Goodbye and good riddance


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With another year of fear in the rearview mirror but omicron threatening to make a mess of 2022, it might be a good time to look back at how lucky you are to live in Alaska – if you happen to live in Alaska – and what a train wreck journalism has become.

First the good news. Twenty-one or 22 months (depending on how you count) into the biggest pandemic since the Spanish flu of 1917-’18, Alaska has a Covid-19 survival rate of which most other states can only dream.

As of this writing, the Worlometer tracker records the state confirming 151,583 infections and registering 947 deaths. At that rate, the data says Alaskans who catch the disease have about a 99.37 percent chance of surviving.

Or, to look at it another way, the risk of dying if you catch the disease here is about 0.63 percent.  Compare that to hard-hit Alabama, where 16,455 people are dead and the odds of dying are 1.85 percent – nearly three times worse than in Alaska – or Massachusetts where 20,221 are dead and the odds of dying are only slightly better than in Alabama.

Even Hawaii, which has been heralded for its low per capita death rate, is doing worse than Alaska with nearly 110,000 known cases producing nearly 1,100 deaths. That translates into a risk of dying of about 1 percent for those with confirmed Covid cases in the island state.

That 947 Alaskans, about 43 per month on average, have had their lives cut short since the start of the pandemic is tragic. Premature deaths are always tragic.

But to put this in perspective, those 43 deaths per month translate into an annualized death count of 516 people in a year. That’s 82 more than died in accidents in 2019, according to the latest report from the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, and given the way a lot of Alaskans drive they don’t seem to care at all about the risk of accidental death.

And Covid doesn’t even come closes to the number of Alaska deaths – many of them preventable through lifestyle changes – from cancer and heart disease. Those two diseases killed almost 1,900 Alaskans, and no one paid much attention save the families and friends of the dead.

Few gave much thought to precautions either.

Health versus health care

You can’t put on a mask and hope it will keep cancer and heart disease at bay, but there are things you can do to minimize the risk, or to maximize it.

A 2020 study that looked at cancer in sedentary people from 2003 to 2007 found they had a 52 percent greater risk of dying from that disease than those who are active. “Getting regular physical activity is a proven way for people to lower their chance of developing cancer and dying from it,” Medical News Today reported in the wake of the study. 

The association between inactivity and heart disease, meanwhile, was known long before 2020 and is now well documented. The still ongoing Framingham Heart Study linked cardiovascular disease to physical inactivity, obesity, high blood pressure and smoking more than five decades ago. 

Few paid much attention. Americans, in fact, just kept getting fatter and exercising less. The U.S. obesity rate topped 40 percent, the highest ever, in 2020, according to the Trust for America’s Health.

If you watch much TV, you might have noticed the new “fat acceptance” movement in the country. Advertisers know who drinks all those seltzers and stuffs down that fast food. They have now clearly targeted their advertising at the overweight.

About this no one seems too concerned either, even though the same factors that boosted deaths from cardiovascular disease and cancer also boosted deaths from Covid, which some take to be the plague of the new Millenium.

It’s not. The “black death,” the great plague, is estimated to have killed 40 to 60 percent of the people in Europe between 1347 and 1352. One in every two people in Paris died, according to a history compiled by the Hardin Library for Health Sciences. 

Europe wide, a third to three-quarters of the people who caught the disease perished. The current pandemic is nothing like it, but sometimes….

Be afraid

“It was the worst of times; it was the worst of times — again,” writes reporter Michael Armstrong .”People who naively thought that the Dumpster fire of 2020 would burn out in 2021 had their illusions shattered as 2021 turned out to be another bleak year of the pandemic. After a respite in spring and early summer when it looked like life would return to normal, a new variant of COVID-19, delta, roared through Alaska. Case counts, hospitalizations and deaths spiked, many of them among unvaccinated people.”

Armstrong is a thoughtful and well-meaning, small-town reporter in Homer, the city before the end of the road at the end of the spit that juts into Kachemak Bay at the south end of Alaska’s famous Kenai Peninsula.

His observations, however, mirror those of many mainstream reporters around the country, though one has to wonder about the accusation that people were naive. Maybe they were just believing Anthony Fauci, the U.S. government Covid guru, who assured them in December 2020 that the end of the pandemic was near.

 “It’s bittersweet that we have the beginning of what will ultimately be the end game of this pandemic,” he told National Public Radio’s Rachel Martin at that time. “I would say 50 percent would have to get vaccinated before you start to see an impact. But I would say 75 to 85 percent would have to get vaccinated if you want to have that blanket of herd immunity.”

A reported 74 percent of Americans have now received at least one dose of the vaccines and 63 percent are fully vaccinated, and the blanket of “herd immunity” has proven to be as full of holes as the whole idea of herd immunity against a virus evolving rapidly since it first appeared.

Omicron, the newest variant, is thought to be about twice as transmissible as the Delta variant that came before it and about four times as transmissible as the original variant with early research indicating vaccines appear less protective against it.

All of which lead USA Today to headline “Yes, omicron has overtaken delta. No, it’s not March 2020.”

Well it is, and it isn’t. Infections in most places are way up over March 2020, but death rates aren’t at all comparable. In the United Kingdom (UK) – where omicron is running wild and hit a peak of 112,000 news cases in the week before Christmas – deaths and infections have been going in separate directions, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) Covid-19 dashboard. 

At the peak in March 2020, there were about 30,000 cases per week in the UK, and deaths peaked at 6,400 per week in early April.  Flash forward to the end of 2021.

More than 195,000 cases were reported in the week ending Dec. 13 last year, and the total death toll since then and through Dec. 27 was less than 850.

Doctors in South Africa, where the omicron variant was first noticed, and at least one prominent scientist in the UK have described omicron as causing a different, less-lethal disease than the sparked by the first Covid-driving, SARS-CoV-2 viruses.

The graphs of UK infections and deaths would appear to support that conclusion. The differences between then and now are so great they jump out at a viewer.

But with so many infections, deaths are sure to start ticking upward. They almost have to even if the case fatality rate is low. There are just so many people getting infected.

And this probability has been getting most of the attention, which brings this back to the state of journalism today.

Fear on!

Fear seems to be what sells.

Whether it is the new fear of government trying to deprive you of your freedom by ordering you to wear a mask, or the now old-fear of “climate change.” Alaska saw a doozie in the latter case.

The wildly variably weather for which the state is famous, at least to those who live here, went truly crazy and hit 65 degrees in Kodiak the day after Christmas, which led the U.S. media to go equally crazy over global warming.

“Imagine running a 5K and winning the race by 10 minutes,” trumpeted the Washington Post. “That’s analogous to what is transpiring in Alaska at the moment. An exceptional slew of records has tumbled in the wake of extreme warmth, with highs up to 45 degrees above average.”

How that is analogous – ie. “comparable in certain respects” – is hard to imagine, especially given it’s not hard to imagine someone winning a 5K by 10 minutes. An elite runner could show up at many a local 5K “fun run” and likely win by 10 minutes.

RunRepeat, a statistics site for runners, says the average 5K finishing time in the U.S. was down to a little over 39 minutes by 2018 as U.S. runners get slower and slower by the year. It might have something to do with the epidemic of overweight and obesity, given that running – like most racing – is all about power to weight ratio.

And how much you win by invariably depends on what sort of competition shows up. But never mind that, the WashPo story went on to tie the Kodiak warming to the deadly summer heatwave in the Pacific Northwest and then reached the predictable conclusion:

“Parts of Alaska have warmed more than 2.5 degrees since the 1970s, outpacing the remainder of the Lower 48 by about two-thirds. Alaska’s North Slope is experiencing the greatest human-induced climate warming, with entire ecosystems at risk amid the abrupt biome and environmental shifts.”

Why is it, one must ask, that the people who preach “weather is not climate” when it’s snowing in California or colder than Antarctica in Chicago, ignore that very same dictate every time someplace gets abnormally warm?

This approach has probably made more Americans skeptical about climate change than the ranting of the most over-the-top critics of the climate-change theory. And yes, climate change is a theory.

Global warming, which is real and apparently driven by the increasing volume of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, is the fact upon which is built the theory that the temperature will keep going up until doomsday.

The theory appears sound, and there are at least a dozen good reasons to reduce the global consumption of fossil fuels unrelated to climate change, starting with the facts that gas and oil are non-renewable resources, and coal is a clean air problem no matter how clean you try to make it.

Those might be even better reasons to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels given that climate change lacks the evidentiary foundation of, say, evolution. Evolution takes evidence from the past and tracks it forward to where we are today in the world.

Anyone with any remaining doubts about that theory should simply turn their attention to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. We’ve all been witness to evolution in real-time in the form of that invisible little sucker.

Climate change, unfortunately, exists in the future, and though the top scientists can be credited with the knowledge to make better-educated guesses than the rest of us, nobody has a foolproof crystal ball. That people being asked to make sacrifices in the name of climate change might get extra skeptical of the whole idea when the people pushing the climate-change agenda are less than honest is only predictable.

So, yes. The temperature hit 65 degrees in Kodiak on the day after Christmas.

It was the weather. The climate, even the short-term climate, has Kodiak on track to finish the month of December 1.1 degrees below normal, according to the National Weather Service in a year in which the island-city is on track to finish with an annual temperature below normal.

In fact, the most interesting thing about the 65-degree high, which was 20 degrees above the old record, might be the way it spiked. The day went from a low of 35 to a high of 65 degrees in an island environment moderated by a lot of cool water surrounding it.

Daily temperature swings of 30 degrees are not the norm for Kodiak. This isn’t the high desert of Nevada where daily temperature changes between highs and low are on the order of 50 or 60 degrees.

Kodiak weather tends to shift more slowly up and down, more on a weekly basis than a daily basis.

The temperature, for instance, dipped to a low of 10 degrees on Dec. 12 and posted a daily average of 12 degrees. That was a full 20 degrees below the norm for the day. But the WashPo seems to have missed that as most of the national media has missed the cooling of Alaska since it set a heat record in 2019.

Anchorage is now on pace to end the year about 1.7 degrees below what the National Weather Service calls “normal” –  normal being the average of the annual temperatures for all the years since 1953.

There were a lot of cold years in there; 1956 set the record with an annual average of 31.1 degrees at Ted Stevens International Airport

That was more than 10 degrees colder than the annual temperature in 2019 when the Alaska weather went crazy and attracted the attention of the world. Anchorage ended the year with an average of 42.5 degrees, and the state as a whole saw an average annual temperature above freezing for the first time in its history.

Globally, 2019 made Alaska the poster child for global warming. Locally, Alaska sun-worshippers might end up remembering it as the good old days. The Fourth of July became the linchpin for all sorts of climate records that year:

  • Hottest day ever, 90 degrees on the Fourth.
  • Historically hottest day overall by average, 74.5 degrees on the Fourth.
  • Most days when the temperature hit 80 degrees or more, six of them starting on July 3.
  • Warmest month in history, July with an average of 65.3 degrees.
  • Longest run of days of 75 degrees or warmer, a dozen of them starting on Aug. 6.
  • Most 75 or warmer days in a year, 31.
  • And most 70 degree days in a year, a whopping 49 of them. The average, for comparison’s sake, is 16.

Then Anchorage slid back toward being the Anchorage of earlier in the decade when the  New York Times’ “Nature in the balance column” tagged Alaska’s largest city “as the place to be” for those looking to avoid the global warming apocalypse.

July of this year was the coldest July since 20`12, and the summer ended with but 10 days with temperatures at or about 70 degrees. That was a fifth of the nice days of 2019 and only about two-thirds of the average.

For those who blinked and missed the warmth, there was one 70-degree or better day in Maytwo in June, five in July, and two in August. 

For those fearing climate change, this had to be good news. But it might have put the chill on Anchorage as the near ideal, not-too-hot, not-too-cold climate refugium.

Too bad Anchorage. It could get worse.

Be afraid. There are some scientists at Northumbria University in the UK who believe a mini ice age is on the way because of a significant reduction in solar activity. 

Were this to happen, it would take place over the course of years; that’s climate. Not over the course of days; that’s weather. Kodiak, it is worth noting, is now back to something approaching normal.

Actualy a little below normal. The National Weather Service forecast a New Year’s Day low dipping to 11 degrees. The long-term “normal” low for the day is 26. 


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  1. ( Mass formation psychosis)
    = Fauci says – you question me you are anti science .
    Biden says get the vaccine you wont get covid.
    A pandemic of the unvaccinated.
    (An acceptance of dishonesty.)

    MSP has :
    Elements of social Hypnosis.
    A reduction in ability to process and differentiate factual data .
    When large segments of the population become fixated on a leader regardless of ethical concerns.
    Isolation of groups from each other.

    (Censorship and underhanded social programming sets a society up for these historical illnesses which makes large groups act in ways they usually wouldn’t on an individual level.)

    A world view that pushes theory as fact by leaders without perspective and then ostracizes anyone who questions, helps set up a society for Mass formation psychosis .

    A few examples?
    Witch hunts – Germany in ww11 – slavery in America- covid 19 and it’s associated world controls such as firing massive numbers of health care workers , police , pilots, federal workers, and others who have spent a lifetime building careers and honorable contributions to society.

    The acceptance of dishonorable actions toward your fellow man by society is evidence of beginning mass formation psychosis .
    Dont allow social hypnosis.

    • Steve o,
      Thanks for reply. You absolutely misunderstand the term . There is only one side of the covid 19 issue thats defined by mass formation psychosis. The totalitarian side that’s hurting people and forcing a tyrannical state of government. Firing people who contribute to society and destroying their lives.
      Look up Robrt malon , mattias a belgian , gustve lebon and hannah arndnt . To better understand the specifics of the term and its current use.
      Have a nice evening.
      I probably don’t have time to reply again.

      • DPR,
        I’m familiar with the term and the people you mentioned. There are most certainly people on both extremes who are afflicted with mass formation psychosis. This quote sums up mass formation, if you can’t see that there are people on both extremes who are suffering from this then you might want to think about why that might be…

        “If a large segment of people are willing to follow this strategy to deal with this object of anxiety no matter the cost, then in a second step people start a collective & heroic battle with this Object of Anxiety and in that way a new kind of social bond emerges & with that a new kind of “sense making” or purpose. Suddenly life is all directed towards battling this Object of Anxiety. This creates new sense of connectedness with others in the Mass-Formation.

        This sudden and radical switch from the negative state of lack of social-connection to the opposite, a massive increase in social connection leads up to a mental intoxication.

        When people experience this mental intoxication it no longer matters if the narrative is wrong or even blatantly false. What matters is that it leads up to this mental intoxication. This is why they will continue to go along with the narrative.

        The resistance to understanding the narrative is false or wrong is driven by the fear of returning to the state of Free-Floating Anxiety and wanting to continue to experience the mental intoxication.

        This explains why arguing based on facts will not work. Facts no longer matter to them. Given the facts, they are be unable to come to sensible conclusions, even in their own best interests.”

      • Oh and mass formation psychosis comes from the Freudian line of psychology. The folks you mentioned are simply attempting to link those they disagree with to Nazi’s by using a line of psychology that Freud used to explain how the public in Germany went along with the Nazi’s, but mass formation itself does not limit those suffering from it to totalitarian views. Dr. Malone and Prof Mattias are certainly aware that they are part of leading a mass formation themselves, if not…

      • steve o , lebon predates freud so your qoating him or using his ideas dont go to the source . Freud used lebon as lebons book about mind 1895? predates freuds discussion of subject 1921 . You don’t understand the base of the term . Its not just about crowds and group thinking its about their unethical actions thereafter and them being used by a dogmatic leader that may know little regarding right or wrong and using them to forgo their humanity. You are misusing the term . ( i dont have time to help set you straight) same goes with your assumptions about malone and mattias. Ya don’t know em and they are not trying to use crowds to do unethical things. Malone is standing up for the rights of children not to be vaccinated if parents dont want them to be . He is bringing to light how the crowds are being used by those in power to accomplish ends . He’s working through the problem in a fact based way . ( you making assumptions of his motives doesn’t change the evidence) the evidence says he has good intentions and is not lying as much as the tyrants that are forcefully controlling the masses..lebon predates the natizis and the nazis studied lebon and used his ideas for bad . So you are mistaken. I referenced an originator who predates nazis and freuds ideas on subject. ( some of later ones may be tying in . I also believe you are mistaken when you say arguing based on facts wont work for these people you are referring to . Imo its the delivery that’s failing not the facts . . Though i do think you bring up a most important question- how to successfully deliver knowledge. Maybe different for each person? Maybe it has to be out of an adversarial situation? Idk. Though I really do want to know.

      • DPR,
        I really don’t care if Freud or Le Bon was the root idea of mass formation psychosis, it doesn’t matter one iota and for better or worse mass formation is in the Freudian line of psychology not the Le Bon line…

        The fact remains that, as described mass formation psychosis is an affliction of the individual and how they respond. The middle three paragraphs in the quote I provided above explain it better than I ever could, you should read them again.

        You crack me up sometimes, Fauci et al. are E-vile Nazi’s for trying to save lives and Dr. Malone and Prof Mattias are saints trying to save the world against the E-vile Nazi’s peddling their Nazi cures. Malone and Mattias have just as good of intentions and motives as the other, that doesn’t make them right and certainly doesn’t make them saints. The world doesn’t work that way friend. Fauci is wrong, a lot. Malone and Mattias are wrong, a lot. Both sides are political machines made up with people who are egomaniacs and full of shit. Both extremes are 100%, without a doubt suffering from mass formation psychosis. I’m sorry that you’ve fallen prey to it as well, I thought that with your critical thinking nature you would have questioned the miracle cure that Malone et al. are peddling…apparently I was wrong.

      • Steve o,
        Your statement you dont care one iota which was the root of mass formation psychosis shows well your lack of understanding and desire to get to the truth of the subject. . Le bon must be understood to understand the term . Freud tried to follow in his footsteps and or dispute his ideas but the fact remains le bon was the accepted authority on the subject . You can add your personal opinion on the subject but doesn’t change the history.
        Now you state you are cracked up by my view fauci is vile . Yes I consider liars like fauci to be vile. Especially if they on purpose mislead the public. Its up to you to proove malone is a liar. Beyond just your opinion. Steve no one said malone and mattias were saints. You are making stuff up .. your effort yo ignore Fauci lies and slander malone who is fighting for liberty ect shows you have lost touch with the facts. You say malone and mattias are full of sh-t in an effort to apeal to emotion but you provide no proof. All you prove is your bluster and personal ego . They are wrong you hammer again snd again but no proof. . I know little about the miracle cures you speak of but i did watch fauci lie to Congress and cover up his gain of function research connections by conspiring with his peers to gaslight Americas people. Wheras Malone fights for liberty. For personal choice.
        Then you attack me with supposition – claiming ive fallen prey to psychosis without presenting proof of why my ideas are wrong. Steve o , you embarrass yourself.
        You say you don’t care an iota about the root of the term , you cant differentiate between a prooven liar – fauci versus someone who is not getting paid to protect liberty and hadn’t prooven to lie then you try to unjustly attack me without focus on prooviing my ideas wrong. Im sorry i can help you no further. Have a nice evening.

      • DPR,
        You probably need to read what I wrote again, your habit of reading things that aren’t there and missing things that are there is showing up again. Specifically pay attention to the part where I say that BOTH sides are wrong and BOTH side are full of shit.

        Do you honestly think Malone isn’t being paid, you’re not that naive. Have you looked into his claims at all? If you need me to provide a few peices of readily available information, let me know but the good doc has made himself a public person and all his blemishes are on full display for anyone to see.

        As the good doctor recently said, “When you have a society that has become decoupled from each other and has free-floating anxiety in the sense that things don’t make sense, we can’t understand it. And then their attention gets focused by a leader or series of events on one small point, just like hypnosis. They literally become hypnotized and can be led anywhere.

        And one of the aspects of that phenomenon is the people they identify as their leaders, who come in and recognize their pain and say “I alone can fix this for you,” they will follow that person through hell…

        Anybody who questions that narrative is immediately attacked. This is what has happened. We have all those conditions.”

        He’s telling exactly what he’s doing and betting that you won’t hear him! But by all means, DPR, attack me for questioning his narrative…he expects that of those who are afflicted with mass formation psychosis.

      • Steve o,,
        I think you are reaching. Its a documented fact Fauci is being paid for what he does.. in fact he is one of highest paid gov health employees if memory serves. Whereas malone to my knowledge has no paper trail of being paid. I suspect you are being deceptive or gaslighting due to your need to be right. Anyway I don’t have time to argue against a conspiracy theory that’s unsupported by fact . Good day .

      • Steve o, Malone was describing what fauci and globsl leaders are doing. Not what he is doing. You know this . Why do you repeatedly try to gas light or be deceptive? Fauci lied , the global leaders have been incompetent and their methods have been marginal at best yet their attacks on personal liberty and choice are available for all to see . Fauci is the highest paid American government official and he lies and makes false promises that have been prooven false repeatedly. He received royalties for his work on testing through nih as a scientist under nih . Does he keep the money? Unknown but there are no tax documents to examine just peoples claims. Malone has no real power and fauci biden other world leaders ect do . The pandemic is raging high as ever and these leaders we followed through hell and ask us to give up liberty to are dishonest failures. Prooven lies prooven on going pandemic. Malone is fighting for nothing except caution and personal choice. That’s rational. He never said im the one who has the answer to your problems. He said the sience isn’t fully tested and children shouldn’t get the vaccine yet which some countries agree with. He qoates international law of informed consent and believes in personal choice. He fights for liberty. He fights for informed personal choice not tyrannical demands. Is he the sole inventor of mrna tech ? No , was he documented to be at the front ? Yes . Is he extremely knowledgeable on the subject? Yes . Is he qualified to voice the opinion we should proceed with caution? Yes. Is he more qualified than Fauci and Biden ect ect on the subject of mrna vaccines? Definitely. Is it rational to listen to a qualified professional at the center of his field? Absolutely. You can take your conspiracy theory that you are using to gaslight without facts and shelve it . Your bluster and false humor saying you crack me up in an attempt to tarnish my idea when you have no factual data is just embarrassing. Just stop . Fauci lies repeatedly and makes false promises. Biden lies repeatedly and makes false promises. As of yet Malones words of caution appear rational. His push for supportive therapy is rational. Good evening

      • DPR,
        You are obviously suffering from mass formation psychosis, you are exhibiting classic symptoms. As I said in my first response there’s plenty of mass formation psychosis on both extremes of the covid issue, you are on the extreme with the good doctor Malone while Fauci and his supporters who think he can do no wrong are on the other extreme.

        My offer still stands, if you need me to provide a few peices of readily available information about the good doctor Malone let me know…there’s plenty out there for anyone who isn’t completely blinded by his BS.

      • Dr. Steve o , I didn’t relize you had become a psychiatrist. Thank you for your o so qualified diagnosis.. im certain its ever so accurate. Stop wasting peoples time steve o . If you had a smoking gun of facts you would have already provided them. Don’t waste our time anymore if you please.

      • Oh, so you don’t want any information that challenges the narrative? Got it. I should just stop challenging the narrative. Got it. Stop wasting peoples time. Got it. I posted this earlier but it bears repeating, just for you DPR.

        As the good doctor recently said, “When you have a society that has become decoupled from each other and has free-floating anxiety in the sense that things don’t make sense, we can’t understand it. And then their attention gets focused by a leader or series of events on one small point, just like hypnosis. They literally become hypnotized and can be led anywhere.

        And one of the aspects of that phenomenon is the people they identify as their leaders, who come in and recognize their pain and say “I alone can fix this for you,” they will follow that person through hell…

        Anybody who questions that narrative is immediately attacked. This is what has happened. We have all those conditions.”

        I should probably apologize for triggering you but instead I will point out the fact that the good doctor Malone didn’t really invent mRNA treatments as he has repeatedly claimed, and as his wife was caught trying to falsely claim by editing his Wikipedia page. And I will point to the fact that he recently claimed Biden met with representatives of Uttar Pradesh to hide information on Ivermectin, yeah that didn’t happen either. And I will point out the fact that he has claimed the covid vaccine triggers “fundamental changes to their immune system”, as if that’s a groundbreaking statement with earth shattering consequences…that’s how vaccines work, all of them, they fundamentally change your immune system to respond to the threat, that’s even how natural immunity works. If the good doctor didn’t know that, maybe he’s not such a good doctor…or he’s a publicity and fame seeking sellout who is so desperate to get his name in print he will say anything…

        The guy is a quack peddling snake oil and maybe more dangerously he’s doing so while blatantly seeking publicity and fame, in short he’s full of shit. Just so you don’t have another conniption fit, let there be no doubt that Fauci has many of the same qualities and is likewise full of shit.

        But don’t worry about any of that DPR, I’m the one who is suffering from mass formation psychosis, just like your incorruptible and uncompensated leader towards liberty and freedom the good doctor Malone has said.

        Yeah, you crack me up. It’s hilarious that you can’t see what’s right in front of you.

      • Steve o , you should definitely post all information on Malone. . I told you get on with it snd quit wasting time. . Ive read about malones foibles. I read a piece by the Atlantic that does a good job of describing his ptos and cons . Ive read all kinds of stuff about him and the history of mrna tech . Ive been surprised there wasn’t more negative things about him . Never once did i say he invented mrna . He did start it in the direction of vaccines and worked in the field for years. Unlike you and unlike Fauci and unlike biden or other politicians. So if someone is pedaling snake oil its you ! Cus you ya dont know squat compared to him . You are a pretender . You also don’t know squat about what I follow or what I think. You are a master of deceptive writing and like you said you dont care one iota about the base or root . Thats why i said quit wasting time. If you have real facts that proove Malone doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Im tired of your 3rd rate dishonesty . Also you don’t even know when im triggered so quit lying about me . Im just bored with you made up conspiracy. So unless you have truly valid court document type proof then shelve it . Talk about something else . Cant promise to reply again. I got a lot to do . Good evening.

      • Dr. Malone said “And one of the aspects of that phenomenon is the people they identify as their leaders, who come in and recognize their pain and say “I alone can fix this for you,” they will follow that person through hell…

        Anybody who questions that narrative is immediately attacked. This is what has happened. We have all those conditions.”

        You are following your marching orders from your leader well. Instead of addressing the matter at hand you attack, attack, attack because I am daring to challenge the narrative. Dr. Malone would be proud of you.

      • Dr. Malone is in full support of FLCCC and it’s pushing of ivermectin as a miracle cure to covid. FLCCC and the good doctor Malone continue to used discredited, withdrawn, and fraudulent studies to push their miracle cure. Why would a doctor knowingly cite sources that are fraudulent? Why would he do so repeatedly? Could it be that if those discredited, withdrawn, and fraudulent studies were taken out of the equation their miracle cure will be shown to be the snake oil that it is, yes that is exactly why. The FLCCC and the good doctor Malone are complicit in mass formation psychosis, the good doctor even tells us so in his own words. Just like people have been duped by Fauci, you and many others been duped by Malone.

      • And there you go reading things that aren’t there and putting your words in place of words that are there, once again. You never said “get on with it snd (sic) quit wasting time”, what you said was “Stop wasting peoples (sic) time…Don’t waste our time anymore…” I never said that I “dont (sic) care one iota about the base or root”, what I said is “I really don’t care if Freud or Le Bon was the root idea of mass formation psychosis, it doesn’t matter one iota and for better or worse mass formation is in the Freudian line of psychology not the Le Bon line…”
        Do I need to understand every detail about John Locke to understand the US Constitution? No, I don’t. You get wrapped up in the weirdest minutea sometimes, it usually seems to be when you are having difficulty with the direction of a conversation.

      • Steve o, stop blithering. You have no evidence. Nothing to solidify your conspiracy theory of malone being psid to say what he does. Your lies about Malone being my leader are tiresome. I only recently learned about the guy and I already had my opinions before he entered the picture. If Smears and lies is all you got then just stop . I ask you to present hard data that Malone is a quack and you got nothing which prooves you are the quack . Idk but maybe you have had one to many corona shots . Not one iota of evidence you presented. I called your bluff . Now push the chips to my side. You loose . Game over . Go have another shot 😉 snd get over it. Goodbye.

      • DPR,
        Open your eyes, all the evidence to show that both extremes, including yourself, is in the comments right up there^. Your own comments prove it. Mass formation psychosis is seen on both extremes of the covid issue, I’m sorry that you are suffering from it and choose not to see it.

      • Steve o , weak steve just weak . No data to back your opinion. Just lies upon lies. . Its like when a poker player bets his last dime and throws his house in the pot then looses and says bbbut bbut but i had two pair you can all see it . You loose steve . No evidence. Just weak . The kicker is you don’t even know what the term Mass Formation psychosis means . You keep trying to use it incorrectly.. but but it was right there – cant you see it to ? Imagination is cool isn’t it steve ? And you have it in spades.

      • You’re right DPR, you hold the patent on understanding what mass formation psychosis is, it is you and you alone who has the ability to understand it since you channel Le Bon and Freud. You want to paint a large swath of the population as being under the spell of mass formation psychosis, because the good doctor Malone said so. But you refuse to see that the good doctor is leading his own mass formation because you, like many others, are under his spell.

        “This sudden and radical switch from the negative state of lack of social-connection to the opposite, a massive increase in social connection leads up to a mental intoxication.

        When people experience this mental intoxication it no longer matters if the narrative is wrong or even blatantly false.”

        “This explains why arguing based on facts will not work. Facts no longer matter to them. Given the facts, they are be unable to come to sensible conclusions, even in their own best interests.”

      • Steve o , you lie number 1 saying im an authority on the term . Im not . I know enough to understand your mistakes though. Steve o lie number two / I channel neither le bon nor freud who I consider nearly loony . Steve o lie number 3 – you are inaccurate as I believe nothing Malone says because Malone says it.. I might consider having greater weight than your opinion due to his experience though. Steve o – lie number 4 im not under his or anyone’s spell . I haven’t even listened to him speak more than 10 seconds technically. Nor have i read much of his opinions. Ive read more of others opinions about him . Usually negative because the msm doesn’t like him. Ive read mors about lebon arndt mattiais ect and many others as well as significant study of MFP than Malone. Ive read a lot about malones contribution to mrna research and development from other peoples state ments and consolidation of time line of mrna into gene effecting/ expression vaccines. Read some of his involvement with lawsuits but not much from him . Just enough for a basic outline of his intent . So in short Steve- your nonsense gaslighting and lying/ imaginative smears and effort to undermine my opinion without presenting proof holds no wwter . It paints you as dishonest. Or perhaps best case just delusional. Which is ok . It happens. You should note that when agimarc presented me with the fact that slavery shouldn’t be included. I agreed. Im neither hypnotized nor oblivious to facts and any of your statements to the contrary is just a lie ir effort to gas light so in short you full of bs . If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools -::::: dont deal in lies steve o . Its not healthy.

      • “This explains why arguing based on facts will not work. Facts no longer matter to them. Given the facts, they are be unable to come to sensible conclusions, even in their own best interests.”

      • Steve o , you gre welcome to the last world my friend. Have a wonderful day .

    • “slavery in America” – is most assuredly NOT mass formation psychosis. At the time of the founding, it was an important economic model in much of the world, including the Americas where it was practiced by the indigenous. It was practiced for thousands to tens of thousands of years before the founding. Shoot, it is still practiced in parts of the Muslim world (ISIS, anyone?).

      And last I checked, the US was among the first to jettison it, mostly at the behest of Christians who were the heart of the abolition movement. Cheers –

      • I should temper that agreement with Americans as a whole were late to jettison it country wide but early to address it via “ all men created equal” Pennsylvania was early in the worldwide anti slavery moovment as they were a free state before they joined the union or united states . So some Americans were at the forefront of abolition. Franklin being one and the founders believing in abolition but not forcing the issue because as you presented the “ econmics and the inability to create consensus snd get sll states to agree snd become a nation. The founders thought it best to let the issue sleep a little before expecting follow through on expected national and cultural change. They knew that eventually the constitution would force abolition to a head and it would be phased out . Though technically I think we were one of the latest countries as a whole to remove slavery from our nation despite the constitutional requirement of liberty. ( all men created equal) great catch agimarc.

      • DPR – substantially agree, though i would word it a bit differently.

        Appears the founders figured they couldn’t successfully form a nation if they demanded an immediate end to slavery. So they did the next best thing, and put the structure in place to ensure it would be gone sooner rather than later.

        The sad part was that it took an awful SCOTUS opinion in Dred Scott to remove the issue completely from the legislative process in both congress and the states, one of several triggers to the civil war. Cheers –

      • Agimarc, thank you !
        You summed it succinctly. Better than I ! Touching on dread scott is important.

    • yes, but:

      “The Alaska average November temperature was 4.1°F, 7.6°F below the long-term mean, tying for eighth-coldest November in the 97-year period of record for the state. Temperatures were record cold across southwestern Alaska with monthly average temperatures 15°F to 20°F below average. Long-term climate sites in Iliamna, King Salmon and Cold Bay each reported their coldest November on record.”

      and, the year-end summaries aren’t out yet, but we’re going to end up in the range of “normal” with Anchorage on the chilly side of normal. i’m not sure about the rest of the state at this point. haven’t had the time to look at all the data.

      why is it when the year’s end above normal, those Alaska climate reports appear on 1/1 or 1/2, but when it’s below normal…? just sayin’.

      • Enstar bill confirmed what I thought about a cold Nov.

        One of the silly things I do is track the number of zero to below zero days every year at the house. So far, this year, we are up to 15 days. A warm winter will be only a couple. A cold one will be weeks and weeks. As long as we minimize the ice, I’m good.

        Gardeners noticed the cold summer. You generally plant a mix of cold and warm weather plants as you can’t outguess the forecast. Broccoli / cauliflower both like the cool and don’t do as well in the warmth. Cool weather plants do better in cool summers and not so well in the warmer summers, vice versa for the plants that like the warmth. Cheers –

      • Craig,
        I agree with you, but I do think the Guardian report made some interesting points. Especially how the interior was getting a lot of snow during this period when Kodiak was so warm? Maybe the warming of the ocean is affecting the warmer temps on the island and precipitation in the interior? I can tell you it has been a cold & fairly dry winter here in Willow so far with a lot less snow than most Decembers and below average (or average) temps from what I can remember. I am on my 5th cord of wood since the fall began which is a bit over my normal consumption rate at this point in the winter, but maybe I am just getting old and stoking the fire more?

  2. Disease and health, life and death, fear and comfort, ignorance and knowledge. It’s all part of the human condition and what drives us forward and has since we first walked this world.

    The pandemic appears to be evolving into an endemic as many predicted, unless of course it doesn’t. Plenty of disease and health, life and death, fear and comfort, ignorance and knowledge to come when it comes to covid. No reason to give up on it now while sides can be pitted against each other and money to be made.

    The climate change…errr anthropogenic global warming has been evolving since they first realized the money wasn’t there in cleaning the place up and being good stewards of the land. Plenty of disease and health, life and death, fear and comfort, ignorance and knowledge to come when it comes to climate change. No reason to give up on it now while sides can be pitted against each other and money to be made.

    Facts don’t matter to many and many can’t recognize facts when they see them, by ignorance either outright or willfully so. Nowadays we have a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips and yet many willfully choose to remain ignorant because fear drives them. We spent tens and hundreds of millennia evolving to spot threats and thus fear drives our brain, it’s only been the last few thousands of years where our rational mind has been able to overcome our own brains. Sadly with all the creature comforts that we’ve made for ourselves, to drive away the threats, some of us seem to be devolving and simply allow fear, of anything, to rule.

    • A lot of supposition there Mr o .
      How closely have you studied apes? Do they only operate on fear ? There are always the exception. Many animals do not solely operate via fear . Alpha animals. Be it a bear making a decision, an alpha wolf , a bull moose , a female protecting her young . A few thousand years? 1 k 2 k 3 k? How would you know? Been there?
      You over simplified reality. Fear has saved us many times in evolution. Perhaps so has control of fear . For me it does every few days it seems. Yet Now fear is being used to control us as a nation. Perhaps We have lost perspective? Perhaps we are being inaccurately informed?
      Your statement on facts is your own reality. Not based in careful research. Have you asked people if facts matter?
      You say people cant recognize facts – how do you know? Is that because they don’t recognize what you consider fact ? Is a fact always black and white or are some facts content based ? Gray – changing?
      You say people cant recognize facts due to willful choice. How would you know? It defies reason to think someone chooses not to recognize fact on a regular basis.
      Perhaps people have not trained themselves to change their minds and enter an uncomfortable unsure zone of adjustment and knowledge base change. ( recognition of a foreign fact that conflicts with their inner world view)
      Our brains and thought process and needs are far more complex than I suspect you are recognizing.
      Mental Growth,change and acceptance of ideas can be uncomfortable. Harder than running or lifting weights to become fit but similar and a bit abstract .
      Being unsure can be disconcerting. Why do you feel the need to pigeon hole humans as fear based willfully ignorant im not sure but i don’t think it helps understand the problem nor create an accurate solution for developing accurate knowledge and world understanding.
      Each human is unique and perhaps each humans perspective is partially accurate. What if ? They could then add to a pictures accuracy.
      Think of Einstein reluctance to embrace quantum physics. As he said “ spooky action at a distance” it made him uncomfortable and he was never able to tie it into a rational world view. ( “god doesn’t play dice”)
      Was it fear that made him not embrace? Not likely. Was it willfull ignorance? Probably not . Was it a cronic inability to recognize fact ? Doubtful.
      An insane truth in history is that facts as we know them change from century to century day to day as we learn more or understand more . Modern physics versus newtonian physics ect.
      It took insane effort by Marie Curie to finally convince her brilliant peers about accurate radioactive theory. Radium. The most brilliant of minds doubted her and her husband. Lord kelvin for one primary.
      Facts as we know them are evolving so its a dangerous mindset to be to sure of oneself and assume others are willfully ignorant ect .
      Perhaps its our failure on knowing how to transfer that accurate knowledge to them in an understandable fashion.
      I know I struggle with knowledge transferance every day . Perhaps its our failure for not presenting knowledge in an absorbable format?
      Combined with the mess that is misinformation in this era.( any era?)
      I tend to think it’s possible we are being used or misinformed on purpose to weaken our collective strength through confusion division so we stuck as semi slaves . Others think incompetence. IDK . Can you pinpoint a solution? Training for Critical thinking in school and or a complete revolution of teaching methods might help? A curriculum that focuses staying mentally pliable yet teaches the importance of continued learning and the methods that assist such ? Not getting stuck on a belief? IDK

      • DPR,

        Happy New Year.

        Oh yeah, facts don’t change. Our understand of facts might change, but facts don’t.

      • Steve o ,
        Happy new year to you as well!!!
        What you said is probably mostly true .
        Though Quantum mechanics and even relativity suggests it might not be that simple.
        They suggest facts are somwhat relative to the observer ( how fast are we really moving right now and who gets to say?) quantum mechanics says facts might not be predictable until observed and it could be different each time . ( not my happy place) i prefer stable facts .
        To one person there are two sexes . To another there are many .
        Abortion is justifiable to one person directly involved.
        Abortion is an aberration to his neighbor.
        They could both be right but the facts are different for each one relative to the direct observer.
        Its a thought.
        Could facts be different for people relative to their situation and perspective ? Could that be more prevalent than is first thought? Maybe people are not as unfactual as we think they are.

  3. A good summary of the cognitive deficiencies all around us.
    As human attention spans and memories grow shorter.
    Hibernate for a year and when you wake up, all the click-bait stories will be similar to todays, and most people will think they are new news.

  4. I read that article about Kodiak and climate fear porn .
    Fear sells . Fear hacks the brain into dismissing perspective and critical thinking skills while falling victim to confirmation bias .
    Trash article that helps nearly no one written for people who have become pathological in their consumption of climate fear porn. Assumedly intelligent people who have thrown critical thinking to the winds of today. The author could have written about things that really matter like clean air water and environment and How to rationally improve the situation and not end up like the ground water in industrial parts of china .
    Would that have received a click ? Idk .
    We do have a pandemic.
    A virus of epic magnitude. Spread by click hungry MSM
    “ FEAR “
    our Freinds and neighbors welcome it in like a Trojan horse and it incapacitates perspective thought.

  5. No mention that Bethel just recorded its coldest November in 80 years or that parts of Anchorage had -20 and -25 degree days in November. “The devil can quote Scripture for his own purpose”.

  6. Excellent piece and supported by well researched studies. Unfortunately these studies will be panned by many because they don’t fit into their narrative. A determination of climate change is dependent upon what period of time one uses in making comparisons. It seems unscientific to claim that the planet is unwaveringly warming by comparing temps over a relatively short period of time. Certainly over the estimated life of the planet we can agree that the planet will be cooling to the point that life as we know it cannot exist. In the meantime there will obviously be fluctuations that might challenge our comfortable lifestyle. Huge volcanic eruptions, an interaction with an asteroid, a nuclear holocaust and other cataclysmic events could create temporary climate changes. But the planet will survive these periods. Those who pitch “ We must save the planet” miss the point: the planet will be here long after mankind. When it realizes that humans are a failed experiment it will likely shake us off with hardly a shrug. A little eruption here, a little earthquake there, maybe an earth tilt and bingo we’re gone. And it won’t be caused by driving vehicles that use gasoline.
    And where is the long term harm in clearing off half of the world’s population with a non human caused event? Most of the worlds problems are caused by increased population, not so called climate changes. Remove around 3 billion from earth and say goodbye to our problems. Diseases and modern warfare don’t seem to do it, so we have found. Maybe a a temporary acceleration of our orbit or rotation of the globe might help. Then we all just might agree that we experienced real climate change.

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