Unvaxxed guv

Awaiting vaccination/State of Alaska photo

More than a month after offering tourists free COVID-19 vaccine if they took an Alaska vax-ation, the governor of the nation’s largest state himself remains unvaccinated.

Asked why on Thursday, Corey Allen Young, deputy press secretary to Gov. Mike Dunleavy, answered with only this:

“We will let you know when he does get the vaccine.”

The nonvaccination is unusual. Dunleavy is not known to be an anti-vaxxer.

His administration is actively promoting vaccination for all Alaskans, and he has personally bragged about the state’s “COVID-19 response and vaccination rates, effectively protecting our most vulnerable citizens.

“With high vaccination rates, we are seeing our economy come back to life and welcoming travelers to our state.”

Overall, his administration’s handling of the pandemic has been a glowing success story.

Alaska has the third-lowest death rate in the nation, according to the Worldometer tracker. Only Vermont and Hawaii have fared better.

The Alaska death rate is at this writing near a sixth that of hard-hit New York and New Jersey. 

Still people sick

But Dunleavy himself was infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and came down with COVID-19 in March. After recovering, he suggested to Alaskans they should get vaccinated.

“If you get the virus, you’re out of commission for 14 days,” Alaska Public Media quoted him saying “You don’t want to spread this to others. You don’t want to be part of that.

“If you get the vaccination,  after your first shot, you’ve got a pretty good dose of immunity for the most part if everything works out. And then, you don’t have to end up under house arrest.”

But Dunleavy later also expressed the view that “the COVID-19 vaccine is a private health decision best left between Alaskans and their doctor. I am unequivocally opposed to any government order requiring Alaskans to get this vaccine, or using an individual’s vaccine status as a means of restricting their rights.”

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended that those who suffer COVID-19 get vaccinated after recovery even though the infection triggers the production of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies.

The reason is “because experts do not yet know how long you are protected from getting sick again after recovering from COVID-19,” according to the CDC. “Even if you have already recovered from COVID-19, it is possible – although rare = that you could be infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 again.”

There is, however, one big caveat.

“If you were treated for COVID-19 with monoclonal antibodies or convalescent plasma, you should wait 90 days before getting a COVID-19 vaccine,” the federal agency says.

If Dunleavy underwent such treatment back in March, he would still be in the 90-day window.

Upgraded therapy

Monoclonal antibodies have been in use as an “investigational therapy” for months, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration this week issued an emergency use authorization for the treatment.

The antibodies have been shown to reduce the symptoms and shorten the length of mild to moderate COVID-19.

Dunleavy has revealed nothing about his COVID treatments and remained mum about his vaccination status though other governors have made quite the show of it.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, live-streamed his vaccination. Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt, a Republican ended a news conference by getting a shot and flashing reporters a thumbs up after. 

But others – most notably Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis – have stayed mum.

DeSantis got vaccinated out of the “public eye even as governors elsewhere across the political spectrum have been vaccinated publicly to reassure Americans that the shots are safe,” the Associated Press complained after it was revealed DeSantis had been vaccinated.

“DeSantis had recently said he would be vaccinated soon – but no announcement was made by his office when he received it and no journalists were on hand.”





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  1. First, the Governor’s health choices (like any citizen) are simply that: his choices. Not something to be scrutinized publicly. Second, there is a huge group of the population who are not anti-vaxer’s but who simply can not get the covid 19 experimental vaccine due to genetic blood clotting disorders, heart issues, etc. People with MS, people with cancer, people who are immunocompromised, women who are nursing or are pregnant, people who care about their reproductive health…. or shucks… people who simply need more time to rely on scientific facts instead of opinions, social media posts or a state advertising and marketing campaign. Perhaps if the media focused on the number of deaths and hospitalizations that are occurring from this particular vaccine in the state of Alaska alone, one might ease up a bit on their assumptions or judgement of what should and is still a free choice.

  2. The common flu is caused by a virus. Why do people get vaccinated every year, if once you have had the flu you don’t ever need to be vaccinated again? Clearly there are different strains of the flu, the flu virus mutates, and protection through vaccination for the flu doesn’t last.

    I’m not saying you should or should not get any particular vaccine. But the premise, that if you have had the flu once the vaccine is worthless, is not valid.

    • Jeff: All viruses are not born the same. If you got the smallpox virus back in the day and survived, you were immune, which is why Gen. George Washington exposed the colonial army:

      The lucky ones lived and were from then on free of the threat of being disabled by the British spreading smallpox. War is ugly.

      We do not yet know if the SARS-CoV-2 virus is smallpox like or flu like or what it might evolve into in the future. And it is in a steady state of evolution.

  3. And how well will the naturally acquired immunities deal with the varients?
    Any takers?..
    Hands down the easiest shots ive ever had.
    I was told by a retired nurse who stepped up to the calling ,that it was because there was no preservative.

    • The variants have already blasted throughout the country with little effect. “Variant” is code word for “more fear needed”.

    • Dave , the problem is the shots donts get all the varients either! So whats the difference? Natural immunity that may last almost forever or take a shot and expect years of boosters ? Oh wait the death rates are not much different from the flu and there are a lot of really bad side effects from the shots . 6 one half dozen the other. I will stick with my natural immunity rather than gamble on an unknown/ know shot complications. Old people and health compromised who never caught the disease have a different set of variables to consider.

      • “death rates are not much different from the flu” where’d you get that completely false information from? The average number of deaths from flu in any given year vs. the number of deaths from covid in the last year are measured by an order of magnitude. In other words instead of six of one half dozen of the other it would be six of one sixty of the other. There are some really, really bad side effects from covid (up to and including the aforementioned much higher than flu death rate) that many if not most who get covid report having even months later as opposed to a small percentage reporting minor side effects from the vaccine with an even smaller percentage reporting any major side effects. At this point nobody knows how long natural immunity or vaccine immunity will last, since it’s just a waiting game for both.

        I’m not trying to convince you of anything, but you should at least be dealing with facts in making your decisions.

      • Steve-O, it is my understanding from the CDC that only 6% of Covid deaths were actually from Covid alone. The other 94% had pre-existing conditions. It is also my understanding that if you died within 30 days of testing positive for Covid, regardless of means, it was classified as a Covid death.
        So, I think what DPR is saying is that if a person has the flu and dies from a heart attack, etc.. is it classified as a flu death or a heart attack?

      • Bryan, I agree. Thanks for carefully explaining. Great job! Steve apparently struggling with reality of cdc numbers and the understanding of what they indicate. The facts remain. Covid presents a small risk to the general population. 1-500 or perhaps a fraction of that depending on definitions. Alaska the state he lives in has only had 350 aprx deaths. Thats at max 1-2000. Ridiculously small in scheme things to die of . Alaska is usually whats most important to alaskans considering vaccines . Steve needs to go look at other pandemic numbers from the past and put covid into a reasonable frame of reference with history. Maybe it will help his understanding and help him feel less stressed. Stress A leading cause of disease. 😉have a wonderful day ! Btw like i said . Older people and health compromised who haven’t had covid should definitely consider the vacine . If you already had covid it just adds one more potential danger by getting the vacine . Thats what the numbers indicate to me .

      • Bryan,

        It’s all been hashed out here and elsewhere. You can scroll back through all the covid articles just on Craig’s site and review all the links that have been provided over the last year to get a better understanding of this issue if you wish, or you can choose to ignore the facts like DPR and others who deny facts, that’s on you. As I’ve said previously would those people who died with covid be alive if it weren’t for covid? If so then their death was caused by covid, that’s why death certificates register multiple causes of death when there are…wait for it…multiple causes of death. This isn’t ground breaking in any way, and just rehashes old information that you simply disregard for some reason.

        The article you linked to is almost a year old by the way, there are certainly more up to date articles you can find.


        Thanks for projecting your ignorance on to me, you think I fail to grasp CDC numbers and you claim that covid “death rates are not much different from the flu”. You say that approximately 350 deaths are attributed to covid in the last year, care to guess how many Alaskans died from the flu in the year before covid? 13 DPR, the number was 13. 13 Alaskans died from the flu in the year before covid. Maybe you can help me figure out the numbers here, since you think I am struggling with understanding them, but is 13 a bigger or smaller number than 350? Is the death rate for the average Alaskan higher or lower for covid or the flu? Because it sure seems like a having 27 times as many deaths caused by covid than the flu from one year to the next is a higher death rate to me.

        And thanks for being so concerned about my stress levels, but I can assure you I’m not stressed about covid. I find it easy to spot those who are obviously stressed by covid, they continue to make stuff up in an effort to downplay it’s very existence. You wouldn’t know anyone like that would you DPR?

      • Steve o, i dont have to project ignorance on you . You happily presented it . This year’s death rates from covid will be reduced because many people have developed immunity from direct catching of covid and vaccines. Roughly 50% now have immunity, well that heavily reduces odds of dying of and passing covid from person to person. Putting it in line with flu . Eventually as a species we will develop better immunity. . But you wouldn’t understand that ,or how within next couple years covid rates will drop to nearly flu rates . You show your ignorance. No one needs to project. To get an idea of how to categorize the flu versus covid you have to look at 1918 aprx Numbers. Then you will understand how covid stacks up and how covid will drop after more people become immune and get vaccinated . You will understand how covid was and is becoming very little more dangerous than the flu. Whats the ratio ? Well you can twist your numbers to get a basic idea but its still going to be low desth odds compared to everything else. We now have covid vaccines and natural immunity just like we developed for the flu. But you wouldn’t understand all that. No one had to project. You just throw it out there. Yeah last year was dangerous and when covid first started it would have been nice to have vaccines for everyone or only be around people with natural immunity. Well we didn’t have that option . Now its at roughly 50% which will bring it down to flu rates within a few years. If you have a low risk of dying from something its well a low risk . You do not know how many people died from covid. Stop pretending you do . This makes it very hard to determine its current exact danger. You dismiss Bryan’s opinion on the numbers under the pretense of you being all knowing. It shows your ignorance when you make no attempt to understand or recognize what someone is speaking about and you just focus on confrontational methods.

      • Steve-O, just posting my understanding. I don’t give Covid much thought these days.. As you say, you can scroll back through posts here and you will see that I said over a year and a half ago (being as I know the Chinese) that this virus was purposely released to kill off the aging, those with AIDS, those with other weakened immune system’s and those that are obese. 30-50 million Chinese to be exact. China has an aging problem and a lack of financial will to deal with it. Of course Dems coincidentally profited from it along with the Chinese.
        But, this particular virus is NOT for those that are under 60 and healthy. If you fall into one of the above categories this virus is for you regardless of age.
        Any other BS spouted by that liar Fauchi is just that.

      • Steve o , current covid stats in Alaska. O deaths past 7 days . Current flu stats last 7 days . O deaths ( to my knowledge) that’s starting to be not much different than flu or covid to flu . Huh . Maybe now that we are developing national immunity you could say covid is not much worse than the flu . ( flu didn’t just start in 2019 so its unreasonable to only look at 2019 or 2020 when we had no known way to fight it or vaccinate for it ) even those years were not particularly bad when compared to major flu surges like 1918 . Or other years of bad flu . Ya gotta compare apples to apples unless you want to shift the graph and create inaccurate statements and pictures such as compare 2020 covid to 2020 flu. Even when you do inaccurate comparisons such as that its hard to say how bad covid was because cdc allowed flu symptoms to be categorized as covid thus creating inaccurate picture of situation. Bottom line is recent covid death graphs are more in line with flu and when you compare peak flu years to peak covid years/ apples to apples then covid just wasn’t comparable to flu thus i can say covid isn’t much worse if at all than flu and be close to accurate. we now have fairly equal ways to treat both diseases which creates a more even picture to each other. So in short its shifted the equation.

      • Steve-O, under normal circumstances I would “normally” agree with you when it comes to deaths regarding pre-existing conditions. But, forgive my caution when it comes to trillions of dollars up for grabs. Greed is obviously a terrible thing to waste. I hate to say it, but to the powers to be your life, my life, hell, a million lives aren’t worth trillions of dollars.

      • DPR,

        Thanks for once again reminding me why trying to have a conversation with you is completely pointless. You are incapable of having a conversation without insulting those you disagree with and you project your ignorance upon those you disagree with, since you are incapable of backing up your point of view with anything closely resembling a supporting argument.

        I’m still waiting to hear if 13 a bigger or smaller number than 350, help a brother out…which one is the bigger number? Go look at other years data for flu deaths in Alaska, let me know when you find one approaching 350. If, as you claim “death rates are not much different from the flu” what facts do you have to support this, or are we just to take your word for it and disregard all of the facts and historical data?

        Of course covid numbers here are dropping, the reason the covid numbers and death rate is dropping is in large part due to the vaccinations you decry. Look at countries where covid is currently exploding and you will find the vaccination rates are low, that’s not a coincidence.

        Obviously one of us believes actual factual data means something and the other just makes stuff up to support whatever it is DPR believes.

      • Bryan,

        So let’s go with the 94% number from your almost year old news report, DPR has said Alaska has had 350 covid related deaths, that means 329 of those covid related deaths weren’t caused by covid right? Let’s suspend belief and assume that all 329 of those people would still have died when they did had they not caught covid. That leaves us with 21 deaths completely caused 100% by covid in Alaska, is 13 a bigger number than 21? Is a 62% increase in death not much difference, or is it a substantial difference? If you were to instantly have 62% more money in your bank accounts would you say that isn’t much of a difference or would you say it’s a substantial difference? That’s all assuming that the 94% number is accurate and that those 329 dead Alaskans would have died when they did in the absence of covid.

        Can you help a brother out and let me know if 13 is a bigger number than 350?

      • Steve o , no ones insulting you . You made that up . You may feel insulted because you are emotionally attached to your argument. Your emotional attachment has blinded you . Take a look at correlating peaks of flu . In 1918 we had way less people and 700 k deaths attributed to flu . Weve had ups and downs each year on flu. Just like with covid. Except flu has killed way more people based on percentage of population and its prooven its lethality over a longer period of time. . Yes last year in Alaska supposedly had low flu rates but unless you are omniscient you have no idea how many flu deaths were given to covid. Yes covid declared more deaths for one or two years. Now its dropping due to the susceptible people dying and others gaining immunity both natural and vacine related. Just like happens with flu . If the truth insults you then detach yourself and look at the information objectively. No one is insulting you . Youve made that up and attached yourself emotionally to fallible logic.

      • DPR,
        Thanks for confirming what I’ve already said about your inability to form an actual argument to support your views. With each and every post you prove my point, your latest is the icing on the cake. You can’t help yourself because you cannot provide any information to support your viewpoint so you resort to attacking me personally. The way you behave isn’t a new tactic, people who cannot argue the point use that crutch frequently. You say no one is insulting or attacking me and yet in the very next sentence you do just that, and then you repeat yourself and do it again and again post after post. Just argue the point and stop attacking and insulting, it makes whatever point you are trying to make worthless, it’s a tired way of conversing and in my opinion has no place here in the home of readers and thinkers…but you do you.

        As I said, you are incapable of having a conversation without insulting those you disagree with and you project your ignorance upon those you disagree with, since you are incapable of backing up your point of view with anything closely resembling a supporting argument. It’s my fault for engaging with you, you’ve proven repeatedly that you cannot engage in an actual conversation or discussion, I’m sorry that I’ve once again failed to remember that. I was hoping that perhaps you could try a different tack, and instead of attacking and insulting me you could try and provide ANY proof to support your claims. I was hoping that you could stop attacking and insulting me and start supporting your argument that the covid “death rates are not much different from the flu” by solving the very simple equation of which number is larger 13 or 350. I’m obviously ignorant, in your view, so please inform me as to which one is a bigger number, pretty please…with cherries on top.

      • Steve o , 350 is larger than 13 . What makes you confine the death numbers of covid to last year ? To bring it more in balance to your comparison- two years of flu one being one of lowest on record = about 60 – just from memory. 350 /360 for covid was 2019 combined with 2020 and part of 2021 . Pieces of three years . Versus roughly two years . Not that that matters . The mistake you make is called tunnel vision. When examining data you dont take two years and call it the median . That’s called blatantly an inaccurate picture. You know what you are doing. You are smarter than that . Thats not an insult btw . My analysis of you is smarter than foolish analytical mistakes on a mundane analysis of covid versus flu. Now if you want to limit the data view then declare- we are just going to look at two abnormal years without allowing hard data from years past and without allowing probable projections into the near future. Then yes under those very innacurate foolish perameters you are partially correct. The problem is no established / declared or expected inaccurate perameters. So you are wrong. As to your obsession with feeling attacked, insulted ect – its a weekness to allow self to be insulted when nothing is at hand except intellectual determinations . Allowing insult to be your take from a discussion distorts your ability to utilize your brain in full . Not condescending or an attack that is its just my experience. So assuming you are a full grown man i say handle the humor and toughen up buttercup. No one intended to attack you . If i say something you feel that needs to be off limits for you personally express what that is specifically and i will try to avoid it . Otherwise- man or woman up 😉

      • Dave mc , my apologies, I mistook steves wining about his hurt feelings as a statement from you . My apologies you old salty dog ! I shouldn’t have included you . Steve wined so much I thought it was two different people! Hope you didn’t take it personal and can forgive me ! I am still however waiting on your details on Dunleavy screw ups!

      • Steve o , look up read about the Spanish flu of 1918 . Then think about why i have the opinion that covid death rates are within perameters of flu . You will see why flu holds a larger picture in my mind than covid. Flu absolutely destroyed devastated alaskas small population. Understatement. Socially Our state never recovered in full . Flu of that era killed healthy people. Average age 28 yrs . In alaska whole villages were wiped out within 5 days of contact. 85% death rate was common 50% was normal. Thats not 50% of those who caught it , thats 50- 85% of the people in a town or village period counting everyone. Obviously flu didn’t kill that percentage world wide. I wasn’t alive at that time but its still a cultural fear In Alaska. I grew up with and hearing and seeing the destruction of tb and flu . So far covid hasn’t approached the same historical threat level. Granted health conditions are totally different. That im sure is why it doesn’t rank with history of flu. Also covid is mostly dangerous to people with comorbidity. Wheras flu was hitting people in their prime. Which caused no end of worse problems socialy . Judge it for yourself. O.005 versus upto 100% in certain villages of alaska . Even if we spread it out to America wide rate. 700k out of 235 million k versus 500 k out of 100 million k . For 1918 / 19 it still ranks higher than covid not to mention we’ve been fighting it for a long time. Pandemic Death rates are pandemic death rates . You cant compare a low flu year with a pandemic covid year and visa versa you cant compare a low covid year / common cold with a pandemic flu year . Either compare worst rates to worst rates or compare similar time lines over a long period. Say 100 years or more for a rough picture. Comparisons of 1-2 years abstractly is just silly nearsighted and means next to nothing.

      • DPR,

        It was you who claimed that covid “death rates are not much different from the flu” and it was you who brought up the 350 number. The number 13 comes from the number of dead Alaskans in the year prior to the covid pandemic, it wasn’t the lowest death total on record but just the year before, you haven’t been able to provide any number from previous years that come close to the number 350 that you provided. The year before the 13 flu deaths the total flu deaths was 18, seems like the number 60 would be an outlier and indicative of a very bad flu year.

        Now that we know (thanks to you) that 350 is larger than 13, and we know (thanks to you) that 350 is the approximate number of Alaskan who died due to covid, and we know (thanks to me) that 13 is the number of Alaskans who died due to the flu in the year before covid it’s very easy to see that the covid death rate is in fact much different from the flu, it is much, much higher, somewhere around 27 times higher.

        The first Alaskan death from covid wasn’t until well in to 2020, late March. The number 350 is representative of an entire years worth of covid related deaths, if you want to change your number from 350 please feel free but use logic and show your work.

        As far as your repeated and continuing attacks and insults, I only point them out because it makes you as a commentator appear unable to support your point of view without resorting to attacking others instead of their ideas. Frankly it is a tactic that is frequently used when a person knows their argument has failed, it is a juvenile and pathetic way to try and “win” an argument.

      • steve o, now i see why you feel attacked. You have framed a discussion as an argument. Your words. Trying to win an argument. I had no idea it was a technical “argument”.lsomething that needed won . Most intellectual arguments or discussions in my understanding are an attempt to add thought to a situation. Your emotional involvement has removed your objectivity. You still clearly have made no attempt to understand the base situation. Covid Numbers versus flu except in a very very limited timeframe. Thats Not representing accuracy. You ignore and ignore all incoming information. Because you want to justify your position in your own mind. Information that’s available to all on the internet can be looked up and you can draw an enlightened conclusion from it . You are old enough i don’t need to spoon feed it to you . Look up historical flu numbers and compare to covid. Quit lying to yourself. You know its true . Flu outranks covid deaths hands down. Framing 2 years as the timeframe serves very little purpose except to see how our battle with covid is going in reference to itself. Stop being silly and grasping at straws pretending you don’t know whats a greater number 13 or 350 . From a statically point of view they are both very small and similar in reference to 700k people. At least when you are discussing pandemics. I shouldn’t have to lead you to the knowledge like a child. Your mind should be able to jump to the realization that flu death numbers equal or greater covid. Its up to you steve to look at some data . You can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink . How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb? – none . The light bulb has to want to change 😉

      • DPR,

        As far as your attempt to retroactively change the subject to the Spanish Influenza pandemic vs the covid pandemic, you would need to refer once again to your comment that covid “death rates are not much different from the flu” are you now claiming that covid death rates and Spanish Influenza death rates are not much different? That’s just silly. We all know when we say the “flu” we aren’t talking about the Spanish Influenza but about the annual flu.

        In short, covid and flu death rates are in fact much different.

      • DPR,

        My bad, thanks for the reminder once again. You are incapable of discussion and must always be right, when that fails you attack. I will try and keep that in mind in the future after having failed to remember this time.

        Peace out!

      • Steve o, my thin skinned brother, I think you are on the right track now . To understand death rate numbers. Compare pandemic to pandemic or virus base to virus base . Either pandemic of which covid 19 is one and Spanish flu is one or compare our known history of the virus base . The flu and corona history. 100 plus years . Spanish flu and covid are both pieces of their respective viral bases . This needs done to understand the discussion- should people who already had covid get vaccinated for covid . ( Dunleavy had covid already should people in similar circumstances get the vaccine as well) Understanding covid risks against a historical backdrop of viral data numbers (perspective)then deciding if its rational to compound the current risk of death from covid with adding an experimental vaccine. Our current death numbers are pretty low and soon to be approaching typical year flu rates . Still covid doesn’t rank with flu on pandemic levels. Yes Spanish flu is flu . ( viral base related) also its perspectives. Thanks for helping a brother out and bridging the mental gap .

      • DPR,

        I’m glad I could help further your understanding on this issue and that you now are aware and even acknowledge that 350 is a bigger number than 13, that covid and flu death rates are in fact much much different. The only viable comparison of the flu and covid death rates are when comparing the last two great global pandemics, which should tell you something…thankfully this latest global pandemic wasn’t/isn’t as deadly as the the Spanish Influenza. While covid levels are dropping locally and nationwide, countries with a lower vaccination rate are seeing record breaking death totals. You should be sure to thank those who have dared to venture outside the comfort zone and taken the experimental vaccine, they are in large part why the covid numbers are dropping here and elsewhere.

        As far as the personal attack/insult business, I can only hope that one day I can convince you that people who use that juvenile crutch only serve to make themselves look bad and in no way does further the conversation. Until then, I bid you adieu.

      • I enjoy when one points out folks lowered the discussion with ad hominem arguments
        the typical response from those folks is another ad hominem argument about “you” having thin skin or be a sissy or something very pre-school on that order. At least be creative with insults.
        You my friend, are drier than a Mormon’s liquor cabinet.

        The ad hominem thing is almost as much fun as when you are trying to discuss a genocide or pandemic and someone points out-well that is nothing compared to blah blah. Other extreme events does change the fact that the life expectancy has been dropping across the globe since the arrival of covid-19. Nor does the fact that someday covid-19 will likely go the way of aids which doesn’t kill anyone these days…oh wait… must years aids kills more people than the common flu.

    • DPR/Bryan,
      More holes in your responses than Dunleavy’s farcical budget plan.
      Speaking of which,while a good leader would be engaged and standing by, horse trading and twisting arms,pehaps even meet face to face, he’s out bear hunting apparantly.
      Sorta like two yrs ago when he was in either Montana or Wyoming,glad handing at a Republican guv meeting while his budget sank like a burning ship with the final votes.
      Thats what we call leadership.
      My point is theres reality and perception (these days,some would argue deception too).
      The trick is trying to decipher which is which.
      Gather facts, from many sources, be aware of trends to the best of your abilities.
      Try to understand the psychology of crowd behavior if it becomes relevant.
      The world of absolutes is very small.

      • Dave, sounds like you are bitter. Big claims require big proofs . Proove the holes in the arguments. Use details you can back up. Dunleavy ? You begrudge the man a life ? Is he getting paid enough to put his life on hold to be scrutinized and hated by people like you ? Who follows party lines like lines of white powder ? Wheres the specifics in his screw ups . Present them in careful detail . I enjoy learning from others mistakes and am intrested in the factual details you can proove were mistakes. Go – ! We are happily listening.

      • DPR,

        “Big claims require big proofs . Proove the holes in the arguments. Use details you can back up.”

        Do you stand by your claim that covid “death rates are not much different from the flu”?

        Is 13 a bigger number than 350?

        And DPR, seriously, stop insulting and attacking people you disagree with.

      • Dave , when the truth becomes an insult perhaps you need to adjust your sensitivity meter and adjust your ideology so truth doesn’t offend you. Ive indicated where you can find flu and covid comparisons. Start with 1918 for flu for ease . Start with 2019 or before for covid. I quit being offended or insulted when i was about 16 years old so I could understand ideas better and develop deaper learning. Saying you toe the party line is just moderate accuracy. ( you repeatedly support democrats giving them heavy duty leeway on transgressions towards liberty and transgressions on resolution of political problems . ) Information and discussion in itself is not insulting to mature people. Not once have I attacked family or your honor. If you and steve cant handle a little obvious humor, needling and truth then i say toughen up buttercup 😉

      • Dave Mc, my apologies for my confusion – read a couple comments above.

  4. “My body, my choice” right Dems??? Besides, the best thing to happen to you is for you to get the virus and move on. YOU DO NOT NEED THE “VAX” IF YOU ALREADY HAD COVID AND CHANCES ARE YOU ALREADY HAD IT. Also, you do not need the vax unless you are 60+ and/or fall in a high risk group. Anyone that says you do is a liar pushing a false narrative for profit..

    • Good point Bryan, you of course realize that a majority of Americans fall into the 60+ and/or high risk group, right?

  5. So for all you “follow the science” people out there, why would he need a vaccination for a virus that he has already had through his body?
    Natural Immunity is real and almost ALL of us have been exposed to this Wuhan virus over the last year.
    Maybe journalists should just move onto the UFO narrative like the Fed suggests…

    • Choice makes perfect sense, unless you are a public servant (the Governor) who has told the public he is getting the vaccine in May, that it is safe, and has encouraged 10’s of thousands of Alaskans to get it and for non-Alaskans to travel here and spend their hard earned income to get it. Then things get interesting. I actually assume there is a good explanation on why our Governor told the electorate that he was going to get the Vaccine in May and then didn’t. Journalism can help there.

  6. “Dunleavy is not known to be an anti-vaxxer”. What a dumb statement! These Covid vaccines are still experimental & many people are reluctant to participate in the current drug trials. Every day more dangerous side effects are surfacing such as blood clots, heart congestion, numbness, and yes, even death. Long term effects are not known as these experimental drugs have only been in clinical trials for about 6 months. Only fools rush in!

    • FRF: If Dunleavy thinks the Covid-19 vaccines are poison, yet is encouraging tourists to come to Alaska to get free “poison” that would be interesting. Lets assume as our Gov travels across the lower 48 something else is at play in his decisions.

  7. Agree with Zip. Once you’ve had it and recovered, no need for a jab as you have the antibodies.

    OTOH, he could take a page out of the gender wars and simply identify as vaccinated. Cheers –

  8. If you’ve already had the Covid, I would see no reason to get the experimental vaccine. A virus is a virus, and acts as a virus. It’s almost like an OCD action to vaccinate after one has the antibodies. When in reality it’s a money thing, the more people vaccinated the moe money, and so they lie to you, and tell you, you still need to be vaccinated.

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