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Regular readers of this website might have noticed a slowing of production in the past two weeks.

No, the author has not contracted COVID-19. He does, however, have some personal business going on that is eating up huge amounts of time.

So, after five years of posting an average of more than five stories per week (a story a day proved an impossible task) that have now reached about 1 million viewers and working for approximately $7.80 per hour, is going on hiatus for the next two weeks.

And no, unfortunately, it is not to spend time in the marsh blasting waterfowl. Trusted sidekick Lars would have much preferred that.

The hope is to be back on pace by Sept. 21. Until then, feel free to scroll back through the stories of the past and ping the author on those that might be in need of updating, something on which the media does a horrible job these days.

I myself am curious as to what has become of 78-year-old Duane Ose who abandoned his Alaska wilderness retreat and the left the state in the company of a new, much younger wife who cut him off from his family, or if anyone wandering the Alaska wilderness has found a hint of what happened to Nathan Campbell, who went missing in the huge wilderness north of Mount McKinley almost a year ago now.

There are still plenty of “strange things done in the midnight sun,” as the poet Robert Service long ago observed, so I’ll be back. Journalism is a sad addiction.

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  1. Anyone remember Building 7 which fell in free-fall seven hours after the 9/11 attacks?
    Here is a good report from UAF that concludes “fire did not bring the building down”.
    “The principal conclusion of our study is that fire did not cause the collapse of WTC 7 on 9/11, contrary to the conclusions of NIST and private engineering firms that studied the collapse.
    The secondary conclusion of our study is that the collapse of WTC 7 was a global failure involving the near-simultaneous failure of every column in the building.”

      • Bryan,
        I am not posting a “conspiracy theory”.
        The report that I quoted and cited is from the University of Alaska – Fairbanks.
        You can disagree with the science on this but these highly trained engineers concluded that fire DID NOT cause the building to collapse.
        This is their words not mine.

      • Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth funded the UAF study. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth is a 9-11 truther organization that promotes the conspiracy theory that the World Trade Center was destroyed in a controlled demolition. Their claims and conspiracy theories are not supported by other architectural or engineering groups.

        Posting of debunked 9-11 conspiracy theories is in fact posting debunked conspiracy theories. Even if you claim it’s not.

      • Steve, fire in excess of 1200 degrees brought down both WTC bldg 1 and 2. Why couldn’t it bring down WTC which had 10 of it’s 40 floors on fire with no working sprinkler system?

      • Bryan,

        Of course Purdue University is world renown for their engineering studies, hell their mascot is a boilermaker! Meanwhile UAF is known by some for…being in Fairbanks, well near Fairbanks.

    • Dear esteemed – steve o,
      (statement proclaiming truthers = nonsense. is attack without proof . A form of character attack) . Insinuating or Equating them with paid hacks is a logical fallacy and ad hominem . A statement that says someone was paid to produce a study is an attempt at character attack that has little relevance on the end truth when a logical thought process is attempted. It just distracts from basic analysis. Its an ad hominem attack versus an attack on the idea . The real question is : was the study and conclusion by UAF accurate or not ? Its odd you attacked UAF with character attacks. UAF is known as a top class university worldwide on many subjects. (Yes that means little in regards right or wrong) they are Especially esteemed in science and engineering. I think your libelous writing needs to provide facts regarding how the UAF study is Wrong. Use your own words or scientific studies that directly address the UAF study. Links to Books of opinion that don’t directly address UAF specific opinion are inadequate. Also show us the money trail of these alleged truthers who gave to UAF but more importantly exactly how that money messed up the accuracy of Uaf study. Not just assumptions it did but the actual written document details on the people who changed their minds and statements in this specific uaf study due to money given. Assuming money changed the outcome without proof is a logical fallacy. Provide your supportive documents.
      Where is the specific proof the uaf study is incorrect. ( im not saying you are incorrect) im saying let’s see if UAF study is actually accurate?
      Respectfully yours in recognition of your large obvious consistent desire for fact based thoughts.

      • DPR,

        Standby, I will get back to you on your request shortly…

        In the meantime, while you work on figuring out what is and isn’t a personal attack, a logical fallacy, an ad hominem attack, or libel might I suggest you begin studying the term reductio ad absurdum? Oh wait, seems like you’re already familiar with that term.

      • Interesting that the EPA had their grubby little paws all over both the Challenger accident and the fall of the twin towers. Both were tied to the asbestos ban. Asbestos was used in the shuttle SRB o-rings. Asbestos doesn’t really care much about temperature. Rubber-based compounds get brittle in the cold. For the Twin Towers, the asbestos ban hit them on fireproofing sprayed on the floor trusses. It was used for the lower half of the building. Ban went into place about halfway up. Impact knocked fireproofing off the trusses, allowing the fire to get to them and soften them. Fire also weakened columns around the center of the building. Special over the weekend tried to make the case that the insulation contractor had mob connections and was skimming. Design of the buildings, centralizing access in the core was also a factor. Finally, a single fire suppression water standpipe was severed in both impacts and never supplied any water to the sprinkler system in either building. Don’t need much truther stuff to explain the perfect attack for the design. Looking at the angle of impact of the first jet (about 30 degrees wing low), they almost missed and was in a turn. Second impact had most of the fuel go thru the building and out the other side. Cheers –

      • Controlled demolition. It was to even a collapse. Alledged traces of thermite . Saudi connections. Best day of the bush cartels life . Started numerous wars and serious reconstruction gravy train . Bush has connections to the nazis of old so a little tweaking of reality is nothing in a naxi collaborators families mind. Current heavy connections with saudis ,Halliburton ect ect . No structure is going to fall evenly from a serious impact on one side . Unequal forces snd damage equals unequal directional falls . Equal and opposite reactions ? Only way to get perfect collapse is through careful placement of explosives. Theres a science to it . Professional demolition crews agree . Bridge for sale bridge for sale ! All the evidence points to inside job . Bush, biden and Obama , Sitting in a photo , k i s s i n g . First comes attack then comes war, then comes profits in a fiscal carriage! Cool aide cool aide come and get it says bush . Baaa baaaa . Off to war we go , hi ho hi ho ! Good People died because bushes wanted war . Our political class is the insult to those good men and women. They have taken our good country and turned everyone against each other for their profits. Eroding our civil liberties in the process. Now ,here is evidence of profits from action. Haliburton , defense contracts, wars with no clear end or objective. Keep them greenbacks rolling baby . Truthers whoever they are are not effected by profits but bush biden and Obama sure are . Yep follow the profits . Get your faulty covid shot for free ! Whats it usually mean if you get something for free or are paid to take it? Junk ! Yep . Eyes open.

      • S2 & DPR –

        Interesting paper. My guess is the particles they found were combustion residue from aviation aluminum and the structure of the building. Note that their paper said they found aluminum. And they should have, as each jet introduced around 100 tons of it into each building in a near-instantaneous manner. Add another 100 – 150k# of AVGAS and you set the stage for some serious combustion, though it looked like most of the fuel load of the second jet passed thru the building and out the opposite side.

        The assay found aluminum. Now if they had gone the second step and found weapons-grade flakes of aluminum alloy, I would pay more attention. As they didn’t either look for aviation aluminum or iron, there’s no way they could have found it. Structural steel can be identified by debris. So can aerospace grade aluminum alloys be differentiated from weapons-grade aluminum alloys. Note that thermite is essentially rubberized aluminum with an oxidizer added. You last saw it in public use in the Space Shuttle where it was the fuel for the solid rocket strap on boosters.

        The buildings collapsed because it was a tube structure, with the core and the exterior carrying the loads. The impact and fire compromised the core structure to the point that it folded. Their biggest design win – huge, column-free floorspace on each floor – ended up causing the failure. First, because it allowed the fire to spread unabated. Second, because there was nothing to carry the load of the floors above when the columns in the center started failing. And once things started moving, it pancaked. Cheers –

      • I know how we can settle the question forever. Find similar structures , ram similar jets with similar fuel loads into them and see what happens . That would be a real study! Lets put a bet on them . I bet my house against yours . Im thinking I would end up with an extra nice house I could rent out 😉 That would add an entertaining element to it . ( maybe we should find 10 people willing to bet houses as that that would be more dramatic and show worthy if the filming got to know the families) im thinking those with more than one house have to give all their houses to the winners . That would make it fair. We could film it in a sience reality show format , get producers involved and make money. Share the profits! Btw agamarc . I really like that you were educational for us regarding materials involved. Thank you . I think the pan caking concept needs thought though. Unequal forces rule . It’s nearly impossible to cause perfect collapse without planned demolition. The 3 rd tower has zero excuse. Any takers on the bet ? Warning: im not a gambling man . I like sure outcomes. The more guaranteed the better.

      • Come on guys.. OF COURSE pancaking is a naturally mechanical sequence of events in this particular instance..You had the weight of approx. 20 upper floors collapsing on say the 21st floor from the stop, now you have the weight of 21 floors collapsing on the 22nd floor and so on all the way down. To say charges brought the building down when clearly both were hit buy fuel loaded planes traveling at almost 600mph. Checkout the dimensions of a Boeing 767.

      • Brian, you might have misunderstood me . I 100 % believe those planes and fuel massively damaged the towers . The question is how was that force distributed and how was everything damaged evenly enough that building falls nearly straight down. Absolutely improbable from engineering standpoint. If structures always implode upon themselves in own foot print then it would put demolition companies out of business. Wouldn’t need them for sky scrapers. Im in agreement with you though,Massive massive damage from 747 . The one that wasn’t hit falls nearly the same way without impact. Not a reasonable concept. Something beyond fishy.

      • DPR, the WTC 1 and 2 collapsed exactly how they would and were supposed to collapse under those conditions..There is nothing surprising or even extraordinary about the chain of events. Quite the contrary. It is amazing it took an hour or more for them to fall. I mean, any conspiracy theory on either one of those just silly. Don’t get me wrong, our goverent is corrupt as they come. We.are officially a Banana Republic..

        As for WTC7, I could see where some think this or that, but 10 or more of the 47 floors and columns were engulfed by flames for 8hrs thus softening the steel resulting in clause.

        There is too much real corruption going on now (Fauci, Biden, Hunter, Milley, Austin, AOC, etc.) to be focused on this nonsense.

      • Actually, there is a test with video of what happens when an aircraft impacts a concrete wall. Was done at the White Sands test facility shortly after 9-11. The worry was what would happen if a hijacked airliner was flown into a reactor building. The 10′ thick wall was made out of the same sort of concrete with about the same thickness as those walls shielding commercial power reactors. Impact was in the vicinity of 500 kts with an F-4. Empty clean weight of an F-5 is around 15 tons. Max takeoff weight is about double that. Video follows. Take a close look at the impact dynamics, as the aluminum of the structure flows like water, which is was what it did at the WTC and Pentagon. Cheers –

      • Agimarc , thank you for video link !! I loved that video! Its hard to extrapolate that impact to the towers though . Very different dynamics. All the same thank you !! Beautiful expiriment !

  2. Since we are going to pay trillions in bogus “Global Warming” taxes maybe a good debunking story may be in order when you return.

    “Less than 10 years remain before the oft-claimed “tipping point” for the planet, but sea ice in the Arctic Ocean is the highest it’s been in nine years, increasing more than 30% from last year, while the Antarctic’s level is well above normal.

    That’s according to the Ocean and Sea Ice Satellite Application Facility’s High Latitude Processing Center, pointed out climate-change skeptic Tony Heller.

    He noted the Arctic Ocean gained a record amount of sea ice during the first week of September.”

  3. While you might miss some good waterfowl hunting Craig, I am glad you will be able to get some needed absence from the mess that our state and Anchorage finds itself in. Take care of your business and hurry home. You play an important role in providing very well informed perspectives.

  4. Congrats Craig.. Have fun on the honeymoon..Turks is a wonderful place to visit this time of year.. 🙂 Good luck in your endeavors. Appreciate your articles.

  5. Aha! You are going to search for the lost pyramid of Alaska. I knew it has to be real! If you do happen to find it, I don’t suppose you’ll ever come back what with all the wondrous splendors you will find there. Geothermal aquaculture and delicious beasts. An advanced civilization eager to entertain you for all of your immortal life. Good for you!

    • Congrats. But we will worry about you dealing with a pissed off Lars upon returning. He will give you “The Look”.

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