Killing us softly

A lifesaver unused/Craig Medred photo

ISSAQUAH, WASH. – Maybe the time has come to quit fretting over Covid-19 – the latest disease nature has produced to limit a human population that has been exploding since about the time of Christ – and accept that nature is losing again despite our own, modern efforts to speed our demise.

Here on the outskirts of liberal, green, wealthy, motor-vehicle-0verrun, always-in-a-hurry Seattle, one cannot ignore how good a job we have been doing to design cities to shorten people’s lives.

And yet, on a global scale, the population of homo sapiens somehow continues to explode.

There were an estimated 190 million people on the planet when we started officially counting the years on the Christian human calendar. Now, 2,022 years later, Our World in Data puts the estimate at 7.9 billion – a more than 40-fold increase.

And despite the arrival of the new, Covid-19 causing SARS-CoV-2 virus near the end of 2019, human births exceeded human deaths by more than two to one in both 2020 and 2021.

The nearly 140 million new humans added to the population in the latter year actually topped the number of all homo sapiens living on the planet for the first 299,000 years of the species’ existence. Those 140 million babies added to the global population in 2021 exceeded the entire number of people present in North America up until 1916.

An ecologist would look at the “recruitment” here – the ratio of births to deaths – and consider us a possibly still too productive species. But then ecologists worry about the ecological carrying capacity that limited the size of our population for about the first 290,000 years of our existence.

Only about 10,000 years ago began the Neolithic revolution, or what one might now call the first agricultural revolution, in the so-called “Fertile Crescent” of the Middle East. The transition of the human species from hunter-gatherers to farmers spread to most of the lands around the Mediterranean Sea over the course of the next 2,000 or 3,000 years while agriculture began to evolve independently among humans in China and South America as well.

A series of agricultural revolutions would follow to push the human population of the globe ever higher with the biggest of these – the Green Revolution – coming but 60 years ago.

“The developing world witnessed an extraordinary period of food crop productivity growth over the past 50 years, despite increasing land scarcity and rising land values,” economist Prabhu Pingali observed in 2012 paper published by the Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences of the U.S. “Although populations had more than doubled, the production of cereal crops tripled during this period, with only a 30 percent increase in land area cultivated. Dire predictions of a Malthusian famine were belied, and much of the developing world was able to overcome its chronic food deficits.”

The Green Revolution ended the fears published in the 1968 best-selling book “The Population Bomb” which predicted that “in the 1970s, hundreds of millions of people will starve to death in spite of any crash programs embarked upon now.”

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, whether one goes by the “official” World Health Organization (WHO) count of nearly 6.2 million dead of this date, or the nearly three-times higher total of 18.2 million estimated in a peer-reviewed paper published in The Lancet last month, has killed a tiny fraction of the “hundreds of millions” once predicted to die of starvation.

Death by laziness

We amazingly continue to flourish as a species despite our willingness to ignore 300,000 years of evolution in an effort to kill ourselves with sloth, often by design, because it is so easy.

There is at the moment much fretting about how, as the Associated Press reported, “2021 was the deadliest year in U.S. history” with Noreen Goldman, a Princeton University researcher, declaring “mammoth” the loss of two years of life expectancy for Americans born today. 

The pandemic is, of course, blamed but in reality about all it did was accelerate a U.S trend that began five years ago as Americans, and many in the Western World, became increasingly addicted to what has been termed the “sedentary lifestyle.”

With no pandemic to blame in 2018, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) pointed the finger at suicides and drug overdoses for the fact that for “the second time in three years, the average life expectancy in the United States has actually gone down.” 

But those weren’t the big killers in 2018; heart disease and cancer were as they have been for years. As a cause of death then and now, heart disease and cancer dwarf all other forms of death. And the CDC’s 2018 death tally didn’t count how many people with those diseases were being kept alive by modern medicine while teetering on the edge of death.

It’s pretty obvious now that when the SARS-CoV-2 virus came along, modern medicine couldn’t hold the line, and a Covid-19 killed a lot of them. The U.S. was hit especially hard.

“At the country level, the highest numbers of cumulative excess deaths due to COVID-19 were estimated in India (4.07 million, the USA (1.13 million), Russia (1.07 million), Mexico 798 000), Brazil (792 000), Indonesia (736 000), and Pakistan (664 000),” the Lancet study

The study also noted “the magnitude of disease burden might have changed for many causes of death during the pandemic period due to both direct effects of lockdowns and the resulting economic turmoil. To correctly divide excess deaths into those directly due to SARS-CoV-2 infection and those associated with changes in other diseases and injuries, multiple drivers of change in mortality since the onset of the pandemic need to be considered.”

Data limitations to date have largely prevented such an examination.

Where data is available, the authors of the study wrote, the picture remains confusing as it is likely to remain for some time. Much of the data is in conflict.

“Some excess mortality might be attributable to reductions in health-care use across a number of causes; however, the effect of reduced health-care use on health outcomes is difficult to prove…demonstrated increases in cause-specific mortality from reduced health-care use do not have a generalized pattern in the countries with data released to date (and) the effect of changes in health-care use on excess mortality might also be greater in later years, rather than in 2020 or 2021,” the study says. “Even hypothesized decreases in injury-related deaths might be in doubt, as the U.S. National Traffic (sic) and Safety Board has reported that road traffic deaths increased in 2020 in many U.S. states despite decreases in transport mobility. There is convincing evidence that rates of anxiety and depression increased during the pandemic period, which might lead to increases in deaths from suicide. However, to date, evidence of increased suicide mortality is scarce apart from in Japan, where reported suicide deaths increased during the pandemic.

“Deaths from some chronic conditions such as ischaemic heart disease or chronic respiratory disease decreased in particular months of 2020, most notably in May and June in Europe,” the authors wrote, “(but) these decreases might have occurred because frail individuals who died from COVID-19 earlier in the year might otherwise have died from these chronic conditions.


Among the few things that are clear these days, however, are that healthy T cells, the body’s natural first line of defense against infection, are important to surviving Covid-19, and the disease is predominately killing older people in whom T cell performance fades.

“Increasing evidence now supports a potential (T-cell) role in both preventing initial infection and, more importantly, limiting the extent of disease following infection,” the latest peer-reviewed study on the subject concluded.

The authors of that study published in Nature Immunology in February traced T cell immunity in the “evolution of jawed vertebrates” back to a “common ancestor around 500 million years ago. This underlines the critical importance of cellular immunity for multicellular organisms, and therefore it should be no surprise that cellular immunity is critical in the control of a new virus such as SARS-CoV-2.”

T cells are known to naturally decline with age in a process called immunosenescence. This is all part of nature’s plot to see that we all die eventually.

But T cells appear to decline faster in those who are inactive. Think of it as nature’s way to get rid of the laziest members of a species that evolved to be always on the move chasing down its next meal and even after the Neolithic Revolution had to work its fingers to the bone to survive.

A group of Polish scientists reported in a peer-reviewed study published in BMC Geriatrics in 2021 that they had “demonstrated that major features of immunosenescence were driven by lifestyle exercise. Physical activity sustained throughout life enhances the immune system by increasing the percentage of naïve T lymphocyte population….”

Researchers in the United Kingdom early in the pandemic looked at walking speed as a general indicator of fitness among 412,596 middle-aged UK Biobank participants and discovered that the slow walkers among them were almost four times more likely to die if infected with Covid-19 than the fast walkers.

“Fast walkers have been shown to generally have good cardiovascular and heart health, making them more resilient to external stressors, including viral infection but this hypothesis has not yet been established for infectious disease,” lead researcher Tom Yates from the National Institute for Health Research Leicester Biomedical Research Center at the University of Leicester told Science Daily at the time.

Since then the evidence to support the hypothesis that “good cardiovascular and heart health” is protective against infectious disease has only grown. The latest study issued just days ago by the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases looked at the medical records of almost 1 million English adults and concluded those destined for heart attack or stroke, often due to a lack of exercise, are also at much greater risk from Covid-19 in the here and now.

The study “suggests that people with elevated risk of developing a stroke or heart attack over the next 10 years (but without existing cardiovascular disease) who contract COVID-19, are nearly three times as likely to be hospitalized and require treatment in intensive care, and six times as likely to die from COVID-19, compared to those at low cardiovascular risk,” The American Association for the Advancement of Science reported.

“The researchers say the findings emphasize the importance of COVID-19 vaccination and investing in strategies to improve cardiovascular health that could reduce the severity of COVID-19 across the population.”

Despite all the whining about anti-vaxxers in the U.S., the country is doing a better job of getting people vaccinated than it is in improving cardiovascular health, a much better job. And it shows in the Covid-19 death numbers.

Consider the difference between the death toll in Italy, where people still walk a lot, and the U.S., where they don’t. In Italy, according to the numbers compiled by Statista, 86 percent of the Covid-19 dead are age 70 or older, and only 4 percent are under the age of 60.

A March study in Nature Scientific Reports puts the median age of the Italian dead at 81 for those who died in hospital and 86 for those who died at home.

CDC numbers would put the U.S. median five to 10 years younger, and the proportion of Americans under age 60 who are dying is way higher. The CDC doesn’t count deaths under age 65, but deaths under age 50 among for 7 percent of all deaths and another 19 percent of the dead are clustered in the 50 to 65 age group.

If even half of that group is under 60, the percentage of Americans under age 60 dead of Covid-19 would climb to 16 or 17 percent – about four times the rate in Italy.

Correlation is not causation, but it is certainly in this case an indication of a problem, a problem public health experts in this country have been warning about since shortly after the data started coming in from the now long-running Framingham Heart Study began in 1948.

Killing by design

The Framingham researchers found, simply put, that Americans eat too much and move too little and as a result too often die early as a result. The country has been largely ignoring the warning for decades.

It slaps one in the face here in a nicely designed Seattle suburb with winding streets lined with sidewalks and well-thought-out green spaces where people can exercise if they so chose.

Some do. Most don’t.

Meanwhile, the kind of exercise that might get them moving has been wholly overlooked. From the in-law’s house in which I’m staying to the nearest QFC grocery in a small mall with other amenities, it would be about a 10-minute walk if one could walk directly there.

That’s a little less time than it takes to drive given those winding streets. stop signs, traffic lights and traffic. Who knows how many people might walk rather than drive to the store to grab a few items on a sunny spring day if walking was a reasonable option.

But it’s not. The few walkways that connect the cul-de-sacs in the subdivision take one on a convoluted route to a gravel trail along Issaquah Creek that finally leads one to the QFC. What could be a 10-minute walk becomes a 30-minute walk.

Not a lot of people are going to spend an hour coming and going from the grocery store when they can make the trip in less than half the time in the family car. Even with gas at $5 per gallon here, they’re going to eat the cost to save the time.

And this is in the better-designed part of the community.

When I tried to walk the dog to Lake Sammamish, we ran into a maze of older subdivisions where no one even thought about sidewalks or right-of-ways for walkers. They were cut by busy roads with narrow shoulders, no sidewalks, speeding drivers and dead-end streets.

None of this is unique. The suburbs that have sprawled out around all American cities since the 1960s were designed for automobiles, not people, and they continue to be designed for automobiles, not people.

This was a growing problem before the arrival of television and the internet, which enticed Americans into sitting more and more and more. Researchers with the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion and the CDC found Americans sitting almost six hours per day in 2018 and warned that “high levels of sedentary behavior and physical inactivity increase the risk of premature mortality and several chronic diseases.”

And then along came Covid-19 to kill a bunch of them.

Some countries have taken note. The United Kingdom is investing £2 billion (about $2.6 billion) in infrastructure to get more people moving on foot and on bicycles. The French are radically restricting automobiles in significant parts of Paris. The Dutch and the Danes have always been a little cycle crazy and the Swedes aren’t far behind. 

And in the U.S., at least judging from the traffic-jammed freeways once again plaguing the Seattle area, the thinking seems to be “you’re not getting me out of my motor vehicle and off the road until you pry my cold, dead fingers from the steering wheel.”

Unfortunately, as of late, there have been the appearance of a lot of cold, dead fingers, but nobody seems to be paying much attention to that either.























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  1. Steve o , Harry G frankfort .
    Discusses liars and bullshitters . He classifies bullshitters as more problematic regarding the truth as they only care about convincing the other party of their “chosen” “facts” they for whatever reason have become emotionally attached to their argument or “winning” had super ceded the quest for the truth they become what that author has classified as bullshiter. By all appearances you are not trying to make a balanced analysis and seem threatened by Bryan’s argument. Is it possibly you attack him personally because there is a remote possibility that the “vaccines do raise risk of heart inflammation and myocarditis? A known proven risk? That inherently puts an athlete at higher risk of dying because they operate outside the norms of heart performance expectations? When the facts are not all in and you slander a man as presenting bullshit its highly possible you yourself are in fact the “bull shitter”? ( i do make allowances for the possibility you are correct though as its such a convoluted tangle of information that needs cleaned up its currently suspect to be to certain one way or the other. Though insurance agencies in some countries are legally fighting to cover the vacinated because they claim they took the vaccine despite knowing there could be risks and are trying to label that as suicide. Its all absolutely crazy!

    • This was meant to be put at bottom with steves discussion of vaccine athletes death appearances

      • Steve o ,
        Do yourself a favor and start posting stuff worth replying to . 😉 Then you wont get your underwear in a wad when your opinions get discussed.

      • DPR,
        I clearly don’t mind discussing my opinions. I’m just trying to save you the embarrassment that comes from your responses to my opinions. Feel free to continue to make a fool of yourself each and every time you respond to my posts that are unworthy of replying to…

      • DPR,
        Tremendous response as usual, just tremendous! Hahahaha, like you said.

        The offer still stands.


    Craig, you are very close to the south end of the East Lake Sammamish Trail, former rail road tracks, now 11 mile trail, that follows along eastside of lake. Then you can follow along the Sammamish River/Slough trail, which goes thru Remond, Woodinville, Bothell & onto to Seattle. All the way to Lake Union & Ballard locks, which finally empties into Puget Sound. Both trails are used heavily by many people. With spring in the air, I hope you try it out.
    Also lots of hiking in the foothills of the Cascades, just a little east of where you are staying. Get if the city and into the woods, there you will see Washingtonians having a great outdoor experience.

  3. Bikes are magic and nearly anyone can walk. It is odd that well maintained efficient path networks are not the first plan . ( killing softly imo should be changed to killing loudly) the foolishness of not staying fit screams loud from every hospital bed. We were taught about city planning in third grade but apparently the “planners” didn’t get the memo. Paths and trails rock !

  4. I remember my elementary school teacher scaring the heck out of me about Malthusian theory. In junior high my science teacher scared the heck out of me about acid rain, the depletion of the ozone, and Mother Earth was on the verge of another ice age. Now that I’m much older, I don’t know if it’s cynicism, or wisdom, but there isn’t much that scares me anymore. That includes climate change.

  5. Craig, no mention of young, healthy athletes dropping like flies with enlarged hearts from a “vaccine” they didn’t need? Oh, I know, we’ll classify them as “Cardiac Arrest” cases – wink, wink..The majority of the world, whether vax’ed or not has Immunity from one form of Covid or another and DO NOT NEED the “vaccine”. What is not being told is there was more than one virus released onto the world and NO, I am not talking about “mutations”. The government misleads, yet correctly calls them “variants”.

    I’ll dispute the researchers “findings” (hey, there’s that word- government ‘propaganda’) –
    “The researchers say the findings emphasize the importance of COVID-19 vaccination”.

    Yet UK hospital data shows that covid-19 deaths are 3,000 percent higher now compared to this time last year, and it’s not the “unvaccinated” who are dying in greater numbers. The latest data from Public Health England shows just how dangerous vaccine worship and coercion is. From February 1, 2021 to September 12, 2021, the unvaccinated represented just 28 percent of the covid fatalities while the vaccinated represented 72 percent of the deaths!

    What is most shocking, the rate of death is not 95 percent lower in the vaccinated group. From August 14 to September 10, 2021, Scotland registered 208 covid-19 deaths. There were 41 deaths in the unvaccinated, 9 deaths in the partially vaccinated, and a shocking 158 deaths in the fully vaccinated. If the 95 percent efficacy of the vaccine was real, then 95 percent of the deaths would occur in the unvaccinated and only 5 percent would be in the vaccinated. However, up to 80 percent of the deaths are in the vaccinated and only 20 percent of the deaths are in the unvaccinated. The vaccines are currently INCREASING the risk of death in the UK by 400%!

    • China currently is imprisoning and starving 26 million inhabitants of Shanghai over Omicron which turned out to be Covid Immunity in the form of the common cold. Oh, I know, our resident “expert” Fauci claimed it was because the SinoVac isn’t as robust as our Pfizer 4-7 week protective “lifesaver”. Any of this make sense? Nah, of course not.

    • Bryan,
      Those numbers look awfully suspect to me. If you don’t mind sharing, where’d they come from? When I do a web search of what you wrote there are a lot of exact word for word results but none of them seem to actually point to where the data came from.

      • DPR and Steve-O, I apologize. I have tried posting links before and it sends my post into moderation. Maybe it is more than one link posted at a time? Not sure.
        But, if you are talking about the U.K. numbers, the figures are found in the COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report – “Week 43” by the UK Health Security Agency published on October 28, 2021.
        Here is a link. I didn’t get the numbers from this link, but it does have a link to the report (which is a .pdf).
        The Pfizer vaccine booster only protects for 4-7 weeks. This was recently report and common knowledge.

      • Bryan,
        I’m still not sure why there’s such a push to use a foreign countries data, especially data that is extremely dated, but I’m always game…

        All the weekly UK data can be found here it would be a good idea to read one of these reports sometime just to see what’s in it, because there’s good information there and it talks about how the numbers are being used. Table 5 shows much more useful data regarding case rates, hospitalization rates, and death rates of vaccinated compared to unvaccinated.

        As to the information you posted above, there’s a lot going on there. For starters it’s plastered all over various websites, word for word. Somebody wrote it and then lots of blogs or websites posted it as if they wrote what you’ve posted word for word, similar to the way you’ve copied and pasted it but trying to pass it off as original content. It looks like these posts come out and tailor their message depending upon the weekly reports found in the link above.

        The 3000% number is interesting because they say “compared to this time last year” comparing the time period September 12, 2021 (from the quote above) to September 12, 2020 in the UK there were about 10-20 deaths and 2,500-3,500 cases a day in 2020 and about 130-150 deaths and 30,000-35,000 cases in 2021…I’m not sure how 130-150 deaths is 3000% more than 10-20. Maybe they meant a different time period?

        I don’t know where the “unvaccinated represented just 28 percent of the covid fatalities while the vaccinated represented 72 percent” comes from, since whoever wrote that doesn’t cite where it came from but it’s not in the weekly UK reports. On February 1, 2021 of people 12 and over 16.8% had received their first dose and 0.9% had received their second dose, by September 12, 2021 those numbers were 84.2% and 76.6%. As of April 13, 2022 of people 12 and over 92.1% had received their first dose and 86.2% had received their second dose while 67.9% had received a booster or third dose. A similar situation is found with the Scottish information presented above, but vaccine uptake was higher with close to 90% of the population 18+ having been vaccinated by September 10, 2021.

        “If the 95 percent efficacy of the vaccine was real, then 95 percent of the deaths would occur in the unvaccinated and only 5 percent would be in the vaccinated.” This is utter jibberish and shows a complete misunderstanding of basic math as well as logic.

        The UK data does a good job breaking age groups down and if you look at the actual reports you might get a better understanding then you will get from reading dubious “articles” posted on shady websites that offer little to no citation of what data they are using and where it’s coming from. As an example the UK weekly reports repeatedly say, “We present data on COVID-19 cases, hospitalisations and deaths by vaccination status. This raw data should not be used to estimate vaccine effectiveness as the data does not take into account inherent biases present such as differences in risk, behaviour and testing in the vaccinated and unvaccinated populations.” On April 1st they stopped recording vaccinated vs unvaccinated because they have moved on to the “living with covid-19” phase…something we should all think about doing. As fun as it’s been, I know I’m ready to move on to something else.

      • Steve-O, I agree, it is time to move on. That would be true though if this was any other “run of the mill” virus. It is not. It was bio-engineered in a lab and released upon the world to do what it did – save money while making a chitload of money in the process. Plus, we have seen more than one strain of virus released. My response was mostly to Craig’s article initially highlighting the vulnerabilities of those overweight. What we are seeing today is a slew of those that are in their prime and peak fitness levels dropping like rocks, dead from the vaccines. There is no question that the efficacy and protection of the vaccines, plus boosters is horribly lacking. If one is to believe the conservative reports in the VAERS data then the vaccines are downright dangerous and should be discontinued.
        As for believing anything from our own government, the CDC, FDA, or Fauci, I don’t… They habe proven themselves to be liars.. I believe nothing that comes from them. Thus, I shop elsewhere. The truth lies somewhere in the middle.

      • Bryan,Im just thinking,perhaps you adjust the tinfoil hat a bit,say counterclockwise from the sun(while frontal lobe faced due magnetic north) a few degrees at a time.Reception should improve, we’re in the middle of a serious coronal mass ejection this week.Course that only covers this week, not sure what the last few years should be charged under….
        Still waiting on Gulliani’s Ukraine/crowdstrike/biden thing.Let me know when its been proparly
        released.I could care less what his kids do/did.Atleast there not given the keys to govt.Like some recently removed officials.

      • So, Dave Mc, Crackhead, pedophile Hunter is paid $500k for one of his crayon paintings for access to the White House and you are cool with that? So, Hunter pays Joe 10% while laundering corrupt Chinese and Russian money through the Ukraine and you are cool with that? The Biden corruption and racism is too numerous to list here.
        Not to mention Joe’s corrupt brother and sister reaping contracts and you’re cool with that?
        How about Hunter getting $3 million from the Mayor of Moscow? Oh, “Trump’s a Russian asset”? Haha. Pass some of that Kool-aid Dave. Must be spiked with Russian vodka.

      • Steve o , whats more important than covid at this point was how it was handled and what the factual outcomes are . Its all about learning and not repeating mistakes. If you have ptsd from covid analysis you should step away. As for many people there is learning to do . After 3 years of deception and lying Bryan has every reason to create his own view and take official narratives and data sets with skepticism. Doing what you do – cherry picking information and assuming the msm narrative as palatable is highly risky when considering history . The tinfoil hat crowd has been uncomfortably close to accurate over the past 50 years. So do us an extra favor and be exceptionally objective. Or like you said be done with it . Im still in the learning stage .

      • Dave Mc , it boggles my mind how you can give the biden crime family any lee way or even be politically judgmental. Its documented fact biden has significant ties to foreign nations through hunters questionable deals and father son shared account. At a minimum if your son is compromised and hes a mess any normal father is also compromised. Imo its just silly to keep defending that family. Its untenable. Your labeling of Bryan a tin foil hatter is just silly and immature. Below your intellect. Im sure you have more valid points than just slandering someone in nonsensical manner. Don’t you agree we need to find viable solutions especially regarding better city planning? How do we implement that for posterity?

      • DPR,
        Your right in there with Brian,what did you do today to make or continue a better healthier lifestyle, to bring this thread back to topic?The view from Blueberry Knowl said it was semi cloudy today in Anch/E.R

      • Bryan,
        Is there any reason to think the death of a former offensive lineman who weighed over 330 pounds during his playing days is vaccine related? You’re of course aware that numerous heart issues, including sudden cardiac arrest, are well know complication of covid. Are you sure it’s not covid related, or maybe related to the fact he weighed over 330 pounds? Do you have any reason to think this tragic death was either vaccine or covid related, any at all? You know that young overweight people died before covid-19, even young athletic people died before covid-19? If covid is a manmade construct designed to rid ourselves of the old and infirm, how does using the death of a young man (with no proof) further that argument?

      • Steve-O, fair enough, if you listen to Demkcrat shills like Reuters, CNN, “Fact Check”. Org, etc. It is all lies and young, healthy athletes just happen to die out of the blue. I tend to think they died after their 2nd shot. There is plenty of info on this bit you’re not going to find it on any of the Democrat propaganda mouth pieces. Come on Steve, you have to see a pattern. I get it, my brother vaxed his 9yo. Think he is going to believe any bad news on the vax?

      • Bryan,
        I suspect the future will prove you concerns accurate.. we know some of the vaccines cause heart inflammation in youths and young men . Some countries stopped certain vaccines for that reason/ the jab / dna manipulation/ . . That said it’s also a fact young athletes have been dying forever. So we cant jump to conclusions just because now that we are opening our eyes we see young athletes dying every where. Oddly it was a bit of problem pre covid we just were not looking very hard so didn’t notice. The question is what are the comparable percentages and how do we prove its not from covid itself or drugs ect ect . ( think its likely you will be proven correct so its a great thing you are making people aware)

      • Bryan,
        You are obviously familiar with Brandolini’s law. It’s part of the reason I previously said I’m ready to move on to something else, there’s so much bullshit out there and when people like you repeat bullshit nonstop when proven wrong time and time again…it’s time to move on.

      • Dave , nice to hear what you say . I too have been out working in the sun all day . Ive been thinking about getting involved with local city planning.

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