It’s cold outside

Twenty-twenty-one will go down in history is the first year in 10 to go into the blue on the far right

What five years ago was looking to be Anchorage’s shift to a warmer, friendlier, “new normal” climate officially ended in 2021 with a year about as normal as normal can be in Seward’s icebox, according to the National Weather Service.

It was, the agency reported, the 24th coldest year on record since 1953 with an average annual temperature of 35.8 degrees. That’s a half-degree colder than the long-term average of 36.1.

The new chill started in 2020 immediately in wake of the 49th state’s widely reported warmest year on record.

On New Year’s of 2019, the 45-degree rain falling on the downtown streets in Alaska’s largest city made it look more Pacific Northwest than Alaska. But by the start of the new year, city residents were digging out of anywhere from seven to 22 inches of snow and shivering as the temperature dove below zero.

The thermometer hit minus three on Jan. 3, 2019 – the first time temperatures in the city had gone below zero in several years – and the mercury kept diving, finally hitting minus-11 on Jan. 6.

The new normal some had started to enjoy and others to detest – attitudes toward global warming being a mixed bag in cold, dark Alaska – looked then to be in trouble, and the year ended up barely above normal.

The trendline from there just kept going downward with 2021 ending up as the coldest year in a decade, and 2022 is now off to a chilly start. The first six days of the new year have all been well below normal.

New Year’s Day – when the daily temperature was but three degrees below normal – was the warmest of the lot. Two days later, the temperatures went into the double digits below normal and have stayed there.

The short-term forecast is for more of the same with a hint of a break next week with high temperatures possibly climbing to 25 to 35 degrees, according to the Weather Service.  Normal daily highs in Anchorage in January are in the low 20s.

“Daily low temperatures are around 14 degrees, rarely falling below eight degrees or exceeding 30 degrees,” according to the Weatherspark. The lows being reported around the city Wednesday night ranged from six to minus-17 with the highest temperatures being reported closest to an ice-filled Turnagain Arm and above 1,000 feet in the Chugach Mountains.

Temperature inversions which leave warm air sitting above a pool of cool air are common along the Chugach in winter.







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    Metro Manila recorded its lowest temperature during the northeast monsoon or Amihan season on Sunday (Jan 16), according to state weather bureau.

    Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) weather specialist Ana Clauren said that Metro Manila recorded a temperature of 19.7°C at the Science Garden in Quezon City, the lowest recorded temperature this Amihan season. It is lower than the previous recorded lowest temperature of 20.2°C on Dec 6, 2021.

  2. They are still going to rape the people in the trillions of dollars from phony higher taxes and bogus “climate change” regulations. All a scam. What we have learned the past 2 yrs is that half the country is just plain stupid..

      • Steve o, did you note cdc walensky has now acknowledged we should differentiate between died with covid from died because of covid. She said there is about 75% who had 4 or more comorbities and were just really unwell people. Here division is trying to untangle the mess . She also confirmed the vaccines dont stop transmission. Earlier you argued against those facts of concern. It seems your stance or comments didn’t age well. She has confirmed the concerns that covid death stats are not accurate or not specific. She also confirmed the concern that the vaccines are not much help in controlling the pandemic and are effectively at least a high percentage failure. You fought against recognizing those concerns as valid. How do you feel about that?

      • DPR,
        I’m glad to hear that the CDC, the good doctor Walensky, and you are finally accepting the information that has been completely obvious, previously published, and well known for well over a year. You’ve either confused my comments for someone else’s, or you simply chose to purposely misrepresent the words that I write here.

        Here’s a small sampling of what I’ve posted here:

        “…since the beginning of this pandemic it has been well documented that those with health issues succumb to this disease more readily than those who don’t.”

        “Old and infirm are more at risk than the young and healthy.”

        “According to the CDC “COVID-19 should not be reported on the death certificate if it did not cause or contribute to the death.”

        “I don’t put much faith in Fauci, Collin’s, CDC, FDA, Biden, Walensky, etc. that’s why I look at the data, the numbers and other information.”

        “For the record, I don’t doubt that vaccinated people are spreading covid, whether they are asymptomatic or by having mild symptoms and continuing life as if they are not sick. Just like the unvaccinated have done when they are asymptomatic or by having mild symptoms and continuing life as if they are not sick.”

        “It’s amazing what common sense can tell us…Stay away from people, especially if they are sick. N95 masks, actual masks, work to a degree. Tee-shirt sleeves and bandanas don’t. Staying away from people who may, or may not be sick. If you can’t stay away from disease vectors wear an actual mask(N95)…I wonder if the vaccines work, or as some call it the jab or clot shot…of course we know it works based upon the evidence but some conspiracy minded folks think that anyone who has taken the jab should already be dead…well the timeline has moved so it might be in a couple weeks or maybe a decade or so.”

        “To compare the likes of Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci to George Washington and Benjamin Franklin is absurd.”

        “if the person would have lived if it weren’t for covid, then covid caused their death.”

        “It’s not hard to tell who’s scared of covid, they keep repeating the same crazy conspiracy nonsense on every subject covid related or not…uber paranoia. Wash your hands, keep away from sick people, don’t lick door knobs, get the vaccine…or don’t, you’re choice. Trust actually science or don’t…just don’t trust those who have made this political, and far too many have made it political on both sides.”

        “COVID-19 should not be reported on the death certificate if it did not cause or contribute to the death.”

        “If a person would be alive if it weren’t for covid then their death is covid related…It’s a simple question, if they hadn’t contracted covid would they be alive with all their pre-existing conditions…if the answer is yes then it’s a covid related death.”

        “At this point nobody knows how long natural immunity or vaccine immunity will last, since it’s just a waiting game for both.”

        “The good news is the virus is mutating and who knows where we will be six months or a year from now!” that was just about a year ago.

        “The CDC policy is very clear on how covid related deaths should be reported and accounted for “COVID-19 should not be reported on the death certificate if it did not cause or contribute to the death.” If a person dies because of covid they are listed as a covid related death, if they would not have died unless they had covid then they are to be listed as a covid death. Put another way they would still be alive if it weren’t for covid.”

        “It has been well established of this novel virus that comorbidities play an outsized role in deaths caused by this disease.” That one was from way back in September 2020!

        How do you feel about misrepresenting what I’ve said here?

      • Steve o , I didn’t misrepresent what you said but im glad you adjusted your stance . You still are not quite up to speed in what cdc director indicated. She seems to think the stats misrepresent the facts regarding who died of covid. She indicated people were entering hospital and occasionally dying with covid not from it and that’s causing a distortion in data . Thats a recent revelation reversal regarding a interview about omicron. Your longer than normal reply made pretty clear how you feel about your comments aging poorly. Water under the bridge right! We all make mistakes. Im glad you did a good j am glad you clarified what you really meant.

      • I meant she indicated her staff are looking into understanding who was hospitalized with or died with versus who died from . ( in regards to your heavy argument that such was a non concern) go back and read your comments if you doubt me how heavily you argued against that concern.

      • DPR,
        As the quotes I provided show, I’ve been remarkably consistent in what I’ve said over the past year plus. That people with pre-existing conditions and comorbidities are at higher risk of dying from covid isn’t ground breaking news, it wasn’t ground breaking news a year ago and it certainly isn’t now. My comments haven’t aged poorly by any means.

        If you didn’t misrepresent my comments then you’ve either flat out lied or your ability to comprehend the written word leaves a lot to be desired…this is something you’ve struggled with in the past and obviously continue to struggle with. Don’t worry though, I’m here to help you work through it.

      • Steve o, yes we all knew co morbidity raised risk of death. What you argued against was deathss other than specific covid deaths being included in covid death counts. Walensky / cdc has now indicated this is probably the case . You are inserting a qoate that doesn’t have to do with your argument that didn’t age well . In past remarks you said only deaths caused by covid were included. Thats your argument that didn’t age well . You were quite vociferous about it and argued in length with Brian and i ect with you claiming all deaths in that cdc grouping were specifically due to covid and the doctors had labeled accuracy. We now know world wide that was not the case . Your argument did not age well. You know that and are no w trying to shift the narrative and gas light me into thinking I misunderstood you are am lying. Im not . Your poorly aged argument is now throughout the comment sections over months of written words. As to help working me through it ? No further gas lighting needed. Thank you my Freind. Lets move on . I just thought it important to show the facts are being recognized worldwide and your position is no longer tenable that deaths other than covid deaths were not included. Being as your position was well established in documented comments that anyone can look up we should move on to new territory of inquiry. Have a wonderful day my friend!

      • Steve o , here is interesting question for you- is it possible the push to have mass vaccination during a pandemic with a substandard vaccine has possibly prolonged the pandemic and forced the virus to mutate because it can live and mutate in the vacinated without being significantly eradicated. Do you think under that possibility of a documented current record covid hospitalizations among the vacinated whether the faulty or marginal vaccine will have caused more eventual deaths than if this covid- 19 had been allowed to run its course with only the infirm or at risk population recieving innoculation ? Will the net effort have been helpful or will we eventually record equal or greater desths regardless of our substandard pandemic response? Im interested to hear your opinion.

      • Thanks for confirming it’s a reading comprehension issue. I might suggest you read the quotes I provided, or feel free to go look through old comments it might help you understand what was actually written. Speaking of reading comprehension, that post of yours is brutal do you even understand what you wrote, because I’m having difficulty making sense of it.

        Lot’s of things are possible, that doesn’t always make them probable.

      • steve o , no reading comprehension issues this end . Nationally i rank in 99 th percentile for reading comprehension.. as to your answer its a decent answer. It will be interesting to see final analysis.

      • Steve o , yah got me on the writing. Not everyone can comprehend mine.. wee unique.

  3. Weather can mean life or death. Im told Norway weather site is the best it has awesome awesome options. Maps specific locals exact site weather. . I haven’t used much. Check it out . Exciting! I usually just call a Freind who is amazing about interpreting satellite data and forcast info if i want a decent forcast . American weather forecasting sucks double time.

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  4. “Weather Stations” are too often located in the warmest areas of cities. Anchorage’s “Weather Station” used to be at Merrill Field. but is now at the International Airport, a much warmer location than most of Anchorage. This has been happening nationwide. Additionally, some of the colder locations have been shut down….

  5. So much for global warming – maybe. If forecasters are trying to align with the climate change people, it isn’t working. Does anyone know how the magnetic pole shift that is happening now might be affecting the climate? Tracking shows the north magnetic pole heading for Siberia.

  6. Maybe it’s just me, but it sure seems like the weather forecasting has been off a lot this year. I know they are always off, but it seems worse than ever. A few days ago we weren’t supposed to be in the negatives and each day the forecast has shown that we weren’t supposed to be in the negatives, but we’ve been in the negatives since Monday. This isn’t the first time it’s happened this year. The forecast always seems to show it being warmer than it actually is, it seems like they almost never miss the other way.

      • Dave,
        I look at multiple sites daily for multiple location for work. I go to weatherunderground daily, and windy and the national weather service on most days. I also jump between the two TV news channels in the morning while I’m getting ready for work. Favorite is when the current forecast says the daily low and high are say 0 and 5 degrees but the current temperature is -7. Shouldn’t they update their forecast at that point?

      • Steve O,If you’ll remember the last admin with congresses help of course , cut the budget of the National Environmental Satellite, Data,and Information Service by 11%.
        Who needs that stuff.
        Marlin touched on something, although probably hinting at something else entirely, but still it touches on the topic of micro climates.Im regularly 5-10 degrees warmer than downtown Wasilla.
        Due I presume to a mere 50-75′ elevation gain,Quite often this is true on warm summer days and especially during the winter.
        I used to work for AS&G,out of the shop on Klatt,routinely a bit colder than mid town.But if I went down to the pit,I could expect a drop of 5 degrees, especially by the train trestle.If I had to buzz down to the Port and a subsidiary by Weaver Bro’s,i could expect another drop of 5-10 degrees.
        I understand your need for somewhat precise temp ranges for equip needs, but the task really is monumental.Its only as good as the computer modeling is up to.
        For myself,I pay more attention to the general trend and just prepare for the worst.
        But Im one of those guys who still packs a small duffel bag of inclement wx clothes and this year an old Slope down parka that I wouldn’t pull out till it was at least -40,because it was just to damn warm in temps higher than that.
        Cost me like $200 10 or 11 yrs ago at one of the Anch outfitters, it was meant to be a throwaway,but still have it.
        Google sez, has the most reliable temp ranges btw, but thats google.

      • Dave,
        I know once upon a time I checked AccuWeather, along with many others, and for one reason or another stopped checking them. They all get their information from government satellites and it seems to be the “experts” they employ who make the difference in forecasts, or as of a few years ago they did anyways, with all the new orbital and low earth satellites coming online I suspect not only is the weather forecasting world going to change but the way we understand the world and how information moves will change. I have a very fiscally conservative ideology, but I consider infrastructure a necessary government function and I consider government satellites a part of that infrastructure.

        I have microclimates where I live as well, you can feel it in your vehicle as you drive through them and they necessitate changes to the heat and flow ratios. I check forecasts and select specific stations for the the areas I monitor, some stations are more reliable than others. Anyways weatherunderground generally seems to be the best for me up to two days out, windy has a lot of fun stuff that is good about a day out but is mostly a visual with lots of options outside of that. Any more than a day or two and it’s not worth looking especially this time of year.

        It’s Alaska and I don’t expect them to be perfect. I suppose I could do a better job of tracking the forecast and seeing if my feeling is more that a feeling, but it sure seems like they miss in the forecast way more one way than the other. I’m resisting my OCD and creating an Excel spreadsheet right now.

  7. I don’t understand your graph. There is no label on the horizontal axis. The graph shows a preponderance of warmer temperatures in the most recent? years?

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