The end

President Donald Trump/White House photo

As the presidency of Donald Trump winds to an end the way it began with the House of Representatives intent on impeachment, Americans of all political persuasions are left to suffer the legacy of four years that have left few of them better people.

Dr. Robert H. Lustig, an endocrinologist at the University of California San Fransisco, warned the country of this three years ago in a Medpage Today essay titled simply “This is Your Brain on Trump.”

“Everyone is worried about what happened to Trump’s brain,” he wrote there, ” but no one seems to be particularly worried about what’s happening to ours. The Russians hacked the election, but it’s Trump who has hacked our minds….

“Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is ostensibly a mental condition in which persons have been driven effectively ‘insane’ due to their dislike of Donald Trump to the point at which they abandon all logic and reason.”

This the legacy of Trump’s presidency. He hacked the minds of untold numbers of Americans and left them Trump-like.

The one Donald Trump created a nation of Donald Trumps where people are judged not by the value of their ideas but by their party of affiliation, a nation where ideas themselves are no longer subject to discussion but carved into the stone of partisan tablets, a nation where science has anointed itself a religion so that it might turn its back if necessary on the scientific method itself in the interests of some greater good.

And what is perceived as the greater good?

Lizard brains

Lustig pretty well nailed the answer to that question: satisfying the primitive emotions of a “lizard  brain” held hostage to floods of dopamine and cortisol as the prefrontal cortex races between greed and fear.

“I would argue that Trump has turned our brains reptilian,” he wrote. “These two neurophysiologic phenomena have conspired to change human behavior throughout the millennia, and have previously been harnessed by demagogues in the name of populism. The difference now is that the message can be “weaponized” by the digital targeting of those who are most likely to respond to manipulation. In fact, these two phenomena are now at work on both sides of the aisle.”

But don’t, God forbid, try to tell this to those firmly entrenched on either side of that aisle that it is time to rise above partisan pettiness for they will almost instantly condemn you to hell. Even the atheists among them, who don’t believe in the religious constructs of heaven and hell, and the agnostics, who remain skeptical of an afterlife with such a stark choice between the perpetual comfort of heaven or the perpetual agony of Hades.

Forget about reasoning with them because they’ve bought into, or been driven into, the black and white world of Trump where you are on one side or the other. This is a world where facts are all too often about what you believe rather than what can be documented, and disinformation is always about what those you disagree with believe.

Consider this, many on the left in America have spent four years believing that Trump was elected because the Russians hacked the 2016 election, but somehow cannot except the idea that many on the right now believe some in the vast American bureaucracy might have hacked the election of 2020.

So the Russians could somehow rig the election from outside the country, but it would be impossible for an entrenched fifth element in the vast American bureaucracy to do the same from inside the country? How can you believe one without accepting at least the possibility of the other?

For the record, I didn’t buy the first hack, and I’m not buying the second because both the 2016 election and the 2020 election reflect the same thing – a deeply divided nation.

And it seems to be only getting more so everyday.

No Appomattax

Witness the second impeachment of Trump for the crime of doing what he has been doing ever since he got elected, shooting his mouth off with little thought as to the implications.

“Donald Trump, the man who defied every political rule and prevailed to win his party’s nomination, last week took on perhaps the most sacred political rule of all: Never attack a Gold Star family.

“Not just because it alienates a vital constituency but because it reveals a shocking absence of elementary decency and of natural empathy for the most profound of human sorrows  – parental grief.

“Why did Trump do it? It wasn’t a mistake. It was a revelation. It’s that he can’t help himself. His governing rule in life is to strike back when attacked, disrespected or even slighted.”

That was the late Charles Krauthammer’s observation on Trump in the summer of 2016.

Trump at least had an excuse. He pretty clearly suffers from narcissistic personality disorder, which the the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5) defines “as comprising a pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), a constant need for admiration, and a lack of empathy.”

Many U.S. presidents, possibly most, were narcissists. An oversized belief in oneself is something of an asset when trying to secure that job. The late President Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) was famous for it.

He led the list of narcissistic presidents a team of psychologists published in the journal Psychological Science in 2013. Teddy Roosevelt, Andrew Jackson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, Chester A. Arthur, Andrew Johnson and Woodrow Wilson rounded out the top 10 in that order.

But all but Teddy Roosevelt and Jackson were pikers compared to Johnson, who scored 1.652 points on a scale developed by the psychologists. Every president after Jackson scored less than 1.0.

“Finishing squarely in the middle – not too humble, not too big-headed, just about right – were some of America’s nice-guy presidents: Dwight Eisenhower, Jimmy Carter and George Washington. (Barack Obama was not rated.),” the Pew Research Center reported in summarizing the study.

“These researchers also found that, on average, presidents are more narcissistic than the average American. Moreover, the level of grandiose narcissism in presidents has increased in recent decades.”

Trump took it to a whole new level, going from LBJ’s barely controllable narcissism to out-of-control NPD. It is in some ways sad.

“I used to think Trump was an 11-year-old, an undeveloped schoolyard bully,” Krauthammer wrote. “I was off by about 10 years. His needs are more primitive, an infantile hunger for approval and praise, a craving that can never be satisfied. He lives in a cocoon of solipsism where the world outside himself has value – indeed exists – only insofar as it sustains and inflates him.”

Tough to watch

I have had some personal experience with this disorder. My old boss at the Alaska Dispatch News – Alice Rogoff – suffered from it. She promised her once best friend Tony Hopfinger $1 million to satisfy her infantile hunger for approval and praise by turning her into the Katharine Graham of Alaska newspaper publishers.

Unfortunately for her, she put that promise in writing in the form of a contract to buy the Alaska Dispatch, an online news entity that had been started by Hopfinger and ex-wife Amanda Coyne on their kitchen table in Anchorage. No one in their right mind would have judged the website worth $1 million, but Rogoff did.

Hopfinger’s relationship with her, unfortunately, lasted longer than a White House chief of staff under Trump (none stayed more than a year and a half), but ended badly. He left the newspaper. She refused to pay the money she’d contractually promised.

He sued. She spent far more money battling in court than it would have cost to settle the suit and then lost.

Along the way, she managed into bankruptcy the newspaper that was supposed to make her an iconic Alaska figure, and she became famous in the wrong way. If Graham was the Superman of newspaper publishers – she risked the family business on principal in order to publish the Pentagon Papers in 1971 – Rogoff was the Bizarro Superman of newspaper publishers.

Trump may be destined to a similar status in the annals of history although only time will tell. Many of his policy decisions have been politically sound – one might even say sensible at the risk of getting Twitter slammed by the anti-Trump Twitterati or getting booted off Facebook for violating “community standards.”


Mirror images

Because Donald Trump has succeeded in remaking a goodly segment of America in his image. It is, in many ways, a staggering accomplishment.

Yes, there were the roots of this in American society before Trump. Sarah Palin – Alaska’s short-term governor and later national polebrity – paved Trumps “don’t retreat, reload” path to the White House. And long before Trump, some newspaper columnists and TV pundits made their fortunes in name-calling and an earlier version of what is now called “trolling” in social media.

Trump trolled Twitter like a world-class fishermen, which only encouraged others to troll Twitter. And now, having become the cesspool of social media, Twitter has banned Trump for inciting violence.

“On January 8, 2021, President Donald J. Trump Tweeted:

“‘The 75,000,000 great American Patriots who voted for me, AMERICA FIRST, and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, will have a GIANT VOICE long into the future. They will not be disrespected or treated unfairly in any way, shape or form!!!’

“Shortly thereafter, the President Tweeted:

“‘To all of those who have asked, I will not be going to the Inauguration on January 20th.’

“Due to the ongoing tensions in the United States, and an uptick in the global conversation in regards to the people who violently stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2021, these two Tweets must be read in the context of broader events in the country and the ways in which the President’s statements can be mobilized by different audiences, including to incite violence, as well as in the context of the pattern of behavior from this account in recent weeks. After assessing the language in these Tweets against our Glorification of Violence policy, we have determined that these Tweets are in violation of the Glorification of Violence Policy and the user @realDonaldTrump should be immediately permanently suspended from the service.”

Hello Doublethink. This is the best excuse Twitter could come up with for banning Trump? Somewhere out there, George Orwell is mumbling, “I told you so.”

These Tweets, unlike many others written by Trump, were at least accurate or close to accurate. He surely isn’t going to the inauguration, and the 74.2 million Americans – about 47 percent of all voters – did cast a ballot for him. To call the number 75 million is a rounding error, but one of the sort you see journalists make all too often these days.

And suffice to say, the 4.5 percent difference between the votes for Trump and those for President-elect Joe Biden isn’t enough to start a Thanksgiving day argument over who got the biggest piece of pumpkin pie. The 4.5 percent bigger piece doesn’t look much different from any other piece.

The Trump-Biden race was close. It was a reflection of a deeply divided nation with a heavy streak of Republican red cutting through the midsection the elites on the coasts refer to as “fly over country.”

Did Trump help heal the divide? Hell no.

Will the House’s decision to impeach him for a second time help? See the answer above.

We are locked in a cultural “war,” and what people do in wars is fight. Gen. George S. Patton defined the rules simply:

“War is a bloody business, a killing business. The Nazis are the enemy. Wade into them, spill their blood or they will spill yours. Shoot them in the guts. Rip open their belly.”

Patton was arguably the country’s best-ever battlefield commander. He was not a peacemaker. And you do not win the peace in a democracy by killing the enemy, by wading into them to spill their blood, by shooting them in the gut or ripping open their belly.

You win the peace with accommodation. You win the peace by finding ways to work with those with whom you disagree. You win the peace by recognizing the world has far more grays than blacks and whites. You win the peace by accepting that even if you are the smartest guy in the room, others might still come up with ideas better than yours.

Trump was suited to none of that. He came from a world of business where he gave orders and other people followed them. One can only hope that Biden better understands how to win the peace and has the fortitude to stay the course.

It will not be easy. The tribes on both sides are angry as America witnessed in the invasion of the Capitol. A lot of Biden supporters – too many by any count – believe the Capitol invaders are representative of the 74.2-million-strong “basket of deplorables” who voted for Trump.

There is a nasty stripe of I’m-better-than-you, I’m-smarter-than-you, and you-best-not-forget-it that permeates a segment of the left in this country. Biden has his work cut out for him if he hopes to find middle ground between those folks and Trump supporters.

If he wants to find middle ground, one can only wish him luck.


















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  1. I’m Not getting vaccinated, I’m Not wearing your useless face masks, and the 2020 election WAS Rigged by the American commies. I don’t listen to Trump speeches and such, I’m actually a Ron Paul Person, so dismiss the thought that I have been Trumpwashed, however I do pay attention and I 100% believe in our constitution. Both sides of the aisle have been pecking away at our constitution forever, with an almost complete consent from We the People.

    Now, I’m not sure if they have successfully brainwashed some of you socialist democrats with subliminal messages on tv, and the internet, put mind altering drugs on your fruit loops, or if it’s all the steroids they’re putting in those rotisserie chickens you’ve been eating from the stores. I know this to be a fact, because I use to haul steroids in a bulk tanker from an undisclosed place out of Illinois to undisclosed chicken feed plants out in California, and other states. However, it appears that I am immune to their commie tactics, because I am quite aware of how some of you have lost your ever living cookies, and you truly do believe in a communist workable government, which btw is the chicken making you say those things, you just don’t realize it.

    Whether some of you are just playing the D and R game, which has pretty much ran our country into the ground, and because your big D won, you have to tote the party line and defend it, I’m not sure. If that’s your reasoning for standing by the demise of our constitution and our country even more, then shame on you, and pull your head up out of the chicken bucket, long enough to catch your breath.

    • Zip , that was awesome! Maybe Trumps Departure isn’t the “End” after all ! Keep on trucking Zip !

    • “I’m actually a Ron Paul Person” libertarians are those that feel fine shitting on someone as being just ducks as long as shitted on one agrees.They are always white, male and have this insufferable way of being aghast at why you can’t understand them or don’t want to complement them on their *intelligence*.

      • Monk, you exhibit racist and sexist speech. “They are always white male” you are completely revolting. I cant believe in 2021 you adhere to racism to ineptly attemt to make a point against a group . Just gross monk . Just gross . monk you are also a liar. Why do you pretend to know all libertarians? . Or does libertarians moral high ground strike fear into your mind ? Cant you use your brain to discuss ideas in a moderately mature human fashion? I will make a suggestion. Before you type it in , write it down on paper and see if it’s acceptable for a public posting forum that children or other humans could read. Gross monk . Gross . Please refrain from such base hateful talk . Really you must make an attempt to relize nearly all humans are on the same side. We will accomplish more as a team .

      • Dread Pirate Roberts,
        “We will accomplish more as a team.”
        But, in a free country, what if I don’t want to be on your team? We’re adults here, surely we can discuss race and whatnot. I think monkfelonious is talking about entitlement, slavery. forced labor, whether for wage or duty or trade. Wars are fought over it, it’s what communism is about. Labor is everything, not much business without it. And privately, men want to be cooked and cared for, women want to be protected. If more people did their own damn work and planning we would be a world transformed (and slowed down). Just because I want a tomato, doesn’t mean someone owes it to me. Maybe I should try growing my own, see what it feels like. We believe we are so entitled when in fact we are entitled to nothing, not even life..

      • Y cooper , obviously its your option or whoever’s option not to be on the team. Just pointing out to monk we get more done as teams versus adversarial. It’s important he relize no one is actually against him in any form and that ideas and life stance is to be changed and matured . Generally speaking,To accomplish Anything major you need team work. adversarial tends to reduce intelligent information transfer. Im not against it to some degree if it provokes thought and isn’t actually adversarial but is a challenge. Monk is in a disfunctional zone that is acidic and doesn’t add much to a conversation , his excessively negative statements in public normalize poor communication tactics. Now as to discussing race . Yes we are adults. We can discuss whatever. Proper etiquette would expect discussions were done in a respectable fashion so as not to purposely be put forth or viewable as race baiting put downs or what have you . Its just a despicable practice to categorize by race. You know our nation has had an embarrassing episode based on race. Therefore in 2021 its time for maturity. Also as tradition clarifies there is a time and place for everything. Being judicious about topic choice is prudent. Its also a respectable tradition to give credence to the statement-“ its not what you do its how you do it “. All that said I didn’t step into the zone of censorship. Censureship or conspiring to deprive a human of free speech or their rights is illegal both in the constitution and in US code 18 Us code 1841 unless there has been a conviction in court. Then its allowed. (censorship or deprivation off rights is not allowed be us code with out conviction ) now in Mr medreds case he has no contract of any form expressed or implied to publish comments so he probably could censor some one but that’s touchy ground and it’s possible the constitution protects all speech except what law has determined is somehow illegal though that might be unconstitutional. Twitter and tech platforms that provide a service for public is different because #1 they are publicly traded company and regulated by regulators so they are not a private company . #2 They are contracted by users for a service that dnters the public spehere . Our constitutional laws require no discrimination and no infringement on free speech. Twitter ect are contracted to provide a public platform readable by the public so when twitter censored recent people before court conviction they break all kinds of laws , constitutional and other wise. Conspiracy to Deprive of rights is up to a 10 year sentence. Jack and associates only avoid such because they donate millions/ billions and in effect extorting our government to do their bidding. So illegal and immoral. That said . Sure talk about race if you like but imo its for small minds and please do it in a respectable fashion if you must. Yuck . I prefer that we are all considered just Americans. Male or female humans. Trans or whatever you prefer to identify with. In the end its the mind that counts and not color shape or what have you so why talk about it ? Just be whatever you want and respect others.

      • Dread Pirate Roberts,
        “… no one is actually against him …”
        But they are. A lot of people seem to want a lot of other people dead or maimed –not you, I’m sure of that.

        “… so why talk about it ? …”

        Because he had something to say. Historically, Europeans have ruled the world, they got into that habit, and there are hard feelings, and hard feelings back. We can aspire to rise above them, but we’re only animals, albeit not furry ones. We can’t control the impulses that pass through our brains, like, “Where’s the shotgun, I’ll kill that sombitch.”

      • Y cooper , maybe you are right. Certainly right in certain circumstances. That said I think you misconstrue human nature. People are usually more specifically for themselves which appears as against others but really isn’t. So its a fallacy of thought. If he is typical then he is also for himself and should put asside his anger and work together with us in a way that will in the end benefit him . I was actually being fairly accurate. Though of course there are outliers. Now as to controlling our thoughts above animals. Yes we are animals but it is distinctly a false thought to think we are in a genetic box that demands certain emotional response. We are humans so we get to choose how we think and feel about any given situation. It takes discipline. Its hard yes. With practice its very doable . Triumph and disaster are just imposters . Treat them the same can be be applied to all aspects of existence. If you loose your favorite truck you can think to yourself, i need exercise and im getting fat . Good thing that damn truck isn’t holding me back from getting fit anymore. Or awesome now i can buy a better one !!! We are animals but Meditating monks proove our brains control our bodies and thoughts. Our thoughts in return can control our bodies and feelings. But a person must relize thats an option and choose to do it . I don’t always choose to do it . But its there as a tool if monk desires to pull himself up out of the mud .

      • Dread Pirate Roberts,

        “… should put aside his anger and work together with us… ”
        But why? Why should he work with you. Some people just want to be left alone. *IF* a man is stranded in a snowy pass at fifty below zero, *THEN* I’m obligated as a decent human being to assist. But that’s an extreme circumstance. I am not obligated to respond positively to just any demand people might make of me.

        “…its there as a tool if monk desires to pull himself up out of the mud…”
        Of course. I meant the original impulse, the instinct, of annoyance, which could have been avoided if he had just been left alone. His composure of mind has been disturbed, and for what? People are very much “in your face” today, which can be hard on a monk.

    • Yeah . And trump turns out to be just another republican. He betrayed liberty and the constitution when he didn’t pardon assange and Snowden who are unconstitutionally accused. Various sources Alledged that trump made a deal to appease the republican leadership. Gross . Save yourself and leave the heros to rot in a super max . Trump yells – every man for yourself! Assange approximately says “ people deserve privacy and governments need to be transparent” That says who a real is . trump was not worthy of being associated with the cause of liberty. When the chips were down he did what the majority of republicans did and betrayed our republic. Craig medred was right . Trump was just a blow hard reality tv personality.

      • Dread Pirate Roberts,
        “… blow hard reality tv personality.”
        Yes, and a gross one at that, but he did stand up to them, and it’s not over yet. I’m still hanging on for last-minute pardons and declassified docs.

      • Steve, you once asked about a good source for constitutional clarification. Well like i said before, short of law school and extreme research studies i want to give you a very good source that explains recaps really well. Its still not 100% because its somewhat opinionated but thats life . So – https:/ ( or something like that to get started into website. You are probably really good with technical manuals so this is a great start though you still have to do your own research and read all the founders snd associates letters. )

      • Yeah man, what about the Tiger King….. That’s crazy, when he was still in Wynnewood doing his thing before jail, locals from surrounding towns would say, best just to stay clear of Wynnewood, there’s some mighty crazy stuff going on that way. Now if you know Oklahoma, for them to say something like that, it must of been pretty crazy, to be crazy in their book.
        “Love the Oklahoma people”

  2. Joseph Stalin-“it is enough the people know there is an election. The people who cast the vote decide nothing. The people who count the vote decide everything…………..- Joseph Biden “we have built the most extensive and inclusive voter f raud organization in the history of American Politics” Well we have some parellels . Should we believe them ? Bidens been a public speaker for almost 50 years. He should know how to be clear.

    • Good job being 40% civil monk ! As to your link its full of lies . First important one is pence wasn’t expected to overturn the election. He was expected to request the challenged electoral votes be sent back to the states for a redo . A redo that would follow law and transparency. Every state has a right to be counted and all states have a right to be confident their sister states vote was accurate and uncorrupted. Its the feds job to assure our rights are not infringed or eroded . We have a right to a transparent government that requires states to not infringe on their voters rights . As to Mr . Bill Barr – he was never loyal nor worth being involved with the movement for liberty and transparency. He always swung towards protection of the status qoa . He made nearly no effort to remove the patriot act or get it fixed so it meets constitutional standards. The article had to many other lies to refute but it clearly made no effort to be honest or accurate. So monk – dead Pirate to Goofy priest . What you are missing is if the status qoa proceeds everyone looses not just republicans but everyone. Humanity will fail in the end if its not based around liberty. I know you want to see sides because thats how we are programmed. The kicker i would like you to thou about is that we are all 100% on the same side its just there are many ways to get to the top of the mountain. Tyranny is not functional long term and tyranny is what trumpers are against. Thats what libertarians are against and thats what a true socialist or communist is against. Communism was corrupted by marx stalin lenin mao ect . True socialism is equality for everyone. Which oddly is how our constitution reads . Created equal. Now granted we cant always stay equal because of life choices but as to rights we are equal. So there are similarities. We both want whats best for humanity. So we are alll on same side and must unite to fight tyranny . So oddly if we loose you loose . If it benefits me long term it benefits you . We have to quit allowing division because our tyrannical masters use it against us . Come together Monk .

  3. Some have compared America’s decline to the fall of the Roman Empire. It makes me think of a line from the movie “Gladiator,” when Emperor Marcus Aurelius declares his son Commodus as unfit as an heir to the throne because “he is not an honorable man.” For me it’s been rather simple from the get-go in 2016: Aside from being unqualified for the office of Presidency, Trump lies and is not an honorable man. What bothers me more, however, is that hardly anyone — on either side of the political spectrum — seems to care about that aspect of his character.

      • craigmedred,
        “Or, worse yet, the lying behaviors many of others.”

        That’s all right, you’ll have your way now, and good luck to you and yours. “Post-Truth” is exactly right. Joe Biden: The Big Guy. The Embodiment of Christ according to msm, which is what we have for news (the rest is mostly run by the skinheads).

        The good and honorable Democratic Party is no more. It’s the Communist Party in drag at the moment, with the naked and unafraid one coming up in short order. If that’s what you want, just say so, I’ll shut up and go away, it’s dangerous to speak out. Geez, I wish I was crazy wrong..

      • Y,
        Newsflash,communism has been DOA for several decades.And pass the word to zip,I’ll take that last chicken leg if he’s passing it up.

      • Dave Mc,
        “… communism has been DOA …”
        May the powers that be hear your words, but please skip that estrogen chicken.

    • Frank Baker,
      “… not an honorable man … hardly anyone … seems to care about that aspect of his character”
      We care! What choice did we have? Clinton? Please! She’s a puppet. “I heard you guys are having a cabinet meeting. Can I come?” –Secretary of State Hillary Clinton paraphrased (From her emails. Couldn’t find the exact quote)..

  4. Martial law in DC ? Sure looks like it ! To ensure the new chi Com President Biden/ the big guy is sworn in without disruption? 25-30 k troops aughta do it with enough razor wire and illegal revocation of first and second amendment rights in DC . They must be pretty afraid of truth to refuse an audit of the vote . The Big guy fits with our Chinese owned congressional leaders. Every one fits so well together now ! Big happy family- once cruz and Hawley cabal get thrown into the mud . Congress for rent to the highest bidder. Ukraine- Russia- china – Big banks – Military industrial complex- Every one step right up! Going once going twice- Sold ! !!! Anyone ever think that if government did their job of defending our rights and quit taking and spending every ones money , implementing police state policy , eliminating our industrial capacity with traitorous trade agreements and destroying our big cities with disasterous social policies we might be happier with them ? Maybe even send them cakes and flowers! Ohh no our rulers gotta call out the military and lock themselves in safely because they sure dont want their money distribution and illegal ceremonies disturbed by those noisy peasants!! Who do those peasants they think they are ? Getting up set about a little vote fraud and removal of freedom! The indignity of such thoughts! Our seats are sacred royal seats ! Crack down is what we shall do ! No more free speech! Keep their silly protests at a distance! Throw them in prison on frivolous charges! Put the fear of the royalty into their childish heads ! Enough from you peasants! Shut up or we will hang your leaders! ( same story different century-right?) lets see – what would trump do if he were brilliant and courageous Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin? Oh i dont know – maybe publicly declare congress traitors to the Declaration of Independence and constitution? Thomas and Ben considered it their job to dissolve any form of Tyranical government that wasn’t doing its job of protecting citizens rights. So they would Utilize insurection laws Call out the militia and reform government policy to remove money from politics.Strengthen the clarity of what a public servants duty was and put teeth to violation of those duties. Disband congress , install ethical leaders Then immediately resign like George Washington tried to do . George wanted nothing to do with being president and his friends had to twist his arm to take the job . Now that would be an epic event 😉 Betcha our military would cheer. ( not going to happen) So we will all sit patiently like sheep waiting for the gears of justice and chance and a new generation. We are destined for the hard method. The long slow grind of Political financial reform and electing only ethical public servants is a life and death issue for the republic . No more acceptance of self serving politicians. Vote em all out . We need a new congress. Our district Attorneys have been compromised by Money and pressure of staying in line with their donors and people who appoint them . We must have reform for DA placement.

    • Dread Pirate Roberts,
      “what would trump do if he were brilliant and courageous Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin?”
      While we shouldn’t speak ill of the dead, I will do so to make a point. Personally, I don’t like any of the three, would not choose them for friends, all creeps in my opinion, but professionally all three were or are American patriots and I would vote for all three in gratitude forever. All three irreplaceable, one of a kind, indefatigable. Are any of us so perfect? Their personal failings are not for us to judge as long as they observe the law. We had a vote, people, now taken from us.

  5. Who you going to believe? Seems Trump has been right once again. From Dr. Rand Paul:
    There are doctors out there saying, ‘we need to wear them after the vaccine and really we may need to wear them forever.’ That is ridiculous and defies the science.”

    “But what I tell people is use common sense,” Paul continued. “If you’ve had the disease or you’ve been vaccinated and you’re several weeks out from your second dose, throw your mask away and tell Dr. Fauci to take a leap.”

    “Once you have immunity, you don’t need to do this. Throw your mask away and tell these so-called experts who say lockdowns work to take a flying leap, because there is no scientific evidence that the lockdowns have done anything to change the trajectory of this virus.”

    • Bryan,
      It is the masks and the lockdowns that are making us sick. Actually, there’s a lockdown on, a censoring of, much of the nation’s news. What is really happening?
      We don’t know, comrade, but we can see that small business is dead –all is monopoly, products don’t work, food is poisoned, inedible..

      • Looking at D.C. it reminds me of how East Germany looked in the 1960’s…that should give Americans a good idea where this is all heading.

      • But Steve S, you blame Trump when it is Dems who are ordering the military to protect their Oligarchy.

      • Oh Bryan,
        This destruction of American Values started a long time before Trump.
        Remember when those drones, I mean planes struck the world trade centers?
        Next week we were all undressing to get on the airplane.
        Americans need to start thinking about who makes fortunes when the population suffers?
        Here is an old (but very relevant take) from Naomi Klein on the “Disaster Capitalist” economy which has taken hold of the country.
        Just think of all those contractors making millions off of fencing, arms, weapons, body armor, drones, helicopters, trucks, barricades, etc. People are getting rich as democracy is flailing.
        P.S. I still blame Trump for fanning the flames on extremism these last four year (on both the right and the left).

    • Their is no evidence to date that the currently available Covid19 vaccines on the market prevent individuals
      from catching and spreading Covid-19. These Covid-19 M-RNA vaccines prevent the twice vaccinated from
      have a severe reaction ~90% of the time if they catch
      covid-19. Hence until a large majority of us have either
      caught Covid-19 or been vaccinated current practices are still in play. aside-Every year or so will need a booster shot or new vaccine variant to update our tracker chips.

      • By getting the current vaccine that only prevents from serious reaction to the virus, aren’t we in essence creating millions of walking Typhoid Mary’s? Now we will have millions of people carrying a disease they may or may not know they have, spreading it quicker through the population and allowing it to mutate in new unknown and unforeseen ways.

      • Jeff,theres a lot we dont know, we (global Bio Pharma )literally pulled a rabbit out of the hat.I believe Micheal Osterholm said approx a yr ago that Covid most likely will be with us for along time.Meaning beyond just having a vaccine.In time it will morph into different strains(as is happening now as we speak).

      • Covid-19 is here with us to stay.

        Will it continue to morph?

        Will masks and social distancing be in
        our future? now and then likely. Especially till a super majority is vaccinated.

        Will there be yearly new vaccines like the flu?

        better ventilation? lets hope so

        less over-weight Americans? not likely

  6. LeoAmericus – what say you? Oh, I know, I know…usual spin… “Dems are for the little guy” 🙂
    “Democrats are again considering legislation to provide their wealthy blue state donors with billions by ending the cap on a tax deduction.”

    • Pardon and Free Assange!!! Pardon Snowden!!! Fight for freedom of the press and free speech! Congress shall make no laws that abridge the freedom of speech or of the press ! They did abridge these rights! Repeal all laws that infrige these rights. Start with section 230 ! Congress shall make no law that abridges the right of the people to peaceably assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievance. They have infringed that right with permitting and arbitrary detainments and enforcment of petty laws during assembly! Our constitution, democracy and bill of rights are clearly under attack. Our congress has enected many illegal laws for years now ! Free a falsely charged man – Free assange! These rights are cornerstones of our democracy! Free Snowden! He sacrificed to inform Americans of the illegal and immoral acts our government is involved in ! Trumps presidency is not over yet . May he do the honorable thing and respect freedom of the press and free speech! The right of the people to be secure in their persons , houses , papers and efffects against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated! It had been! Free snowden ! He fought and sacrificed for us ! The republic is clearly under attack by a tyrannical corrupt government. I claim its time for redress of grievances ! Stand strong! Stand together!

  7. Steve Stine I present Uncle Ted
    Ted Nugent Wrote Joe Biden a letter via Facebook moments ago and it is going viral fast. Just in case it is censored, here it is in it entirety.

    Dear Vice President Biden,
    Although I refused to listen to it, I understand that during your presidential acceptance speech, you were calling for the unity of Trump supporters.

    I remember four years ago my President Trump also called for unity. I remember how Congressional members of your Democratic Party responded by boycotting his inauguration, remember how you and your Democratic Party cheated and used the greatest law enforcement institution of the country to spy on my President Trump’s campaign.

    I remember how you and your Democratic Party created a fake Russian dossier to try and impeach my President Trump. I remember how your speaker of the house ripped up my President Trump’s beautiful State of the Union speech on national TV. I remember how you and your Democratic Party tried to impeach my President Trump over a Ukraine phone call. You accused my President Trump of pay to play. Come to find out, Joe, it was really you and your son Hunter. I remember how you and Your Democratic Party blamed my President Trump over a pandemic that he had nothing to do with. I remember how you and your Democratic Party encouraged rioting and looting of the great United States of America. I remember how you and your Democratic party used the media to spread lie after lie about my President Trump. I remember how you and Your Democratic Party stole the election from my President Trump.

    This Trump supporter remembers all that, Joe, and will NOT be unifying with your Democratic Party. Your abject criminal dishonesty is treasonous.

    You belong in Prison along with the rest of the swamp.

  8. Monk, you guys talk about Trump with the nuke codes, what about Dementia Joe who doesn’t even know what day it is or Kamala “Willy” Brown? Sheesh! Your disdain for Trump keeps you from seeing reality..

      • Leo , wouldn’t it be great if a retraction of an article by a poorly funded publication under threat/ duress of a potential billion dollar lawsuit meant anything? Other than they were scared and dont have the money/ resources or access to the proofs required to proove they were correct. Various biased fact checkers rate American thinker as consistently in accurate. That means their retraction could be equally in accurate. If you believe self proclaimed fact checkers. I don’t. ( just more people with opinions that hold little water) Now if a billion dollar company like Dominion forced a principled savy man like Glenn Greenwald or Ron Paul to do a retraction it might mean something. Present valid proofs and mathematical facts and provide access the the dominion voting machines or your innuendo and lack of logic is just adding to the pile of tripe – misinformation and confusion. Dominions threat and force by financial destruction to get American thinker to comply presented no verifiable proofs . In the court of law and out of court of law under duress and fear to cut their losses people and companies settle or make plea agreements every day and it has nothing to do with guilt and everything to do with being extorted or cutting their losses when there is little to gain. . You should apologize to Brian for using innuendo and lies smearing him without proof. My statement is nothing personal. I just think it’s important to relize we don’t know the facts of who is right about dominion but currently the only evidence presented has shown dominion guilty of possible purposefull manipulation or at a minimum having hackable machines and providing data cards that could be manipulated . They have done nothing to proove their innocence. Though they could well be innocent. Currently there is a billion dollar lawsuit against Powel by dominion. That will be interesting to see how it plays. Im not holding my breath for clarification because the voting districts refused analytic acces to the machines and destroyed the voting records . So it will really depend on luck of the jury and chosen judge and how deep powels pockets are and not honesty or truth . Oddly dominion has not yet sued Lin wood who equally or worse smeared dominion. Lin wood is considered a fearsome opponent as slander lawyer/ damages lawyer. So far dominion has chosen the easiest target. Dominion has connections to very deep pockets and questionable people.

      • leoamericus,

        “Maybe you should apologize to the readers here for spreading lies.”

        Somebody spreading untruths? No, please, say it ain’t so, Joe ..

        **A lie told often enough becomes the truth. –Lenin**

      • Leo, “It not who votes, but who counts the votes.” Joseph Stalin

        Leo, if you cannot see that the “Anti-Fascists” are actually the Fascists and that the “anti-racists” are actually the racists I cant help you.

      • Marlin Savage,

        “And his opinion is supposed to have merrit???????????”

        Our revered leaders teaching us how to think ..

    • Steve , come on man you are a borderline Buddhist and you present Arnold? A steroid meat head ex actor who wouldn’t know truth or honor if it bit him. Another Narcissistic political personality who wants revenge ? I humored you and listened to Arnolds world view . He makes improbable comparisons that undermine his credibility. He lies repeatedly about how Americans have historically solved their problems. Trying to fear monger against our citizens. He incorrectly labels and demonizes the Proud boys akin to nazis and white supremeisits . Uh does he know their members include humans of all skin colors and cultural diversity? Their leader who just got arrested was Hispanic. Lets keep it real . Now that trump is no longer an element lets improve and keep it as real as possible. Trump is gone . Lets move on and recognize what’s important is liberty, rights and a clean vote . I respect your worldview immensely . Arnolds not so much. Propaganda from an elitist. When he gives away all his possessions , money and walks the talk i will listen again . Hes a hypocritical liar .

      • DPR,
        Just so you know, Arnold no longer eats meat & has not for several years.
        He was actually one of the producers of the movie “Game Changers” that advocates for a plant based diet.
        As for Buddhism…I once studied it a bit in college but don’t think it suits who I am.
        I would say “Transcendentalism” is the closet I come to having spirituality but it is more a “philosophical and social movement” than religious belief.
        Honestly, growing up with a family of war veterans…I can really relate to Arnold’s speech.
        The left or the right did not cause this systemic rot in our country…it has arrived with nearly a century of foreign armed conflicts across the globe (of which Trump has done his part to expand into Africa).
        Don’t be so hard on the Terminator as he is just calling it as he sees it and I tend to agree.
        What we are seeing in the capital insurrection is many of the attendants (like David Eastman) are U.S. military veterans (many of who are suffering from PTSD).
        I have been saying for years that this 20 year war in the Middle East will be the end of our Democracy if we cannot stop bringing home men with fractured bodies & souls.
        Trump ignited a “dog whistle” of sort that drove them to action as all of the people arrest claim that the president told them to enter the capital and “stop the steal”.
        If history is our guide there are difficult years ahead for Lady Liberty as we attempt to end the paradigm of sending our 18 y/o boys off to war.
        Without a peaceful way forward, our economy will collapse with all the national debt.

      • Steve , I mostly agree with you . I will study up on transcendentalism. Oh don’t worry- Aaanold was one of my favorite actors. ( we need a conan barbarian and its very possible we are quickly heading towards a terminator style world) . Hes just definitely not an adequate role model for our world currently. Also you said it well . Says it how he sees it . Lots of people have that skill. Problem is thats not good enough for this era of chaos. It needs to be a balanced view based on reality. Interesting though that he doesn’t eat meat. Might that have any thing to with his major heart problems? Doctor recommended? Ethically I cannot disagree with an anti meat stance . We have to grow and mature as a species. Sadly its way ahead of my time and i was born a savage and to eat as much meat as possible. I am absolutely against eating animals that have been penned. I am extreme about liberty and believe it should be extended to all species when logical especially if they still have genetics to survive in the wild. Im not really against killing and eating animals that lived a free life becouse its historically natural cycle. Let freedom ring though for all species that haven’t been overly domesticated. I totally agree with your take on war and false imperialism which is more similar or in line with old germanies consistant act as mercenaries for hire which degrades ethics and numbs us to imoral wars . The bushes and biden destroyed our national ethics. Subverted and used our patriotism against us for their unethical plans of redource and financial domination. We must do the hard work pull hard together and recognize a more ethical path.

      • Steve,Im sorry. Bad typo!!! Ethically I agree with an anti meat stance. I just cant hold myself to it in part due to my inability to correctly digest most plants especially plant proteins . ( im horrified at my typo / English mistake)

  9. (CNN) Evidence uncovered so far, including weapons and tactics seen on surveillance video, suggests a level of planning that has led investigators to believe the attack on the US Capitol was not just a protest that spiraled out of control, a federal law enforcement official says.

    The Democratically led House of Representatives just rushed through an impeachment of our President using his speech as proof of him inciting this riot…meanwhile the facts do not support their forgone conclusion.

  10. I love reading the passionate responses from all of you, and fully understand the resulting typos that occur, not to mention that auto thing that “thinks” it knows what you mean to say. But one made me chuckle: Does pre amble mean the same thing as “casing the joint” ?

  11. The Russians rigged the election in Trump’s favor in 2016? Have you been in a cave the last 4 years? Investigation after investigation, including the most famous & fruitless, the Mueller witchhunt, have concluded there was minimal Russian interference in the 2016 election. Fast forward to 2021 where we see the Left resorting to censorship & military force to shove a senile Manchurian candidate down the throats of an unwilling population.

  12. Pretty good essay, Medred. I’m even a little surprised you didn’t go all Downing. The dig on Rogoff was unnecessary as it has nothing to do with anything other than your Jones, a la humpies and BMI.

    What amazed me in the end was that all of what has happened is because one seriously flawed man said repeatedly, that ‘we’ were the victims of a short shrift. Over and over again with no evidence other than what Rudy supplied while raging as his brains were burbling out of his ear holes on TEE VEE LIVE!

    As for me, a guy that voted for Reagan and both of the Bush tribe (only once each), I prefer MY president to be able to speak in complete sentences, have a passable knowledge of American history, and not behave like Bluto in the first of the Popeye cartoons. This guy was completely over his skis. He owns being buried in derision.

    Watching the low-watt wannabees proudly talk about their ‘accomplishments’ in the Capitol and then contrast that to their mugshots is precious. That they will likely get the kid glove treatment makes me sick. Had the rioters been black, there wouldn’t have been enough body bags.

    Make America Great Again! Save those beanies, they will be worth a fortune on fleabay thirty years from now!

    • If the current power structure has its way you will need a permit to sell anything and they most certainly wont allow the sales of anything that represents individuality or rebellion against “The New World Order” ! Congratulations monk , you have supported your own and nations enslavement. Never question the establishment narrative. Accept your masters . The Patriot Act is good right? . Surveillance is good for you . Words will mean what our masters decide. Tell me again how the patriot act is patriotic? How volunteering to give up your civil liberties is patriotic? I suppose you know Biden was the original patriot act presentor/ architect before it was implemented? Good job everyone. Stay divided. Don’t think out of the box and definitely dont ask questions about how all this was orchestrated. Orange man bad ! Even worse than china / Ukraine joe ? Or crack head hunter ? In your quest to hate someone or allow yourself to be offended by course speech you voluntarily took one step closer to enslavement. Please turn in your guns now and sighn a document saying free speech and protesters are bad . Give up every freedom we sacrificed for . Think it through. What were the protesters at our capital there for ? Not one was fully armed? Ever stop to think our liberty and vote was important to them and they represented with their lives – Freedom- theres the possibility they had been hoodwinked into thinking incorrectly about the vote but thats not important. What’s important is no one provided factual proof of accuracy and they wanted the vote verified. Our only power as citizens was at stake and you deride them for asking for clarity. You are their brothers and country men . Stand with those that sacrifice to protect your rights. Regardless of ideology spectrum its imperitive we come together and understand what these protesters thought was at stake. The facts of history say our votes have consistently been messed with and the minimumly reported evidence says this election in particular was heavily influenced by inaccurate ballots. Think what you want. Ron paul was censured. Does that say nothing to you ? Is he deserving of freedom of speech? Are you deserving of free speech when you disagree with the power structure? Think on it . Dont be led into complacency and robotic thought by words you hear repeatedly that have no or little bearing in fact or accurate language. As to monks refrence to body bags and blacks . I must say you disgust me . Turning it into a racial comparison. Disgusting. Monk you lie hatefully and there is something deeply wrong with you . You need help . Our capital police acted honorably Generally speeking . They are not killers and would not have fired regardless of race. The death of a white woman 14 year 4 tour airforce vet prooved that . That could have been anyone of ours sister. Truing the vote is not a racial issue. Do not spread hateful lies monk . You have absolutely zero proof the outcome would have been a horrible based on race . Lie no more monk . We are all brothers genetically from the same ancestors. Created equal. The vote is important to all . That’s why those honorable protesters were there . Regardless of their foolish immature mob actions. In court of law intent is very important. Remember words and thought are connected. If our words are controlled so are our thoughts. Iron bars do not a prison make . What goes on in the mind is where you are enslaved. Do you objectively think a 40 year corrupt congressional member really cares for what will make our lives better or how to protect our rights? He sure didn’t for 40 years so why would he now ? You have no idea the potential can of worms against liberty we have welcomed to our leadership. I believe it was Einstein who said “ the same thinking that got is into a mess wont get us out “ we should all back the effort to true the vote and vote method. Be insulted by what i say if you wish. Being insulted or put at odds against my ideas wont help better our nations people.

      • Dread Pirate Roberts,
        The republic is lost. We couldn’t keep it. Goat head not so bad with catsup..

      • Y cooper , it could be said “I have not yet begun to fight” -John Paul Jones . As to me – Take heart ye merry men attend to your close circle of influence,care for your loved ones, make logical economic and physical preparations to better your position in the long term, make alliances with your neighbors, build your local government around liberty and gird yourself for a long glorious battle of the trenches 😉. You will prevail. All Humans who hold Liberty and personal choice dear must band together ,think way ahead and work like dogs to resecure our nation for the betterment of humanity. Do not give in to Tyranny of any form . The fight is not for yourselves it is for the survival of free will on this earth. Do not succumb to despair nor distortion of our language by those who would deal in lies. The demonization of our countrymen and our culture must be called out. Embrace those with different views as allies as there is great strength in diversity of thought. Treat kindly those who appear to have fallen to confusion about right and wrong. They know not what they do for they are trapped in their own minds by the long term twisting of information . It is truly not their fault . Do not be be like the traitors in our congress. Accepting money from corporations to dismiss the will of constituents betraying the cause of liberty at every turn. Huddling like mice in the basement at the slightest false hint of danger. Refusing to do their duty, which is to treat all their constituents graciously and speak with them to understand their concerns so as to be their voice at the capital. Our congress failed miserably when faced with a moderate mob. Resorting to betrayal of alliances and demonization of their fellow constituents as well as other congress men. Not one among them had the courage to take charge and address the concerns presented by the humans at their doors . Be like your forefathers and brave the stormy seas courageously. Confront your fears and act boldly. Yet with great kindness. Prepare for the worst as we have only been in a gentle breeze to this point.The real battle has not even begun as our country is just awakening to the dangers and infringement on our rights . Liberty must prevail for the good of humanity. Its a building block of not just our nation but the long term freedom of all nations and all creatures. Stand together as one and refuse to give one inch of your civil liberties. They were given by our creator and are not ours to throw away. Our founders risked all to secure them for us. Inaction = action. We must resist vigorously. Making it clear we are not the sort to be contained, directed or dismayed. Do not take silver to snitch on your compatriots as Judas did . Live and let live . Together we are strong. The battle for the Maintence of a republic democracy is a long one and does not end on the day it was formed. Keep heart . All Americans are our freinds . We need everyone to buck the tide of tyranny. Stand by your countrymen and leave no man behind.

  13. 70% disapprove of Trump’s job performance-
    which is neither here nor there-but more logical fallacy we are not a divided country.

    • Jeff , explain please? Where did you get your numbers? Are they a factually accurate representation or did they poll 10 Democrats? Do the numbers matter? How do they represent a divided society? Ever try to get a room full of people to agree on anything moderately complicated? How about a definitive answer on what ice cream flavor is best ? Vanilla ,chocolate , strawberry, mocha , rocky road ect . What ? Every one wants their own different flavor! Does that mean we are a “divided nation” ? What’s wrong with division? Different viewpoints just make for a more rounded flavorful society. If everyone wanted vanilla that would be boring.

      • He’s upset about my comment below, I said his comment was full of logical fallacies…which it is. Just like how this comment of his is a logical fallacy. Just because 70% might disapprove of Trump’s job performance does not equate with an undivided country.

  14. Craig–I think you are engaging in just a little bit too much “both sides are mirror images of the problem” thinking. I don’t dispute that many of the people on the left are firmly entrenched in their opinions, locked in partisan bitterness and not open to discussion. But I think there is a very large group of people in the middle who have been increasingly appalled by the personality flaws that you describe in Trump and increasingly concerned by his erratic behavior and that of the people he surrounds himself with. Feeling and stating that strongly does not make them “Trump-like.” I’ve been extremely worried about where Trump’s presidency would lead this country. I think the events of the past two months show that this worry was justified.

  15. Hands down the VERY worst President in U.S. history !
    Our country has sadly reached a 200 yr low point in leadership.
    Unfortunately, most of the male Republicans like Don Young & Dan Sullivan cannot even bring themselves to speak out on Impeachment even after an obvious (OPEN) Coup attempt at our Capital which left 5 Americans dead (including a law enforcement officer).
    Republican women like Liz Cheney & Lisa Murkowski will continue to work with Democrats in Congress to ensure that Trump never holds an office in this great nation again.
    Hopefully ranked choice voting will help Alaskans get more moderate leaders into office in the next few years.

    • Steve, first I thought you were for insurrection? Second how is trump responsible for it when it was legal adults with free will who entered the capital with absolutely zero apparent planned leadership which is needed to finalize a coup . Third how does it meet the legal definition of coup when no coordinated attempt at holding illegal power was made ? Was it not just a reckless mob action? The vote is still disputed to this day . so if the vote is potentially illegal who actually staged the coup ? Why should don and dan speak out on impeachment? I believe Don did because i read an interview in must read ak from don . ( if my memory serves) why is it important murkowski work with Democrats to assure trump never holds office? Is he not approaching retirement age with odds at functional status getting lower every day ? Is it possible the impeachment is more a slap in the face to every American 49% who agree with most of his goals or rather the movements goals ? A coordinated effort with social media and amazon to stiffle the voices of nearly half the nation? Is it not pretty clear impeachment is just revenge? Sort of a statement- i win and im boss? ( while ignoring the fact our government and financial situation needs immediate work? ) Congress is rated as less respected than the job of lawyers per recent poles . Congress is rated lowest. So if the lowest rated profesion impeached one of the most popular men in America is it not a badge of honor to be worn proudly? He bucked the cesspool for better or worse. Have not Democrats objected to the electoral certification in multiple elections? I find your lack of objectivity towards recent events standing tall . Saying worst president in 200 year history seems a stretch. How many more major wars did trump start ? Did he cause any wacos or ruby ridges ? Kill American children or noncombatants ? A little before your time of awareness maybe but still prominent and unforgettable when law enforcement under Clinton’s murdered and burned to death civilians with military equipment. Our first multiple presidents presided over slaves even when our constitution said all men are created equal. Doesn’t seem very equal if one group is in slavery. Its also extremely questionable presidential leadership to allow such. I ask you – what’s inherently wrong with insurrection? Did not our Declaration of Independence start with a major insurrectionist Declaration? Questioning and refusing the power structure of that day ? Did they not say it distinctly citizens right and responsibility to alter or abolish government if it was failing to meet its very limited purpose which is to further our rights safety and happiness? Its a very narrow non historical position many are taking. Change is often chaotic when humans are involved. Is it not clear that our citizens desire change , accountability and their voices to be heard? That we want to be assured though fact based research that the vote was true? What’s wrong with that ? Did not our courts find any and every excuse not to examine the situation in full ? Inaccurate voting results is the disenfranchisement of every one in our nation not just trump voters but everyone. Is that not worth a major protest or more action? Is it impossible for you to identify with people who feel our government is not doing its job ? Did not Jefferson say the tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots from time to time? Our history is extreme actions war chaos ect . Possibly our greatest president ever could also be considered our worst by forcing us into a civil war that killed more that we lost in all of our other military wars combined!!!! It’s possible Lincoln could have bided his time and allowed slavery to die out like it did in other nations or to keep faith that verbal diplomacy would eventually solve the problem. Or he could have bought out every slave owner in full compensation as our constitution requires. Our history is very violent and not inclined to casual actions. We fight for right and liberty. Justifiably so . Is it not possible that a presidents job is leader or commander in cheif and leaders must not always be uniters or act in the most popular way ? A true leader acts in the way he thinks is right regardless of popular opinion. Hopefully he unites those around him but history shows that unity is often far behind his immediate leadership action. Now it’s possible you are right . “ hes the worst, hands down” Does that matter? Perhaps a more functional statement would be to ask is- is he the leader we need for this era ? Its really tough because our choices are limited because money and the illegalization of dueling has made politics so dirty and beyond horrible very few decent people in their right mind want the job . Personally i see the situation of needing quality human beings as leaders a do or die moment. So im praying and hoping people with ethical minds, objective abilities and thick skins enter politics. All corporate donations of any form must be removed from politics in any form . No profit from office beyond salaries allowed within two lifetimes . Even family members within second or third degree kindred must be restricted from profits of any form. Public service must be brought back to politics. Versus self service. A reform movement must come to fruition. Do to a long history of inaccurate voting we must enact a method for voting proofs and accuracy. While im on it im going to say free speech must be protected and furthered as our government is charged with gaurenteeing. Strike down unconstitutional section 230 and make clear corporations and private entities cannot erode or impinge on free speech. The constitution directly charges government to protect free speech. Just the same as it charges government to further and protect all our rights and the concept we were created equal.

      • Steve-O,
        Heres a timely editorial from somebody with far more expertise.Perhaps i havent been paying attn,but its the first time ive heard her learned opinion since the first impeachment ,who’s first hand testimony i was lucky enough to catch live.
        Regardless of which side you come down on,proceedings like that are lifetime events.
        As a kid I remember my dad watching nixon impeachment proceedings and thought “damn this is boring,im missing reruns of “The Rifleman!”

      • Dave mc, that politico link you presented is trash . Fiona hill is an intellectual liar . “ i know a coup when i see one” gagg me with a spoon. Does she get to rewrite the dictionary and English language? . She pretends to know why trump does what he does . Adding more lies and supposition to the trash heap . Turn the military into a praetorian gaurd? Give me a break. If Trump wanted a coup he certainly could have created one as commander and chief. grasping at straws to bolster your smear project and mistaken stance on the definition of coup is as pitiful as trumps ability to choose quality cabinet members. Dave how about facts over supposition. Just admit you were wrong , move on and use facts to explain how your ideas would work best for humanity. I know you have some. Self Coup ? How about he used all legal recourse to try and right an in accurate election? He stood for right over wrong at his own personal and financial expense. Failed in making it happen , and now will be an ex president- or worse. . Leaving an unbalanced social and political system in his wake because he didn’t force the situation. Possibly the best decision or perhaps kicking the can down the road to be resolved later . One of the biggest mistakes our leaders made was changing the protocol of Vice President. It used to be the person with second most votes became Vice President. That should be re enacted because it balances extremism and helps keep change slower and keeping all voters feeling enfranchised and involved. Changeing of that protocol has created an imbalanced presidency. As well as imbalance in the senate . As the Vice President cant be used as a tool for presidential protection. Pardons , impeachment’s ect ect .

      • DPR,
        Facts are facts.Unfortunately reality seems to be more subjective.Based on the owners milage and usage.
        Thats about as close as we are going to get.
        Id also add the Declaration of Independence is not to be mistaken for the Constitution.One is a pre amble, one is the law of the land usually.

      • Dave , mc actually the Declaration of Independence predates the constitution and is not just preamble. Its a Declaration of intent and explanation of actions to the world. Its could be argued as more important and pure than the constitution. Some of the founders argued hard against the bill of rights for fear people would misconstrue our rights or limit them . Declaration distinctly sets precedent. Its more important as referring to Americans ideals than even the constitution itself. Pre amble is very in accurate description. Pre amble is often done after the main document and not years prior like our Declaration. In contract law or law in general surrounding documents are often clarifiers and at times more important than the main document itself. Thus Declaration is possibly more important and original. As to your statement constitution as law of land its intent is presented in Declaration. Also there are multiple sections that reinforced the Declaration. Also in constitutional law scholars read letters and prior laws and philosophy to understand constitutional intent. So in no way does the constitution mean to take away from the Declaration. If you see a way it does or bolsters any of your ideas please explain. It’s important to note that older documents, traditions , acts ect carry their own weight by grandfather precedent. Your rebuttal to my opinion seems pretty weak and not a clarification . “reality is more subjective” yes it can be but how does what you say apply? The fact and reality is that coup is not the word you need for trumps actions. Period . Its a sign of maturity to admit when you are wrong. There is absolutely nothing bad about being wrong. Like you Trump cant admit when he’s wrong and thats why he fails repeatedly.

      • DPR,
        last parapgraph,this is pointless.
        Rather than resort to a jungle warfare of words,which I have no doubt you could win. Understand (as I’m sure our aware)that a decent chunk of the Constitution is basically about the Government keeping itself alive.
        From divisions of responsibility(3 branches of govt) lines of ascension to putting down insurrections,its pretty cut and dried.
        A lot of this may come up in the Senate proceedings.I highly recommend everyone watch the eventual televised periods.
        Regardless how it turns out, this is constitutional history being made in our time.It will be studied for the rest of history.
        Personally I’d rather live in more boring times.

      • Dave mc , the constitutional pre amble which you originally referred to goes something like “ we the people of the United states in order to perform a more perfect union- ect “ you had that confused with the Declaration of Independence which according to your link has a preamble of its own . Thats not what you said . You said the Declaration was a preamble. Its not . Therin lies an important error on your part . Now your link claims the Declaration has a preamble of its own. That’s possible sort of . I disagree . I say it doesn’t and Jefferson is sadly not here to ask for clarification. I wont argue about that except currently there is a foolish notion to label a pre amble as not important. When in law it can actually carry equal or greater weight at times as it implies intent. ( not always but in some cases) now i do respect your effort and highly commend your restraint from jungle warfare. When recognizing a mistake remember thats not a fault. Its a plus. George Washington failed and made innumerable mistakes in his border warfare campaigns being captured and defeated a couple times . Destroying his army in the process. Thankfully he had improved by the revolutionary war and recognized his mistakes to become a great general in combination with a celebrated French general and our great American statesmen to create a successful campaign against the British. Penicillin was discovered after innumerable mistakes. Without recognition of mistake growth is very slow indeed my dear man . The question should be – what word best describes trumps actions that you seek?

      • DPR,
        Your shallow attempts to re write history are noted.George Washingtons expeditions are almost always a rear guard action.Innumerable failings.Not necessarily of his making, and thats where the English may have underestimated him (militias)
        He was dealt the hand that he had to deal with.But despite that,eventually the tide turned.Its probably a testament to his character rather than the fighting spirit of the common Militia.Since they weren’t conscripts they could in theory turn when ever they wanted, as happened quite often.And people as a group tend to follow what the person next to them are doing(example the recent Capital riot).
        He wasn’t necessarily a successful military leader and eventually married into $’s.
        Its a wonder that we survived the first 100 yrs,but we did

      • Dave Mc, what the heck are you talking about? My effort to rewrite history? I made absolutely no effort to rewrite history! I will be as kind as possible. You just slandered me completely inaccurately!!! You either mis read my description of Washingtons growth process or you smokin crack ! Do not lie about me Dave Mc ! Im going to assume it was accidental! So here is a recap for George Washington. Perhaps you haven’t studied him in full . He was a pretty inexperienced borderline bum military officer working for the British. He tended to over extend his resources in his military campaigns against the french and American Indians . Multiple times when he was young he suffered extreme defeats . He showed extreme bravery but a very brash disfunctional method that later changed. Do me a favor before you slander me again ( through lack of history I will assume) it was pretty damn mean dave to say i was trying to rewrite history. If i did make a mistake it was 100% accidentally. I didn’t make a mistake in this case . Re read what I wrote then dive deap into Washington history. Btw to my memory you are not exactly right about him leading militias . It was a conglomeration of french soldiers, servants or a few slaves ? And the main part of the army was a paid force under a very strict military contract not that different from today. They could only leave when their contract was up . Dang Dave that was unnecessarily mean ! 😉

      • Dave Mc , after Washingtons , colonies and other british generals combined effort in border border wars and failures/ Washingtons defeat and if I remember one time capture, later Americans Declaration of Independence turning against Britain, thrn and only then did George Washington became a primary american general with the immense help of a french officer who if I remember fought against the British as well. french resources became a very important factor for the Americans army . Our statesman/ Benjamin Franklin I believe lived in france sparing no effort to gain french favor . He was absolutely loved over there . Dave I guarantee im basically correct with no effort to rewrite history. Where did you make your mistake or misunderstanding? Thats a genuine question and not snark.

    • Steve,

      You might want to research what a coup is, to call what happened at the Capitol Building “an obvious (OPEN) Coup attempt” only illustrates a lack of understanding on your part.

      I will admit I had trouble finding the transcripts of the speech President Trump gave, for some reason our main stream media isn’t interested in it, either is the House of Representatives who voted to impeach President Trump for this speech. I was however able to find the transcript on one of your favorite sites It is long winded, to be sure. It is scattershot, to be sure. It may or may not be completely factual, to be sure. But to claim this was “an obvious (OPEN) Coup attempt” is sheer nonsense. Please do what nobody on the left has been able to do and using the transcripts show us where President Trump called for violence or an insurrection or even “an obvious (OPEN) Coup attempt” try not to trip over the part when he said “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”

      What happened at the Capitol was an un-American and un-patriotic riot. But it wasn’t a coup attempt or even an insurrection led by President Trump.

      • Dave,

        In response to the opinion piece you linked to under the above comment, I was taught at a young age that opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. Fiona Hill, no doubt has more experience in these matters than myself, but her option is politically based, politically motivated, and incorrect…barring further evidence.

        She contradicts herself with each of her main points used to prove a coup occurred. Military, Communications, Judiciary, Government Institutions, and Legislature. Every President has to one extent or the other done exactly what she claims is the making of a coup regarding all of these key points.

        Military – there is currently a standing army of 25,000 personnel in our Capital…who is staging this supposed coup?
        Communications – the President of The United States of America has been banned from social media platforms, nations around the world are decrying this travesty of free speech, and the mainstream media reports their chosen narrative.
        Judiciary – SCOTUS turned down election challenges, so did every other court
        Government Institutions – sorry, but Fiona’s examples of a President replacing cabinet members and career officials is something that happens under all Presidents. Trump is a brash asshole and it’s not surprising that he would have greater turnover than others.
        Legislature – this really isn’t a strong point of hers. Some in the legislature objected to how this election was undertaken, this has happened in the past…the recent past, like the last election when Democrats objected to Trumps election.

        Fiona then goes on to number all the ways that her supposed coup failed before it even started based upon her key points noted above. 1st the military didn’t go along (before the supposed coup of January 6), 2nd she says “major media outlets reported the facts truthfully” (this is a joke, right?), 3rd the courts didn’t go along (before the supposed coup of January 6), 4th she’s starts grasping for straws is it the cabinet and career officials or state and local officials, and 5th the legislative process isn’t always pretty sometimes adults can disagree. once again what happened at the Capitol was an un-American and un-patriotic riot. But it wasn’t a coup attempt or even an insurrection led by President Trump.

        Where Fiona really loses all credibility in he opinion piece is when she says “major media outlets reported the facts truthfully” you don’t actually believe that do you, that major media outlets reported the facts truthfully? How does one go about reporting the facts untruthfully, or reporting the lies truthfully? Saying something like reporting the facts truthfully makes me think of a sketchy person telling me to trust them honestly…it just makes me not believe them.

      • Steve o, great write up . I pretty much agree but the implications of a coordinated phsop / attack on civil liberties , fooling half the population and confusing the rest is extremely scary to me . Hopefully its just messy incompetence. Odds are its not . You did a great analysis of Fionas piece.

      • All that being said, I think President Trump did himself and our nation a huge disservice in how he handled this election. He challenged the election in courts across the land and lost in almost every court, including courts with judges who “should have” supported him…which says a lot, mainly that he appointed judges who can rule upon the law without letting who appointed them sway their opinion. Not many politicians can say that they appointed judges who are truly impartial and rule based upon the law.

        We should be talking about all of the discrepancies in our elections across this country and how to right them, not a bunch of idiots who attacked the Capitol Building, or impeachment of a President who is less than a week away from leaving office. If impeachment were so critical at this point in time, why hasn’t Madame Pelosi sent the articles of impeachment to the Senate?

      • Steve-O,
        We’ll (I’LL) leave it at that.You missed a few important details, but its not going to make a difference.
        Just wondering,when’s the last time the Confederate battle flag flew inside the Capital of the United States.
        He’s a dirtbag, and has brought out the worst in human psyche, and that was his only bag of tricks.He brought a near majority down to there lowest common denominator.
        He understands the dirtbag in all of us, the basest of human behavior.
        Heres a great quote from James Comey:
        “But I think it’s still the best thing for the country not to have Donald Trump on our television screens every day for the next three or four years as part of United States v. Trump in the District of Columbia. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are going to try to heal a country. And I just think Donald Trump’s craving for attention is something we don’t want to accommodate now. We don’t want him center of our lives. I’d rather him in his bathrobe yelling at cars on the lawn at Mar-a-Lago with the camera lights off.” 1/12/21

      • Dave,

        It’s all good, I missed some details on purpose and other because of my own implicit bias.

        When you say “He’s a dirtbag, and has brought out the worst in human psyche, and that was his only bag of tricks.He brought a near majority down to there lowest common denominator.
        He understands the dirtbag in all of us, the basest of human behavior.” I don’t disagree at all, it rings especially true for our two most recent Presidents, and it also rings true for virtually every leader of people for the history of humanity. It’s called the human condition, knowledge of history and a pinch of perspective informs us of that. The republic is not lost if Trump isn’t seated upon the throne, nor will it be lost when Kamala takes it from Joe. It will be lost when we forget that opposing ideas can have merit, and that silencing those we disagree with doesn’t end the discussion.

        Speaking of dirtbags, quoting Comey…sheesh.

      • Steve-O,
        good points, and I mostly agree.I just wish the outgoing regime had the perspective to possibly pass the Botton so the other guy might receive it smoothly.Thats the mark of a leader of this Great Nation.
        Because,regardless of the outcome we are all in this pile of sh*t together.
        Theres a whole lot of heavy lifting to do…
        We need men and women of all stripes to fill the breach….

      • Steve and Dave mc , well said . Recognition that free speech is imperative to our nation. We need men of all stripes . I wish our congressional leadership had your wisdom.

      • Dave,

        I think a big reason the current occupant of the Presidency isn’t turning the nation over without a little fuss might have something to do with the fact he had his teeth kicked in for his entire term, and especially the first few years, by the previous occupant. But like you said you “I just wish the outgoing regime had the perspective to possibly pass the Botton so the other guy might receive it smoothly.Thats the mark of a leader of this Great Nation.”, it’s unfortunate that Obama failed so remarkably in that regard.

        There’s going to be a whole lot of heavy lifting required in the next few years, is Kamala up to it? Joe surely isn’t and everyone knows it.

      • Steve-O,
        “… is Kamala up to it?”
        She’ll do what is characteristic of her: more of what she’s done before.

    • Steve, you left out the Democrat supported Russian and Ukranian coup, you left out the storming the Capital during the SCOTUS appointments, you lefts out Democrat Congress encouragement of the rioting Biden supporters the past 9 months, you left out how Harris setup defense funds to release the things out of jail, you left out how Democrats didn’t charge most of their rioters. Hell, the Democrat Mayor of Portland gets assulted by Demkcrats and he apologizes. Trump did and would have done a lot more good if the phony, lying Democrats and media didn’t obstruct him daily.
      Obama was clearly the WORST and MOST CORRUPT president ever..Weaponizing the FBI, CIA, and IRS to go after his political opponents, part of the Russian “Collusion” coup, Benghazi, doubling the National debt of welfare programs, and the list on the Community Agitator goes on amd on. I suspect he is part of all this rioting community organizing over the years.

  16. For me, President Trump’s legacy will be his appointing three associate justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, 54 judges for the United States courts of appeals, 174 judges for the United States district courts, and three judges for the United States Court of International Trade. His appointment of three judges to the 9th Circuit will directly affect Alaska……..

  17. I think you’re spot on, Craig. When a person’s opinion and/or decision regarding mask wearing or vaccines are dismissed as being “political “, then the scientific and intellectual communities have become neither. The attitude that “I’m smarter than you, therefore you’re wrong” has indeed pervaded much of the political and scientific leadership of our country, and the danger being that leadership is becoming herdsmanship. And too many, like sheep are quite willing to follow any herdsman of any political stripe who captures their fantasy.

  18. Craig,perhaps im just splitting hairs,technically it hasnt been proven that russians hacked ‘16 election.
    Meddling and attempting to,thats another matter all together.

    We’ve certainly have/are experiencing an interesting case study in The Cult of Personality.

    Jeff,Interesting point about trading one rich guy for another.But half the country choked on there own spit when we hired a guy raised by a single parent mom,the last time.
    Regardless,lets hope theres ultimately a good ration of sanity and compromise (yah i know..)going forward

  19. Brilliant. No journalist gives a better 30,000 foot view than you Craig. Thanks for the sane analysis.

  20. Biden got more votes than any presidential candidate ever
    and more electoral votes than Trump-2020 and Trump 2016 and more electoral votes than Bush 2004 and Bush

    By simply numbers logic we are a less divided country
    than any time period in the last twenty years except under
    the Obama time frame. One way to make America seem
    divided is to say we are.

    We traded in one rich old guy for another rich old guy-which seems very undivided.

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