quit awarding her more than what she has chosen and has accomplished.
        Obviously, you value intellect and education the way I value feces.

  15. What doesn’t make sense is, if they were always headed this way, why would they completely renovate their house and personalize it the way they did last year? Theyve frequently been spotted together in AZ over the years. I know they have never called themselves perfect and without normal problems, but I do think it was expected that they were stronger than divorce. But who knows.

    Like with anyone, I wish stupid people weren’t given the chance to ignorantly comment on such things.

    • hard to say, but the answer might rest in for whom the house was personalized. i can’t imagine Sarah wanting a bigger and better shop or Todd worrying all that much about a better walk-in closet.

      • When Bristol posted about their renos last year, she spotlit all the Alaskan oriented decor and a place in the floor that is personalized specifically for Sarah and Todd. People say she doesn’t live there yet the new bedroom includes a massive master bath. And Sarah helped Todd last year reno his shop a little.

        It’s weird. Small town talk is always going to include ANY discord. I moved away for a reason. Todd and Sarah’s best friend got divorced last year. 2 of them.

        But the things I question are things a couple would not do if they felt divorce was imminent.

        Will the house go on the market completely? they knocked down that house that was next to them at some point after 2014.

        Well, actually, for a wealthy person, that entire property would be a dream. Who knows. Sad though. Hate that idiots are given a reason to slander and hate on good people, spreading lies.

    • When their son tried to kill Todd, I’ll bet dollars to donuts, the parents’ relationship changed. A gun drawn and bullet fired is what’s called a chilling effect. Sarah is a narcissistic stupid woman. Nothing to argue there. That crisis doesn’t get resolved by stupid narcissists without major damage in her relationship with her husband. Sadly, Todd isn’t bright enough to understand his children were coming out mentally handicapped.

      • They only have one handicapped child. And speculating on strangers is not a mature act. They reno’d before that (and finished it after) and they’ve been together a lot since. But who the heck knows. Just pray, and be grateful they’re great parents and people and raised good strong kids.

    • Who is TPVP born April 2008?
      This is the mentally handicapped daughter, right? As if the prior two were not in their own ways.
      Based on the Fuel Allocation to Todd, it looks like he will take the child! Yup, Sarah ducks another round of responsibility. Like Trump, with Baron.
      We all can see that the State of AK will pay, all the citizens will be stuck paying for that kid, not just the jail cost of their son, and the numerous times the cops appeared and social services were called on over their slut daughter before she hooked onto the baby daddy.
      Anyone want to bet how many times the people of AK will pay for their daughter, and her long emotionally abandoned daughter?

      • This post does not give you a right to attack and slander any of their kids. You’re a bad person, evidenced from your fictional comment.

        And yes, their 4 kids ,all of whom did well in school, are independent.

      • When a mature son fires a weapon or threatens to do so with a gun, that good people goes to jail. And they get a gift, aka a restraining order, which he already had. You disrespect for law and order is totally undereducated rural. The daughter was a slut. Sarah’s voters all believe in holy matrimony and avoidance of pregnancy before marriage. Christ seems to have lost the map to AK. Your position is that of an ignorant hypocrite. Nothing can help. They are a laughingstock to the majority of Americans. But not to you. Ask a professor at U of AK.

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