Crazy in love

The newlywed Oses in Fairbanks before their rescue

The daughter of the star of a short-lived Alaska reality TV show has returned to her Minnesota home fearing she will never again see her father alive.

Her father – 78-year-old Duane Ose – is expected to be discharged from Fairbanks Memorial Hospital sometime in the next few days. Ose arrived there Tuesday night in a rescue helicopter that plucked him from his one-time wilderness hideaway about 100 miles south of the Central Alaska city.

Ose sold the property to a British couple as part of deal to stage a BBC show titled “Win the Wilderness: Alaska” before retiring to Minnesota with his late wife Rena last year.

Rena died during heart surgery early this year. Duane met another woman online not long after, flew to Fairbanks to meet her, and there married again.

Afterward, he and the much younger new wife – who the Ose family worries is only after Duane’s money – decided to take back the place Duane named “Ose Mountain” and moved in.

Things did not go so well.

An Alaska pilot who arrived at the cabin early on Tuesday to deliver supplies to Ose and the new Mrs. Ose, formerly Ellie Mae Blair and before that Elanor Ribera and before that Eleanor White, discovered a very ill Duane on a cot and was told by Ellie that he’d fallen out of bed 10 days earlier and broken his back.

As it turned out, his daughter Carol Hansen said by telephone from back home in Minnesota today, he had not broken his back but was suffering from dehydration and a bladder infection.

Hansen was in Fairbanks when her father arrived there and visited with him late Tuesday at the hospital.

“He looked like death to me,” she said. “It was awful.”

Given Duane’s history of health problems – he is a cancer survivor and has suffered a previous heart attack – Hansen had hoped to talk her father into returning to Minnesota to be closer to family and better health care.

She quickly realized that was a waste of time.

“He wanted me to know Ellie saved his life,” she said. “He told me she kept the fire going and fed him.”

He then went on to explain how Ellie Mae had served two presidents, worked in Peru to save thousands of poor people, and aided the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

“He told me the CIA is still watching her,” Hansen said.

There is no evidence to support these claims. But Hansen said she could see no point in trying to talk Duane out of his beliefs. It appeared to her he is overwhelminlgy in love.

“Dad said everyone has been so mean to her,” Hansen said.

The newlyweds

Attempts to reach Duane or Ellie Mae, who are reported to have married in Fairbanks in September, have gone nowhere.

Duane’s Facebook page, where Duane or Ellie Mae were publicly feuding with family members in September and posting regular religious messages into the start of October, has gone silent.

The author of several books, Duane once posted regularly on both his own Facebook page and that of Ose Mountain Alaska, a page managed by his brother’s daughter. 

The page was largely dedicated to promoting Duane’s book and the Alaska homestead he pioneered with Rena near Lake Minchumina just north of Denali National Park and Preserve.

Shortly after Ellie Mae entered the picture, Duane accused the family of stealing the Ose Mountain page from him in an attempt to get his money. The tone of the messages on his own page also changed rather significantly at that time.

“Rena’s Spirit will forever be opening and closing these doors,” Duane posted on June 23 from Minnesota. “One day she will be welcoming me home, hugging me and pulling me in, handing me a hot slice of buttered fresh baked bread.”

He was then living back in Minnesota, his home state. He took off for Alaska after Ellie Mae suggested they meet there. His family did not approve and relationships quickly ruptured.

“OMG I can hear the sheeple going ‘Baaah, baaah…” someone posted on Duane’s personal page on Sept. 17 shortly after the marriage was revealed. “you should seen her swim this morning…80 laps n i increased my pushups to 5 sets of 50…She is sooo good for me…and my health.”

The post was accompanied by a glamorous photo of a younger Ellie Mae.

Ellie Mae Blair, the woman Duane Ose’s Facebook page called “my lil cutie pie.”


The meeting

Hansen is convinced she got a chance to meet with her father at Fairbanks Memorial only because Ellie Mae had also been flown out of Ose Mountain with unknown injuries and was a patient in another room.

Hansen said she spent about an hour in her father’s room after an Alaska State Trooper came out. The trooper had been there to talk to Ose about invading the house now owned by a couple in England.

“I stood for a while next to him,” Hansen said. “He asked if I was Ellie.”

When she said no, Duane who is blind in one eye was said to have opened his good eye and asked “How did you get here?”

After Hansen explained she’d flown in to see him, he quickly launched into an explanation of how he’d fallen out of bed the first night at Ose Mountain, broken his back and been saved by Ellie Mae.

The story continued into his recounting of her work for presidents and more.

“He did say she has a split personality,” Hansen said, “and has a temper…She can yell at him.

“He said that he thought I didn’t care about him, and I’d left him.”

Hansen has never lived in Alaska. She saw her father only occasionally after he left Minnesota in the mid-1980s to make a life in the wilderness.  He and Rena proved highly adept at the tough task of surviving in the Alaska bush. 

He father, she said, seemed somewhat confused. When a hospital official came into his room asking for an address and telephone number to put on paperwork, “he seemed frustrated because he couldn’t remember it,” she said.

“He told me he had a lot of anger toward a lot of people,” she added, most of it aimed at people he thought were trying to break up his relationship with Ellie Mae.

The couple, according to what Hansen said Duane told her, now plan “to hire three people to help them take care of” Ose Mountain when they again return. Hansen does not think troopers will let her father and Ellie Mae again invade a house owned by others.

But the couple has nowhere else to go other than the Fairbanks Holiday Express where they had been staying before leaving for Ose Mountain. Hansen said she did not talk to Ellie Mae.

“Out in the hall, she was wheeled past the room in a bed,” Hansen said. “She was rattling like a crazy person. While we waited for the doctor to bring results in, I could hear her yelling she wanted to get her computer.

“A nurse came in and got it.”

Shortly after that a doctor visited to tell Duane, he had a severe bladder infection and that X-rays showed only three, old, compressed discs in his lower back, something not uncommon in old men. The doctor told him he would probably benefit from regular visits to a physical therapist, Hansen said.

She said Duane then revealed he’d given Ellie Mae a $10,000 diamond ring although “she bought it before they met.” And that Ellie Mae had convinced him they could “create a new legacy bigger than Ose Mountain” to raise money and help the worlds needy.

Hansen said she just sat and listened.

“There was nothing I could do,” she said. “He thinks everybody is his enemy.”

When she returned to the hospital on Wednesday to see her dad again, Hansen said she was told he wasn’t accepting visitors. When she called him, he answered the phone and hung up.

“Now Ellie’s his only visitor,” she said.

Feeling there was nothing else she could do, Hansen booked a flight back to Minnesota.

“I went to Alaska. I got my answers. I got to see my dad face to face,” Hansen said. “She’s pretty much put her spell on him.

“It doesn’t take all but five minutes with him to figure that out.”

Friends who knew Duane and Rena in Fairbanks have said much the same. The elderly couple had in their last years taken to wintering in the city becuase of the difficulty old people face in keeping a woodstove stoked well enough to heat a three-story cabin at 40- or 50-degrees-below-zero.

Peggy Billingsley, an old friend of Rena and Duane, called the situation now “absolutely disgusting.” Like others, she fears Duane is being taken advantage of and that there doesn’t appear to be anything anyone can do about it.



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  1. “…new Mrs. Ose, formerly Ellie Mae Blair and before that Elanor Ribera and before that Eleanor White”

    Haha, that spells FRAUDSTER all over the place. 😀

    Poor old man though…

  2. DPR isn’t Ellie, DPR IS Duane IMO. He is akin to Hugh Hefner, a ground breaker and now he figured his future was alone in a nursing home, he got him self a playboy bunny and he’s ok with whatever arrangement they have and …. no offence, but no $200,000 would persuade me to get hitched to him, so yes …. she has balls. Good luck to them both. Duane, just be sure to leave your legacy after death to the couple you granted it to 😉

  3. DPR isn’t Ellie, DPR IS Duane. He is akin to Hugh Hefner, a ground breaker and now he figured his future was alone in a nursing home. he got him self a playboy bunny and he’s ok with whatever arrangement they have and …. no offence, but no $200,000 would persuade me to get hitched to him, so yes …. she has balls. Good luck to them both. Duane, just be sure to leave your legacy after death to the couple you granted it to 😉

  4. DPR, Please, we don’t live in the OLDEN days, now we have laws, and trespassing is against those laws, so it breaking into someone else’s house and squatting. Even with that said, I can understand not getting all heated if someone passing through needed to use a cabin that I owned in extreme conditions, but this isn’t the case. They are not passing through, they are illegally squatting when they should be in an apartment with heating and running water during the winter months. The cabin is now private property belonging to someone else who more than likely doesn’t want the old owner going there to die, followed by having to have the task of evicting a crazy lunatic widow. BTW, Duane put his cabin up for sale long before a TV show offered to buy it for more than it was worth. And guess what, he took the money and ran, which he later spent. His new bride is the one who wants the cabin and has been posting on social media her intent to lay claims to it. He’s only going along with her because he’s old, not in his right mind, wants to keep her happy, and believes all her lies that no one likes him anymore. She is an abusive self serving crazy person with a massive past of taking advantage, lying, manipulating and causing grief wherever she goes, even her own parents say she is TOXIC POISON. Also, she has posted on social media that she helped Duane build the cabin, and it’s hers! What a nutjob! Poor Duane. I hope he wakes up, but with the grief of losing the love of his life, I’m afraid he is now too far gone to realize what is happening anymore.

  5. Blind Pete , monk, zip,jack , – sirs quick to assume DPR is cuckoo, crazy , rambling, ect or those who cant understand the intricacies of a situation. Who would choose to meet a trespasser with a deadly weapon- you yourself could enter legal jeopardy if you injured an unarmed non agressor . Do yourself a favor ,Study Alaska law. Ak law is very lenient to others using another persons various types of property or cabins. Especially if nothing is broken and there is no criminal intent and or the premises are inadequately marked against trespass. There are many statues that deal with the situation. The simplest one is AS 11.46.340 Says it is an affirmative defense to use property or premises of another for personal use in dire need or emergency. Abridged. Also at a reasonable convenience either owner or law enforcement must be notified of such use and any thing broken. Duane and a trooper discussed while he was in hospital so that requirement was met . The words in question are Dire or immediate and need . Arguably if a good lawyer was found those requirements are met becouse as is common duane foolishly put himself in a life and death situation and met the immediate or dire need requirement. Also before the skeptical cast aspersions at Duane they should utilize due diligence and read the sale contract and surrounding documents to confirm exchange of title was legal. Duane may still own the home . Many points must be met for exchange to be legal. Just a few are – was equitable goods or services exchanged ? Was the contract with reality show clear ? Was there coercion in any way ? Was duane in a legally sane state of mind ? Would a disputed title stand up in Court? Have all payments been made? Lots of points must be checked before assumptions made . A side note to confuse the issue is if Duane lives there for x amount of time he can file suit for adverse possession. At any rate apparently Duane broke no laws and and no charges would hold up . ( at worst it could be construed as second degree criminal trespass, but its not) unless he goes back after receiving written in legible English a warning from alleged owners not to enter premises. For those that doubt – feelfree to put your money where your mouth is and assist filing suit and wasting your money in a loosing case . Perhaps these laws are hold overs from Alaska early culture. I don’t know but it use to be acceptable to give leniency for travelers or to those in need in alaska bush .

    • An important side Note To The DPR post is it can in no way be construed as legal advice as it is purely opinion and its up to the reader to educate themselves or seak qualified advice before forming any thoughts action or conclusions. In no wAy can it be taken as determination of fact . It is soley for entertainment purposes only.

    • DPR,
      UGHm,no,your wrong/he’se wrong.Private property is just that.Its very doubtful that he/they left it just as good or better than they left it(old unwritten code of the north).But we most likely won’t know.
      At this point in time you most likely don’t know that theres no “No Trespassing” sign hung on the property.An assumption on your part.But I suspect there most likely will be if not already.
      He was in the wrong,(but probably whacked out from old age-ism,so he gets a freebie).
      Most likely the UK owners would just likely relish the thought of getting the drama behind them.I suspect unless they are the adventurous type with good income, the property will come on the market fairly soon.
      A sad story, but theres many like it.And has been for a very long time.This is a harsh place to grow old in for those not ingrained into a community.

      • Dave Mc , i would like to agree with you because it feels good for personal property to have agressive rights when im not there to defend it . The law has to do with function of existence and not my feelings of possession. The old code is leaving it better than found it . The law under As.11.46.340 states there is no requirement to leave better than found but if something is “broken” it must be reported by user to legal authority or legal owner. Under AS.46.350 before tresspass can be considered valid it must be confirmed the “tresspasser” isnt owner and or doesn’t have some other right to be there. Duane was builder and owner so as of yet there has been no legal proof pressented he doesn’t have a right to be there . Once the clarified owner sends him legal cease and desist paperwork or personally informs trespasser then if duane again trespasses if its actually tresspass at that point duane has broken the law . At this point in no way and no form had duane broken the law . So you sir are the one who is wrong. Now as to my assumption there were no tresspass signs – in this case it’s neither here nor there because the question is about improved land and not unimproved land . Its about a cabin that has a high likelihood that Duane was actually the last person to own and inhabit. Ive heard no mention that alleged new owners have either been there or posted signage nor installed locks . Required items to be even considered as breaking and entering. If there was a lock no doubt owned the lock and owned the key !!! Now i may have missed statement of tresspass signs but if they exist in all likelihood duane installed them and duane could be considered the signs owner! So sir their is an enormous likelihood you are wrong and Duane had right to be on premises under Alaska law and under the code of the North. Please study up before you suppose any more.

    • I’m pretty sure the legislature overturned the requirement of the property owner to post no trespassing signs a few years ago, it is now the responsibility of the trespasser to know who owns the property they are on.

      • As.11.46.350 ( abridged) to be considered trespass on unimproved land must be marked conspicuously. A clarification piece was repealed .

      • It was partially repealed, SB 201 from 2014 Section C was repealed, section B wasn’t repealed but was in the House Bill to be repealed.

        Section C previously stated:

        A notice against trespass is given if the notice (1) is printed legibly in English; (2) is at least 144 square inches in size; (3) contains the name and address of the person under whose authority the property is posted and the name and address of the person who is authorized to grant permission to enter the property; (4) is placed at each roadway and at each way of access onto the property that is known to the landowner; (5) in the case of an island, is placed along the perimeter at each cardinal point of the island; and (6) states any specific prohibition that the posting is directed against, such as “no trespassing,” “no hunting,” “no fishing,” “no digging,” or similar prohibitions.

        Section B which is still in force says:

        For purposes of this section, a person who, without intent to commit a crime on the land, enters or remains upon unimproved and apparently unused land, which is neither fenced nor otherwise enclosed in a manner designed to exclude intruders, is privileged to do so unless
        (1) notice against trespass is personally communicated to that person by the owner of the land or some other authorized person; or
        (2) notice against trespass is given by posting in a reasonably conspicuous manner under the circumstances.

        Either way, the land in question here is improved land so this is not applicable to the discussion at hand.

  6. Totally crazy, there was no fire wood there. They got there in September and he knew there was no wood. This place is huge with a crappy barrel stove, I told the pilot either he will die out there or slip and fall. This did happen.So we heard she just started pulling up the floor boards for wood, a real California girl. Probably trashed the place . Bottom line is they sold it to BBC and took the money. The owners, who live abroad would have come back but Covid stopped travel. It is sad there is no respect for the couple that won it fair and square.
    This couple unfortunately is a hot mess and we feel for his real family.

  7. Craig, you’ve jumped the shark at this point. Maybe one of your high quality “readers and thinkers” will volunteer to get mauled by a bear to give you something worth reading about. FFS.

  8. Roberts, you’re as cuckoo as that old man. It’s always a nice touch to include some dumbshit political comment about a story that doesn’t ask for one.

    • Well im in good company then, posting right next to you. Birds of feather flock together and we seem pretty close😉

  9. It’s one thing to be traveling through and need shelter for survival, but it’s absolutely wrong to take and occupy something that is not yours. These two aren’t just passing through, they are making someone else’s cabin their destination.

    With that thinking, why don’t you just leave your pickup keys in the ignition with the doors unlocked, because there might just be someone else who thinks they can make far better use of your vehicle than you do. At that rate throw all your tools and chainsaws in the back end as well, for they might have better plans for them than you too. Hell, let them cut all your trees on your private property too, because you weren’t using them. You were just letting them stand there doing nothing with them.

    • you are partially right when there are other options available Obviously a practical position you take . So a practical rebuttal I will make . Dry cabins rarely drive away like cars and unless you burn a cabin to the ground are not comparable to cars which run into things and take a licensed operator that also come with liability insurance. If someone borrowed my chainsaw ( or any other tool you speak of ) from within my remote cabin and sharpened it and returned in working order then they are welcome to use on a very limited basis based on immediate need if its in a remote situation i wont be offended . ( typical in bush culture) When living remote,trust comes into play much more than city life imo. You are arguably right about not passing through but I argue Duane is passing through and near death and arguably that cabin wouldn’t be there if he didn’t build it . Has his new girlfriend made any claim to the place or intent to stay ? Is it to much to respect the builder of a home ? He didn’t build it for money and he lived with his wife there and arguably may have been pushed out due to conniving reality show salesman ( they are and theres a long line of documents to back that up in other cases) is going home to die where your dreams were to much ? He’s obviously not going to be there long and hasn’t misplaced any other inhabitants. Obviously you are welcome to your own opinion. Not many of this era share the opinion i hold . Duane comes from another time . Times change fast . I have a different opinion about borrowing or occupation by those with little excuse especially if they are middle aged. Devils in the details. Yes if someone drove off in my truck and it wasn’t an emergency when I needed it i be pretty pissed but a dry cabin has no wheels. So your example is not applicable.

      • He damn sure didn’t have a problem taking the money for it when he sold it to them. Some have respect for others private property, some don’t. The ones that don’t usually find a gun or charges aimed at them.

        If you owned the property it would be your right to let the elderly Mr. Ose and his bride stay there, but it is not. The only people that can make this decision are the legal recorded owners, and if Ose thinks he was swindled then he shouldn’t have spent the money, and went and got a lawyer.

        They’ve been staying in hotels, paying for chartered air planes, and supplies, they could of afforded a rental or bought another cabin in the woods.

        If it was that damn sentimental then why did he sell the damn thing in the first place. We all live with our choices that we make. Seems to me that the crazy chick has him all wound up about his old place, just like she was all wound up about her supposed property down in the lower 48. Just cause your crazy, doesn’t give you a right to do whatever. bet is that girl couldn’t make it through one Anchorage winter, much less one winter in the Interior. If the cold and work didn’t get her, the isolation would surely push her the rest of the way over.

      • DPR, his “supposed” new wife is trying to make claim on the property and the house and has supposedly filled paperwork to fraudulently try and take the property and house back from the winners of the show that Duane picked to produce the show. Duane was not “duped” out of anything by any production company whatsoever. Duane himself “shopped” around for any production company’s he could find to get them to do a TV program about him, his home, how he got his property, and how he built it all by himself (although he had plenty of help from his wife, some family members, and friends along the way) and Duane was paid handsomely in the six figure range by the production company for his and Rena’s home and property. His swindling new wife talked Duane into leaving Minnesota and returning to Alaska then convinced him that they should go back to Ose Mountain and move in and “reclaim” the property and house that was SOLD to the production company and then passed on to Mark and Emily the winners of the competition that they completed in with other couples to win the house and were picked by Duane himself as well as Rena to receive the property and house. Because Mark and Emily live in the UK they have been unable to return to Alaska because of travel restrictions, they did not abandon nor neglect the home, they have not been allowed to return to Alaska because of COVID period. This manipulative woman Eleanor basically manipulated Duane into believing that he has the right to just retake something that he sold to someone else willingly without any repercussions. So if you were to sale your home to someone overseas but the buyer of that house was unable to get to the United States in what you feel is a timely manner would you have the right to just move back into your house that you had already sold to someone and had already received all monies for the purchase of said house? I think not!! All that is actually irrelevant to the story reported on though. The point of the story is that this evil woman who has totally cut Duane’s family and friends out of his life and convinced Duane that his family and friends no longer care about him and has him believing her lies because she’s been blocking everyone’s attempts to get in touch with him and by doing so was able to make him return to the property and home with Duane already in bad physical health and also took no supplies with them when she forced him to go back up there. While there Duane’s health deteriorated and he ended up having to lay immobile on a cot for 10 or 11 days and she never bothered to attempt to get any help for him.
        I totally understand what you are trying to say about “cabins” being left accessible for those who may need shelter while out in the bush, however, she and Duane were not hikers nor hunters roaming around lost needing shelter to survive, they intentionally flew out there with the sole purpose of invading someone else’s property to claim as their own when they had no authority nor permission to do so. Eleanor has manipulated and conned Duane from the time she made contact with him on the computer and has pretty much drained him of everything that he should be enjoying during this time of his life, his family, his friends, his money to live off of to feed himself, pay his rent, medical bills, and transportation to get around because he can not drive.
        You’re nonchalant attitude towards all of the problems that he and his family are facing right now is truly disgusting and inhuman to say the least!!!
        But hey, if you feel so strongly about everyone just washing their hands of everything that is being done to Duane how about you just go ahead and give us your real name so we can send con artist Ellie Mae your way when she has finished draining Duane dry and needs to find her next gullible victim!!! You do sound like a moron who needs a something something in their life to occupy your time!!!

  10. Give it Heck Duane ! Life is short. One last good adventure. If that crazy chick will stick with you ,love it up . ( shes balsy ) Ya Pays your money and takes your chances . Carpe diem . Ignore the nay sayers. Whats left of your life is your own . Use it as you see fit .( soon enough your mind will be unusable and the opportunity for new deeds will not knock for long and no one is hurt from your crazy deeds . That house you built is empty and alone it needs brave souls like yours to fill it ) Alaska used to be filled with courageous men and women following their dreams . Weve lost much of that spirit. Some crashed and burned and a few rose from the ashes . Imo the people trying to stop him or slow him down are the ones with mental problems! If you can can make one heap of all your winnings and risk it on one turn of pitch and toss- then stoop and start again at your beginning with worn and broken tools you are a man my son and the world and whats in it is yours. Roughly -Rbt srvce.( Aprx)

    • DPR, while I would agree with 90% of what you say, I mean hell, dude’s in his lat 70’s, has got some “hot” chic by his standards to keep the fire going, so why not? The problem is the house is no longer his and she is most likely just using him as she has used men in the past. Hell, she let him lay in bed for 10 days sick without summing help all the while thinking his back was broken. Luckily a pilot checked on them. So, obviously not a good situation all around.
      So, one caan understand the daughters righteous concerns. But, on a side note, everybody is an adult so carry on. After all, ole Duane is 3yrs younger than Biden.

      • To folks grown in the city what you say may hold water . ( she’s taking advantage of him for his money- poor duane ) he’s using a house no longer his ( poor abused scottish owners) Here is the difference. The north holds a different code . A different law . Those of old didn’t lock their cabins in part so any traveler could use them as long as kindling and wood was left by the stove and any food eaten was replaced. You never knew what that traveler was enduring so as long as your cabin was treated with respect it is open. Thats the law of the old north .( i still leave mine unlocked) Duane is clearly a traveler though it be traveling to an imminent grave (Duane built this cabin so there is even more lee way and he will be gone very soon . Hes not a strapping young buck who can sleep in the snow under a spruce tree at 40 below) hes not making a paperwork push to change the cabin title to my knowledge. As to being taken advantage of by a young woman! Baaah ! Men the world round get taken “advantage” of in a much worse fashion. Its Duanes money and Duanes time . He cant take money or time where he’s going so he should do as he feels fit to . Evidently Duane “who is knowledgeable first hand” doesn’t think he’s being taken advantage of . I ask you is anyone else willing to go to lake Minchumina with him at the beginnings of Alaska winter ? One of the coldest areas in Alaska ? I dont see any of his relatives willing to join him in this Journey. (his daughter spent a couple hours on a plane and a few more hours in warm hospital after stopping at starbucks to see her crazy dad ) boy did she invest herself. ?????? . I didn’t see her putting on her parka and mukluks boarding a plane to no where to take care of Duane in his last days . His loyal loved wife has preceded him . See anyone but this Ellie May sticking their neck out ? She has no northern expierence. Thats a tough and crazy chick . I admire that . Neither one is hurting anyone or taking overtly advantage of any one . Cant say that of Perky Berky or Influence peddlin Biden. Democrats would like to Redefine the definition of public servant evidently to mean lord and master whos in a position to profit and do immoral acts while making rules for others . Public service. Unh uh .

    • DPR Is most definitely Eleanor!! One look at her rankings on her Facebook (and Duane’s) and anyone can tell. You’re not as smart as you think you are, lady. You’re a disgusting con artist that has taken advantage of more than one elderly man. Sooner or later, your luck will run out! The Ose family and fans of Duane are working tirelessly to expose you. Prison will be your future home.

      • Absolutely hilarious! Yep im Elle Mae ! Totally busted ! I knew I should have changed my makeup and cut my hair! Was it my awesome heels that gave me away ? 😜😱

  11. This isn’t the Duane Ose that I have known for years. I feel sorry for he’s kids & grandkids that have to go through this.

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